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He Matty. Made did you start it. Yeah. Yeah shack reference I feel like our podcast I'd I lose track reference I can talk about on a pod cast because it involves a third party and the all and done I like it is ironic though that mean I and I want to but I can't man okay fur. All of our fans listening I'm sorry but you're gonna have to see in the dark on this climate do you know that it it to get a ticket reference. Phil and I'll just be singing smash mouth in Iowa witches. Be over here reading about Tito's. Oh yeah okay. What's your hot sheet as saying okay carriage on the though there's even movie coming out about Hodge Tito's. And I can talk about hot he has 'cause they're like the most punk pop punk she hit it whatever. The ship and know what they're Tito is like she does not as being asked could be like in a category. Of I don't know anyways hey it's a snack is it's snack. Hot seat she is our. I think that means something bad and I expect and it it's sheet she expected hull line. We're about to get weird here keep going I'm a look at what she might need. But Tito's. I liked the bay tied she does better than how it is something mad god it's a booby. How hot she is never tired like he or she Matty come on and deeper and the hot seat knows I like debate to lions they just tastes way better to me and are now talking about stellar and goose. Happening this evil podcast. OK remember when I was in your car the other day and I had to gain. Hot sheet as they where they taught she goes to love. Like regular wants ideas they just taste to artificial means the big ones case so much better but. That's like the only thing that keeps me from getting car sick on long drives is eating spicy food. How she does so I Maureen all I eat those a lot more than I shed analog more than I want to play any lies. There's a movie coming how. About hot Tito's and more specifically it's about this CEO. Of the hot she goes. Bring parents are known as its relay is the brand name in OK so. What happened. Was. He like not to mention him. His wife acts intently invented touch Tito's I guess that both then he was a janitor that that Frito-Lay company. And so every day there would be like left over hot serve regular Tito's like currencies and I think. And he would take them home and his bike and likes you and I am. And he would eat them at work the next day and people would be like no one is that in the Indy Lights the hot cheater so managed. That he became the CEO. Of the hot line. Yes that's like the dream right that is the American dream that is the American dream and it's really cool because he was. Immigrant and so. He did have to like finish getting his citizenship and all of that but it was really cool because the lake. You know I we're gonna steal your idea means nothing you can do about it. But they waited friends again everything under control on them he became the CEO of that and that's so awesome. I want that and like I'm late for that moment in my life. I went might movie is going to be so good a movie about hot Tito like when you started that and you really there's going to be a movie about hot sheet as I like how interesting can this really. Really be but now coming into that you know I had animal hunts years they have pot she goes popcorn. Why is going to be hurt fake if you're slowly being year. Yeah hi she does popcorn while watching a movie about hot cheetah oh my god that's so epic that's the American dream. That is the American dream right at that day have you received a sponge Bob episode about the Utley when they put jelly on the crabby Thaddeus yes and they open up like their own little all ordinaries and it's. It's. Well we know that is not the pretty patties up I don't know either way that's that's what I'm thinking of with us this is literally sponge Bob and his jelly pretty patties. But asleep but this is really happening right sounded. Like I don't me blood I ate like a veggie burger. I don't know I think jelly on it the fact I'm thinking about it I brought a burger here at Delhi on elegy if it was of veggie burger out and try it. And try but it there's all toll catch up and other stuff comment now like now a pain next podcast and bringing an amber are telling a veggie burger. We jelly and get ready to and I wanna jelly and hot sheet those honest burger that he's gone from San Diego email podcast to lake to factor in flux acid reflux podcast do you. That I'm I'm almost certain that that probably access secular there's a podcast everything first totally after flood. Listen to podcast unpleasant. Been eating a lot of putts he looked look allow mean Easter eating some cuts it in Toms as well. OK so what I originally wanted to openly it was snapped chat. You push some and I never was so mad about the snap Chad see my results included you included. I'm not happy about hey created a petition and that change dot org or whatever it's called. Seeks change snap Chad back in the way that it was. And snap chat released. EPA today and that's what they say they it looks like there and not going to be. Do you mean you reversals they said we hear you and appreciates. That he took the time to let us know how you feel. AKA Euro looser. Get off the Internet and could do something with the hot dog inside ice signed the petition. Stop my diet I did you actually take time out of your day not you're gonna need a mile