Rock & Roll Happy Hour ft. Pariah Brewing

Friday, February 9th

What a year it has been! Pariah brewing survived in San Diego's beer scene by doing whatever they wanted to.  Tonight Brewmaster Brian joins Ken and Jeremy in the studio to talk about their new can release and what you can expect to find at the brewery this weekend for thier 1st anniversary celebration.


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Tonight's edition of the rock girl happy hour supported by urged Castro pub in Mason mail works this whole show tonight. Starting with the sojourn H wreck you can say. Not for me though not for me at all it was. And that it was it was like I was like yeah what's his name the guy in the Odyssey. I was thinking more Moses but that that's too liberal biblical wait didn't you always that reference made a lot of I'm Mandy and I know this is their idol happy are never ready for my support of my Mason overture every day beer for every situation from respect the Mexican longer perfect. For day at the beach old and I don't do that then. Every guy that's much better who put. Their rich smooth guest. Imperial garden stout ideal for sit around a campfire with a difference made and no works has you covered it's Jerry would lead tonight after a long trip mr. Ken writes so why. Happened between. In going from the what you read short the barge that we appease CHI I was a good BCH in Oceanside. Yeah and where everybody knows your name is with and you had to go for your always glad you came to the new studios and carry mace right it is a Q how long one hour and 47 minutes. But you made a pit stop because you decided that you're going to get crafty. It's are taking side roads I thought it takes inside roads. And you know I am I'm weaving men wounding my way through Mira mesa and it's like holy crap I'm I'm by the mirror lining makers district and I really got to eat and I really got a piece though yeah yeah you know my friend Josh over its owns its hockey you know he always lets these veterans those in charge me but I suppose Josh and killed in doing William Josh. Sort of perverted little. Package and he's a lot of pretty words low littlest regular feature Burry tonight pariah brewing celebrating their one year anniversary kicked all day. We've got Zack and Brian this is kind of a it's got arrested for you guys as and it's. Actually where have you really have really I mean honesty as their cool or happy new year as we get to sneak away. You letter essar and we're glad you got sneak away with it but so one year of existence is started today I know you did a a big can release. You've got this glass thing going on and it's also its national peace today and heard he has actually have pizza being shuttled in uber read every hour on the hour. Yeah and right now. Apparently. Everybody go to pariah. How it's. Who is bringing peace. Our friends is Sicilian paying down the street were nice enough to offer to bring this pizza on there or Rio or so. That's our gift fewer customers for a support us for the last year and like any. Responsible one year old birthday party shipments of pizza well if you would like to drink along with us tonight you can find bribery and alcohol and Ohio street. Right across from the lips right there. I love that place. Yes and they love Maine that. What you were a dancer back there in the eighties weren't you Iowa now as you know that bathhouse I liked to have my own horns with yet another I was back in the day. Well let's talk about the beer these days are brewing right now I because it is of your show replacing rock and roll eventually and you torturous and your Beers tonight talk about which have been doing over the last year and you decided to open and program with. This gold and beautiful the beard that smells. Like a Belgium yes correct. It is as little green Bartley it which is a Belgian blond ale brewed with Bartlett payers and hazelnut powder sewn on that plagued his her duties on that thing that gives aluminum mouth feel when I was gonna say yet you when you think hazel that you think explain like hazel coffee flavored you know this is just as a of lightness to it. Richness there's a lot of good layers in the spear Anderson this is a damn good drinking beer and did this to me. It tastes like it's probably hiding a bunch alcohol but it's probably knows what time and half. 64 there we saw modest which is my height by the way to our listeners and 064 or 554468. After tonight there are numbers I think. I look to the Nazis one of pines and he strings that we have as votes now that there's something else retirement when Brian G strings woods why are you harvesting your own waste we're about Brian's yeast strains yes this little steps should be confidential rogue can brew a bearded old god made from their brew masters beard. I think Brian can harvest just as you can do something doesn't mean you shouldn't let. We get a little east from content I got MIA OK get Mike is off there that's done. So wait hold and taken to get this Bryant that you doing your own yeast strains. In in this beard particular areas is the stream it brought back from Belgium with me. From a couple of years back did you steal from a brewery or word you know how do you bring back he strained from Belgium. Well I don't know if you can considered stealing but I asked the I asked the kind gentleman behind the bar if this particular brewery happen to use their proprietary streaming in their bottle commissioning process. To which he said yes and then I ordered a case of it and smuggled it oh. Here and she and suspect Eric. To propagate that east up from the bottles of the song are stored all the time yet but with mixed results mind you well you know he's a professional it's highly immutable as well bottles canned. What through a lot of loans gonna work those twelve is gonna take I were to take this down and I figured this would be greatly disturbs your one year anniversary drag the river gave drugs the rock and roll happy hour. And I don't know your intro when can start talking about office three runs the rock and we're kind of scary like it's as though he's drinking whether San Diego craft your evangels mr. Ken right now our friends. Zach in Bryant from bribery taking a small break from their first year anniversary celebration. Big