Friday, November 10th


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I answers. How yes. Because I have mail list of first world problems and making me sad today I'll let me hear it estimate is nothing tougher out all right. Oh let's start with this my neighbors already have their Christmas lights. My makes me. And the reason I'm sad about that is beat Kent Allison deletes after Thanksgiving Lincoln beat saint union dean. But now I'm like I'm so competitive about all. The holiday is have to have the best decorations. I have to you the best kids Christmas about competition. Okay all yeah I did fitness it's just like two months of nothing but stress. As you might as well wing net the stress is that competition's so. Anyways I'm dislike. New to I'd wait until after Thanksgiving like it was originally planning board to light shifts pull out all the stops on the big guns and show up my neighbor's tree out. Should I swing a and the like. You know. You guys thought I wasn't decorate I think again that's not as they wait because they're in Bangkok. She's not an icon bill he got this in the bag and then today you're gonna come up and you knots and the like old bits okay and a good. Did he do it now that they're gonna know like they got on your and then they've got time to keep adding exactly they can get those little reindeer is that you are in. Sell I would just when he weeded out. It just BS extra as possible with my Christmas it immediately he. What is it like the music the need to precinct. Lights please. I don't know I get more accidents do and don't even play chris' music is playing like some heavy metal like. The rash stuff like. And is keep the heavy metal version of Christmas songs I would actually be super dope I think about areas like I would travel. A good twenty miles to go see that all my god I can charge people. It comes to watch the show. And like I don't have put out and if some people put buckets like. On time. And it's like Nadia I it is not your money thing not play yeah I think I got my electric bill to be through the group. So basically for an arrest them on November I'm going to be leading by candle light so that I have some money saved up. For my super extra Christmas. Lights rained year's honoree of inflatable Santa Claus. Heavy metal Christmas music synchronize. Highlight during this entire yard and I am like. I'm just picturing ass heavy metal music with not line and not two not three but like eighteen inflatable yeah it's. Yeah I love that so much man. My neighbors again be sent there in which they didn't test meat and always getting to know if they're not and I don't even know they are not ready you're. Are real winner of Chris Smith's. Knee. I would say the winner bile like. There is something in that in the ball field definitely winning the highest electricity bill exactly 80. Let's not likely when people do that like what was their brains like why. Let me see want to I've differently at all. All month people who just love Christmas attention and made their life stickers demands that. Is this email podcast and it was in the San Diego analysts had christened this. It's beginning to look a lot like a sad Christmas and yeah. And all of them are revived and come up with the numbers in the Christmas on. Did. I'd be pretty you mean you know let so a couple years I lived with my best friend dashing through the anxiety. With only a who with only one with anxiety medication. And so they'll fly aloft again stashing and I you with only one xanax. Who. The family is coming owner of the away. I used to live with my framed in my excited we have Blake it got Christmas in years. Just because it's funny where knockoff obviously play with mostly idea. So and made it to Graham re like in Canada anyway but mostly night it was not a I'm mostly my idea of grief. I made a bloody Christmas ornaments for arch street last. Actually cool and I guess her mom hasn't some corner garage and I want them for my tree this year. Which by the way I'm negative tree that is too big for my house like I want it to be touching the ceiling. So it's like in old if they can't really kind of Slaton got my dream for Christmas tree I want that so bad I want to be that extra. And I want my blood Ali you know. I want all of these things I want to be like three different. Songs playing entry to earnings in your house like oh my side and that lake snow machine I want my heart out that even decorate their bathroom okay what does people who I totally she did I'm getting so much inspiration now IMAX excited for the holidays reliance I don't know why. I just am like am annoyed that I'm excited at this. That's that's life I'm annoyed that I am all that. I have actually nearly perfect description of your eyes and that's it that's exactly it ignore it annoyed but excited quite at. But still totally in line. I wanna put up Christmas decorations just like this isn't the right time for me like holly jolly this is not there. Like at all yet so I asked that we. Are just like awkward transition in between Halloween and Christmas because it's like you can't decorate for Thanksgiving and people do. When it's asleep. Do you Alec or do you and I said dad isn't some Turkey isn't some scare crows and then leaves it kind of messed up that it's not Turkey's. To lake. Decorate for Thanksgiving at them like kill them. It is that that nobody else see how that's a problem. Partners use. Bad day for them like they're pretty good all year like chicken and like. Beef and pork and on to get all the attention about one day it's like. All done. It's a sad it is sad but we have these turkeys wild turkeys. Where island and I guess they're like really mean and mean people attended try to work in the morning the turkeys are out. In the middle of there and they're like these huge blocked but they like attacked people's cars and don't let you go where Patrick and why it's so I don't know what that's like they're in each yeah you re. What is the problem act on him this attacked by a flock of Turkey. This is a joke now known as the real thing for me out there memorial. And I love about my skis and age because like to be late to work. It never happy to leave you I guess because I don't leave early in the Easter. Birds and the amounts of gas. And let have happened. Of is another one here for is a problem with the fact that Europe and I have had three broke email and yeah someone sued. Both Pete key is these are some sad and our guys this index finger I don't know if you like here click click your heels into the night. You hear I'm just proud lives. It out and break it's not just like