from change dot org nobody is about not have to make sure you uncheck the box about the emails following guide though you don't get on but I did signing it's like three seconds but it was a waste of time because they said. We hearing in appreciate that you took the time to let us know how you feel. We completely understand the new snap Chad has felt uncomfortable for many. Now he's got no kidding it's new foundation is just the beginning and we will always listened closely to find new ways. To make the service better for everyone. We are grateful for your enthusiasm and creativity we are very excited for what's ahead. So you know that you're. People who use your app don't lie now I'll update so do they just really like you know like we're gonna keep this ourselves because. I mean they might be on using it maybe a little bit like I. Ice easing insert answering a while ago anyways though just because the filters are really hello winner flattery. But I I I have snapped streaks go and that are like you know in the 20300. They can't break that at this point sell. But I almost did because Blake. I. It's very confusing what I like about snapped chat is that it's. The best for the anti social social club look like me because I can post what I'm doing and I can see if people are looking at it. And I don't have to watch anyone else's stupid stuff examining sometimes like. Why so many people watching my stories I know Lee sack. And I'm not watching Ayers I ain't I almost never watch people old I pick up act okay I'll watch people's stories that. Like I probably already know lake sort of what they're doing anyways early people I talked to you on a regular B says still like at all watching your story but lake. I probably kind of like found out what you were doing play. I could decidedly texting your ankle or like a few days like leader me like you Matty what have you been on tale but now unlike watching this snapshot story. No I want to choice few peoples like oh god you're a handful mine Brothers. But it's. It's like I forget that other people post on there I just Blake post my stuff and then I'm like K by a moot and totally forget other people exist and that's why it I'll like smash which I will sink my favorite thing to do you know sunny mornings especially because like I don't really. Have too much of a social going out life. Any more they get on. Nine and see everybody else's like drunks now that I before. It's like you're watching drunks snaps on a Saturday night really come on man they look like they're having fun from the when you wake up on a sunny morning and watch it's like well I that they have a headache today duty. It's just like ongoing I'm just like drink in hand lip syncing assigned now in the dimly lit up loving soul embarrassing when you do that you post stuff like that and it the next day it's just so embarrassing I used to think college like when I put second a stuff I would. Police did because I was like how much fun I am having an and I beat up the acting and Fiat. And Michael we kind of delete it sold about oh my god and I did it hurt says is due peiris sit back and definitely no matter snapshot diet. Is definitely. It's definitely fallen off from me quite a bit I. It's just like they used to be into it like 2000. Flake thirteen when it first came out and I deleted it then bounced back on the campaign. I guess for back on this I remembered downloading it when he first came out cover of like Ireland's harking about this about or see what is and I never understood it l.'s Atlanta he just text me and picture I took an annual us until like recently like a year ago though flake. A snapshot they started understanding it and now. They go and pull this sun means. I'm so frustrated that would like my social media go too. I didn't have that there was no politics on our you'll have to see anything that you don't want like I can't go on bespoke and Twitter I get so angry. All I did was my pocket frogs. Might snap chest. And my insurance. Pocket frog is and your Pete Wentz Josh concerts and pay no raise idea that's bodies that's not he's the social media. That is the pocket drugs and used to be snapped. And pay interest with people like tetris and for eighteen months. I think it is. On the I easily stepped up for the filters that. Now I'm like saying you rooted out becoming quite I think that I and so much prettier as a leopard. A lot lighter I feel to figure out a leopard a pig. Make me so mad because. You look like a weird animal like him don't auger so why don't look cute like I TY new computer but it's something I TV talk saying I don't. But I definitely real that are out for my self esteem so it's probably best that I don't go and Ray Kelly asked that we just like let this go. Speaking of being like super embarrassing. Remember when and then I was like yeah. Like have you tried good note she Dino did no good news guy yeah well played good note to talk about you know him. I don't I don't like to help me more or not he played though is that what it's called I'm not honor it I am. Literally the worst most of nursing version and I know I have heard so many different variation OK if Britney both be saying it totally wrong simply don't know what either of us are talking not I'm talking not in the DOE. Literally communal things definitely it'll potato bill balls yeah like I did yeah cobalt which puts off our and it's like a noodle I think. Well