Rock & Roll Happy Hour ft. Lord Hobo

Friday, July 6th


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Short dollars it is just amazing opportunities at ticket so I've been a public info on time and then after his now three years old today it is a three year anniversary sent the project about five years ago via the cut the in the building for years ago to his early years of build. So you know with is old Lourdes hopeful is going to sound familiar to a lot of senior legal beer geeks who traveled back east for Sheridan looked over the bar is that moving that from a decade a citizen of the world class craft Beers and is that that's like Abbas equivalent Hamilton's right I mean it's yet we do we Timothy so for sure you know Voss in the if you want crap here in Austin ego problem. Wow that's a bold statement as a bold statement almost seem to get the beard back it up I did try for the first time right now what servers beer report out there. Sorry ten K premature that you're not even wait for me he's consistent theory in my head and I had was there was already beer in my hand as it was the evidence but am I outpouring of love justice that. I can hear because it makes all of my shenanigans seems petty and I'd first fear it is and when our newest peers we we have very deliberate programmer we only have six Beers in the market on thirty year hundred so we're very thoughtful and deliberate about what we offer inland so Anjelica as our newest fear it's only a six deer mice that were 33 years old so we're sort of inventing a style I think calling it New England Wii's was I mean it's a living daisies the images easily copied but it's osment we characteristic must. Getting amazing now feel I mean it's it's it's tropical yet bank that this is understandable this does not remind me of a week at all I mean yeah I've I am like a lot of people when you say week Beardsley. Me. You know it's etc. Conan knowingly because this really is -- it's -- -- has only characters but also listening and you know I PGA characters he swears easy Steve's he has for most top of what's got some bitterness but super crushing blows five point 5% it's our most approachable Beers are cheapest beer if you like admiral three fluids and Chicago they're mere Gumbel is everywhere every -- a lot of bars in that town that don't wanna serve and percent olympians all carry -- gun -- so alien menaces speaking of years of training Rios gave me a beer that's so good that in the price ministry irresistible that everything's okay. So I noticed that guy you're you're porn and out of Ayatollah ounce cans are these six packs an easy twelve packs women looking for when I'm looking for these on the shelves so that is the suspect's alliance also tall facts and that's also part of our New England sampler pack which hasn't arrived in California just yet but we basically wrap up for our different hoppy Beers and from a New England simpler on C that now thirty started and getting all sentimental. I've managed Howard and drinking his beer and playing this next on came will be good. About Fenway packets smells like urine that that does this stop right there you replace The White Stripes and let him come down as the rocker wannabe Arnold money for nine get as it is it okay if I completely be your nerd out right now coach had me. And there are literally every Arnold -- Fred it's Jerry would be as always mr. Kenneth right we got our friends from lord hobo at a Massachusetts Marty and Daniel boss man towards some fantastic Beers I've been dying to get an official take on crazies and these New England style since it became such a controversy in now that that you guys in the studio your porn gears up army I totally understand about me I mean they're there is so much confusion here among so many IP eight fans what's hazy what's on filtered what's New England style and people swap a minute now and use them interchangeably but there is something very definitely their there's consistent theme with all these Beers this excites me the way West Coast IPA's excite me because it's a completely different round. And the fact you're bringing it to me I know it's authentic I know the lord hold will be years. Are coming from where the style originated disarming you're the closest thing I have to the source because well I cast you kind of are the source what is easily give them easy me. At this smell. The amazing no it's not so. This is glorious desire our glorious because -- well it said dominantly galaxy opt LL six point ha which obviously is at the high end of the Rainsy if you wanted to Collison apparently you but there's really no residual bitterness right so to me like I was OS because I PA -- for -- in years and I love residual bitterness of the carbonation factor I would some of the most weakness that balance and my pay my -- palace changed and evolved times where I don't want any residual bitterness on Jews and four rows and aromatic citrus now low carbonation so our Beers -- deliver an apartment most bloggers packages two point eight reached 2.5 survivors are his socks and elegant juicy and they have this really gorgeous of the Taylor room in the case of rolling through and then you get it because you -- any residual ministries it waves of hop flavor. And it costs and dissipates to solve that elegant is the best way to describe his beard it's exactly what it is it is the and it's it smells like a tropical Perry now now I have to ask this because this is the homer in me out I'd I'd argue doing a water treatment on his beer or is this just be the water on the East Coast well we. We should all the water for shore we have really great for water in general but we do bad products to an increase beer league a lot of credits her mouth feel a softness suit I eastern and you know we. Followers he switches or an old school traditional Caylee set a lot of post he's