Rock & Roll Happy Hour with The Pink Boots Society

Friday, May 19th

An evening of beer with the lades of the board from San Diego's Pink Boots Society 

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It's very good. I love seeing you every Friday and it's good time isn't it you know. Even though I took Monday and Tuesday off this week felt. So cool. Boy if I hear one more thing about Russians. Whenever he's good but like jeez and here they can play these smallest. Little in the world for me. No because I know you can take get your work course menu. You're made of iron. And did you know that in my blood. It is a rock and happy are different with. Or not I. It's Jeremy would meet tonight our San Diego grabbed beard Angeles mr. Ken Wright and that can't they done that then brought the board room and honest today yet we got the whole board here -- a moment of the day I got the big board we've got the so our members from the San Diego pink boot society we've got lower Nicole and Candice with us tonight welcome to the program ladies and yeah I feel very blessed to have you in the studio tonight in you know once again can. You and I are outnumbered on the air and now I know that we are you I don't mind at all and I like to be tournament please correct. Yeah. So very but he doesn't know pink boot society is a. One Laura we are aid nonprofit. That is. While put together for women in the burn industry to help advance their careers. In neighboring inch or so years of a support system for women in the growing industry because we all know from can you and I sitting here guys it looked like Meehan Jeremy across from over the brewers with beards and it is a total dudes club and it being dudes club can be hard for. Women industry who wanna get into bring who have a passion for beard just like we do that it it it's it's called and pink boots helps. Women in the bring history for the career and jobs right in the upper scholarships at the and we offer. Dip for educational aspects there is local chapters and mainly the educational aspect of discussions that we get. If that is very cool and you guys have has been real good job. Highlighting which he you'd seen by. Working with a lot of breweries that are out there yesterday collaboration Beers on international ones brood and eighth and you've got something coming up in June and so on June 2 are celebrating our tenth anniversary with they count. And we have pain all of impanel. Essentially now living day. Tore. So only only women can go to this conference that nature yes we're trying to keep the argument that finance with the did you when it went all. Now you and I take pride week and this is can't with the sit idle Tennessee garrison. K okay this is an attorney you know one of the go to the conference you wanna go to the day after the I act as though that the nets were there serving the beer June 3 is the parties taking place. For a tenth anniversary. And at liberty station. We're gonna talk more about that as we get into the program but you know start supply basins to listen Laura a little bit. And. So it'd be priced Beers tonight some are paying boots Beers this one not a thing was clear this is just something you rob or you work it sounds I DUIMS. Knowledge forever stamp an eyebrow and number pilots is the double bogey at corporate corporate. And it's just start us off easy slow. Nice because they're about to go into some really sharp heavy Beers. Music during minority is that OK with it isn't. And excellence and it's gonna Lemony and happy for president. And lately I would be your biggest and it turned illicitly to do it every one now known as they ought to. The system so I mean how that how does the mile double bogey to matter he's so I don't remember. The data. And our member. You know what. It's a damn good me okay right and and if it never sees the light a day at least we drank it today and at least we enjoyed it was. And and then to hear what you'd rather well we just guys are and where big boys but it's just the girls were no doubt on the rock and all happy ourselves and then before nine drinking craft beer or their friends. From the pink boot society Nicole Candace and Laura weather tonight. Tell you about a very very cool thing they've got ten years. As the there is a huge tenth anniversary celebration going on. June 3 liberty station. Buy tickets support them because this is one of the few festival that happens where a 100% of the proceeds actually goes back. Into their scholarship program to help women in the brewing industry. Money it's even. Start. Impacting this kind of person under that so that we. Are in this volunteered man. That's doing it. Lovely young guns it's time win women basically. Owned brewing. Not the wind energy in Iraq. Stan it. It do you have any idea what percentage of. Rumors are women mean. We've been trying as ID we've been asked it several times over. Years and we've ever been based on number an app until the issue we actually have a few universities together and they do but to Olson and two obliged to come up with some actual numbers I'm like who's this other reason packaging and who's in grooming. And who's a mean and who works in might be accounting. It did mean his. Doesn't matter if year you know on admin or appear in the actions of your one in the industry you're. You know unique in its Ambien and nobody's doing our. Many women. But more and more wit there's a great innate changed since I started. Yeah back into doesn't wherever stone and then. Now it's definitely in huge increase equalizing the playing field which. Is reserved unit for themselves. Ask the whole conference is about the day before the beer festival it's it's it's women helping women. That's and that's because it's it's a full female panel that's with the commerce is all about its future and an -- Of different aspects ones brewing and the others as the business. Net debt to people to be members of the society to retain minority so woman won a Disco and they have an interest in brewing and that is that right what would they go to get tickets including its. There our sport. I. Org. But society