every one I seen hockey. Everywhere says it's really did however that's freaky say I've heard no key to you my name I should tell my mom yesterday and she said. No cheat they can no cheap. Did not she needed no Keith and no she can't begin it is not bad India silent G that's like the most Ohio thing I've ever heard out again good note she kinda song of marriage saying I love it when people come visit me and Billick let's go to college ala. And unlike yeah let's go well or all could Jon and I'm like yeah you've. Let's go out could shine they got there. Even worse because I am Italian and I and I never even how to before but anyway as I. Got some long yesterday speaker like I need to see if this is not the basis of the greatest tournament Selena. I made. Bought some and I'm going to try and maybe you when you eat it you automatically know they aren't pronounces it no that's not true except chatted and I don't know. If I had good well it's definitely game I think but it's also liking. It's pretty she'll eat. I would say. EU could love it or hate it it just pat on K well I'm all about texture. So we'll see I'll probably like it. I like how this went from hot sheet oh podcast too acid reflux podcast it was a duty podcast at one point out the pasta podcasts. This is just about food today I Gus. I'm pretty hungry and drag the guardrail I want our backs and I asked for muffin and they were out so that's making me pretty even today he that is always. Where is telling that I play in the home must confront poor eating all these nothing you don't I know he eats up then. You took an everything dumb men. He'd like part of the one that. The debate has been making me happy this past week I keep scrolling through my feet but two not Shaq but he is that you showed me that repo is it hit. And I should pick to select all stars Allen there is too much a weird weird stuff on YouTube that sleek weird Shrek. Videos and smash now of mash in C news they've played. I'm convinced that because the world is so sad people are just trying to like pull for strings that they'll make the capping. It made me so happy every time unlike asserted out like scroll through want to cry out and I'm happy and that look at this. And you mix is smash mouth combined with like other songs like fire pump iyas. Of he would not believe your eye is. He would numb to leave here I encrypted by predicts the warped tour lineup and the Sears smash mouth. Powell said I'll sit he. Key issue in this. Who else five seconds or food or not only diet and here's OK speaking of bell worked lineup. Is dropping on March 1 like the official thing. And worked toward a last Friday name I didn't do I don't know who is running their Twitter. But whoever it why is just just like okay. Hold my beer money can play can we gotta we gotta get down to business here in street from march 1 because I mean we're approaching we arts why. Oh February 2 short months you so we're warranties are up a few days like five days away all my guys so in this is the last group works lineup for other cross country track kind of a big deal. Everybody tweeting them about bands that should play. A man that they need just like went off and shut the record straight sell. Worked tour Friday night we did it. Blake HQ we have the same agent yet nothing all American Reid actually tried at the end member didn't wanna do it. Hear more word on the street is they're doing their Allen tore yellow card is no longer banned. Mike chemical romance not reunited say anything Bullock in no way. And like. Just three so many band let some bread to hunt down no one by ones are with blink when aid to what does that mean we have the same agent I think that they have the same booking agent Philly tours again it could be totally wrong and I'm pretty sure that's and it means. Like the way that worked for books. Lake phony isn't at a. I don't know OK what I feel like is that work are usually they'll have like a surprise is said yes band or some stained my. Yeah I really want bans could just like suck it up and be like this is the last warped tour workers done so much for the scene we really need to pay a the kids back. And a lake. If it's your hometown late league leading example just. Show is Cindy may go outlet and honestly birdie birdie it'll it'll sell especially asleep yet all this honestly all I care about the San Diego dates be quite I don't quite honestly I can't imagine him being a band and do enough for a living in getting so cheated that you're just like. Norman do warped tour. Lately especially and that's how he started. And likely when he Sheila I will say for them lake. You know only there. I don't like OK we call them all because like they're not old early pulled ads that I get that like you don't wanna. Do that all summer but Blake. After early IQ she needed love hearing pound show and yeah I had though like making an appearance at some of the show was Blake especially when not shall. So actually that was such. East starting point for you in your career. I mean it should be lakes snowed. Sentimental like it's sentimental tell us why it should be sentimental to Taliban's. Blink-182. Taiwan. Power arm became Tom doesn't care about anyone but Tom bring out bring back any aliens. Downgrade to meet a burial instead to work towards you I don't care plate that's here buying in your area and that's fine are you who lives next OK all wrecking Ajax. Relaxed