Rock & Roll Happy Hour Thanksgiving Special with

Friday, November 24th

It's Casey's favorite time of year!  Thanksgiving!  Tell me, how do you feel about bourbon?

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Tonight's edition of Iraq admiral happy hour supported by urged Castro pub in Mason ale works as. And I didn't do today of what her brood Christmas shopping. You're a brilliant man night I slept the lines of course you did you suffered through the band poison me it was there was a few. Know you're a beautiful thing is it's having these beautiful my friends in the rock north. The Cordoba urged gaffe her brother Mason who works as Jerry would meet tonight. As always are saying you craft your Angeles. The studio but. She works too damn much Casey and Casey are cocktails and I'm. Oh France. Looking forward in this since last year every year we celebrate your favorite holiday of the calendar year it is always things giving yesterday it was a huge spread the pictures looked amazing yes and I and dying. Right now with some of the food you brought who has left a merger for you guys know. You Islam my left of rule of yeah nothing right now audience I'm Donny that apple pair want that thing. And marble rye. And I now can't love like primaries not the and a homemade scam Ares but the funny thing is you still bring him the cranberry sauce from the can which he is it just devouring right now I don't know I loved it's just not Thanksgiving without that cylinder just quivering on a plan. Edit I completely believe me I still always have a camp at Thanksgiving on the table you got it now it makes me angry a look at it when I see my beautiful homemade. She campaign. Cranberries cost. Well let me take complement each other you know like liquor at its trailer trash in holiday at the Ritz yeah yeah yeah. Pretty brutally over here in years in your packet twinkies over here it's a gauge and figured out it's our keys here it's cocktails holiday extravaganza Casey always puts on huge spread the Thanksgiving she brings her leftovers and cocktails and I am I knew you know it wouldn't be Thanksgiving extravaganza we didn't start off with your favorite thing to make. You bats in this when you throw parties don't you I bats this with some other things and it sometimes but we decided two nights ago gee I didn't my permanent chance this is a very simple combination is is so easy it's a shuttered to a Irvin top it off with champagne. If you feel like they're on to serve bettors and there go with it that's it we have tonight and actually for Thanksgiving yesterday we should honest maybe you'll do this letter I mean they added homemade cranberry simple syrup to turn on mailing out we'll talk about later but home. That it has daddy grace means. You can add anything -- are -- you know what I love about this the I'd love Berman and you know champagne I have to be in the mood for it but victors the lightness and the dryness of the champagne combining with those rich -- and flavors and a really with -- cranberry though I just want more of everything right now it's a great kind of breaking the ice cocktail yet and that ice is broken you want more when you have dinner it goes with everything on played my mouth is watering right now because. Everything is going on my mouth with a Kramer in the stopping him the bird in the champagne and we NC dig into those became Brussels for all is that the that is aren't that says it will then I think rigors of this let's I'm lets you pick the tunes that would be a start up with oh god what we have to start at pre spring time finding you want and Bruce. Graham and am real happy rings stations that and then we're kind of rock and all happy hour tonight drinking with our friend Casey and Casey are it's cocktails and live nation I'm sure that after yesterday's cooking extravaganza aid being ninety degrees outside. A hundred and finding your kitchen plus and no joke man I had to make some game time decisions yesterday about how that was gonna go down and the biggest thing is and I changed my punch bowl for the first time in like five years idol so let's get that so we started on the program with your Berman and champs and all the drinks were drinking tonight you can find on your your your blog which Casey hurts cocktails dot com you do it also want it's a grand idea FaceBook page now that's a yes and if you make -- that makes the right out FaceBook page I've heard of FaceBook and that that FB OOK and it's been like things that. Yeah I literally gave social media ain't my thing but I've heard it so we started with kind of your entry drink your birth and champs so this is your punch boulder. This is my principle thing if people need to think about what people are gonna drink the second you walk in the door if you think about garner a fancy party what's that trade. Permanent champs then you get inside punch people for me has historically involves champs urban. Sometimes red lion. Sometimes a little after all come party law and instead they CI. I'd say to make Tiki punch ball at trying to article says this one is called the T he death punch and it literally has like. Eight or nine things and has only grab everything in it but it's delicious. This reminds me of red double and he thinks that it's it's it's it's more fruity were read that as more. Excuse he kind of Rupp on T yeah this is more tropical in light and sweet but not clawing and yet not too sweet so what's in this in what's basically ready ready a gallon there's not really based Flickr has half ounce of a budget thing. I have found that Jen has found suburban half ounce of white ram half ounce of over per from I actually really liked using seed barrel aged cut water spirits ram protests instead of over proof I think because it marked flavor. I like that. Half ounce of Gifford Pavel most well I mean yeah. Movie and I really ask Tehran's float free hot hot rock front and then. Three quarter ounce simple syrup. A quarter ounce of orgy which is that almond syrup. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hold on first of all it is the rock girl happy 949 Desmond Dekker and Israel like tonight we drew Weatherford Khazei from Casey yards cocktail that is an all cocktail showed tonight Casey has brought leftovers from the X ring Lee. Decadent. Thanksgiving dinner she put on last night and thank you again ringing leftovers I'd I know I ask for every year but I'm gonna need that recipe for the stuffing I don't win I'm gonna make it but at one point I would make it you'll make it and here's the thing about this year I still cooked for about twenty people and only had ten so it's like this year you guys actually get to try to cares if play because there's never leftovers of that lives yeah that's that little orange found on your plate that you thought was sweet potato Syria just silliness that no. Area. All Kayla on innocent way giving away from Andre maybe it'll go with this so far we've had the T does punch and beat Berman and champs we're gonna do suburban more Berman Britain and yet yeah. This end all of Irvin is like apple pie. I want to lasso and now we're going to stages the the birdie chances kind of though though the welcome in the door that he got punches more of a you know standing around you know commiserate eating drinking from the punch bowl this is like what you want just before you sit down dinner right yet this is Harvick it like when you're -- deep in the cocktail hour with Larry if I approached someone you either like. Way too much in your little nervous or somebody you don't really like all that much and you just would like to drown your sorrows yet I really just visit our action I feel like with this cocktail a one to settle into a big overstuffed chair and just say inappropriate things yeah. Thanks for administering the uncle can like it not and make uncle Tim is looking at me as look at in our that this is an old fashioned that physically and any old fashioned I've had before there's there's no fruit and payers. There's no orange garnish the usually you know get the essential oils from an orgy he'd strayed over the drink and it adds a certain. Two at this as just 'cause I'm lazy and making it for you in the studio it is air Jersey jury there are no Jersey jury Knoll all right gene but oranges and Jersey is this is this is isn't is ball he's a date for Jersey during Elissa I'm gonna feel it here a couple minutes you'll feel and a couple meant so there they say the sisters drink is because apple Jack hails from meters home state. And and and what pray tell is apple Jack so. Apple Jack it date back to the colonial peering. And it was just meant to be a strong alcoholic beverage something to get she turned on spending day you'd hurts when you couldn't like Lisa sort of closed it's it's like it distilled apple based yet liquor I'll tell you the name derives from jacking. Excuse me look below incendiary for increasing alcohol content and specifically for a freeze distilling which is. There while we insular media thing. I did you know I actually didn't honestly never really looked into it I just know my dad always has a bottle in his bar and almost numb at the hijacking meant something else you know I'd tell which you and Matt Kemp and dole or tier card and you need and you tired and my charity and I Germany. Excuse me of lowered OK so this cheering going back to his beautiful during this on an ounce after an apple Jack half ounce of mine always favorite for roses for Benton. Half ounce of not cello which is that beautiful Italian walnut accord little bit patient bettors. Stir it up or. Mean approved yes I kind of feeling it if you're an old fashioned drink this is this is a real. Wonderful twist on very classic recipe and if you want to you I actually more than the orange peel like a little lemon on the -- I think they think eleven might might actually be the way to go with this during the way it's layered yet brains that apple little bit and kind of bring you you don't need that added sweetness I think with the apple Jack and the patient bidders that are either if you kind of treat it like an apple pie which does have lemon juice and lemon says Tenet and any stick final face in it yet secure hold face and it. I'm not Toronto. My kids gonna dig his face and that cocktail we're gonna set this in listened to some. Charles just because there's always reminds me of sitting around after Thanksgiving everybody started non off from the alcohol on the Turkey and and then fake uncle Ken starts saying inappropriate things it's and we're watching planes trains and automobiles kids Rick. He's happy he knows how. Larry I'm used to playing under the. As the rock happier if not before nine it's Kenneth come back to life as I JFK yeah I have and over elect recollection is that there. I remember elect collection like I can make a very net. Well my birthday and naral and wolf just in cocktails and the beyond that is a big blurred out well the only thing Maryland was intending or the rural area from eighth. Eight naral like it was going to move aside rural. With Casey and Casey hurts cocktails and its mills and if it's. By how wonderful twist on an old fashioned and he got punch and we start to show off with Berman jams it seems like each cocktail takes us through the Thanksgiving experience at the eighteenth green pickles how's it and I I really wish I could have been there but you know it is it's not when I have two kids it's hard to justify taking into your house now and and now all around all that alcohol because I'm today I got a four year old -- she -- on a Bender mandates and her away yeah Jeremy alcohol is where kids come from the doesn't mean indeed share it where they aren't positive you know you. Here's the thing we this year. Part of the reason our Thanksgiving feast was down in numbers because a couple of our friends did procreate other human -- what they did today satisfy the need for friends giving was show up for happy hour so instead of one hour of appetizers this year I did too because we had so many people in an out for drinks art so all that brings we've had tonight you can file on your blog case yards cocktails commissar intro drink as we walked in the door we get the bird and champs at a certain angle we had the Tiki got punched to god we sat down for dinner we all -- old fashioned the apple -- And now as for sitting at the dinner table we need something to keep the -- fresh and keep the the meal moving along and you've got now to food drink sitting in front month low