Rock & Roll Happy Hour with Mammoth Brewing Co.

Friday, May 12th

An evening of beer with Mammoth Brewing's very own Viking of the South


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Can't it's Friday night he seemed of that that look about you but I guess and I'm beaming with pride he thinks I'm a proud son why are you beaming with pride what did you do well it's not what I did it's it's what my mom did she graduated from college. Congratulations to your mind how this Ol old enough to know better but still wanted to get their degree something like that yet it's awesome what mom get her degree and I'm curious if you've got a degree in something business the policy and unexpected you know being your apparent it was something in the year studies but I guess no my mom's a good Mormon girl from Idaho. That what she was a good Mormon girl from Idaho at one point airline pilot a long time ago. Are you doing anything for government is there was going oh and oh yeah yeah I went to Iowa for Mother's Day to a standard situation it's it's it's like five hours from nowhere and well you know thank god I live in California. And apparently it's about five hours from nowhere. Not quite our guests and Colin viking of the south. For amendment brewing company and I don't think there's ever been a more appropriate name for someone I've ever met on this program wolf thank you very much I appreciate the welcome red hair and the beard and the paint is rather is in the craft beer bowling league we know him as the striking by Miami striking vikings there is a craft beer legally coordinate Sarah go every Thursday night. Loan. You never thought to invite me great and thank you very much advice as always hung over the show strength I I verdict as you know most days and I guess I'm just prepping. So you were from every company now wait a ticket since you're only down here Unita brewer year non you know and the tasting room Q are your local right yes I'm near so cal sales reps are represented everything from San Diego to Santa Barbara are tough Terry dads you know it's really rough. Been able to run around on the beach all day long and then the in mammoth every weekend. The old does that is that specific weakened to be in mammoth is one of the reasons you're here Natalie rate and fasting Beers but one of the festival's. It is the high point of the year in beer festivals and it was a high point blues protection let's not as I Zion nine point yes yes I was referring to the altitude Hauser from what we are I guess Emery on the West Coast this is seat debts when I was I don't know what you're thinking Jeremy is actually the altitude not like I'd just smoked the fat 1 and am I don't know I don't know 8000 feet elevation yes that's that's jail yet cam was trying to make me look like dove on the roster colors and actually hurts that's correct that's nothing to do with him enough and suppose that's happening at August this is your 22 year now. That is poised to years of selling out every single and increasingly years sold out this is actually going to be my personal. Thirteen years tending analogue. In their working in or tending it and in capacity like the craft beer Coachella it really is he announced that that's a Doocy yes it. And how is displayed this that this is definitely. More or something I'm inclined I was a rally his referred to as the craft beer family reunion we get all the northern California and all the Southern California buries altogether Mittal the stay. Party and in the woods for 4:9 AM at pine trees that I was like money trees there that we have and definitely he had some great trees and it's hard hug all along that we'll talk more about blues to lose and that's those programs started with a little bit of the year was our first one is beautiful Rosie thing in front of me so we've got to do is very sour here and this is our news offering seasonal so this just came out you can find this on shelves pretty much anywhere. Your craft Beers establishment. This is a cattle sour with the dues marys and then we thorough and barrels for about six months or so coming out at 7% alcohol. Nine holes heart. You know but refreshing at the same time it is just so light and crisp and should just fruity enough I now know what it is very taste like the added that it doesn't really did finish as Mary at all now. Now his starters he's likes and Osborn and he definitely days. It is necessarily use may but nine you know what it is very seriously that was the first time you've done this pedals hours seasonal this is actually. I think our third or fourth year that we've done. Who's burst our we actually go out we pick these views varies fresh now in in the wild so a lot of Hartford it's hours did you have like payers pick them for you we do actually contract with the local bears and school you know we do we don't like to feed our bears but we do like them to have a new word money awarded to buy their own for yeah I don't think picnic baskets -- -- and for a living and these guys is it. OK okay and bull won't hit it in the beginning that the man this is good uncle in my equipment sit here and drink this on my back that I guess is probably get into its music while we during support this who's very sour remembering company you're someday get it down Friedkin. Jagged little yeah. And definitely weren't. The kid isn't sitting here drinking this man entering company beer I feel like him. On my way to bishop room sitting in bishop right now getting ready to go up the mountain. Fish and drink massive amounts of beer remember drinking you know I get so thirsty driving at the 395. And it it writes that drive in I would wait till I get to my campground for a hand anything. Oh usually wait yes because I'm easily the one driving in the you know drinking and driving than there's not a good area in Mountain View of Mount Whitney where you can pull over and just you know are there unkindly problems yeah its -- you can't drink it Mans and are either yeah. Not the other. There's nothing more funding and drinking at a former intern in the Campo you know you have a part of the incidents of fire too soon. Certainly that's I Iraq Libya and 94 and I drew. He would. Remember growing company he's our local San Diego mammoth beer Sullinger. Stardom with the dues very sour and of course that the big thing happening to you guys and that's funny that every of the fishing is usually go August in which usually. The week before. Or the week. After blues of who's I'd never managed to time it right for some Jeremy hawks grown up and here's where that inevitably enough advanced planning may lead to be you'll see me up there in the third you know Marino somebody now also might be able to get in you know yeah like I like where this is going this is a is making me happy to wait two years ago as vandalism to lose it man bring company. 