SAD DIEGO // #5!, Pete Wentz, Spongebob Musical, American Satan, Halloween

Thursday, October 26th

On this week's episode, we got extra #spoopy. We talked about Pete Wentz's dream of having a haunted house, the song that Panic! At The Disco's Brendon Urie wrote for the Spongebob Squarepants Musical, a weird side tangent about sponges, American Satan is returning to select theaters (but not in San Diego, we're crying over it) and finallyYyYyYyYy...if you're a procrastination master and STILL haven't conjured up a halloween costume yet, we've got some emo-kid classics that you can pull out of your closet and are sure to be a hit at any Halloween party you go to the year (if you have friends).

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Then and then and then and then and then and then and then the sag can. And that's a good way to start. I thought then I say I. Battier it means a podcast thinking fat cats that and add it really sat on payday. Club get SATA on what they have today I think that actually south. Sounds a lot lake and I. I'm feeling of late a little actually you know he's this past week though because Halloween is coming up. I'm curious glances you have to be in the zone for Halloween now and be extra. C acts acts just be an exercise speed beat. On and also to be it's called touch more on this later but I am being one of the ultimately eagle princesses. Or one my only not only to stand out role. Have decide if indeed dead at Levine or from capitol mean okay. Bill and I had a we'll get we'll get more than an hour is that it. But yeah I it's it's an extra spooky. Episode of San Diego a sell out get ready. I might just do like. And a Jennifer's body inspired. So keep in Spain. I like that like Alec anything like Megan Fox unfortunately but I'd to love covering myself in me glad. So he doesn't mean I've never had cost him. That policy ever really ever I'm obsessed with fake blood idol where they split any day of the year does not have to be. Commented upon profit where is it that Matty out via any targeted parties that he. Come out OK so you know all the differently meek out transiting I'm honest you're Hewlett theirs Alex political eyebrow again there was even quite. Penis eyeliner on I'm yet on the how the most Emo thing I like ever seen in my life happen. Did you see the Blue Line I I did see that. It Siebert gory because it's like eight bullet plus eight it's like if you have a clock a cat guy with your eyeliner but instead of black eyeliner it's landed. It almost looks like instead of trying to do your cat island eyeliner each tried to do that cat I within yeah that's what looks like but it's kind. You can kind of feel that when you added because. Since we need keep messing up your eyeliner in each teacher and it did over and over again it feels like your views slight. I. It's it's so painful. Lake. I've added treat myself to learn du cap I against the east school. Your document Q I am I not it is not killer I try to do some reason it's like our employees and how the point. And I appreciate using that I feel like it does not welcome Anthony if this could kill. I. Wish. I couldn't believe it's now I've got like sometimes like it's just not working so much so. Blake and that it'll get ragged ends we're at the wings lesbians that actually almost publicly yes. I feel like maybe that's how they gotten hired to do that because like it feels like. I'm eating from Iowa aides where like I Sadler has gone back to Alex and seriously winner at roots here and just get Barry. Like old school nodding like seeing it aggregate like old school you know this is kind of excited about village arms trying cap on the having an eyeliner. I eat and so excited to trend that and I love that as it's called basket case and I. Time is very curious if it's going to be illiquid or it's going to be a pants on. They have because if it's like big eyeliner obviously you'd use a crew ran ran very did it and I've indeed if you try to hop honest I game like I am. I'm seep down they do there aren't dude why don't like the top and bottom it says yeah. Internet lately niners. Water line yet and I'll water line day Ukraine. Yes I've tried to do with liquid in it go no ideally yeah I keep your eye turns black because it just get thing I hate it sell. I like I hate snow. I did in high school everyday for like six months until I was like. Michael fly in Italy. Not where. I don't know how you do it. I don't either I have no idea I know is that like. And a shape Riley black teachers know it everything they had an outing like to have gone to black in my high and just howling and apparently partly conflict that's not like it. But I'm it's essentially putting paint in your high everything pick up like pilot what I am about to make a masterpiece. I am Vinson and I'll. And not very though it. And then in return you to do unless. Unless you're planning on not doing anything that day you're like I'm just messed around with Miami at an hour ago and it turns out perfectly. And and you know it ago so you try to do the same thing the next day we need to have plans. And it's it turns Alley crap. Now into the turn now. Like crap it's one of those things where like. When you start to do here eyeliner you're like well let me just have a little moreover here. And a little moreover here and then all of sunlight you look like Iraq and and lose because he just keep trying to add chili compensate for whatever well wrong on the other side and just it's it's really just bad news. Anyway I planners such a struggle it's like tennis gave up on me. I'm worried because I haven't done my eyeliner in a couple weeks now I just keep easing shadows him and I know that if I don't start doing it again regularly I'm gonna forget how to. Via and Alan I have to retrain myself because the pictures that I housing from the period of time where I was retrain myself to do it. That tragic like they're really bad yeah I their really really embarrassed and I feel. Anyways leading on from. And they're saying eyeliner problems which honestly probably in five years and a look back and I and the like Alyssa does attract strapped. I browse to and I am really worried it's just. Because everything changes like. Big eyebrows are seeing right now so if you look back to when you had skinny eyebrows like that's disgusting lighted idea that's because it is on trend. At the tying emblems. It just her out like not even a lesbian can I browsing mine started at like. Mike Blake people. They were just back relief filing pretty much I only had half a that I I've rally seats today. Has really it's Billy grown into itself convinced it was not apparently