now having a add a nail leaving grind for a while nobody else like. They cut someone you absolutely hurt I pride myself on main analyst like I don'ts. Where make I don't really dress nice he should we keep. I always like to have nice. Needles and rain now the opposite him nice. Three broken nose I cannot afford to get it done right now because. I went all out for how lenient in my speed be how they aren't Aires to see their lake fifty bucks. And Murray he can't write honoree at all. So. I'm probably have to be. Next paycheck at the baby in and and then I can't afford to give my routes on either so my hair looks like trash. Just brown green it's and just. Hey Donna Clinton don't not to me about trash care because this is really bad couple months for me. Of trash hair by its at least you all listing colored. That is true I am thankful for that considering that it was like six Cutler liked. And then. I'm not washing my hearing now because I am I know and work out at some point. At some polling at some point and I don't wanna wash my hair and then be like I had time to go for four mile and got it all sweaty and problems. Exit battling need to run for miles to be studying as I run that really wants her on my block and I am drenched and that's not alive that is not exaggeration that's lake now and the island hospital meets Tuesday they seem mad because I've been running differently. Ups probably since June. And I start in pants leak in the same place like like I haven't made any improvements. The light of any nugget that's how I felt my whole life. I've felt annoyed but excited and like I haven't made any improvement I can't eat and exercise correctly. I'm not it's letting the right way why is this happening to me who. Okay do you many more personal problems is actually very good. You know what else makes me sad win in my landlord that brings means. Bill from Irene my electricity and I am like Sherman look. See these rocks I've put her on the guard and see how much I rates. Are out pop rock. He value I feel I increase the property value tenfold with these rocks. If you just look at it maybe you would see I worked for a couple hours on tennis I think he maybe give me a break on rent this and there's Iraq Steve not are you is sure entering not funny Paris I took the rocks that were already in the gravel driveway that I moved to them. And it was not easy it was a spider. There's huge spider had to kill it. Does things are not easy to kill. This thing I'm not diet I hit it with a shovel like three times yeah now Israeli poise in wind I hit with a shovel like three times and how nice by his team dude I don't know why do we have the super powered by Agnes. I don't well late but I'm not about it I Blake I really do you feel like they are starting to take over the world in the sense that lake they're getting harder to kill. I did Eddie long holidays that I had to like smashed three kinds of privately lately it wouldn't. What's happening every ball mainly involving an 8 o'clock or his cock urges are impossible to kills now is spiders herb becoming impossible account. I. I don't I can't say I was gonna say like I almost prefer cockroaches. Over other like I keep finding bugs I've never seen in my apartment lease exit cocker tang at the cocker. But I swear to god that there is like in new breeds of this happening around my house than to think when you. Really hit everything out of you before there is seen. And nearly eight. Stand little pitchers their little Pincher products now enters on their diets. They're pretty much harm listeners really except for thinking is pinching with their and I do not they actually paint she. While yeah I guess we will never been changed that doesn't sound harmless prank on me on here why. Have you seen a silver says I have seen as there are fish doesn't do anything is now funny to me it's called a solar fish and clearly. It's a bug in the you know I say and should. Very misleading. Hop really really hot line we see right through you fill her and she. Well I fly I am. You know I've maybe he keeps pushing it'll be officially won it if edge. The one of the things even do little. And they just does it stays this exam is. Excellent art can't it is six I hit lines that's still me slides around my arms. One they keep poured beer you know airport beer okay not not killed least appear on a slug great on beer that is like. Totally while with the called. A bloodline not a penal but I think that does not what I am getting the time Miller alliance. A game. And you just kill me on the inside Blake they try to hurt now. I know you really problems but don't make me don't break it down and yeah I don't tune them beer honestly Al pennant is this it's. I doubt that that area there. Oh my god I like the pats blew an early okay ER you're doing better listen OK at that okay. I knew that I was like the ultimate like in a cake and I was like making this list and I hear fears that like Keeneland. This is like this is my security blanket Beers can I do like their most years like all the ones that I've tried power on your list. Those were all pretty on point at it like us I'm glad you agree with me because almost everybody else that I talked to you did not I got an angry call from my father. I was like I don't agree with your list and eating at a high and it like I don't agree you'll definitely act out thinks dad dad byters separate and thinking about an instrument by Christmas present. McMartin acts. He too candle in a tight already. High every dad want to tie for Christmas as another thing every damn time. I think so my dad's literally probably never worn a tie and I what do you think he like Portland and seeing it in line you know. A case that we actually just before we started we were going to watch the team known each of the musical which yes is a real thing. In the movie and it's. It's not a short film or it is a short film. I think there might be aversion to short film I don't know that I knew there was a fifteen minute version on YouTube and they really short sound policy chart found so maybe there's two different ones but there's a literal like. One I think what was at one point nine million. Dollar budget ally a huge budget itself vague and not like there's no way it's only fifteen minutes yeah I bet look it up and it's Australian. So and then now it's going to be cool very interesting is I've never thought about that scene in Australia. Maybe it's just now hitting. Mean be it they're picking me I why he would love it did yes. By Yasser that the thing and it would we can rent for five exciting and so proudly be expecting your