Rock & Roll Happy Hour ft. Saint Archer

Friday, May 25th


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Yeah like the shadows I feel like I'm starting the show with ideas this guy on this moto daily goodness woman around in my stomach and discuss it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well I just. Boom boom and music at a shell it's I don't know what you guys picked on because. You've got your spot and it's an easel here around coast at least we'd sub palace that the best way if you lived in that area to know where to go because of houses there like thirty years now you guys have renovated place taken over you make an amazing sandwiches and you've got something in the works we'll talk about it a little bit along with our friends from saint. Archer. Got something in the works in that area brandy taste or you just open the doors and what this week yup Monday soft opening and it's it's just just a couple blocks away from Delhi you know right down the street in beautiful Acadia or talk about that entry Samir beer but I want to drinks more you appear before it can get to loaded we can't do the show hey man I'm fine. Steady Freddie. What's our first beer tonight our first speaker is me and arena pale oil this is a pretty cause special released Saturday that specialty releases that specialty specialty releases it Mandarin because there's like Mandarin oranges and there's room couldn't get something sector CN NS it's an American pill use to track and me and green of the Bay Area muddle above LA area off. A German and grown hop in the American spouse that super dramatic there's this after seeing as I'm getting from this all comes from the hops incidents. Now at its. This is delicious it's clean it's crisp it's questionable and goes great with a sandwich. At the bulls are I can't stop thing about sandwiches we let you and how you wanna go third. That will change your life right there today in a pickle. Species. So this this rendering it fails us on the we need you tasting room now I notice you poured out of can't see this is a special release that is that it is available due in distribution are gonna go to liquor store minus right now. Just you can't yeah January or its own signature beer you'll probably be able to find this this is also on tap are tasting room in Miramar robbery and you know the new one in the -- which has thirty taps I believe so often retreat a bunch of beer tonight as an expression would know about that one what what does that goofy looking kid and right there but doesn't like a normal size scanned oh than the nineteen T you just as a nineteen are adopting a wait we gonna talk about why they keep the person's place and we've spent an actor's little sister's already and I we know how's that Cain is that the voices heard all Carol happy Arnold before now. Okay would you say he was dreaming I didn't mean to say that out loud a page with your inner monologue is coming up turns out this is a double life he had no idea outlet. Say no lead that is negative. A little happy Arnold before and it's Jerry would be as always Ken Wright and that I dream reference Hussein archer we've got nick and Greg and be promoted Ellie and and thank you for the Sam what's by the way so tell me you've got your your your sandwich shop and it's and he is now what is this about you're opening another one about a month right so say next here invaded her space and open a case you up in the Acadia sort of put a demoted Alley down right bad every lap down and Miramar we'll take it from us. This archer beer and demoted deli sandwiches there's apparent pretty nicely now. So well all right so now I I this can now where we're finishing the last beer it is tall it's green. And it's 9%. You mean this is your mosaic IP one hell. Are you such a mastic is bastard that you call it a mosaic I PA when it's 9% it's well into the category of double. I think we just got exhausted on the debate of whether to Colin double life Pierre and imperial life beyond this and everybody's too sick of that or triple like lately on massive tunnel opened one right now with the beer Telus would it used. Ninety meet you meet new higher Iowa you honestly you couldn't counter snipers and by the way it is drinks. It's like applause for the cause or there will so gay gimme the skinny on this I think it's that you call a mosaic I PA it is a single hot they'll lied PA it is almost there. It's actually not mean he's like 75% asthma and cops and now you know we'll see citrus and and Janette in his spare my eyes and AC archer IP anyways mosaic why did you call it mosaic to feature on those guys it's majority mosaic and dry majority mosaic and outside it's just you know an ode to the mosaic and we global weirdo and a mosaic last week there's something in a mosaic for everybody. That pepper everybody you Colin the everlasting gob stopper of hops I remember what I said last week via I don't even -- yeah helping him get me into trouble with the lightning and that so I've seen some smaller cancel what's with this is that it was nineteen to blow outs and I think people are really love in the nineteen point two rounds actually I mean we knew we can't keep these and stock their singles in anybody's one at a time I'll tell you what nineteen point two ounces of 9% bureau two injured. Florida that the change ready for the good trees ready for that up to you are yourself in the book and do it and then when you die and council a is this having its full time these these 192 cans or is this just did it for fun we for efforts and instantly. That it's yeah I'm glad I know especially these things that leaves left behind will during this special release we come back. Were you talk about an anniversary. You know this could be the earliest in a program we've ever had to cut can write off of drinking -- the rocket or are they were ninth just things that are coming out of your mouth and I would make mechanics one overall a moral view of their friends from saint archer we've got nick and Greg also promoted Delhi an insidious Andy and now I'm an out about a month a new spot mayor Mason I agree flash so congratulations to you and man the beer you guys run tonight from saint archer