sixty. I'm just mad because I had and it fell at a really great eyebrows. When doesn't like middle school and then I started plucking them because not everyone was stealing. And now I feel like I wish I never did that because I want to have those eyebrows back because like I said. They like tree needs to be skinny back then and now it's string need to add they'd fold natural eyebrows which I had until I messed that up. Reasons why I'm sad number 56. I got rid of my natural eyebrows yet it is huge three much sixth grade. That I had you know brown Pollack. Do you want bushy eyebrows now who wants to have a unit brown now. Right he hit it it all of the Kyle's been our plan I have so I can gone for a long time middle school is really not my Forte. Anyway is okay by one thing that was always their communal school was even music which I think Wyatt like I said before that says that's like a play get a little lake comforts to meet him. Is though so we actually talking a little bit last week about our favorite. Middle school Emo bands. And Pete Wentz. In op boy. Still ache. Need to me beat him like a ban was like the ultimate thing to do I want it to be. Great night's game as Pete when's like. That was that's what he's doing he's living my dream team but somehow. Somewhere along the way he decided that that's not even what he wants the tree he wants to run up on it how it's. Like I'm sorry you're crazy moment here we didn't talk about this two month last week and I'm like why. I guess you just like accomplished every scene that you want music he. Announces their to do. Haunted house. Up at like some dude named Chad who graduated in mind. 82 running like the one over and mission valley target. Yeah now that's probably totally wrong but match. Stick. Man. Is that his howls and where is it I would go to pipa this house at his house I'm definitely gonna go well. Probably in the steel evenings. No Matty is as safe as betterment sweet forehand and I had I understood that that's the real. House right he thought you're scaring snow. And didn't think eight and I am the real scary. Not one it's called nick and knee I think that's I say making me manner. And it's like it she. Like you have to sign a waiver before you go in because they legit torture you'd like. Me it will late tie you. Feed you rotten a eggs it's disgusting why do you go hacks people paid a golden there's a weeding Lance. Why do people want to do just themselves I don't understand how I. So it's not hey that's why and then I heard I heard in San Diego's am not sure if that's true clients. Dude I do not know why you wanted that to yourself. Money is. Actually get paid if that's probably why I think it's alliance. Like ridiculous. I that's you let me go quickly go to my house is orally here these are. Whenever I'm like why he would be scared. I hate for the motion at that really weird I can't. I mean that's okay going to scary news because it's like you get scared and and you laugh like I was so this game and really it's just a movie. It's like an adrenaline thing but if you're going to get tortured that's more than that's a sexting. If you're isn't weird stuff that like okay share I guess but you watch the videos like his videos of and people really crying in nearly let me let me out they don't they do not let you how you have to finish. That's why you have to sign a. Man DL and read an ambulance. Others got annihilate fake ones where people she's at the chains on right now. Us then we can and then a couple. It's the EM I houses and also because stranger things have coming out tomorrow fillet. Actually like in a couple of hours beginning on every one name losing it's a including myself who. But I we went online trail the outlook Balboa park earlier this month from an industry things house and there is a point in this house that it's supposed to be like you're in the upside down is urgently users. I'm but it feels like you're blocking just like a big vagina. Yes you hit 999. Speaking of all these thing that you haven't gone and make sure the egos he can walk through that. But no for real is actually in our house and I was actually on my favorite part of it. So that was fine I was 'cause the last I heard I mean this was a couple of years ago someone told me that it's. Every one apparently the people at your sentence scare you oust hold this could be totally wrong and I was told that they all volunteers. And so one point Alice told that it sucked because there were not enough people volunteering else's like scary used I don't know if that's true or if that was true at one point maybe now the paint. I don't know. Let's and the other than me feeling. Absolutely. Ancient. They're. High school again. Yeah Ellis hit him up but it the other and that it was fun this year relate it there weren't like again on people's and then work and addicts. But. You're hired I bead it could happen if you're being paid to. The Catholic I would be is asked otherwise I would eat in part ash in math it's a good excuse just to. Just to take your anger out on people it's maybe they're really fun I'll actually love to dress up its people. That sounds like a coping mechanism like that sound like a pretty good form of therapy just let Allen meets all of your emotions out on the people. They are now and that they adopted that if it is supposed to scream this. Be ridiculous that sounds fun and I kind and thinking about the I would. Next year next year if he's villas there. It's probably us actually screaming and not just an act note just letting yeah. Until anyways Pete plans yet if the high house without his house were down. We're down to come to you on house. Our house yeah just your house is mine. And it so what else. Sponge Bob musical note guys we just listened skew the song different in your hero despite a musical. Which this is good too because rise out of things. Right not sure why is sponge Bob musical I mean law extract the musicals that mean. Okay because strengths and he's seen. It's awesome means it attractive like. And I. Don't a sponge Bob musicals really weird to me we know that bringing Jiri is very good at theatrics. And writing theatrical music walking and it blocking meals by hearing that song it's like. Obviously from sponge Bob's perspective. But he can totally tell it's written by an act it's. It actually earlier this is weird about it school. I just on about not being examples irons and house but Bob doesn't just want to be on next door. That's actual quote there's something about likes. There's nobody stretch here than I am not. Not totally sure exactly what the leader was my lines at his glory and means ladies and construction