an enormous press Israelis sturdy and is really great shoes tropical notes and has assessor robust and healthy said because ourselves stability and as we get our generation disease that have been a lot of pitches uses us this is another we can find in San Diego now as I seaport got a little ounce cans seem deal six and twelve no. This is available in the sixteen ounce cans for packs very limited availability in terms of variety packs are none yet coming to the West Coast but the association announced or pacs are readily that was any arena. Well beautiful to me is that some people think about the doing ruined and I PA and new -- else's tosses the best knowing and stop you can physically get an average shelf and England you know all the the names that we know we know does -- commercially available unit we currently my effort trade for my needed whatever -- the -- result on Michigan members that was for a world class spear an average so it's it to us this is the best news stuff you can possibly by anywhere. And and Marty you're seeing something about the shelf life on this you you're going to get a fresh beer I mean this is from New England but it's going to be fresh dress for us to come to California confidently and all Mara you know hoppy he's each UC unfolded Beers we need self stability this is so having the crohn's machine makes us -- sleep better tonight limping a 120 days is almost unheard of in the industry in terms of being absolutely core confident that that's going to be still the best product you can possibly put out so aid from the library here's my question the you know if you've got a beard that's been on the shelf more than a 120 days here in San Diego you have your distributor bullet yes good good Harry so legally we do you end its debts you know if that's part of being a part of -- distribution company. Is stone and that is for and catchers and I'd just like adding and you know different brands the year they saw an opportunity for an deliveries to scale wind from the south and show company went in and I PA is from the source is a lottery is California making municipalities escalate lot of East Coast for his make West Coast -- gave rank you cannot cholera that there because it's not you know outside the region now so uttering but it is a million yeah we're happy UCL histories California trying to make of that you know we actually giving the real thing you guys. They'll put flowers in your New England I'd stop weird and not getting into that crap I. We don't worry we're gonna we're gonna take a break replace him primus legal analyst of this absolutely not worrying James no I think pale I think we come back now we're going to dip into the hazing at the better beer than that that is the question and the fact that it's the pale ale that Clarkson and almost 6% or the fact that that this next beer that were arguing it would where he got into its fantastic it is the rocker a happy Arnold 9493 with a difference from lord although we that the Bosnian Daniel Marty in here and no waxing poetic about what is a true New England style IBA in the hazy idea is if you have nots. Found you have much riding your Beers blew it this is a dump. Hazy this bizarre alternate does as I talked to my guys is that it does make an IPA that spares no expense that as you. What the house costs an arm you know until materials how profitable Beers which astronomy the best I've DA that it Yzerman and if we had no restrictions in Regis our guy and I was perfection we do and so we were treated in this room on Italian we don't sell the Beers and we actually a year without using new year we receive Los and five point 5% and we and then misses it's called virtuoso offers does that stradivarius of Nike guys this is regional level that pretty pretty excited about it. Can get it is amazing. There's very large juice that's envious of the scholar it's -- a fluorescent orange yellow it looks like you're gorgeous right mango this'll perspiring and welcome to our yeah there's always we're talking peer beer sex to me right now it appears so attractive that I I would think about doing very awful things to book keeping downtown out and out stop and I just did a hell would I worked with this guy has to stop stop I don't like I do not wanna know what they may jar file apes it's like the old English dictionary. I think in college is what happens you get here idea and this is this is what happens this is beer and it smalls perfect point yeah I mean if people in San Diego wanna try a truly outstanding just benchmark setting New England style IP AI I can think of no tiger did downside is you gonna be disappointed with everything else -- future let's look there's so many days he had BA's over the go back to and go. It's good of those guys it. It's not virtuoso kids that sell again so grudges like a similar amount product you guys are mobile levers big time and you they're trying to be reform you're trying to percent and I can tell both the viewers know dramatically impressed by our quality because you know what to expect ultimately whether or not you like us some of the brewery the name of the packaging and can design of the box like have Beers this thing if you can you guys some of that even though you have a West Coast bias like that's everything to us so your response was so far has been one. I think I learned how to respond to that except the fact that innocents were to argue that have a beer that has such virtuous to capabilities or did you see virtuous to guess virtuous that I only losses T I can only think of one band that lives up to that you'd guess that is. Doesn't right now. Now Led Zeppelin poll parity is to rocket on happy Arnold before nine. Conversations that are happening off air right now I think. To bring to light on there is the rocket or having aren't all right for and I drinking lord -- Beers with Daniel the