party going on debris today if you wanna go join them. There El Cajon in Ohio street right across from lips. They just released a statistic that yeah. Time you've mentioned what you think that we get our payments but yeah it's it's one of those things where if you give landmarks it's so much easier to find that there's list. And answered yes things at the early in San Diego beer company read the great little place to go through this year. And now you guys ditty that can't released today for Deng drained but it is and it. Could you really that has brawl she's your. And that's what is what is the limited. A release glass release you doing today. It's actually her we used teak you glass for erotic scene which he has had last time. As a logo pariah but instead of I it has a one so. T coup this yet is that led the big you know Los heavy use and what it's like this. Not to be confused with the tea Ito should and could make it drink out of it. Like it. Speaking of the loss that be Tommy Arthur just checked and he's as I speak jive. Does yes they do coming to take you don't you about it. He stirred up the program tonight with the little green Bartlett now is that than the busy doing your routers that just for the anniversary. That's been around for a little bit we probably did that coming into the winter. But that connection to be were drinking right now will be on five dollar full quarters. This Sunday. So and these two and are so what what is this one this looks like the click to read dale yet it's read. This is our goals rule. So I was trying to make the prettiest colored beer and possibly committed and and I think. That I think is pretty beautiful he had beautiful. Amber color with Rudy highlight Sylvia. Well you're getting very romantic boy you're talking about that the color of their beard thing a meat tasted here and tell me what you're getting at. There's. Is it is it. It it's like. My money it's it's time and that always confuses me why are you ever read failure usually Israeli expect elect Carmel. And that this. There's something different going on like if my Bryant's playing your side he's the best. Somalis given both bewildered. Yes of them based recipe is like issue may read type of Belgian double header in area medics. Yeah our current Kwame. For anything going on and and it's exactly what is it it's like room. Yeah and in its top to pretty heavily with warrior in chinook. So I. And then we Foreman did this with our wicked ale yeast which is charges strait of American West Coast IP and did you steal that from Clinton I've actually work out. Along on. Steel I didn't I didn't nobly did get I didn't steal Alex Tuesday. Yes this is accede to those new age you know hops have fallen on both of us these animals are in a coma and this this here is how old would you say. Since October yet so is it for one moment and notice in this is not a euphemism. We view sees. Four and she totally swallow first. I can make it come out there Jeremy but I could take him out there on the output and put that. It's really unique I mean you think red jail and you think a little sticking its a lot of care mill but this is. It's got some dark fruit. It finishes clean. Not sticky at all. He's really soft water that's Tiki doll. You know we get we get icky sticky coming up in the next beer India that was originally from that. It's going south when people start bringing out came when you're wearing the yellow dressing and acting as beyoncé yeah. Those are good is there a funeral have you are all that before and it's Jeremy drinking. Of my friends from bribery tonight Zach in Bryant celebrating their one year anniversary big released today. They drank in Cannes. What do your best IPA's would be best IPA's and San Diego whoa hey you know what I consider your horn because I'm drinking the beer and I'm hosting the show and I'll tell you right now. This is one of my favorite IPA's I. I I'm so glad this is it stands now it makes me so county everything you want in like and I PA it's just got the right man sectors fragment there it is it's got. Do it for someone who's never tried to and drank. Explain it to me. Thinking drinking is an exercise in aroma and flavor with keeping bitterness and chick. So we he basically add no ops during the boil it all all ops are added after this is kind of a new thing now. Libraries are certain to adopt this technique but it. This recipe is from 2012. So. So there's a lot a lot of lead the hazy eyed peas out there are. It's in the business not a hazy idea but it's not hazy IPA this is the traditional IIIPA. Done with this style of drying up or not brown been lobbying in general correct yet and we use British east we've always used British east. We've all you always use those normal but. It's just an ode to mosaic an embryo an Emory obviously being more classic cop. Rosie being a little bit more new school op and just wanted to let him sing as best we possibly could and it just ended up with needing to at all cops after the Boylan and dry outside to there's things a man love the aroma ate it it's it's mainly seen out or sneeze when I get excited Jeremy. It's funny as as we finish the build out of our news studios in our offices the that the head engineer for intercom was based out of Sacramento. He likes he loves beer and he was sitting out here when we were having some warmup and drank and yet here's Travis knows. Like can't smell a civil just. Take a big goal of it in just give it all up in there and his face was so. Lit up in elated legacy Chris Daughtry tried his beer it was amazing to see easily tries for the first time yet and now we needed it it's in four packs right. Corrective commune in their only available at your brewery. We do we sold I think forty cases to liquor stores around the county. Seeded higher higher and liquor stores or at least the ones that we consider higher and because they decided appears to have okay. Like I edited copy street decided you decided Johnny Kerry it falcon street I don't know I have to check holiday once so there's and you will get. But you know it's so much better at the breeze coming in yeah. I nowadays gated nicely grass and open phenomena finish this one organ listens and Jeff the brotherhood is the rocker a happy Arnold 949. Love me some Brian is this