more than something like that and that just bothers me because he can't stretch this alliance will read. Exactly yeah ever tried to take a dish spines. And stripped it or not you had you. Diet I might try that and I don't think I just on a Beecher but I'm pretty sure that it's just gonna rip. The scratchy part. But that it my it's okay that part my its check if he doesn't specify what kind of short hair and the Bruins beat yours you know it's. You get those yelling agreements they smell really bad. Okay moment's scrutiny of the IU the I diet lights hit OK because my money is close to and she never misses problem but I it would use those. They smell like after a couple of uses it's not only that get those blue lens that you're solidly. And they never smelled. I never smiling sponges I can't like smelling it on my hands afterwards it's really grows like. OK yes why why is that so I am like that what is on and where they RD washing dishes to test them out before it hit I think being preserved in him I don't know by now I don't now. Is this actually expand probably does actually to be eighths to stay alive are spot why dude. Our sponge used for your dishes the same sponge from the ocean. Now how do you make sponges with now. Sponges have feelings to. Only quiet and resignation now sponges and not running a wash my dishes like a thirty dollar. He says patio a brush against Russians. It's gonna be a dishwasher. That's where rob I love talking about clean teen on the open her. I got to make us fat I mean I'm out on their tail yes sponges make me sad some come but anyway those this is on the frontier hero for the Spanish rock musical it's called in currencies just. And then simple sponge. Even huddle near video on YouTube he can go follow live and learn all the lyrics the preakness musical that is going to win in a. What is new words for her. Broadway musicals. And operated faith and economy on. Any. Expertise on here that's communities. They have awards uttered hello or learn. I think that's awesome for TV. I don't now they have all heard that aren't just pull our. Theater and musicals. So whatever that is. Not song is definitely at least what that uncle at least when a pat on the back Clinton. Also it's you know it's so what else we have today on the American Seton so sad story San Diego time. Matty I never got to see it hurt he never got there I was planning on just watching it online community. And it's actually not entered its but I was gonna check it's probably on the blacks then I was lake. Licking its ending on the Internet like Americans and is coming back. Emotionally I just kinda Indiana to watch you know long. No we are not telling it like Indiana. Taxes. Lowered. The closest one ties but now I'd be down sentences I got him this down. I don't think I'm on it and you an honest truthful. I mean light is exactly impacts. Florida. Connecticut. In the Iran we high. A lot of black male Bryant's fans and news actually Europe how it. Mean nothing else really going line. I always felt like the midwest. In these things. Regis. We've. And talks and one. West. There's a lot of aliens there's a lot of banks coming from there because I'm gonna get our economy and a lot of vitamin. Actually you wanna go to the midwest sometimes because I know one of our I totally did because a lot of big bands come out of the midwest. Hi how from a Chicago. Out. He. All is from not Chicago outside of Chicago Illinois sent always wanted to go there. Pair mourners from. Left the south of and it's tendencies. But. All the good bands just come from knots. The west Cote says nothing else to articulate Katy Perry Ian Poppins. That's. From California down. And in pop it's like your parents by EU. Studio time. They hire somebody. And where does that happen out and that's you know. Present and work out or Rebecca black workers at Ford girl up Ford girl and her voice actually happen at a if anybody has a spare minute and it wants to go into some just work with her now she on the other side. Saturday. No way yes way I'm so serious. Listen. It's not awful click. So it better than Friday of course it's not. Even like a guided them like looking at some of the can recognize. She's super aware. Okay and that's just as I wanna hear that. Saturday Saturday at I back black and then if anybody has a couple of extra spare minutes my jeans I Jenner it's. It's debatable worse than Friday hire back a black. Is worse than Taylor swift's mean song I can. You know I am pleading the fifth here because I said some things slightly mean about it was swift on social media three weeks ago. And my noted that he shouldn't on Twitter wit. Ballistic. I had people literally telling me that they hoped that my lights and decreased by 50%. So this gonna plead the ear because he's not crazy like I also this was actually thought that line that lake. Tweeted back at me I was like I forgot how much preteens that's solid that about it she is like. His saints and their peaking at that. In the nearly nineteen and I was like oh my luck I mean he didn't like the good from bill and I am glad that I and so are. I think you got all those responses because you Twitter bear buy it. Because when I see stuff like an islanders. At like one person. Reply to me. Is that I have speed and click. I don't know I feel lake some are Piet said it's because. She needs. She doesn't have to like do working marketing seeking to sell. Everything. Yet she makes so. But that's just that's me curiously why you in the music industry you're not passionate about music why don't you make music that you're proud. And only am I one. Every every new Taylor's song I hear is worse than last I'm like how is this possible this is an actual quote from the latest song. I guess I'll just stumbled back home to my caps. And that's added in conversation I don't know that NS I would not put that a song and expect to be taken seriously. I know I don't think I would either did. I she was a decent pop country artists and it Sheehan sell out like she had a lady good and days when she laid still played on country music stations. I liked her country songs summer and. I seriously have to be quiet and self read about the there total craziness here at. Well let's see what happens. Anyways Jack because like I was I thousands immediately three days prior. And I think I exactly was so you tell you that people actually paid because he tips it live. Yeah and conduct sweet good. I mean it's not like that's normal why everyone freaked out on the down you're going to be OK as a also had somebody telling. That expertise month that the brits cracked I'll tell content comment etc. et Al. That's all