dot org is simply wanted to in the conference on Friday the second. And Ford festival in the third and it's. An abscess that appeared in his. If you might women and. Urging. That is can't we talk more about this beer drinking thing because we think we have another Beers weekends. I would take this one because this is a Catherine Weaver's beer noses and other big boots collaboration beer which is remind us. It is so he is actually an international organization and San Diego holds about 10% of the membership which is insane. Are so many women in our industry here in a city. And I'll actually as a chapters so we reached out to them and now I'd like. Let's Fergie Arctic air for international women's day has to be even more fun so we made it goes that. And has actually it was bottles and reliefs that's something you can buy it's called magnificent voice that. As Sarah said to Alex. At three weavers and she's been a big proponent pink is safe for several years now and she's actually kind of and under the hinds behind the scenes stuff so she's big she's big into what we're doing so. So when you when you approach this beer what was your what was your your take on how did you. When a separate this from any other goes that's been made so we put some lemon grass and that's not actually Devin Randall's suggestion that the as a member her you see that. Lot of it is as elaborate RS IE eight. And we also put a combo an. Gotten out. I went just what kind of definitely it's good for you it is scared for you guys just pricey in oh okay are also released soltys we got some natural Celanese a huge and a plan to add salt to this or did you just get it we did on some salt that is well. The refreshing that this is in its gonna lie. So isn't meeting its summer. What about a twelve that a bunch of people from San Diego from the C a chapter went out to LA and we Brutus we had camber and suddenly an air in Japan alone account not her. The Pentagon and women can live a bunch of women LA and there and it was a lot of fun act. And I really am. You know I know knowing that. Variants in the in this. Case the reason this fear has attitude. Done probably RE SE CT this. I can't tell me. I'm doing really well. The world war. They. Yards of the 949 is Jeremy during the tonight as always our San Diego craft your Angeles as you can write. We've got the ladies from the pink boot society brought the board members and honest Nicole candle and look for a so glad you commute today members of the bullet. To figure who would vote off him beat. Gogel Libya Libya on. You about it with society tenth anniversary coming up in June there's a big conference on June 3 the Lafayette. And then of course you was that company sect and that's right at dawn and festival on the third of liberty station. It's all about the celebration. It's all about the beer fast he said 38 some on breweries that all support can boot society you're going to be there point here you've got. Taco trucks to get food trucks at the pitcher David female DJ our house. On Saturday so well or more geared towards women. The third. Everybody kind of celebrate we've been empty for the past ten years it's a huge steel men and women alike. Please come into going to be pouring a lot of your pink boots collaboration Beers you did that was that last month. Well. Gosh my Monica advocates marched. Away. Since its may but I I feel you guys just did it late last month it was in March it's as though before some of those Beers at your festival and will be there. We wanna buy tickets XP boot society dot org. And then we have those Beers you guys broke with our friends from a rock bottom. Currently the man now when that's in your example in the where's he's yeah I couldn't help myself. The snow is so intriguing kitchen wait for the damn explanation. I can't I can't find a. Let's rock bottom we've got currently Nancy the broom asked him there that's according answer crawlers and her grow rollers that sees signed up to something that's now at this but the bits. Big bits through Brewster is bracket I PA roosters drag it why can't remember how much premiums and here but the per barrel of honey and Spain Thomas Beers at yeah absolutely. Rag is is that a beer with honey or is it a meeting. With Bartley. He doesn't mind. And it's obviously from a legal person activity here with honey they Uganda's. I. Yes maybe Ayers and look at that guy just so it was a honey is the adjunct and it yet and bones when he pounced for eat there girls wow that is a lot of honey I'm Laurie you're you're telling me that when you grew with honey. You never quite know what to expect. Regan obviously said the idea this year for the big bits per day where it's due on historical recipe and a lot of people and then I checked to make it to where. To make it like he sits at my people these molasses. And presents super old school. And everybody did and think a lot of us struggled to it from whence he had the honey we realized that it was performance. On our Beers commercial rockaholic mountain iron that I am enjoying this silly. It's not and it is a very enjoyable beer it's not excuse plea is not sticky and it's got a nice hot nights not super sweet it yes very enjoyable it's nice and there's like some honey and there are some karma malts they're like it's. Enjoyable to stay and that the closest thing I can compare this to is like Ryan I PA with so little extra honey sweetness that. No light can said there's no few slot that there's no. Was no Bernie there's no stickiness to know that rich Mel feel like like awry IP great amount field but it doesn't finish to the point where I come I'm trying to. Did to brush my tong Wen and it's even go back to have another one that's even though. No idea where it is that our generals and look at what's this eight by eight point 8% carry your idea number two. Yeah we hear some other weird Beers for this so also at South Park bring into the collaboration with monkey on all Scott players steam on planes and remained a group it. So that is no longer on and as we drank all army. And see any new money will you wield a lot of festival on June 