a rock in real happy Arnold 949 dream with their friends of bribery celebrating their one year anniversary guides act and Brian in here with us. Taking a slight break from all the madness going on they're tasting room right now there's free pizza there's limited edition glasses. There's day drinking cans and that's just a sample of what's going on tonight and you guys. And got a couple more releases and a few things going on over the next couple days what's going on tomorrow. Tomorrow we are releasing our smiley X ranked PA which is awry AP proved with Nelson sovereign galaxy sutra. And redacted redacted you know when you read acted now that's getting dangerous thing. So now if I go to the brewery and ask you what redacted is when you tell me. Depends if you look like an officer the don't believe yeah. Be aware of hookers who have walkie talkies yeah that's right. Look like Jeff Sessions or any sense of and here come here well. So it's a it's an IP group redacted or rye I PA you didn't bring that with you tonight but I imagine that that. The just by the ingredients sounds amazing to someone Kate yeah world attempting one king Tamar and that'll be released in to handle on the 22. Of February. With the announcement of artwork of that coming out on Monday the school and in the something else going on later on Saturday night right. Yes we do an 80s90s we duties move home is it eighties now exactly and as my is not going. After and we do and will be doing here's view there and you know all obligated all of purple rain on the classic he movie house on on big screen projector selling it was music know who they going to cash. Maybe you have to see America dude after it was on prime I don't know that these good. That's. I don't know that the leading local could be added Vijay has been longer with a look. And that you've got a whole other a slew of things going on Sunday in the beer at least going on with that that you wild right on Sunday yeah that's our avarice to Kara. Which is a while dale with east I found in my yard from the bold and veolia flowers what you found this in your yard. All right so please please please please explain to me how you think finally he's in your yard and like it's. Barking in the backyard at 2 o'clock in the morning neagle did you have like the end of without notice it's totally like. It was as he solid dog. Now is on a bullion via but I mean how do you find east on a planet like that in the propagated to make beer. I was actually brewing. Pilot batch of goals rule. The only. Barack. Just say I never came out I think I have been left center for a man and I can't help but smile Lex had you had. Point nobody moved nobody move appears to east. She now does anybody else he didn't and put spider over either. And you've taken one hit too many. There's nothing propagate these quite like Mississippi queen from mountain is the rock and a happy hour not 94 knives aboard by. Made an L org cheer every day beer for every situation from respect a Mexican lawyer. Perfect for the backyard beach barbecue or are rich smooth imperial stout cash. Ideal for sitting around the campfire Mason mail works has you covered what you need to drink reckoned it does it does become of those pretty yield cain's. Hit some delicious Beers it's entering tonight pariah brewing we've got Zack and Brian with as we've had the evident drank we've had a rules drool we've had the little green Bartley which. Still can taste that in my mind this is so good at what has some more weight Poland where was it on when that well. Sorry together Jerry. Reed army where the program called kids close to get a clock that's why added that warm feeling of a Hoover home. I guess everyone's learning it is certain ethnic a we got one more beer to celebrate your one year anniversary what's going to be. We thought we cap it off with with heavy hitters so this is arm on the mode double APA on the no mumbo. We brought he has a double a few last times and wondering double accused times while pleases on what was the W brought last time clearly Jews yes. Slow periods that was GC so now what makes this difference from clearly Jews. Oh this is actually our first foray into hazy day PA. Am I hope you guys noticed too that is not overtly hazy now overtly Baker's sweet it is quite easy. Yeah it's still it's still it's a beer maybe it's maybe it's. East Coast West Coast IP as it looks looks kind of like hello bikes and now the main house while trying to thing you zoom in and from Edmonton yet it ends and means uncle Lou Dobbs but it's not exactly. It's not exactly New England nineties we don't cook we don't claim that I was gonna say the media the paramedics on this are are not quite as all like orange juice and tropical fruit there's. As actually mango in this no no it's all know there's no ingredients in the Spiro even though we love we ask is that. If we're ingredients that. Yet there's no this is a strait of beer who will what are robots. Well in the world full we use Idaho seven in mosaic Idaho seven being relatively new mosaic kind of being our call op like your own Centennial Jeter. It. Mystery of hot. At the and then and then the dry out we use Ella. Which is from Australia in an enigma. As well. Look. And Ellis and Ellis LL really cool L us like czar is he still fruity and in the enigma is like. Weird like at any minute at a place and weird what does it it's no like Minty I. I don't know what the hell's going on here people say mint effort people see Tina agree GO I've heard them say current iPad as Barry White green like a Mike I don't get any of that I just give LeBron this question is how high were you may help well how hell I am here I think that I. That a I guess the redacted version. Back up. I. Well this is good now I imagine since the double this is going to be limited runs it was in the refining tasting room right now when it's gone it's gone actually moved him. This will be a and any 49 exclusive lonely. Moving your partner of the year yet and I don't know why it completely we've we're gonna use and drinking. Like please. Huge stakes to our friends urged gassed republic Mason L works for supporting Iraq general happy are making tonight's episode possible for all the details of the Beers we drink it's all posted on line DeVon 949 ST dot com.