Luton eluded not hacked some on that way nobody not Taylor Swift OK you don't go after someone's appearance by. OK but they do. All right I'd like it's Mayan and these were it. A lit up and at lake that's never happened before especially like now. It felt it staff or nearly no Medicare and then all of sudden. I don't know why but. That's crazy. So I think that's significant not for Ian I did I'll let you likes on a sweetie and I feel like I am still sell. What you're experiencing. I never got a look at sixteen light on that to me and I thought that that was pretty cat and they are like the peachy with your eleven Ers sixteen banks like. Their problem I my god how many likes to use game on your. And it had deleted the tree and then put up one about Planned Parenthood says that hit the young girls my age at least educate them ultimately mattered. That's a good technique. Like that thing that I was changing world one treat it is time. All blame. And I I also kind of think that all of those that are counts. Of honest clean. Yeah now I can totally see it I am just purposely trying to stir the pot are now because I want SC. What happened I pretty certain nothing's gonna happen in nine. Yeah I I think there. In our five minute deep now it actually lived in this far in that light we felt like five minutes on this guy is leg fell in LA. And if you did that Fannie and and it is our honestly I'm sorry but I didn't know the our demographic weird how exactly it. Had no idea trailing. On the before we go any further and that I and like I actually am like afraid of people in the coming in like murdering me in my sleep. No seriously like Psycho that I'd have. And they're like eleven years old which is all of the black rain is now and now. And as I not party feeling old and having an X essential crisis. And only then. Yeah it's pretty. Eleven years old so I think. When we were allowed and that's why it. Agree. This album could be and that it. It's like if you gave birth to Medicaid eleven years ago and canyon now you have an eleven year old's death. Think about that. You have an eleven year old Blake honestly they're having years got things in the house and got us now on the out. Years all thought that I was like holy crap because it's such like an iconic song like in the generation that he I mean there's no way that things eleven. That it's often iron I was island in years ago along in the wild wild. Cheese. I'm having right flashbacks to middle school dances. A tax funny because I remembered being in sixth grade. And it was a dance and it was during school so it's like dancing you just went to. But it was a Halloween dance of people are wearing cost instance and I'm pretty sure that song was plain. I hope is on EP of like myself should have been playing all ties promptly hopes. I know I am never Green Day boulevard of broken tree Jeanne moos. And this remember this kid in Iraq and cost him being super obnoxious. That the dance. Like why I don't wanna be nearly agonized collect a classical. Aiming numbers and no way he was plagued dancing and like making the tail spin around which is actually pretty funny. Yes. Diet and make outlook pretty good speed skills for an eminently Bulent you have to like get out of here at home making showed up. Pretty sure use crowd surfing at some point he got the best day of his life Matty dude. Your audience can't speaking of crowds surged being. Jordan Buckley the senior from every time I dying now not the singer and guitarist. He's being sued. Because he was crowd surfing. And he jumps. Like right onto a girl in the audience and concerts severe. Injuries which are requiring her to receive physical therapy. And so I think her necklace fractured and solid there isn't news that he's being sued by her and then there was this weird tweak. I don't know at this is the PR PE dot com. Or is this the scene at the Packers. Notes the ERP dot com to weeded every time I die Qatar as Jordan Barkley being sued by audience member after crowd surfing. And then he replied I am. Blake he and now he doesn't know he's being sued either he doesn't know he's being sued or that's not actually happening. Super crowds are saying that's I know like you go to concerts. Yeah I think you're up on the Ariel at a concert especially like that. You know knowing actress. She's saying that he did it warned the crowd that he was gonna do you that. And I feel like. Honestly I'd definitely like he could get sued but I do like that's kind of late you winter concert you went to an every time I die concert. The guys crowds are being mean. You can't really be sure that that's not gonna happen. Kind of sucks though because like the only reason that she can at least unanimous because she knows who did it. But lake. What if Yosemite in the crowd coming like. From the act in the frying and she had suffered injuries like that rather than write like this guy she would have known who. Who is crowds are bank did or I think they would've just pulled this guy down and let him go and he would have been on forever and she never would've able assailant because. She would never found again it's just like I'm fortunate that. This happened apparently she is facing injuries from somebody does like. You can tell who it is I if I was not a show and it was like one of my feeder bands and I. I like some nice to buying a crowd surfing guitar answers from the I'd be like stoked about it. He even if I had thirty seep physical therapy. And had fractured my neck and relay I mean what. I like this is the does in my life that I'm an excruciatingly pain that is his office. But this is the best thing that's ever happened you know Blake seriously yeah and I feel like the only issue it really daily get hurt is that she's up front I. Yeah that's the only time that I actually you're out front asking you to do you heard exactly. You're asking any added every time my dice you're asking to get her if you're in France especially shows like that because you have people. Not only are tipping from the back to the front the year people. Steve shining from the front him. And then packets of Eli and an Air France like sweetie I just hope you Wear tennis she's not flip flops and hoping he's rates she clearly did not know that's always my favorite that's what I think people on the rail. Am like yeah you have no idea what is about to happen neo. You're in for such a rude awakening. I utilized at lake the streets of our concerts because the girls go crazy for Parker. Which likes name by. I mean they'll be like a very up close area on the rail. And people that are fans of them that are barely dance and enjoy the music. Do not care about it