view that come the next not being a podcast it is. Like I'm super intrigued by it there's something about anti depressants and beating holy water and some girl asking a boy if he kisses with tongue any studies only 12 am too and I am already very intrigued. How might you also yeah I definitely had that needs to be on the list of things that we have to watch along with Americans eat in which it still not touched. That a parent Elaine is coming out pre orders. Are available. On Black Friday the tone for. As well as pre orders for the sound tracks that you can get on Blu-ray and dvd Amazon iTunes Google play. Probably is going to be old fashioned. Dvd mean mean he medium depth than that have that to the Christmas wish list for Aron seen. Chlorine our goth kid in your life. American thing with Andy black power. Ever handy black slash B your snack your handy blacks that. And blacks and live in during use. And equipment and other people. And I really I still wanna see we definitely business that I'm going to be out longer it was definitely out for Alex. Ideas. That actually angers mean a lot else nobody in the Wal-Mart fight island and it's probably. Until it. You know he managed to snag you for Christmas I would say you should definitely be able to get the mean looking like bite down and stay for five dollars yeah that's probably seep her romantic Valentine's Day gifts. Why not say. Mean. Speak movies coming now I'm a little bit upset because and so obviously am not a Star Wars fan sorry not sorry I mean. But I'm obsessed with these poor earnings in the new Star Wars nudity it's acute history Pamela I want one so bad but then. Apparently the babies are super ugly. Late are they real things. Like in real life yet now all know this is not a mile and a OK so that's the first hurdle here I wish it was a real animal because it. Looks like a mix between a payment and like sugar glider and it's so Q. But the babies are disgusting and just like little balls at her look like little naked meatballs with pieces. They're an idiot so I hit in the Ifill usually things are cute as babies but no these things are born ugly but I feel like children. So I kids get wake cooler late heater and and when they come not unlike you look like a sack obtain panel think baby is nearly Q tunnel time. And and dad's name. All those figures other babies like look how perfect and beautiful anomaly. It looks like every delegate and ABM ever seen in my life now I it's carrying it looks just like his dad like. Okay by how I want anybody play anybody listening to. It if I own my lord help me if I ever do you have a kid. If I never separates and I posed on the if that's like my beautiful China somebody call me out please supposed to only that just happens. I also think I'm definitely looking at the kid years FaceBook just changes and it's like. He holing all the suddenly you put on likable town do you sort of let yourself go on your face looks suddenly becomes rants about the grocery store I'm not okay I have friends that are like point six. With like you know two year old. And unlike when did you social media become like this because it's like three years ago. Your posting signs of is that all my friends who have gotten pregnant since high school. Is a lot of memories and that they've all had bullies. Like I don't think any of my friends have eyed girls. Year. Year and I thought so. That they announced like now that everyone's having politically if I am McCain at one day. Definitely on Abbott girl. Is are. You mom cats and dogs. I now. When people say that like being an animal parent is the same as being a pair. Why Harry's. Yeah after an athlete and I don't cry she turned out I don't meant your cat she is Stan Utley. In and he did agree job raising. I'm Yemeni interior item here. Your cat is so you know. She's so cute she hates everyone and she's this is. And she even Blake and she even has black hair is that she's let out of the block straight hand in this scene she's in a scene. And sure that she spinning this and as much of the Eid Al. Am sure she'd it's. My dad has swung my dad's girlfriend it's a black cat but she's literally like you eat pounds late. This is the fattest cat I had ever seen in well I'm healthy why it's not. I don't know why she would easily heat ball like god that he's huge. Like that the count early. But mail when he pounds he's not like my cats ten and cheese like considered. Overly it really. Doesn't really cute at all but she's really stout but her stomach like he found. Well it kind of thing. I did get to know wing elite. She's not fat men just like hangs down. And I don't know. I don't know how this lake she's not diet inheriting it she is like twenty pounds like the fattest cat I've ever seen in my line. That would be windy. Indeed OK one day which on some some sort of diet planning its. It's typical way baby she can assist that. Resist the bacon then. Did it. But. Announcement at the top well this is day cell yesterday. That the that the I got to get to go to all apple lifetime. I think I got to get them like Mary had tickets like here I just like at a Catholic ask somebody nicely and say pretty please and at. But we're gonna down there god. Next Wednesday. The fifteenth at BA hives. Selling PC us roam around in San Diego stuff which you will. We will be there resolutely. Comes say hey. And let's give us an I five with your puck in and I'm excited about it I'm Saturday especially because. Receiver reared by selling you about this like yesterday. Sell over the weekend fatwa it was play. Media is mean he had done it like everybody kept asking and they just put of this picture it was like big block letters that just and no. And Tuesday late Tuesday they are like known Damian and lake that's so not die and I don't know if cigarette butt out and now none finally it's not going to be out in January but hopefully here's some new stuff. On tour but too much is stuff that I sell wanna like you know. Be able to know singing meow and yet definitely and I really wanna hear like some of the holders of I saw them leak when they back together Italy 2000. It's 2017. Certainly and and. And was it before. Last out. I it was that I'll normally the two kids on the counter. I think gust fourteenth. So out anyway assault and then. Does actually did show Tony want pilots open for them an analyst with for twenty on pilots was huge. So they're actually like Americans fans and a cool and am not going to be hearing this band fifty times a day for the rest of mile I have but now think again I'm cognizant. But they did play a lot older stuff at that point so that was