3 if you wanna try to pray god does not record organization ready to treat. They said they wrote you jackass. And went to grow among aren't. It is a beer brewed with other additives and hops to give it its flavor and preservatives. Effect. You can and it's like tonight that I really really really miss our friend Casey case here it's got. A rocket a happier for 949 that is our good for influence in machine shake it out because tonight we drink with their friends in the paint Booth society getting ready to celebrate their ten year anniversary in June and huge huge huge Antalya. That you body. I'd just like I hand do you always bloody New Zealand third liberty station you guys are pouring ain't gonna be gridlock load of Beers a lot that you collaborated with him about being and I. I. It. Laura Laura Laura I'll think you and me for reminding me again get her last code word out part of free to get summary of the VIP experience. For SPF 949 and grab your phone. And text tan TA in three little words to stand between you. In your chance to go to as the ethics at this excellence them for nine Mets generates may apply now. Doesn't bear for enemy now just mere going to be scared. If you want to it and there it is very dark. This is an of the collaboration that pig whose it was all brewing ice I'll brewing in this. And woman's day. It's been here for me it's as late as collaborating all goalies did the air and think wild and now our hands around that good yet. Bears called thinks Obama and I can only imagine that's because it was a riff from the the White House home brew recipes that they had posted back in the Obama administration. Yes and it also at this up wit the rayo rainfall and their thoughts and ideas and was it Bob historical rescuers to that I'm okay cool. So I love my eggs are needed to take on the Obama's sneak on this congress yeah I think we didn't matter much I think knowing that I had. It is different. The White House recipe in blood it is original arrest mean in agony and I was nine and right into the light crowd. I am but it's really this is the chocolate like happening here. It's a lot of honey honey partner as is these shows and as we continue that exit from an apples. To think that that was the morning name was tiny so you'll see honey throughout these Beers. Or censor exhibit through repeated it and I'll. How many gathered however I do and every block because. So what would it be he is this. Not enough it's an ideology though is it's really scary whenever it's the rest of. And so the tanks and. And everybody looks Gloria goes and we thought about it has been really doesn't make a so this is one of the Beers you may be pouring that your festival on June 3 at the nightly neither fall's gonna be they're pouring hands because. Fall has members of the. These are members and that saudis are actually women home for us it's cool very cool very many. Are you sure this beer is only 8% because I'm start to feel. I'm playing music you're watching jeopardy yelling at the screen. It's. Oh. Absolutely amazed at. It's because though there's Diego. Craft beer evangelist mr. Ken Wright and ladies compete in society board we've got Lauren Nicole and Candice you're talking about their tenth anniversary. Big big beer festival happening June 3 liberty station pleased. Go to. Paint boot society dot org get your tickets today because it's going to be beer festival now ornaments and the best part about this is not. Point 8%. Not 5% now 1% to 100%. All of the proceeds that's all on this beer festivals are going to go back and to think with society. Scholarship programs that help further education of women who wanna be the industry or in the neighboring industry if you have any interest please check this out. Bison take its drinks and amazing beer. I think it's about time we we in this China and other paint would collaboration beer. So many collaborations. That's and the city does this well. You know a lot of they were gonna have is actually ram belching beaver. Now they have called the black strap the and it expert with you know comply external process because as Laura said earlier in the program all these collaboration bruised right to do on on he. Molasses of this fits right in that. And an advantage injured and sentiments as well this is basically like molasses cookies this is the secret services and it. A snicker doodle your snicker doodle yeah. But that your name in prison. I. I. And maybe it maybe and so mania coming Enzo a week ago as to what we what cellblock. If that's that's smells like more has got. It. Oh my god. I NG. Yeah I'll take it Christmas and any and maybe ten points in the region Kirkland and you know what with the Beardsley that tonight it's close enough. Really hood where it is as the very it is no way on the bed and that is a great finisher at least tell me this is it like 11%. 9% it's actionable believe everything. I agree that Derek and how it and eat you know what I don't think. I had a beer like this that had black strap molasses and incidents usually. That deep down I mean I want to literally smell the molasses on the nose but we need yeah it's not overly. Calling its indictment that extra sweetness isn't there it's it's called and insinuated now it's. Interior its swiftness are. Amazon majora during webinars. We need now is the. Heart. About all of our years. Aren't all these collaborations when you've got to Cooper is to bring them. They are donating money TP in its first scholarship programs out. Not only in eastern and beard. Effort I love that in if they don't have it on ten. In their tasting right now the last place to try it. Will be your pink boots aside the tenth anniversary celebration liberty station June 3. There is a running theme that we. Actually profit actors education. Scholarships and that is what we're doing. Violent. We are we looking for a long. Yeah I'm. They don't let a harmless and no that is Kasey is doing a live concert they shouldn't you and for her stand. Fewer takers he wants to know about cocktails. I think. You know and she likes to drink them she orders amazing beer and that's close enough.