single soul in the room on bills yeah elbows everywhere let us out there who those out kicking in means that's what I call him. Yup. Yup. The guy on your face now I just really wanna go to a show in just keep punched in the east I would just feel like that if I. I feel like I should go to Selma and just. It mentioned that he doesn't have a chat is just go yeah go get punched in the face it audiences hum. I remember when I first here's my lip I it was terrified to go to show because they felt like I was in it pension appease and make. Can regulate my lip reading. Ripped out or some thing and my lip was super small in. You know you still I heard this story about these girls fighting that Selma and the had readings on. And I'll Sheen hit one girl hit another girl in the aides and her bring caught on the girl's screen. And it sounds like it's gonna happen to me. So I'm just gonna try and not key in a fights. The logical way to avoid that I am but people who are fighting man and now. C fights and now I am I feel like I'm giving Iran. Yeah that's cycle time like I should be fighting some. Of them but I know likes I should it but I feel like ice but it. There should it's like you just. Like he need to do you dislike each. And that's okay I don't think there's anything. I mean if you like getting mention is that some people aren't that go to Sonoma doesn't matter show some final punch you some real someone will gladly point you aids also the challenges that and view it like parents at flights. Packeting applies Yan. Never shot ever. Nodding at times and pastel powdery eyes in the back OK Chelsea Green and it yeah that's when you'll get punched but I'll system like way in the back at you it is in the it is an aside stage. And it is so high. In these did I it is so hot in there and I was like I'm pain back there it was not as high and that all sizes like popping out so I liked the smoking area just to get to hear him. Like and it died but that's how I can now. We. Should we talk about these Halloween costumes all yeah com's so lassie I think. Like I and the queen of it's like waiting until last minute I'll have all these ideas that I overwhelms. And so like whatever caution and it picking and that being. Last minute all the time so I keep up the list. Super easy. Super easy email costumes the Eaton college has pull out your closet and senate side to its right itself. I broke them down and tees some sort of category is a little bit. And so she started boys or girls. Boys boys say the best for last okay. Exactly Mohammed did coupled costumes the last Clinton doesn't smoke and on the sell for boy. There's the obvious. Black prayed at if you have old date and year. They eat don't mind. Making light a little more in now or even just like directing in the latter part of being band marching band yeah I'm not banned gambling marching man. Also. Foundation peeking get a foundation a couple of she insulate for your base he'll be in good shape with eyeliner course. If you're really feeling dedicated to the ties he bleacher hair. Yeah you're really feeling that he had to take that's kind of an optional. I'm sit out his mind Gerard way blocked pre and Tom from first day also Tom Golan Britney still. Cells that it. What might be a quality I know. On this super super easy like a setting leave you because all you need is like a super ordinary out that honestly. Pick something that is like in your dirty laundry basket that you really need to wash. And that's going to be perfect but it's. A porn stash. Real or fake whatever you are feeling really doesn't Tom have blond here in the video he does have blond hair out like obviously illegal Iranian appliance like seventies hair currently yeah. Blonde semi tech awakening can be dad has his is very bad. Com and a beard are hand at all times in bonus points. If he acts like eight total jackass. Because that said Peter any bonus points are and you he just does play a white teacher and James shore tonight. Too it's not that mean. On the yeah I had so that's actually mark does the super short gym shorts. And it's acts. Com so that he pre YouTube by Thomas just like this really dirty looking yellow shirt. And Blake. Bermuda shorts with. Eckstein. Their really gross of life and pick the be hired very close if you have two friends united with Travis video and propping New Hampshire he has hairy thing. He evidently on. And now he actually does have usher it's a black. And I think yet how to do if I had if I had one more for hate to. If I had friends the cities such a good you can't create group cost him. So easy to you and everybody knows that they Ellis he's in nobody's gonna know you are cards that let you like Thursday in a kid yeah. Began and I didn't sell it back that thing about these kind she isn't like they're iconic ethnic people all know what they aren't. On that also keeping on that Tom being Tom from MySpace. Yeah our favorite person themselves this and you literally need a white shirt again a very ordinary black. A very weird looking smile and if you want. To have some kind of backdrop behind you I would suggest a white board. Just that's for any pictures that I am I can totally relate. Pictures costs in my head. Yeah it's just his profile picture from MySpace just make that come to life exactly. It gets added that there's different levels that you wanna get more intricate eating get a piece of cardboard. And coming out like a profile picture yeah but Tom. Online now. Linking the little blinking but even hit it as intricate as you line by if you really is on the bare minimum light teacher we smiled stamp satellite or compromise its. To keep asking people to be your friend that let you be in my top they feed it wet is foresee yourself into everybody's friends list. Every group of friends DC at the Fargo force yourself in there and then what I'm compromised if you have to be my friend you know hot as an idea. I don't know if I was told that if you deleted him from different list than something bad would happen. Lakes. Change the end though like something weird like your face but would not function properly. I never. If I deleted and I act I never did good crowds afraid it well like my basement was not help our economic in my and they get on an online news. Now I want to Knoll apparently wanted to know if anyone has deleted time. MySpace. And famously uses MySpace I know who you are that's our line at one. Come athletes who he's MySpace. I wish. And maybe that maybe I'll start my Spain's. Maybe we just have my feet on the ninety people on it and be fine a lot Shaq I would be so down to bring MySpace back but it's like not the same format anymore