in this comes with more baggage soul. Originally Ajax. You know they said if we try to be an emerging on a duet. Tyson Ritter the singer treated back and said should through calling it quote a full Dick disclosure. We couldn't do it's holt scores to be came back and agreed to play if you show is worked went full elitist and said no. Say your account is actually (%expletive) here I hope the feedback help helps. Classless pricks. Land violent work comes what a way what did work for sane response okay they said pretty sure this isn't how it went down. Pretty sure we bring down adult playing if you show I was pretty sure we were told three fourths of band members bring to the buyer agent. We were just trying to control and squash rumors with this tweak. And then patiently and Ritter responded back and that I was into it sorry we didn't make it work we are old fart to families to navigate around thanks for the memories. Q. Well Appalachia. Tyson Ritter OK honestly I'm gonna have to side with award for honest and I believe what her because I heard. And you heard from Avaya reliable source. That Tyson be tears of pain in the house yes I totally believe that yeah I mean he did it maybe once so he's kind of he's probably the one band member who didn't wanna do it. Like it like I totally get okay especially for some like all American and Ajax. Like the where he pivotal part of like my middle school experience. Especially for somebody like them. Particularly if they're asking you were touring and like he called big name on the bill sued apple why would you like how well all America act doing what Al I'll eat a Grammy is okay well I guess why your family's going to be there. Afterward Torre this summer and work towards not gonna be there after where trains its low. Pitt Matt take your family with you have some fun indenture huge yak. Okay and then so that that was a whole thing right there with than me and it got to started to like blow up but I feel lake. There there's a lot of after worked for tweeted this a lot of people were like trying Blake had a Steve asked miss it that's no what no team. Billy isn't whoever's behind his account was just like this is our last year he made on nine and have a job after August so it's. I I hurt I read it as a reading some of them and someone was like a whoever. Runs this account is so unprofessional blah blah blah and then they replied. How do you know it's not Kevin Lyman himself like maybe it is Kevin Lyon I ace John. So bad. Mean obviously Kevin Lyman knows what's going on with these tweet slightly like he had to get the OK to tweet this stock and class. Whoever's running the count passed to Blake. Beat pretty involved. In now the booking if they know all right and are able to two feet back in lake. How of educated responses. On so whether it's like one person a team the people I don't know but lake. Whoever it is is it just like some intern idea that going on a Rampage. On the I feel like I mean it's so. Air Berlin they were not being rated at Baylor LA seal on it explaining why bitch who but lineup wasn't going to be what people wanted to BE. And there this so many years where people get so mad at work for a cause they can't book a good lineup. And that's not your fault that's the bands well because the band would rather play. Coachella or aren't on the hill or where more and that it's silly and other treat somebody. Said just a random person has like this is the most unprofessional thing I'd ever seen on the sleds I. I didn't torture retreated back Howell result I don't think portrait ever prided themselves on being like the most professional account out there are so right whenever. But they said Powell we've had a watched for years of fans saying we shot we can't but the lineup we're idiots. We stayed silent let people trash just it's washing errors about fans not playing the tours on professional. Which like. I totally agree with and I think today. I think this makes me like understand the tar ending a little bit more. Because it's in lake I am at pretty angry about this whole thing since they announced certainly does in the last year. But it from a street it's like it's almost it's like damn near possible to get people play ready so how do you keep it toward going. If people won't play at. Exactly as I was like I'll work toward stern looks to me and now on for you knowing it got kinda get a I totally get it. The next one on here appear more Abreu on the street is there doing their own tore. Which pair Moore has not announced and nothing there horse to according right now there in Tokyo. But I don't think they've announced their US tour home. I don't know I haven't really elect honestly I. The only reason I'm saying that is because so now we shift to go there and Kellen. Telling top earner popular I don't know his last name totally that Kelly from the streets of art which is. One of my elite fever it. Favorite band so like I'm a little on the fence here of who to be US but it's and telling from a story so far. Treated it and said with all the respect he publicly through bands and intermittent individuals under the bus. For not playing the Torre hinted at unannounced engagements. Cough care more. All insider information on a company count dot turned professional. And then worked treated back and said shall we start to count the times our lineup was leaked from insider information. And coming from a man that