200 plus years you guys Abbott there. And it's just music beer in the trees yeah. Thursday night we started off it's a nice little mellow. Evening Friday night's another great concert and then Saturday is that grand tasting sells 125. We've got over X I think this year we've got about seven he. California craft breweries the license holder for this is this CC BA in the co workers association. So this is actually the biggest fundraiser of the year they they've Poland a lot of money they pull their license for this to get us all porn and ready to rock and roll to get to porno parry again as more boring boring if yes. I'm sorry you know he's refining and NCA better or else it is with or without porn. Who's losing US people in the industry what beer festival we actually go to that they wanna go to that they don't have to work. It's this this is this is the one that's why's that this is the family tree and of the of the beer in sorry if we don't get tickets to this just is it easiest is to search blues that the lose has yet you can do is Google blues blues there is mammoth blues embers dot com. That is the official website so you can check that out it's got all the tickets. There's different packages sellout. It did sell out every year there are I can tell you are ready Saturday only tickets parceled out oh there's packages available now so Friday Saturday Saturday Sunday. VoIP for all four days. Anything well I feel like we should which and that was something yeah well you know let's just say it's going to be an epic weekend. Hey you know anyway that's that being said lightly Titanic I PA here from mammoth drive in this is our flagship I PA. Been so nice six and a half percent or you know it's not the the massive pop bomb like we're used to here in San Diego that we all love. But it's gotta live a normal team this more well rounded. Body to. I love this fear this might go to when I'm up fishing hiking skiing snowboarding up in the decency years. I'm edgy place a whole lot this year because this beer has always this evil it's not. Playing any trained whatsoever this Beers a trend of its wow yeah this is traditional IPA you know nice. Nice and copy with a sweet malt backbone. He knows it's the the owners completely different. Dan Beardsley in San Diego there's there's something about the water you guys use and I imagine it's it's from the man oh we use it straight from the source week we have gotten mail with a mammoth water comes straight from the source it comes straight from mountain runoff. And grounds ground while so you know it was all the run up this year does that make does it mean you guys are gonna make more. Your odds were dabbling trying to make them as much beer as we can put all the water that we have actually hit hit hit at a man that is awesome that you one might say it's ethic and could hit it if I would say so definitely it on that I'm playing myself out. If the drug Errol happy narrative in 949 it's Jeremy drain you and tonight we've got Colin from mammoth brewing company arson you craft beer evangelist. Mr. Ken right now and I'm noticing something as we're we're bringing these mammoth Beers it seems all of us kind of have some sort of ties to the beer it's it's it's almost nostalgic as we during man with the here and always involves something outdoor minus fishing. You said you like climbing yet Yosemite going up than the trailer half dome or you know what we you'll usually you start the glacier point news big loop trail. And I'll always have an epic IPA. Actually usually have three or four is just treason and took Clinton doesn't a good time. You know but it's it's all right it's all good because I think when I'm trying to get here's the fact that. Mamet brewing the players tend to have a bit of an or spear which is why you know you guys doing blues clues in August. If this is absolutely perfect time of what you guys do and we talk about the spirit here yes we can is that this is this is favorite this is the socal favorite from mammoth during so you know epic IPA is one of our for our apps inflections but this beard just crushes it down here in Southern California. People go nuts of this beer and you can obviously see why does the double knot brown. It's a five and a half percent brown Porter and you know being a round in San Diego and being successful. Is hard because it being such a hot centric now it's got to be something special yeah and that's that's why this beard. And really does well for us in and does well for the people because. It's not an over he'd chew over the head chewing your way through beer. It's got a nice flavor but it's gotta light body to it. And incredibly light now it is a nut brown. But no nuts were harmed 09 assists that's why the hell you Conant brown just the flavor profile in our league and has act kinda hazelnut type flavor and that comes often from from the mall characteristic. So there is no zero Knutson and so anybody who has not allergy out there. You're more than welcome to drink this beer it's just a level the gluten it has all the good and we actually add extra gluten that well yes yes the reason this is our actually gluten -- yeah. But and I happened though there's a local bowling Alley that'll make you light Russian and when they had this on draft we'll do a floater of this on the way it rushed outside coalition's most amazing thing you that's why I started bowling this last year Affleck well if he's