really cool show. That was a circle pit starting kind denying us. I'm pretty sure that kicked in the head at some point I you know his success hanging out was a good show come out breezes yes into the child. And I'm really hoping. We have repeat of that because that was a good show and I and feeling like because of what I've heard from. More recent sat slate. Lose the last thing he did. Think they did could be in two years ago real. And I know that's a festival sat list. But it was like no old songs like maybe (%expletive) you're going down on grandstand and then all I see it until the very end dude yes so. I am keen. And hoping. Is not what's gonna happen. Because I really want to have on the show I want to cry I want to grab pretty sure almost cried when I saw them ugly. You know look who I just imagining Matty in like tears just like screaming at reaching for it being like. Yeah. In 99 here if you sound like it's a lot of snaps afterward that who yeah that's exactly mean little boy have you seen that steered us in giant girl. Remember and Jai add week Paula. I am on earth and I had I yes and a guy is the guy but there was sand I had curl. Who lives in that one episode of American Idol and she was such a hard court fan. The Sanjaya she's actually crying. And it became literally iconic theme like. Almost a mean for back and let it really considered a team back in the islands are now black and I used to love and Diane. I was obsessed with and John and I may I recovered no doubt the song bath water. Any how did fair up yeah a lot of fun 03 I oh my god yes Aramis girl. Yeah I wonder if she did I really you know. Just me looking back asked what is entirely game now at this life she totally would have a chance of hammering. I wanted to do and that. Probably in their problem. I'm sure their relationship secret help if you like I tried resisted at first I was alma matters is like a full Google heat. That's meat and I I don't know Atlanta if you don't know she's talking about literally just look up Sanjaya guy bangs and dagger in you Bailey yeah I've seen in the ugly it's too tears on this ugly crying ugly crying on this bowl blinded Prejean with pig tails. Yeah in this big and I'm not talking preteens and Tony seventeen that looked like they could beat money I'm talking. Preteen from 2007 and you know is clearly. In her awkward stage right now I don't understand how many actually Furl. Think she's from rivers. She no way preacher why it's. I yeah I definitely I wrote about Sanjaya ally in mind if grade diary like I'll hot did say. Freaking insane. That Mohawk now I'm glad we're both on the same page there that like I never met anyone and he shared Sanjaya obsession mean. So I'm supercenters. Cool us. Not physically not a real I tried did you got my hair couple times of the L Hough healing. Hiding in like Tony Hills yeah it's like a very they like all know he called it a pony. I mean all and I just click on a picture of it and it's listed under American Idol thirteen worst performance. Oh. Yeah greet you really it. Not. And the rough is out there is trash everything is jealous. I just jealous of the real on BP and I had he probably at least had like a Vegas residency or something in powering. Hope solid snake not I gotta say did you hear it nickel back just announcer residency in Vegas. At the Jolene and it's only five days on but still lay. Same giant iron shots and I maybe I am but it back and now it's Tuesday that they have a Vegas residency which is more than he can. I can say about my life. How I mean who else is had Vegas residency Britney Spears shared her honor and he act. Solved obviously he Wear off heating on nickel back but they're obviously doing something right half still like him. So not laundry here all unlike nickel back at least one person likes and enough. For him to get a biggest threats that might just south at this point like I know we are. Like to beat a man or a woman and you fired because he can't sit there pretending like you're putting them in the same category is -- and exploring comic sans. And then suddenly they get a Vegas residency it just doesn't work like that. I'm like kind of obsessed with. These throwback shirts. Hot topic has turned around oh yeah as I see hum I haven't seemed like it actual collection and there's other EU. There's like this probably one so it's like a combination of the and take this year grave cover and the infinity on high cover which I think it's funny because infinity on high as like their last album music like that slate. Probably the last two real hope quick look at the last job that I don't mix acts yeah lying because take this fear grant. Is their second album. Sound whenever they're both really great problems but the sure is six outlining and then you think you're gonna like this island this is a Lisa frank featured. You to call our net. I know that's cool I love me it's probably highly of lying. School shopping with always getting different folders Lisa frank is the best to leave instill lake. Hawkish house look like that don't leave. The sticker person. See I don't know again. I don't think Utley kids these days like in Q folders and stickers I'm pretty sure league history to contour. And highly. If your babies is born can't touring noses and she hits the I classics and honestly like I don't think that's an out there and Tina Allen that's sad kids these days let me tell you and please say I get to be one of those people by. I mean she does still except that she does now be really bomb. There's a bomb Bronx teacher it. I would do is happy tree on Yang is painting green is you paltry. Arie and I think him and because I want this publisher. Effect in its aware that it's. At the show. A kid that's something not talk about because there is a debate well all is now how do you feel about how do you feel about winning a band shirt to the band's. Concert I definitely feel I'm Heidi. I. O final I don't love I don't know. I haven't really done it before. Alice lake. I feel like maybe this is kinda Dougherty but I love this band and I might be wearing this shirt in email on any given day is play. To swear it and then there's the thing you go out and you buy it sure there. And then you might put pressure on my layered. CES. Cell. I didn't know about this month I was like sixteen in a bun in the story and atlases teenage years. So I went to keep an eighty TO. On and like BitTorrent you got it and and I likely birdie Q but I didn't have any ventures like of them. At this time and never seen them line this is my first time ever seen them. And everybody I knew it was going out there