it's so different and see how long time I feel like it's mostly used for music now. Yeah I will MySpace a while ago and I was looking and like all of friends I had an and parent more on the hair. And aisles looking at pair mores stuff and it was so we exits like old pictures. Needs to look like of themselves that it's late so dot brain. It's crazy 'cause it was like back before they were like he huge huge bam like they are now. But it's like a ghost town when you go on MySpace everything's just like a band and left exactly how it was in 2000. Nine in Ireland at your. Yes some does every down. And this is Siebert creepy daughter. That this kid that I had a huge crush on and thanks a lot as he aims for Anna Faris racks. And I it's immigrants but sometimes I honestly can go back increase. And deceit and like so maybe that's why I think that MySpace is solace in not heed shall. And I haven't had anything new. Obviously Italy united whiteman and it's being on Harrison's. I aid can't. Delete minds I don't know. Augen. Story of everybody's life I get an employer finds MySpace that's the past. Yeah I you give everyone a pass you get out and hasn't got out we can't beat out as life. Now we can't figure out how to get in there it's. We've deleted if we can read the fact of the matter is we don't know how to you like I said MySpace whose trial and mayor of social media he now. Nothing you did on their accounts. Sagging into the very gender friendly could be boy or girl. On the hello goodbye Norman up and miss on the past he could literally just put a sign on your front that says hello and on an act that says goodbye. They was followed by a banner was just one did it it was one dude. I think it was referred to the ballet and he's playing the ready so it was just one did and never shout never and Howell city. Sanity. Never understand. How they do that I. Why I don't I don't you just make yourself a bam like you obviously have. And members eat tour is bright light Blake for never shout never I think now he does consider the rest of telling it like that and buy it for awhile it was literally like it was just him because I don't watch his stick on this in his room that he would do everyday. Unlike it legally early in Israel in Joplin Missouri. That is like fifteen so weird panic at the Disco is basically just for in January now we now see I know where it got too because. Still obviously liked it's you laughed pretty early on and the senate sponsor and a pens are you one other person commuting and yes but and Spencer's lake. Took time off indefinitely means for LA rehabilitation got his. And so I don't know of Brent and keeping yank this though because it's already staff published or peace keeping it beat hi is Spencer Mike Barack. Or I don't know. You definitely could do so I mean. Yeah I I kind of just been doing like Broadway and being on Broadway and then writing music for sponge Bob lately has been drinking can cut line on it. I want him to write a song for Shrek the musical and underrated song for me and it's. Time. That for a girl costumes. On the my cop seemed like I mentioned earlier on being out girls I'd put her on this list is out on super easy. And I e-commerce. At high. And a teacher at that is probably lake. A medium blaze its eyes to anchor now all they should. And a bonus points if you apply zombie makeup. On because Abra Levine is dead look it up fault on the gravity Oakley is because she secret then. And Mary. You're very sure about that it is like not the first time you second half there is a nominee things in this world on super Shura of apps on them. I had. I've read about it a little bail out like I don't. Home land. I am I'm a sucker for conspiracy theories already and Allan just really gets me like a he this year boy she said she later Blake she guy like I think maybe you should do the dead our room and maybe I might it would just be a little action make and I'm more likely. On the this planet that I was watching video that's right before we started. Does that cast. Stacy mom you can be Stacy mom if you're a total creep you don't like that video is a way younger than I remember him being. That kid like scene he's ten act he is not a teenager like I realize he's ten. And the little girl's early. Gains added. Flip book is gonna gonna treat them even like yeah that's kind of creeping. It's cheaper weird. But it just forget about opera sec and you can go all out just guerra bikinis. And probably tramp stamp but you're gonna go probably a trance beat hot every mom and monitoring mom I'm on my mom and still hit my mom has to you. How do you still eight Q I didn't know what I'm talking the other yes as she got the line play. And I'd like on that the chance stamp on his own way and I was still not flake. At the time that I know I deadly air and she got one below it comic human interest stuff. Honestly than anybody that can market hurts though late yet she's fine and they make editorial. Terrorist tattoos and funny years and who are you think or is it bad things that tramp risks taxes right it's going to be the same exact kind of thing like that they're gonna be so out of style by nandan whenever. Or like behind the ear you know apparently in Anaheim. Little finger taps is little yeah. Well that's going to be annoyed. Those fiery scene people where they're paving and it only really yeah bleeding. Very strange began on and then my fever girl ones so you be Haley Williams from his business. Neon make up neon tights. And just eating is getting on hairspray donated actually do it I would recommend going straight up red it's. Very cute and she has hurt temporary your callers called poster paints yeah I thought yeah it is that. And this year it's just washes out. And then she's colleague cash price increase like neon night I I lying island. Our engine red assists a lot of heel and I. Definitely have recreated that a few times like their hair up a little bit back and sneakers. Seen here it's. I was looking at lake. I don't know how I got onto this section of pictures for us this looking at girls with like super seen here. Now is so jealous because. I don't know I don't know if I'd wanna do that now but in high school it's like I wanted my hair to look like this so bad and I never figured out how to do I just tried. And fields. And gap became a more grand demons mean. I think for the C Harry all these needed to have extensions. Like yeah I can my husband and her mom then. We've had had a short that it really at this hour up the other shortly airs on top in the name extensions. Extensions via. That's how I had to be done and I never achieved either let me see him better now