going to do read our old she. Wow and that I that was the sole reason actually already took out a trembling yet. And who's gonna sit here let this on rural. The savor this beer. This could be mama can't just now talking and Clinton don't not to know. Is that Iraq general happy our Internet before and I and its chairman let me tonight are saying you craft beer Angeles mr. can write bowls of that Colin remembering company. During it's an amazing man peers had the idea is very sour start up program. Also I still can't believe that is very Sowers is 7% sour mean that thing just straight sales. Easy easy drink and the epic IPA we just finished off the double knot brown in our next beer this and as you sort out I can see that you feel certain pride with this view this is mammoth this is mammoth the 395 I PA is everything that encapsulates mammoth it's Emily like we're getting close every time I cracked this beer I closed my eyes have put my nose and it. I'm doing it or now by the I'm standing on main street mammoth yeah I've got that high desert sage I've got that local juniper. Fresh picked. I've got one wild mountain hops when available went wild mountain hop yeah. What is a while mountain high we've got we've got hops that we have discovered upn and in mammoth that just above the mammoth lakes and really yeah. So Led Zeppelin misty mountains have come on and Ainsley isn't happening when it's available we go out we pick as many houses who is available that season is assembling my mind so you guys not only you harvest these fairies locally you'll only terrorists the saves we harvested juniper. We in my guess that in season we go out we picked fresh wild hops are you guys out there along with 95 with the orange vests like heartless. No no no that's I'm that's not us says ads ads. That's another and is he dryly yeah yet don't stop talking yeah. Uh huh yeah I know we got in arbor as we always we always say arbor have the hardest one of the coolest jobs but one of the hardest conditions. You gotta consider this season we've got over 600 inches of snow. There has been multiple days this season where barbers literally have showed up and had to shovel snow for three to four hours just to get into the brewery to work that our share in this to brew beer out when we're trying to package and all of our bright tanks are sitting outside and there's just dumped six feet of snow overnight and makes little difficult to do I get in a package to sell or the work they they have multiple times and now. And you know continue you keep candid joke about the bears but it's a serious issue out there so two seasons ago two Summers ago we had a mama bear and two cubs at lived in a tree just outside the brewery and they would come down they would eat the spent green they would get drunk they go back companies 03 hum yeah and those drunk bears are at war I mean we had harbors no other burying in the country that I know of keeps an airborne on the brew deck because when they step outside they might have to blow it. And scare scare Merrill drunk mama bear our Ian down the outcome is. So you. I vote others live out of mountainous. Stating buyers though it ultimately only consume. If that did not know what other brewery deals with the things that you do it. Yeah I hear hears cheers tears of fighting off bearcats has appeared that typically. This is real my friend it is I it's a question for you call is is that really attached to a senior airline yes yes it is. Called is rocket all happy are never met before nine drinking with their friend. Call in the viking of the south remembering company and did dude just just adds to your name is you have attached to. On the back gear head. Eagle that's an activist eagle. What. Possessed you to do that I wanted to set in my head. Eight and and you just one they'd just welcome the league it's gonna be the day well ISO IA as Ken knows I grow my hair to donate so my hair was about shoulder length until about through ego is he has a beautiful beautiful man the more you know about them should should should I mean he's already qualified pretty amazing year old guys who want to. Seriously was being sought to eat it Shalit and that set up guy I'd do I'd cut my hair off donated it's my fifth donation and I decided hey its entirety haven't shaved muzzle tattoo back of my head. I got a giant sailor Jerry eagle on the back of it Sorgi is call your tattoo wedding hate you to death and what did he is anybody really one of my best friends though he's like I've got appointments about what he wanted to do you wait what your head yet get a pair will do that we do that tonight that closed down his tattoo shop and did it after hours and you know it's kind of like a meteor shower -- is going to be visible at certainty exactly you know every two years you'll see that I haven't set to an has also grown elevenths it matches my Barley and -- -- my -- It is one -- and one -- yes and Arafat and and right here a bar on the left a ask him where is he says it is an event can probably guess that tattooed men. And act if necessary noticed that too yet so we've had some fantastic man and bring Beers 395 IP what we just vanish we'll say the double knot brown the epic IPA and he's very sour this beer you just poured out front of me is Los devastatingly dark. What it would is that so this is the legend of cooler this was our wings to a water cooler is the nordic god of snow Condit well considering you've got so much this year this is an appropriate here it is very very appropriate beer for this year this is the first time that we've grew this beard. So you can see on the label here we have a nice nordic god of wearing in the room Mulder bear. Headrest. So this is a kettle sour Porter. We juniper pair peach and Vanilla blow yet this is this is a pretty complex beer so did you did the same thing with this Beers they would use their sour you barrel aged it after you kennel soured this was care kennel sour only because our home yeah and then we did all of a spices and everything in fermentation. Wow you know I I will say this I am the biggest fan. Soured dark Beers like yours SARS doubts yeah but