legitimately like everybody in my classes like. That there were going to school and art teachers were trying to get it's d.s up and semifinal is just like. We're not gonna do you worked and it were all going to keep my opening cute and I am like OK that's fine like we played music likely made you music class and she is like to know that you're in a double the work I don't cared he would take it in today. And Ehrlich cool so we would really like messed around NG like Tom and Travis that's so cool though I've never had an experience like at a school where everyone's like. 2% for the 21 events well it was like I was I was SE Bernard neither honors classes so this girl likes fifty kids total. Like but for some reason everybody is a super in the blink pretty cute that was really the whole school but everybody in my classes. And my teachers are all super cool so you Philly we did nothing that they have. And movie got a little bit. This guy I was talking to you out time was also playing the shell. And I just wanted an excuse to like. See him rain and I was like I don't like any teacher at lake can I borrow a line community dead. He is like why are you gonna Wear a litany teacher to show that stupid I. Quiet what you really don't Wear the lake you don't Wear ban insurance to their show is that like tab bail and I was like. So I think it's just like my sixteen year old mind being like rejected by a man that is like no. I'm you know I still lake. I will Wear shirt at a shell. If I like really don't wanna hold it or like whatever the reason is if I buy it there yeah but I won't ever really just go where Asher. I definitely warm and in many teacher went assault in planning to. But it's Ifill about actually I guess I can see why a would seem pay in the door key but also like. Like if I was in a band. And there was a fan and they were wearing my man's shirt. I'd probably be pretty stoked about exactly and then so this is another thing about a case so. Saw pair more are mean 2010. Was a huge dork I still had my natural brown hair. And Nino Hayley Williams. The crest in her beings it's like little Mohawk with UK so I used to do that all the time at this point I. Failed so hard I did not know how to do it but I did it or this concert. And I had that temporary spraying that you put in your hair to change the color of boys sprayed her head. Huge historic and it's. I had. Apparent torture. And new found glory was opening for parent our. And I didn't have anything else they didn't know Newfoundland was doing signings obviously can you guys sign the back of the shirt and I feel kind of bad about it that's apparently shirt. But I had new found glory signing. But that's another thing around like OK if I was in a ban I would just be happy that someone wanted me to sign something. Yeah I mean if it's like and me for the band that I hated in a pretty different but they're like opening prepare more right now. I don't know I've just never won assured because that's like a pear orchards like hammers and assure. I'm new found glory. This heated game was picked fifth I mean like I don't judge people I see them wearing band shirts out of shell. But I just use it on to sell. Yeah I mail early do that anymore I think does the thing I did when I was a teenager 'cause I would be like. Seeker intimately on this was like my illness Kagan in that went on and now it was going to concerts. At him like literally man on an army. Yeah and I would definitely look forward to it planet for months. When MI and aware. Yup but now it's like at you we go to concerts all the time Ayman. So it's just like. Happening not a huge spectacle like it was. But that's goals for 2018. Because there were so many good shows and 2017. And I didn't go to him for whatever reason partially as sleek. Maybe use money. I definitely want to go. To a lot of shows in 2018. I definitely Bentley trying to stay more on top of knowing what's coming okay that's half the battle as there's just so much that comes through that lake. I don't always know what is happening like smaller place like soda Bartley. I don't even know sell. Okay like demon Knight proclaim each week totally failed we failed because we actually were talking about game planning on it a little minute. Like the couple weeks before and then. I didn't realize it till like the day before I was like you have oh it's tomorrow low light it forgot to mail and I got in my talent. Well really I Wear is fired yeah I totally spaced out on hand and leading go to that and I. I'd still pretty upset about that because that do want to experience that and how it's different. I spring Carlos told me that they just played really weird obscure bands app for you ask. Like maybe it's more hit stir. He. But I'm really really curious and I really want to experience that that's interesting. I feel like it is based on that and he is like totally seat because even Brooklyn is possibly news and in the LA at all cowed by and I feel lake. Possibly oozes like a little more learn play. It's like nicer and I mean Allen link during Easter marks and then my in elm. So I can kind of see how would needy Ian Moore hipster. Than just email thing. But this is still mistreat you don't know athletes Tina AK fascinated I want. Some old ugly fashion speaking of the Eamon I its silly email and I day is coming. That hasn't happened yet know it's happening in the first weekend of the summer it's like December 3 I think. Which. Lake facility actually just with the line up out for an and media and on France of this. Sounds familiar OK so I don't France is he DJ at lake at an electronic eat and I'm. I he has a priest like an Alter personality. Named Preston. And Preston is like the epitome of every eat that's it effort laugh. In Syria now you don't I'm talking about I'm actually going to nation that I share at Preston video. On our face that San Diego yeah I don't know what they'll look at it there and Matty I'll show you afterwards. Because it is like absolutely genius but I was going to the line up for email and I today. And prestige is on the line out. Blake and just as Preston not don't princess it just has pressed them. And unlike only got like I don't agree that hair hanging us up as it in okay and DJ when I'm secret sake if you like a really big like electronic gear and but also honest you. She nine Kelly which I'm still confused as to how we got a little Emo thing that's another and it ran for another another topic for Saturday. The live affirmative action was willing to stoke done like the news is on your and that's cool Qaeda island school. There's a couple of Blake question