posted we'd during an in degree and take over our count or. Not TL. So much TDs being skilled labor it's C and she did what he he she'd just been thorough and I'm talking like pitches at a ballgame alone and it's so much and I wish corporate accounts. Did this where like this more then and then fill talents we get back. And said this is a bad luck someone leaking a line up is not affiliated Shane he should strive to be above that why some. Negligible gaffe on op. Our band I mean on into Graham takeover is relevant to this I came puncher. And work for fed up what you call gaffe we considered unprofessional about it how this is elevate everything is perspective relative. We can agree to disagree on this one we still think you are great people are mine and an early age that silly deal at lake. All my so. But her like how does this look back to you will I know and lake. They've got they weren't included in this T did not complete work Turkey Tynes that they were part of the street so. Did I I mean just like regular people on Twitter I don't know how they got sober her like okay. I was I was sagging in on I treated it panel is like and living for whoever's running his account with the Chris Jenner gift of her being like you're doing a media media. And at the I was living playing them it means but pocono last fall was the only other lake. Band person that was like I love this you've only ban percent support that I. I'm at bat. And yellow card is next they're not a band which is like understandable dated or Carol tore at lake. And I don't all respected and being like Redondo done done and we did a farewell tour and we're done and partly. It's on so Matty has a lot of feelings about the fun non cares about. Matty does not like ocean out an album that acts that. Logistical and I'm from that quickly Mike chemical romance not reuniting which like waited just take a stake in putting my heart I think it's only part worth like okay. You're hurting feelings right now I feel attacked I feel though it I don't need to say that OK we couldn't he couldn't just let me believing things and it's not that anything and I could still be believing exactly. Don't stop believing. That the laps than Dan no and they'll last analysts say anything bullet into it which say anything. I'll say anything but they're not to me they're not like a classic like. Worked her band to mean. By. I mean I commit sexual tube but they don't like that's finally had to be played on anymore. Because they don't like it. So really I wanna see I mean. There are bands that I like to see award tour that are not leap still not see occurred. Mainstream bands too I mean Pearson email all of and then that only mean that they're from San Diego they cut it Lee's plane in San Diego. The Delaware's prod the first time I saw him we know lord lower without the RW really cool to see them. I already know that must change I want to Selig bring in her eyes and I think that Beagle and a Gator in him. Story so far I would say it because they played it they play good like four years I think but after that tweet makes me think that's not gonna happen. Players. Eighty prayed please it like every year I already know that a pillows playing because they play it literally every school yeah. That's how I feel about me pray tell. And then. His similar run through the I think Reel Big Fish plays like every year to elk yet to come there on the definitely in their lives. I know lake I think it worked her so much about the experience though that lake. Especially after I think the that we needed to be mean because expectations were getting pre T high for this line up. And lake now I at least know not to expect those bands which is fair. Okay here's what I mean I think the whole thing is a trick. And all those fans are actually playing warped tour you and their all about money and they all planned this out very strategically. Not now I don't know you're crazy. Because like I worked three even tweeted afterwards like while we did not expect this to blow up like it did we really it's for trying as part of the acts. But right it could be acting. You're right quiet and just gonna keep believing that that's not easily not causing people and I can respect that because honestly I have to go to the last word tour but it it still sucks. To spend money on something when there's no bands that you really want Nancy yeah I mean Blake. Last year. Who IC last year I'd be incensed when he 413. I think. I think. That. Think last year before this past one was like 2000. Thirteen. I wanna say. So about the same but I last year just like missed arteries and insults that are really get time an it was all nice because like. I was really on the times federal to see. Anyone. As Claudia got in a school that's like that you're just flake and about all the bands like you like them but you're not like I have to see. All these bands has been in this man you. So you can just like meander around. And her I just check out bands in ABC bands that you never. Heard before and that's actually awesome because that's what workers. Plus the bulls. Are supposed to be like discovering new bands and now it's Blake. People go to festivals for it like huge. Pack headliners. And then people clash and they wanna see to it and I payment yet and that's way. Tickets for festivals can be like 500 dollars but like work toward general missions still only like forty bucks. Yeah