boss man and Marty now it's curious to me that you guys come along now not only are hazy IPA's a big thing if you don't know more hobo is a true New England style group because it's the source you guys kind of originated the Dick coming to San Diego to come -- -- Southern California an area that is just so hot obsessed now I mean that's kind of a scary deal I imagine you know in the last two weeks have been nerve racking for. Guess aside the very five years ago in concept California as operator well it's literally the most competitive team markets in the plan by several degrees and we did expect to come here but the phenomenon we've seen the last thomas' new England's PA's he's DCP's had become a national thing it's true categories now numbers association is as the day economics -- -- -- -- -- it is a legitimate thing in the on the West Coast style so we've seen we've we visit California pharmacy robberies out here making you know quote unquote news is the same way that east coasters for many many many years have been trying to navigate West Coast decades so reliable are who have the battle and there's no other new injury that scaling to California we happen to be the one and only that's making traditional. Which is rulers say three year. Old tradition. Did a very good ideas but actually I'm an error or try to go out there I was assailed what point. A traditional West Coast IPA was 83 year old style that I don't know and I mean right it's it's now now it's everywhere everybody wants to try this now Germany is try your beer as the idea so we came to California effort calories as well as is Jefferson writes I'm going to California as if he can do it here is an ideal you know the of this tonight society can do that here. I. Glad you do anywhere and so if he would listen the country's hungry for news PA and California is very deeply entrenched it's it's historical it's southwest Minnesota is a few new series or trance now let's go out there and say this I was done awareness and show you authentic to me that PA in repression that you are trailblazers are. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hi guys and that and then now it's an approach abilities of balance its as you Myles Eden is is guys residual bitterness is great opera character there masks my lord this beard as is -- perfect and notes on that element Beers and I'm biased shot that I do Beers and and awesome some of your passion and colleges you want to hell you doing it so I do a lot of fassel's I pour Beers -- probably 75 times a year and we align them all the time because bird hot courage do some stuff and some people it is naturally gravitated towards the lines people that don't know what they're getting into line for an elite line the other part patiently in the coming up to our Booth and if I into the front line and they say in we have evidence that while we have you know three different ideas on. Certain. The words welcome to my world and I and I hammered down and I. Those guys out and accused in the nets in Iowa and it is night and I'm Pia and I'd human elements mandates mean beautiful Beers closure arrest again they're glasses of themselves and at Hendrick and their clothes smell it taste it Ali's maintenance hundred acting that's pretty what is it that's like should that led yet. And he just don't usually bitterness you don't like residuals as you know like being. Some of overly bitter delegates we hear this news is the complexity elegance and initially acts of the booms. And a half a fact that I I think I'm in love I know I'm in love this. It's great to Hamlet two that right now Kenneth Doug Doug don't don't don't don't don't don't don't put any notion that during the midnight to night I and I I am seriously the and that's on my home in Escondido moving back to the ground I know I need you here we have a unity against you get to be here now that's why we can't California. I want their rescue all you folks who needed this didn't know you. You need it is the will the winners and Boston are tough it is crazy and Jesus know they'll finally there is no wonder it's a real. If webpart on that's that's sanity of those today I guess asks a lot of questions so last segment showed he has lovely note anyways so well and I Erica you think some of the four regions and realize you favors we know them and led by none of them eyes you know you might apply any of them because there may not be any on the left occur for us is very simple wrote last year ourselves and we don't want Arab stock so that we agree Elizabeth stone disputes and partners and that the whole point is you don't believe in my Torre you know the you know the search it should be available yeah I should be ought to go out and find it in every story you currently go to right now should be there if it's not been addressed the moment ideas that we don't stock our music you know you US scaled up how's the market and say OK you guys who have hurricane that is and that's it you know we say how many do you want BC to 2% more than that in itself beyond that difference would be more but the idea is that rest that this can be when your fridge Beers that constantly of dole you bridge do you eat little Bartley. If it's not your local total line demo you name it if it's not there ask for it they'll bring it in our distribution partners can handle that so just. Get off your past and ask for what you want. It's that simple. I were done to get you guys thank you Daniel did you change. Joy which you do because you do it fantastically Marty I mean I've experienced. Out to Sadie go in and have a chance colonel I am building again you know yet you know it's an amazing what you can remove from carpets if you have the right chemicals. Also it's says it's such perfection land with one of the perfect songs ever be made tool it's 46 and two is the right Aaron online organizing and.