marks on here has so little polity bigger people that are around again. On the DH that's Phillip pace he would big my Argentines. I don't know mocking. Wave Vick went fans so yeah he's doing OJ sat. I'll be S and a from Purcell last. Is also adding a DJ sat which is funny who's ham on everything. One hand on everything is denying it a dvd case had it's I just got really early on that Hamdi email all three go. Hand on Erica. Pam every thing and yeah being we figured you out dude we Enola. If not someone's jockeying on your hand beans so yeah I you'd better patent that. Trademark backhand camps Guinean yak copyright it. But anyway is a lottery didn't. Halloween one hand you and bill amber. On low and William packet from the academy is also being DJ sat. The Edith had actually look weak cool and I'm wondering. Still DJ stats for team and I usually means they have gas DJ is it's just somebody picking the songs they're now like mixed thing going on around. Is picking the suns. But the fact that Preston is on here and the DJ and I know that Preston is Dylan princess. And that's what has me wondering things. OK what I am super excited about is that email and I barbershop quartets. Is that an actual barbershop quartet lake. Courts lake what instrument that they deleted scenes. Like a barbershop. I'm done. Is this what it sounds like about some amazing. If this might well is if it's one of those things and they seem like you know if they're seen like My Chemical Romance play. And that barbershop quartet fashion I'm all for that I'll you know I have to experience the mascot for now nine day. In suburban. I love the bar. Why is half since yet nothing about it is like particularly in now I don't really know why this is like the mascot or at whenever. On the gathers to public radio the early blade machines are sold out but GA it's still they year. And there are 59 safety. Before attack and I fathered the there was if you bought the clothes. Will be at peace mission to it got there wasn't a bank there was and then it a secret agreement that. Already passed so what does anyone not that lions like analyst Alan it's not a either. And anger against you secretive for us now the photographer. Her nuts. He's really dope I think he easily Korea's leave. Bar I must say grizzly. Now. I know but it's grizzlies some being and he's on end. I hear French Fries on steered. Who all am I going to see at the secret special. And someone commented no one and they'll all be out home sobbing to the promise ring because Nolan invited them on what that means that's kind of me. Right now Diana's name right at them. Food. And however church track as their terms and timing just yeah I'm sure Shrek goes there like for sales. What is as a peso December 3 re running again. And December 3. On 2 PM to 11 PM south lake SNC Braintree to now after the lineup has come out which just happened a couple daily. And the I want everybody's question marks our ideas you know because there's so there's three question marks on here. And usually when there's question marks there's a pretty damn good pay off him. And the first person on the live performances for the question marks so that's finally cool and paying. This is random. By. I was looking yesterday as Sally on all pressed like where are you or her. On email crash is now legal what are they doing now and one of them Ashanti. You know we aim form. Ray which I would like Sinclair I that I never had a crush on chant at don't think he's cute I just think is that the perfect emailed her yes but that's the thing is that it. United now me. Past tense because chance than not having smoke ring. Oh he does some pretty get hair from what I can tell which weirdly enough he doesn't take many self is but like this is his. Earth does that or even magic giants. You know I'm not like a bird nest undetected. At the herb nab student. All the lake all of the email kids turned into super duper hipster kid sued. It's so weird you know where they are natural progression Alec up that is not big giant. That guy's in magic giant okay chant as. Lived a double life and now he's in magic I am convinced. But. So I figured out where all they Emo kids Wayne if you wanna find them during the day there lights. There are all working at eight shots. She had that makes sense to me actually that's where they are. Like I stopped during the day Selma that night happened didn't start smoking cigarettes at thirteen and the half pipe the steep part. Says that by the time like 22 year like alone at like nine years allies about sky cigarettes are so nine years and we all decided you go from. While I started out marvel reds. Then somewhere. Along line and I'll hands because the cheap and that Americans fear its just they'll last a long time and then they moved on beats because like. Nine years of the longtime smoke cigarettes when he starts knocking at thirteen and a half pipe the ski parking at means. The tolls on I remember though wind eighteen Blake. First kind of started up and needed happily the heat to monster like bad now that look like cellphones. I'd like opinions. And I remember LA all those people I'll hang out with. Lake skaters and seeing canes that go to Selma they all started using those and it became like a huge trend within that group that people. So I feel I ache. It's we like they evolves into hip sisters somehow but it isn't natural progression like. This is about each night that it's so weird when you go in you seat. Like people there is no he's dressed like their. Their middle school in the cell but at yeah village asked the scene like as each. Yeah privacy if I'll look but it's not what you would think email looks play at its so weird involved that evil of all fairy strains. But that's what I haven't been to Selma eighteen years and I'm like curious to go to this I prevail show. Because I was trying to look who else is playing because they think it's weak teams are. The media. But solid web site not loading percent reason but I'm curious as to what's amnesty there because they know high school kids do of Selma. And I'm curious if they're still dressing like that or if they're also looking like Napster's. I went four and eat parents' light show. And that the different crowded in that I prevail but also in the Chelsea and and I feel like I can confirm that Emo kids as you remember them. Definitely still exist like them real I'd definitely on the younger crowd and I saw some really Hari enters like. Yeah I they definitely thugs as like actual girl pants. And T shirts that Alec a size too small OK if we're gonna see that I think it would be at this