and it's a lot of underground bands and you discover a lot of local bands and atlas. Honestly I carry the main purpose of what tour originally brain I'm probably the point and that's I think what makes me most sad is that lake. Feel like those candidate lake at. The genre is already kind of like lack game which was mentioned when they announced that with the last worked where that lake theirs is not a big pool of cancer choose from writes I think it's gonna get even smaller now because they're not even gonna have a platform yeah exactly go online. Cells save. And shut up and re fat and pop and what is happening I we get overboard T shirt we have to get those teachers to Wear and man I have one word I really want them to play that long. For years John man overboard. Whose mother and I love to see. Well. Fraph. Do you think man overboard and playing. It and ability that sold and I don't even know there's Taliban I've none of these bands are lake averages like oh we're still band we're not a band they legislate them whenever. Writer and when we feel like it is all the most old man. It's front and had. No idea. All time low played sound like sometime last year. Some in my early and I mean they sound totally different count it. Set your goals that's the other one that I France IDC they're happy about four Sean played for like. Years and years and years on mark set about making a possibility you know I feel like should also play ward does newfound glory. Bull that would be so cool the would be really cool and the whole I don't see any reason why I ain't. At this point and it's at this. Began that was not a tactic that tweet I think his leg. Now like back totally be a possibility last there one of those bands it's super bug are different armies in an acre eutectic. But I mean award for win after pair more or so it there's like that's my main port between pair morning glory may be news anglers late Aaliyah and all of this. Let's skating and it's like that thing where it like. If you don't telling us some linemen but then all of a sudden they eat the same person. And you become frankly become friends over I mean hopefully that's the way to make friends. Easily can view such connection with people and I happened. Like Hamachi Albers and the way. Like I now at some heat this same person is mean. I'm like man murdering an along just fine. So maybe a terrible thing but it's a true hopefully that is way and happening many thought Hillary just did like their throwback tours I think that they can maybe still be in Tora melody in gaelic. Now it. And people. Are saying. Being patient and totally do it. We recently. Saw on the screen there in. Need it's possible for work toward to have a decent line up. Through this last run. And he is it gonna happen and then we don't known around we'll find out in the UK can be a big hodgepodge of people low because they feel like every year. It kind of like she like every year for the past like ten years. Had almost have like a different. Genres seem kinda a gap where lakes some years it'll be like weigh heavier and like more hardcore or more pop punk. Or just like more like bubble gum with like the main elect you need sixth grade the but I think this year's is going to be like aid heavy mix of and for its either gonna be whoever they can scrape together honestly you're gonna be at surprisingly. Good epic. It could be that kill it could be you what I said maybe this was all of a reuse. And all those fans are gonna play word scooters. That can be. He's not acting in lower pro way to have a reason to keep. Going now. We're speculating a lot of the we have five days to keep speculating he'd having hope about My Chemical Romance Matty. Gallon the only state and that one of mine give up on my can romance march 1 ghosts the line up drops in actually. I think Monday tickets go on sale. Which I'm in GCC has sales chief like hit play. Yeah I think I don't out personally acting that else I think they might shines some merit. Selling Perez I'm so excited and also it's weird because easily San Diego's the second slash B in Pomona is always the last day. But this year they flipped the entire told her it's really weird and Pomona is first and where second I am kind of white and what the reason for that is I don't love that. And all of that either I want to be lax like save the best relaxed and right I like all the best fans are gonna jump on at the end it's great to play the very last one and Diego. It's still going to be raining here. I've never learn. Carl all have I am. Told his story about the Blake my first war tore and one marine Mega Millions yeah avenue of the typhoon that. It was a literal typhoon like all the bands stop playing and like we had Ali he covered a smoker it was in the sea and it was crazy it was raining so hard like every. Stuff got destroyed and it was right in the middle pair Morissette so they had like top box. It's raining it was probably one of the craziest things I've like ever experienced because there was like not really you. It was like in a parking lot there wasn't really anywhere like he covered this. Under the stage and the stage is like falling apart quite yeah like it was flying everywhere at things are breaking it was cost it is insane. I've never seen anything like thought it was my first worked forever cell. Along with everybody being like sweaty and Snelling who then you add water to the next and