the roast is just lighten up on this to have this nice earth Venus and underlies this this place to the double that brown because they don't have brown where it has all that Malta and at the at this really liked mount field. This will be here. Is along that same rant where you see it's dark in there are some rusty flavors in it but it's not like I need to scrape my tong with some things trying get this flavor up exactly so it's it's the disk. It just dances ran off you don't need to newspaper afterwards you know you don't and that I would I would feel fine breeding on my dentist after drinking the beer with at the I I question isn't on an average of Dennis feels like yet there you know I don't care affairs editor and actresses or exactly I'm paying him if I'm the customer at this point bonuses like Dennis as high as you say he's made it here backpack towards the inspiration for this just all the snow you guys had you wanted to throw some wild flavors together in a cattle sour. We do a lot of small batch experimental suffered the brewery in this is something that we had kind of played around with. And in a smaller match and really was super popular in the chasing him we put it just you kegs on and people went nuts over we actually have it at the the Sunday gave the Sunday pouring for blues of Mosul last year. And this was one of the biggest hits of the entire festival so we decided to wrap of action and do a big big brunt of it so this is our winter. Or winter sour we're now doing enough force hours a year so we've got this one we got the goose Barry which is out now apple have they forcing them coming on and that and I'm not to love the name then why have the elder Berry is probably something you don't wanna sit on you don't wanna wait you've got a bottle can find a bottle. Drink it drink it now what's the media and that's the 6% while wow I was expecting to be up in the ninth doesn't is that because it takes blues he's just because there's a lot slower selling on on you would think with all those excerpts from animals that you would get a higher ABD but now and that's thing about mentoring we like to keep our Beers and mellow light Rao well rounded. Your well rounded off stuff it is very very un. And on that note. It. This is the rival have you aren't familiar overnight when we start talking lawmaking blood sacrifices to or you know were rear definitely reaching the end of the road that are that are. Cheer me let me tonight or San Diego craft your credentials mr. Ken right. We've got Colin demand from man to bring company viking of the south says so on his business card that's right we had the the legend of cooler without last year and that's what we drank we had three NE five IP the double Matt brown epic PA. The league is very sour which can only mean this dark beast in front of me he is one of my and the favorites we like Mehmet bring company years next to the fire ice box. This is layered mayors and yes. It is as. Can't pick. The Russian imperial stoutly should be done yes this beer we've been doing for him many many years and it is. Absolutely awesome we lay this down in. Heaven hill's Jack Daniels in Jim beam in four roses so. Yet. Eleven months in Merrill's I actually was a rounds. The data we racked this off of the barrels. And that's takes every barrel individually what was your photos your Fave. On the you know there was one that was super shock that he it came out. Just amazingly rich and robust. There was also one that was slightly soured. When you do with one mean something different barrels never know what you gonna get you get a blend in the Pentagon bonds comes out exactly it was a great day it was just Q looking snow outside and you can and we were rack and Russian imperial stout street no barrel into the bright think this is something you'd wanna drink after snowboarding and yeah yeah. Absolutely and I have plenty of times yet as a mouthful while in the best way possible. Home and is this thing drinkable GAAP. Diana have percent in LA it's it tastes that taste kind of woozy but it's only nine half. So it's not that big yet in keeping with mammoths drinkable Beers Jeff you it's fashionable right. Sorry I was just enjoying a moment did you say something you know. Somebody earlier they're as a fireplace at the ski lodge I was I was off in some far away place having this wonderful dream about that mild and if that's. Now is it's something you need your reporting like beer festivals on time or does this this is only come out once he is it comes out once a year so this is our. And is our winter seasonal release this comes on 500 milliliter bottles. It's a very special. And Albert excellently left yes yes that's so it's going to be hard to track this from her in a couple of extra bottles will be our towels and yet. Heard yet if it. He's in the city team so what's out they're out there in yellow sub there's other we may have a little bit this pouring out Blue's Clues. Who you know made me yet. Hey blackened blues ray. Wragge yeah line in the air in my mind why not watch it Mavis staples during this gap again we've got such a great lineup this year for blues clues on coming every year we have such an amazing lineup but this year is going to be just as epic as all the rest of the years. We've got Mavis staples we got Walter Trout. We've got coming I guess journey province in the professionals we've got such an awesome amazing lineup going on go there are people getting it think it's now get tickets now like the fact that this year's Blue's Clues has the urban barely aged and sour ball yes ID two for the which means you. You guys can probably all find me at either one of there yes right next year I think it's who can argue their. So to find tickets are Blue's Clues again. You can just Google Blue's Clues and they'll take you right to the website but this mammoth booze and Bruce cut a dot com it's gone on those right I will CU August 3 I really hope so up in the mountains and will be drinking beer and sharing god knows why yeah you're really kind will go he had an elevation thank you thank our patients. Yes I'm now note can. Yes let your Mike is off.