the mosaic I PA rules called closing bell like PA and the special release candidate. Air floats your Helena tonight my thank god you I know this Sunday coming up I can't believe it's already been five years June 9 and celebrate your fifth anniversary yeah and on top of that today is actually knicks' fifth year's anniversary with scene archer. True story through day to you today he's been I was there before we were five years Ole I. Whether you as you're you're like if they want employees in archer me to feature one night that's that's impressive. I relations Anke I heard you wrote a couple of recipes of Beers out there. Under arrest. And attackers saint Nick's been around. How will work for a force in archer I would get pizza port music many well Jesus never line that that there's some stories you tell out of that place every -- sports got to feel pretty good and some of them involve me but not all of them I can't speak -- make pizza port so exit it that's that's the mystique around pizza where does all that you wouldn't believe this a story that just happened -- -- -- it -- stays in pizza port it's it's it's many vague if only that was -- you've -- about it and it kind of spills out Ireland's sidewalks -- OB and then it's all over so fifth anniversary Jen you're thrown a big party yes we are yeah -- and is planning. That tournaments planned we are opening up for the white buffalo which is just a crazy score recent release of to have what buffalo plane with us here's my favorite things about her anniversary sir it is absolutely. How much to get in free will. I don't know and it's because I mean it's not a tasking dark tale of the messages he's started getting hot yeah this is this. This is the black white and black idea blow. Back that day we use our law and populate fine. They're they're Alex is striking the wing wing again and experience with so. It's. Only accurate that's exactly what you do room let's evicted. It has been so losses they had this beer I forgot how much more roasting this is in a black guy PA so how how did you decide to step up to this is is a recipe that you had before neck or is this something do you completely did in new for the the anniversary this this is brand new for our anniversary and you know part of what we did is we had a conversation many many times it's an archer about what to do you for a fifth anniversary via via we make hoppy beer that's kind of most of what we makes me wanna make another hoppy beer but it you know. Make little little different the I mean we are color wheels a make a lot of dark beer and this is some live we're experimenting with years ago and there's a couple different approaches there is Mika just a straight up IP DA. And double into Cinemark and Samar is essentially. A mall based food coloring and you know it looks like his style but it smells and tastes like a ninety day or you some dark malts like carafe. And chocolate malts and you get a little bit of that dark malt character but you also get a ton of hot so we kind of went that route to an extent the stuff that's in Jeter and jailed. Animal traders and actually do you have made at a mall got a minute we kind of met halfway wouldn't want this thing to smell and taste like a stout in we want it's volunteers like I PA budget and it does that Mitt but there. Hinted it seems a little rusty this on the back as the beer finishes rather bad your tongue yet you'll gain that weird licorice flavored and sometimes get with a black guy PA and it's it's very clean drinking you get all the wonderful lists of the Hobson and dislikes are that's a roasting is on the back end up. The kennel for the day and bitterness of the rose genius to kind of compliment op bitterness says Canada plan on a bitter beer the entire crew were talking right they don't ask don't I'll give you like a slight bitter chocolate finish but it's it's not sweet it's just. It has that that field now fields were almost a coconut halves of mr. Food dude but we didn't. No you can you can do it you can do a casket this with Coke and dad today in about an innocent Burman so a nationalities all the cast stadium with a case. Fine you know like this since this is dark I think we're prepared this. With a sword its brand and rocker on her. Unabashed rock and roll on the rock at all happy are told any foreigner as we drink whenever it's insane Archie tonight. Nick and Greg in the studio along with that and Eaton and go to Delhi who has definitely filled our bellies tonight and I'm really I'm really contemplating that third Sam which I just go for a you know you're minus a little tired ideas so bad if I was gonna go for third sandwich would what what's your number once amnesty recommend under center and. Food that's like asking me to pick when my kids it depends on the go ahead a civilian and all the time of the that are said. On the pick your favorite kid how many kids do you have none today about the salmon. That I felt like I. But our diligent actress says kind of pressing need to sandwich because it's Southern California seeing need to have a Turkey and avocado sandwich on the menu but to use a little different their bacon in that there is also better given them illegals perverts are we in the world's most Gary ticket and has Mexico to panic as I made it in the style of the park at a. I. Mean it's a I got bad detain must are down which is kind of like it was becoming pre just Kyra no it like it like a mustard. No I've got mustard and evidence moral legacy Japanese so it has like history nasseria on the and it did that shut me younger minds so special release technique. Learn stuff about beer learn stuff about for. Energy of that attack and I was in the long day we had a mission is oaks and says that's how. Those who hate me or enact sensible and honest people they can brow with him it's really crowded in the got to let him out well. These people are in kids' heads we've had your fifth anniversary of the black IPA that or aggregate. For your big that anniversary party on June 9 that for the moon by buffalo playing free public. Come down check it out details just Google sinister when your chance your breweries and Miramar road it is yes 9550. Distribution. And