and us ever got was you normally it's a little bone is the public random places that means no. In fact. We're like you that houllier bangs over and the like one singular little clip Philly try to hold it aides tried that suited do ordinary race meg take on how you feeling is how no idea honestly do it but you still want to be sued over your entire forehead. But like you all of Blake it's just it's a lot of hairspray and it's a lot of not living here and like at all or like holding your head to one side because that's the side that you beings leaning into words. I came home with a plan B of yes. Nice silk clinic to get it out of your ions. And kissed Blake always walking around your head cocked to one side didn't. Or just constantly having your hand up by your things to keep them out here if I didn't that's definitely a cell people pictures yeah hands and yeah and I hear a little frown thing with probably a really obnoxious big heart brain or something hollow ring when every file on him. And so there's always that option he aliens from hazardous math. Those are paced. Neon make up neon tights neon everything that actually sound like a seeker on cost him just because it's a lot collars. Or. You can beat the bitch from misery business that these are all literally just requires a bluegrass. A super duper push up bra. And some cheap magenta lipstick. If you and I glass again for into one tune if you're like the short branding him a tall friends yup because this girl's likely taller than mainly. But I think she's wearing heels so there's and then the very end of the day. She ate a lot just like smut journal aids yeah it's just like in an idiot now yup. On and then so that's a good couple pass him if you're looking at you with friend. Or Indian separate this another ninety separate court together on the buying the Atlanta bank and yeah and or I can't even. I mean in my case some explaining even you have lingering here in front ends from like harassment which I did you say the get yourself like an old Christmas letter from Gramm on that she never Wear. But nothing on. And then that could be a couple months hit you like it thank you do dear Boleyn and he's he's the ordinary looking our girl. And mean if you have a daddy your daddy. The Dow up video it's still funny as dear laying eggs I own only. How I would be sold down to where the dearly but I don't know how that would I'm not sure outward. You just get voicemails still slick so. Now elements that with apple idiots like. I could probably find. Year like this. Did I actually have dearly a eggs Alan point because I've found it's the year in the forests not immediately excellent. Dead. And it took a lot of pick me it is it. I've found dead deer. In the woman's. And the antlers were gone and someone had already taken the am just like I say clay totally like it's just an average daily I'd like blocked passage here at its lies that's basically mile I exercise seem like a dead deer in the ports and the Tate parts. So I and he. I have busily eggs for her long time. He made like a funny video with them around happened video those areas and then I got kind of like grossed out but only exit animal and actually not like I wish all the way because like him in those like a cool thing for Halloween. So now I'm feeling preserved like I out. I've sounded any Hudson. Know just not preserved now just lags. Businesslike from. And remake not a whole laid down lake. Part of raid at the bottom of the body just the bottom says not as. Bad though that all passed the ankle. But not a full gig I honestly if so there's also some out there that took part in this party years Hitler is. Yeah I think political as is its increase in Mac and there's like a lot of mountain lions out there I think amount like Gil de and selects. Their remains and someone else had founded and they took antlers. OK but you know also really cool and icy lake what you're talking others headbands and Maine with. Legit deer antlers it looks so cool. I honestly wish. Okay. His of bothers me about that is that FEMA appears. Don't typically have antlers yeah out song like it would make sense to me to have hammers down quiet. It's how it's Halloween. So I could just a onetime do you like the disputed did with the leaders. Alice RDP Lance. Allen time lover okay and I went and Halloween is slain Tuesday Ayers and he. They have put it like it that ID on a daily basis I might just start dressing like app world wide basis after the happens. Now look how would like to come back that skater Luke from like early 2000 Selena I'm not have a hot topic after this and got myself some its study Gonzales could come back. And that would be rates or even just the study bracelets like tests myself on those wallet chains. We have enough Larry how much those Sony's got my ass in jail that's awesome and and actually like it totally came democratic and I'll press an island died laughing. That pig this go re so gallant. On he ballot top hat eyeliner notes that I greatly Kimi Brian Neary in Turkey. But if you're trying to make this couple's kind of cost him. One of you trust as the door was to be the Dillard says somebody can close that goddamn dollar peg. Bringing variances. Angry branding Jiri. And there's a dealer needs it's still pretty. I'm not gonna pretend like. I understand and legally Eric's on the entire album. But that's not everybody only I know like I noticed that conflict. No I mean I memorized every single air from a thievery has now been. But none earlier makes sense make any and that's my favorite kind amused you and it's so we I even inside that the first Imus on paying it is now it was. Just Brendan and and him and he is playing once on top that album. He started saying this song title like this one's called. London back in for error I don't know the tiles really you'll notice. Cages DC that's literally what he said he'd like I don't know rusted and it's the Allentown. And also funny. I probably used to do that is they had really long names hurled there's. And they stopped. Makes it really really difficult public. I know up because I love those problems I can highly name half the songs I hope. Oh I can't either as the obvious one way. Should that are going down and grandstand I even now lay why I'm okay. Maybe that's why at those songs didn't blow up that line should be kinds. Overweight you money insulates violate any match in lake and trying to think in the long title song. And in some insane on the radio. I get super personal aide. Eyes and you know lake. Recently and ninth inning that there has. I think if you why as seen goal. To be singled and you know likening get along I think