it was just like growths on everybody was very crusty and that's pretty us in I worked through this year is actually on a Friday. It's Friday June 22. So what it it could totally be so be raining so hopefully beyond you know we'll see what happens fingers crossed. Now we'll have more on Mac from march 1 up planes can't wait. I mean acting more like you know when you worry about something before handing you can't even control it. That's me right now than she hates yeah yeah. Then anyway is. With you OK I don't know she may go off on the tee and about five seconds the summer actually leave the island. Philly back in the NC a a he lets save our line but just know that in the near future there will be a tangent about five seconds a summer doc McGee any more than that. Let it be prepared for yeah I be mentally prepared. Turnstiles and just fail liner here is just all bout you stuff sent to fail turns out put out new albums census fail all on various came out on Sunday it's pretty dead. And its price that they put out anything second thought that they were dying turnstile not new album today cup I'm speech. And and that is also really got to only listen to once all the way thrill. We listening to their old column on the way to solve he last week and actually really like. It's keep on key which slowly it's more punk than net top. What did you it sounded like something you would have heard in like 2010. The righty yeah I think I really appreciated. Those early cool they're like pulled. They're one of the only GeMS kind of still like that I feel like. And they can play tour. I'd like I'd be simpler and it's up to new albums pretty good timing yeah I that would that would be great timing I saw them when I saw them once. Air and it was lake. He lake kind of pop punk all days saying look at a possible so like indoors this pretty grimy cigarette being snapped inside them I. Luckily I like and other prediction I feel like of mice and men. Could play a warped tour of on there it they have a different singer announced soon be that cool. Unless he may have like against Japan's good often Carlo used to attract is. You think he's attractive how do you not think he's attract well guy that Null. Everyone thinks he's attracted I totally don't they cute attractive not even a little bit quiet not Lerner lately I never thought that he is attractive. He is not my cup of AT and that's creek. I feel like he is. Okay I'm nine inning I'm not gonna have. Kids like nine like he's listening Austin I don't I think but it. You never know I don't wanna hurt his feelings sell offs and you're doing fine you're just not for me. Anything. After. Wards word. Everything sucks. Not like everything sucks but you hit the shelling does. We both blasted through that in a matter of flake. The day of the good show it was a really I mean episodes were like twenty minutes social are absolutely sure easy to watch. Amy municipality occurred ninety's music. Naming a solid pick for nineties cash and I want plaid pants to be at singing and I India's action is pretty much at now yeah Kabul lake. I want it to be more like I need to be more of like rock and roll I like I don't want it to be like. You Wear something like that and someone's not like oh you're so ninety's today just I want yeah. In normal being late years so. You're so current and up to date right your show fashionable just generally speaking at that choker necklace is it not vintage it's safe to invite now right this moments. I would clocks might favorite choker necklace and I'm still upset with it just a regular choker. It was a black one of those regular black ones but I put a crystal and and the Mitt yeah. Lengthy enter in ninety kids link it has to be around somewhere I don't speak it off. When I'm not at home. So lake house to be around and has an amount of green unless you're. Cap ticket them criticize you. Kind of suit and see your cash. Only ignited. Fat cat. Well. Yeah I don't. That's thick. I don't think I found that we should get into the five seconds something knocking on permanent now we have the digest all this work toward. Yeah I need eight con now that. Actually I have part teal of podcasts coming tomorrow until. Sell the Catholic holiday from its cast extended fat cats. Let me be and the club crooked teeth. But they're pretty cool air and I have cricket T so I feel like I can relate on spiritual level already. And yes they're gonna come in and hockey is about Seth that there are you being recruited. It. A my job is literally crooked my dentist told me. I am. No need to hold on hold please. You can't Howell only in an extra rain okay well bring X ray is or it didn't happened. Maybe we talk about the outcome tomorrow Billick told crooked teeth. Nice try but I have a crooked job well. So already got tomorrow and have more plants probably eke out a little bit more about this turnstile at the bottom. In other email sent things AM there's an Emo nights tomorrow acts blonde guy and they're going to be playing good. David BM and. In the minutes and I think you think you need to it shall be a good time and mutually pre talk of the during next door yes. That's pretty that's pretty down any talk at least that is. Has pink painted walls and gold seats are Mike in her. Early. It's extract as can be but. Okay that I have anything. I think outside a paintball. Stay sound they say it slowly now my state you know see now. If there.