show it's on the sixteenth which is next Thursday. I pre bell we came as Romans the word alive and escape the fate that actually sounds dope. Actually sounds like my playlist from eleventh. Yeah that sounds like a throw back. I'd be so down for that I think on is in the army inside stage it is. I'm. There's a side stage I Lankan it's so small and really falling apart is nine Lincoln maintained his cool. Just because it's there's like so much I usually hang out and act when it's on main stage just because like. They either back east and the battery and yet ache you it. The site stages like so small and gripe yeah I'd love at the walls are falling apart. No it is main stage a local it's 23 dollars like that's so you know I love how she Stillman tickets either. I your payments that I like Selma is probably. Well it's my second year at the surgery to experts because it down the street house have diet. Selma is a pretty close second just because their shows are super cheap. And Blake it's like that I think it's Super Bowl. It's really fun and that the only thing I don't like about it is that room there's so agro all the time. Like especially the high school kids that I was there like did compound. You're going to be okay I'm down like I know because I was you know I can tell you this right now you're going to be okay and I just honour if like people thought that about Taylor like. Waiting in line starting at 5 PM for a show that it opens doors to a settlement yeah if you're gonna get Haley can only get their I want to go it. Do you ever rockets than men are not dance so I went to this year rockets than. With Michael. We the kings it was like an AP scores on him Netflix supermodel dummy by. Hello my friend and neither apparently since actually take that I didn't have my life and yet she had her license. But if he get meeting violation within six months of getting your life advocates with cameras with that. She got ticket for. That so her mom dropped a sock. A man at the show at 5 PM. There was nobody in line nobody in Liggett had doors and not open until seven we went to a coffee shop like. Just to hang out is really cold. And a rocket to them and literally calmed in. And is like sitting in just like enjoying their coffee and I'm like. First of all star struck because like they're sitting across from me link pregnancy and I'm like how I approach this like how to go about that but I also only. We don't hear cell early. Like Doug band isn't even in shelled out yet. Blake they're not even yeah even sound checking area now like Darren and just enjoying it there afternoon coffee. And that's sad to me but did you when your team and have a card you have mom and dad got you off. Asked earlier Pia just Adelman said he remembers those good times. I set my friends on fired side stage. March 10. Rule. I like seven fights aids. So. Who's Danny dunking. I am I yeah I Dunkin' Donuts immigration and that is. Big name and the inches laugh. A name. Big named instances. I don't know I needed them personally shows. Need to get that years affiliation and give Matty to go to Marcel Michaud ever hills just any of them showed in general. Mostly at Thelma mostly at Sonoma everybody bring your bait community party punch in the face a couple times. I answer to that it's. Lying getting kicked in the face it's plain stage divers happen that I am I start to have a difficult time let's diving. This is super exciting news I am really excited about it and a huge Morrissey fan. Do you like Marcy. I've never dabbled in but I've seen a lot about this week so is it but he en us. A Los Angeles. Has declared. Friday November problem for November 10 as Morrissey day. In LA wiley and lower seed in San Diego that makes me upset sneak declare. I wreaking. Lot more receipt. Of the Smiths the EC that he canceled show in California because this took off. Really and yeah I remember in canceling a show because and it looks like a festival and you were serving meets. Really and he canceled because assuring me. That he's a hard court meet in. It's. It was too cold lake my guiding house. He such deep and I love Jay and that I have Sunday. He did but I'll love it smile Morrissey. And you Atlantis now I've definitely done an about. He OK you know after Reed College to borrow 'cause I have his. Autobiography. But it's like that he knowing it's being annual married. Politics when my favorite books and bubble like why is now. Yeah Morrissey is so he motives like the most email person and his life. Maybe we'll he's mellow dramatic he's not dramatic pressure. But has life he makes it sound sleepers it's probably. Not as sad as he makes it sound yeah list. Like growing up there is like parts in the book where is talking about how his sister tried to kill men and hasn't be been. OK so. It smells like I feel like. Eva is you know our first real problems that were out about this is like. This is why you need anti depressant Manny got it but then there's lake apart about there were frogs in the Iran and they order I mean and they had to Iran over the frogs because they were everywhere and call my email like crying about it that he now. ES. I wonder how like what is Morrissey dude there's like a poisonous spiders in his house does he not kill it. But at the end jarring thing I'd. Or rally just like. What rent a car and Gloria as the agent of like cockroaches. Does he have them exterminated or does he just new away. I think he pilot becomes one of the cockpit fetus. Add let's bug it is how it is because unlike all these are cool with each other's. Mind. He eased grades but I EX carried out over two Brackins once it's. It's the same time. You have whole. They are in the all at the same time I don't mind that I was not trying to hit them that going uphill and I didn't see them. And Ike hit both of them that Alex it's well alone you wanna hear something worse now he can outline. I would arrive for. I ticket differently at work the next three days in Annie Blatter. Can Blake. I knew. That it is like I knew the secret. Ankles. I can like I couldn't stop them that's going to act. And there with the car behind me also going very fast and so I would like. Raped or done anything. I doubt it got hit. And I it was so bad. I hit a rabbit and it had a squirrel and I cried both times. I cried at the cat pressure and I like how can that an accurate. Down. Beckett this you know. Can now IC app at the time like on victory. I don't like you any that the cat like. I got home I like a cat so beyond I mean my boyfriend timed it out here isn't checked each there was can ears stuck to my car. Oh my. How hard at this cat