about the lines that we have right now is like. The skies neighborhood with hitters. Yeah that's five that's like a long list that I am ever talks most of most everything is between a factory where. Now which is now. By the boys at the panic and oddly didn't quite get now back in 2004. Hour now is the theme and it was it was totally a thing by it. Unfortunately now I feel like I'm not even real I can't remember. I feel like that they diet and makes me sit ups because I'll be listening to a song on the right. I love this song so much I know all the words but I don't know what the name that's on its yup. I think there's remember LA. Pirates in the tragedies. In the Elster breakfast tax for snacks and rusted it's just kind of like. Not die. Outline Al life must on cockpit how without your clothes off the island now because like ballads like an iconic like comic I. I am so a dollar. Annaly twelve and move to Ari count understand that the song and they're really changing. So those are on my email costing that I came up with hopefully you have one of those things like one of the costumes that clause that he don't costing. So I hope it's gonna help at least one person. I saw a few more suggestions for couples costume ideas life for Allah happy aside from not bringing hearing in the doorway images McVeigh's. There is. These are kind of ridiculous but this pair Moore's new I'll couldn't and a box of Kleenex. Because Al let me super depressing. And it's ended mean what I've heard it's pretty good idea and it doesn't actually I feel in actual songs are depressing that sounds kind of happy. But like the tell people a -- this I love Gerard way and that Carolina video and in Helene. And do we know. Alina impersonators. Out girlfriend Nina and I. Elena you said that's probably just how she guesses on ideally bases and that she pilots be something different she can't switch it NB Gerrard Wayne and then she can have a freebie plane I could actually see this thing. How to find her get her on I didn't too like she was at she was and I need to know if like she just does that all time high. He's actually now could she actually just doesn't look like that girl. She might be back Earl she actually might be I would think that like she actually I would say Alley in treatments at that video had come out like right now by considering that the girl. In her forties now. Maybe very very. Sorry. The health care. But it is eleven years old and and then there's a couple callable islands. Cover of the folly a do album which is a boy aid dressed in a bear costing him and then an actual air writing on his shoulders. Actually. Alan. And then this is so funny Pete Wentz and Bruno Mars. You know yeah Bruno Mars I think this wasn't buying. Was it normally analysts say there's ice video lines you know the video of you can print on Mars is like super excited. Bruno Mars a fan ran out that picture. Yes he is of course so people ends with the beanie. And it's a teacher and then Bruno Mars with the food or. ALC for example exactly that's what. It if they may have a Fedora lying around what should be due on judging you know. But that's a very if you knew it better only be for Halloween use I hope he never aware that if this. It was never got. ID here there's no other reason to where Fedora. Aaron there's next. On the view of being one of these Sebring a crashing though let us now. Send us pictures ascent has pictures from some on our face the shaggy eight on the back checking. Message on us like energy amnesty every line. Each we got us TO. Nine it's yours and handle mine's just Matty do lamb what's known scanner remembered. Not sounded out found find it on Telesis Twitter. Yup it's other killed Arafat says she's easier defiance. Mine is Alyssa have time for and I NC can tweet us at pictures and I definitely see people actually I need to. Is re gonna go be actually now for Halloween. And OK can I say if you know those could use that. Ours flake. They're basically Marty made you just have to put them in and at that little pumpkins on right cat's OK I can't find any where I'm totally blaming social media because you always seat. People post pictures. Of those little confused because they're like super iconic howling cookies. And it's like I'm being cute my boy and watching Netflix in meaning means cookies that I mean from scratch now on Egypt as you can and I haven't quite nets cop and a final like a solemn moment could be Guinean. This season. That night here I was like always all it's it's called lean and now I you know fine. And like me that he has been. Taken off the shelves. I pay interest yours hands in cigar hammers. I'm a few and I am so. Done and because I bunch didn't really just wanna eat one of these cookies I don't even wanna take a picture of it. So here's the thing. Either somebody to tell us ready get these cookies are some pages that asking to send Matty like. That action that is someone sends you could diesel b.'s old B. There's been pumping arms as he was funny I outlined in that if you can't come in on. All except the ghost lands where the cap ones preferably pumpkins prefer to believe pumpkins is those are DO NT. Of telling cookies to probably to somebody by the pumpkins and send us yes exactly okay. I had but not gusting here or somewhere and some confidence you know without could mean. It's not badly to that aid consultant you know I can't think about that. But somehow I diet island. Eating cooking and eating like rob Brian batter is just not satisfying when there's not telling you that he can't. I did not get an enemy brow audience and I think this isn't it. Yeah as satisfying. I'm eating the prime battery have bad and I am black outs is behind in allowing myself to do and Allen can filming accidentally. Just have your mom video call you. And Kelly in brownie is as Derek Cole and the need talent needs some in the city I'll union. This is via an outlets like ray. Hit. An idea. I mean it's anything else. Not saying I think him and try to watch American scene without having to go to you know. San Francisco I'm also I'll watch Jennifer's body because I can't believe how close it is. Stallion haven't watched yet. It's like a tradition for me get a Carl got to watch it's I got to go to hot topic you get myself some wrist bands that apparently that was the thing that average Levine Warren nearly 2 albums I am so excited to see how that cost interns now. I have to go get. Black ran eyeliner pencil actually speaking out and it goes up bands and then I should be pretty good to go. And I Murat. How are not saying that's rat that's rather than a minute is well we year here's state email kids stay sad.