this as a team. I wanted to show you too lazy evening news desk and a lot of times here's the issue Aaron into you with like especially making special syrups. Is that I'd agree I have one recipe the uses what else am I using it in before it goes back to you we made this served its its and that's it's so easy as it so this is a cranberry simple syrup and it's super easy it's a couple of sugar a couple water and two and a half cups of fresh cranberries cook it down and then strain it out and that's that you adhered beautiful red the color as a matter gorgeous aids pretty it was as he would Angela government revise or something it looks like the holidays. It we need to make it feel like the holidays even now as. 88 degrees no yesterday doing now is that hell is that all of I don't know at a Noland oh what's this for Obama got this so the first one is kind of like a Cape Cod so I can't Cotter technically is gin and cranberry juice sometimes as little subtle water in it that had X and this drags him out. That they just you can amateur subtle cucumber unison and and we all know how much Casey Lou. Lows. And love me some Hendrix that now can't find fault the man yet so this really what I did is just eight became very simple syrup a little bit Hendrickson subtle water so it's still a little bit says he still feels a little bit light but it has that slight bitterness to the cranberry what you like and just to squeeze a climb on top right. Now this I I could see enjoying because there's not a lot of that you don't get the alcohol in this to a Maggette just it keeps moving evening along I had a feeling the next one I can erase now the blues and Islamic also spelled ginger what does that really is like a mule of some sort. It isn't meal of some sort of this is actually simulate different. The annual doesn't come it's a new ruling amusement it's an amusement park and and though the park I got to my cup go ahead OK so this time. Is spice surrounds you sailor Jerry's in this 10 and lime juice and mr. betters the cranberry simple syrup and then topped off with ginger beer while my favorite drinks so far this you ask I don't really sorry about the high point was going to be with the old fashioned but this I can deceive myself mixing in mincing about all night you know Ole miss is away. It is does and does. As ice ram really makes you feel like you're having some sort of tropical holiday party yeah with a ginger and malign him in the rom I feel like I'm not gonna get scare beaten yak you're really doing something good for your body entice Kirby. You know it's it's basically you know love how we justify her alcohol -- this is healthy this is basically come Bhutan and he's good birdies and so I could measuring ourselves in wage too much of this yeah up way too much in this omen again this could also be great as a punch as a side no immunity you are listening and looking for an easy touch this one would make a great time this race here that's in the years punchy and New Year's Eve punch bowl. Thank you very much are you top that principle with cranberries and it's accusing him ever seem like ice beyond interest and just hit it. The website. This is what I needed as we with the whole bill through for its curl is the rock real happy Arnett in 94 and I supported by urged gastric Robin Mason L works just sitting here in the studio eating Casey hurts cocktail dot com pumpkin pie in drinking cocktails on Friday night after Thanksgiving I'd love having you guys here by the way it a month. Cocktails must've gotten him get loving and I love being here and yeah you know this is old apple pie last night I swore I who would not eat or drink for 24 hours lies lies all I don't even know arguments for hours since your feet yeah well yeah actually not to mention mine mine start. Aid. Can we ate at 1 o'clock because I had to be on the air to but the nice thing was but then it's coming at home kids for our beat that step out. And I had this second dinner at seven yeah. I think you know eat dinner like five and then we have dessert at like 730 and then by Alec 11 o'clock and week out from my nap on the couch and angled back in the French public expect him playing in their summertime sun and half fare when it comes to Thanksgiving. And I would you vote is. Yeah. You need iron unions hadn't. I can't help it. So that's amazing casing art of letter would sing her eyes every case. Us by amber and and the ones as seen it cocktails are working this the nice Pallet cleanser we've had this on the program once before this is that one that I know you love to mrs. Favorite drink it's called paper plane it's a wonderful wonderful bartender bar man named Sam Ross is just delightful it's actually Miley. Italian tomorrow and then one ounce of lemon juice and you shake it happens serving up and it's beautiful giving it that color now while the color yes it guava I never thought about it. It is the color of your your eye but you know it it's got that dry finish I mean it's kind of grown up flavor and those are the Amara snaps what I love about it is that it has that little bit sweetness but it's not like a simple syrup and sweet it's not that friend entered. Tongue and a suite that. Delicious cocktail wanna sing around after dinner and I'm smoking a cigar flying McEnroe and yeah yeah with the paper apply a member I was eating venison in the ruins of pomp pay 1019. Early on that and we rose to go from here with the president could it be involved in again is just sharing all this fake news today it. He had spent all I thought I. Are all things are right fine I think we're dead and as Casey it's always pleasure to have and studio please don't be stranger tell work to go stick and you need to come play with a moron so we need concerts in our lives and even. Happy seventy has been the most here for concerts ever won every other than day all right I still love it I really doubt there's seltzer in my life right now. Food food. They got together and bond you know it's madness and it's a writer here and after that before nine huge stakes to our friends urged Astor bourbon Mason L works for supporting a rock and happy are making tonight's episode possible for all the details of the Beers we drink it's all posted on line DeVon 949 ST dot com.