it was really hard line. It's about at times so perfectly and on that note. Today killing cats and rabbit you watching this guy quiz and you honestly. And not style inspiration. This kind of areas around. I I'm freaking news to your internal server error my ass. And other personal problems guy and Reyes. You know what else was one of my problems today that I was sad about what's it going to start acts and they have. Beilin get one free holiday drinks but it's from 2 PM to 5 PM. Starting today I think it's throughout the weekend yeah als like that would be to know if I didn't have to be similar acts to move. So I got there at wine. And then it took like half an hour anyways I'm like Kennedy estate for like half an hour. Extra and god I don't loudly come on I think it's funny at their reigning pac is like. Island get one to give and unlike the I won it like he is for me I mean you hunt. And it think this is me being in the mood. Who is your goth style inspiration M. If I don't mean me. On Israeli and so so lacked all that apply what are your favorite accessories. Thigh highs and platforms. Yes yes. Latex prosthetics. And I probably not a leather leather jackets. So I like if a cigarette and a smirk. I mean I think he dad but yeah out a blazer and a tie and Carolina and now fake blood. Now all we know never quite gotten to that. Make up so much makeup film. Make up I yeah I got it on we don't do it talcum powder mountain home. Now back how Gerrard Wayne makes his face looks so all it meaning I. As as they would even in that bank. I guess maybe that's the news. Which of these lire X speaks steered tortured soul. Does Spider-Man is having new for dinner tonight. We are the death of the party we hear deceive you. This funeral song of misery it was played on keys that I Avery. And transit like inner recognizing of these arrogant and I don't know the army. Yeah I wrote this suffering. Inside the walls of my despair. Like ally and that headline on the goat island for you. Shoes eighth fat break mesh and cotton and silk. Den on the leather or play there. Lace vinyl. The most expensive one. Or whatever is available at the cost in store. I'm probably going to be more practical and elaborate detail her. Not to pick and select all that play how do you keep your hair interest staying. By hiding under way eggs. Now home by growing doubts now home with impeccable grin mean heavily I'm not any of these he cleared. We put shades every now is thin. And not having gotten that far by dying it constantly gobbled go with that it that's Alan Fuhrman. With enough hair spray it to destroy those. Own. All. Dele hairspray. Can't stand sticking it felt. By keeping it as black as the night. You holly what I should do at this point honestly so should we just go with dying it constantly for now yeah. Pick a potion ingredients. Or soy milk from a faraway lands. Now. Later. Yes. A lock of Robert Smith's hair we hold on one of us the options and a the rest of your one true love. Street clean other rats. Blood of an Indian mean. Bottled ghost tears. Like Letterman spoke Alec letter. He'd get by and. And he got an idea I'm glittery god laugh is. Like pastel god yes that's totally at thing that it it'll look like the borderline of like he cop. Like guy yes they share bearden. Ayers and what is your zodiac sign cancer. And the most email of all of sun. Which should be used movie posters appeal team so we have. What are the use of the lots believe spiky green and you treat them. Lots away is Sleepy Hollow Halloween and our balance I have. And Colleen. I mean. Choose a word OK so honest gonna read you some random words and you use and Tommy which word you like as ugly argument there that could. Bled. Luck. Denying its reckless. Neck romance seat shadow lane it's the new bar ashes. Dammit esque. Okay I like to reckless pilot shadow is. And damage esque I don't know what as the I don't know what it is either so let's go to him that's sounds interesting. Which would you be most likely to Wear so we've got platforms this weird Jack is a mash sleeve. And it's. Rip skinny jeans. Problem honestly I would love this in a platform for those look pretty common I would love to invest in some of those but as a right now in the teens. Practical practical. 200. She's a color purple black red or green purple for. A rates. Here is all powerful why not you line it's it's. Ash Costello. From New Year's Day. Okay have you listened time I have not but those are all aware that half red hair half black hair something tells me because they are being promoted all over EP right now that no matter what we've putting that we were going to be ash style I'll. You know lets you could beer right. I mean how many other and go off style inspirations are there besides. Asking you tell him leaning in. Amy Lee is the real I really line EG Amy lean on and he wanted to play in the country. Or lake is Gerard way and am adamant that he could have been did. Inspiration like he was definitely my makeup inspiration in high school his make up with lake there and darker eyelashes and I let his hair makes you looked dead and we definitely I I totally dug that the blog here. Our member of I like Gerry Gerrard with like short nearly eighteen eateries lack prayed. And I care actually it is preferred him to charter. The generic jeans and a long neck and a gal. Music lead. I medium hair. Like enough to for there to be in an emailed her. Just let it hike to Connie can put an opponent talent. You need to turn in the eighties actually putting an end point now. If you're an I don't know if you imagine giant fine planet. Other not magic dying to try to do something about it OKE up and to get rid of it stuck trying to be something that you're not chance dash and it's not imagining giants. And I don't know what you're being have a bird's nest on your head you gon on get to one liners and we got hurt her and you have to get to the best email her at all tying him and he blew it. Blew it have a bird's nest on a very nasty. Herb financed so I think that's probably again sat how always remain in doing chant from Kenya's while we in for. All you know makes everything so sad. He is because his parents named him chance because he never. Now he's living a double life he's part of magic giant answer what are you doing with your life and clean up. Following a raid and that Lugar. Give anything else. Not let's see if we can watch team of the musical. Next time yes five dollars well spent. I'm sure hopefully fingers crossed. If not I'll just return it IT team that does that help. A chance that's all for announced aim at kids stay sad.