I just don't you all right Jeremy was shaking his head halfway through the address though as this when your listening to the radio who has a week old lady relevant. Yeah did he say by then the restaurant and you are a look at on the yellow cartridges gonna Google Google Google is she wanted to take a cab there Syria navigate to saint Archie it's bad joke from everybody is out there way to. Yeah it's a though fifth anniversary of black heels and think you've tinkered with and made news now you've got a beard that it's it's not gonna make it in the cans because you guys just got a new pilots is an even playing well. Router right yeah we got to. And I remember I used to play with my pilot system and my dad they. IP no -- tasted dummy it and just go it's pretty crazy I still yet to make a hazy black guy PA now there's an idea whose time has come. Hit him just reach over and hit him how I can't reach. As his arms or is it me and he's a passive. I wants to dabble in pacifism the UF SF and a 00 it mixes talk about the pilot system because it runs things against we we have we have a five barrel palaces and periods and he's got a chance for us to make. Kinds weird stuff that possibly could never make into cans are commode new recipe to this. CA we've piloted on that system this is fabulous is got that you'll greedy heartless and so premium that's. Africa for. We'll doesn't jump Bonnie and they're letting him work every time and 8000 years ago to Jim those aren't Omar guys. Pick up some dramatic pills and some Nancy's Greek yogurt are you kidding me not you know he's totally serious that's like some mad scientist stuff right there usually you're you're literally not pleading with Bure you buy and store yeah meanwhile there's a couple breeze and organ they can put that idea at the commons that there's reader from and I mean it makes them the most complex easy sour so the most complex simple sour that. You can make it so easily enact cattle sour mr. moon sees no barrel time any attorney Mike fourteen days it's you know more complex darkness and you'll see in most other like gas based it's so refreshing this this really nice like beer Gatorade. But not like twelve pounds of barrels of me says it's that little sewage give Gloria. No and a fruit Julia earning it and. Old footage of man all of stirring up can personality as her lantern and Trish and all the it's this fills your food pyramid for free that. To prepare may be able to drink it we have to go to your tastes you either either tasting room has Assange ever now both of them and a few of related nine 550. History. A hot and I. Greg and I are mikes off. As you were listening to that I was getting beat Greg Peters three part rules for getting rid of hang over will get into that next at the Roger happier and only when I sort -- by Mason and a horse here every day beer for every situation from respect a Mexican longer perfect for date the beach to their rich in Smoot cash and pure content stuff ideal for sat around camp or with friends Mason and a horse has you covered its chairman let me as always our San Diego any beer of Angela saint Kenneth right. And our friends from saint archer we've got nick and Greg Andy promoter Delhi's here's well he fills up with amazing sandwiches sold what was that that three part plan I I can't this is somebody else inventiveness and he's like most dear friend gored eager ski. I guess it did and I you know Gloria was okay start Hillary indyk forty Wheeler you liquor store yeah as a holiday like seller Vanessa oh I have heard about login to buy. Actually I have hammered DeVon Randall came up with display. Last beer from Tuscan -- so wait so wait saint archer testing great what's the connections this is our our barrel aged specialty brand we do about four releases a year primarily spear barely spears and traditional styles. Sometimes we threw a couple adjuncts and there but nothing crazy we don't wanna try and reinvent the wheel but at least not -- made really really good barely Jupiter and you can tell it's classy because it's longer it's got lax on the topic area that's silly anyway so let's what is this here this is a bland. Fairly aged Barley wine imperial stout hand imperial port at the session they'll yeah absolutely actually I should probably look at the we will twelfth. On the up on the sought to double down 6% well you know I only drink half my massively 6% a little warm up a little bit little world around them glad that's a thing this is not something you would drink ice cold you're not gonna get a lot of the flavors that are right sure you well but yet it it the Mal field is enhanced when it warms up the Romans enhancement warms up yeah this is an appear that you should drink ice cold I mean when like a little bit colder poet. We also we don't carbonate this as much as we've carbonate samples near you wanted to be a little bit thicker a little bit Richard who'd smells like Christmas. And as I don't like delicious goodness yeah I mean. When we blend the Barley wine in the imperial stout in the computer imperial Porter in Egypt and urban girls you'd just atomic complex. A Roman JU chocolate and Vanilla and spies and caramel coach. You know all kinds of stuff you get would you get suburban. All day I'm getting some would raise to show that. In the Pallet right. I know this isn't prison Jeremy yeah. And they're gutsy. What's the deal on this idea like I said so this is terrible and three we release this back in December of 2017 we're doing for releases a year approximately. The most recent release was up early squad with spices our next release occurred on the shelves is going to be a imperial Porter aged in brainy barrels with bolster Coffey both regulated and rugged friends administer the mountain coffee we'll do a coconut stout in September and we'll do bearable and four in December again and we'll have you. Act on it to several analysts I'm a threat this I don't forget June 9 fifth anniversary saint archer free to get it bring the family food trucks live music from Gregg himself be what the address again dragon and I did not but not gonna let him do that restored this long since that's the mood is playing will play dead father moon.