Rock & Roll Happy Hour ft. Burning Beard Brewing

Friday, August 17th


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OK and I don't much is because of they brightly with a beer before we start the program that I could easily say right now that tonight we're gonna drink with my favorite east county Bermuda it's not bribery it's token of their deep abiding love. For kick ass beer absolutely that is the rock and all happy Arnold ready for unsupported by Mason endorser every day beer for every situation from respect of Mexican longer perfect for date the beach to the rich and smooth cash imperial copies down ideal percent around the campfire with your friends Mason there or has you covered Jeremy would meet tonight as always -- San Diego ATV evangelist mr. Ken Wright who was racially typing anyway from what what are you doing what is so again I'm Jordan I'm just trying to look busy its job security Jeremy job security you realized that everybody who is holding you accountable has gone home for the weekend. Yeah and and you didn't. Breaking sort of like apple and exactly nothing tonight we're great weather for its burning beard Shannon Jeff and Mike welcome back the first I have not thank you see you guys well there was that night in Chula Vista. Did anybody end up in jail you know I left after the the competition ended with a trophy was handed out but I'm pretty sure that with little little context or listeners so what happened was that -- I was I was given the privilege to judge -- what was it called it was a it was about -- at the Manhattan school Vista and there were libraries all battling each other doing the worst job. Covering songs but it just ride home I it was total punk -- was -- between him and Steve and three -- it was it was the bad props yet but you know like there's difference between props in stage presence Austria patriots he has the -- and unfortunately you've burned all the videos I was Smart those tapes can not be subpoenaed anymore registrations attorney got plenty of such an aggregate some -- talking to what you guys coming up I know the -- you brought tonight a very special because these -- Beers you're submitting to GBM. Correct I thought leader tonight this this looks like a golden hazy bureau what's going on with this and it is our British cooled mail it's it was like late ninety's answers choose the loggers trying to compete for markets days lie a clean. A little bit of West Coast dry out in which is become typical in the style we draft this with cast kitten. Is the stuff so -- that we use this actually this is not going into GA VF but it was used to props to muse for bank seeks those secrets out we are using London three and thanks Ian and this was a perfect vehicle for that you started it is this is damn good crush will be here and just that the crispness of the hop in the mall that when you said British I was really expecting it to be a little more like earthy thank you what that says look foolish and not careful. Radio station snippets that we had to start we're not a morning show were we kidding didn't do you do this beard just specifically to prop used for banks he -- is something you'd as a Nasrallah before notices served the first time do it and we had a fresh pitch of the east and if you're overtaking all that time death to make something nice and fancy for GA VF we should which treat these rates so we have and have some left over rain laying around we literally built a Frankenstein recipe. The beer actually come back and try again this is something that I I really think you should consider putting on mid summer in an attack it is chilly in the taser him I'd better. I can barely keep it McCain sat and it's easier now this one people especially with Powell hide it again I'm Maynard man this is fantastic crawlers and crawlers out the door. And it's got such a good mouth feel to it the color it is it's as beautiful kind of hazy orange it's crazy people is an I was good actress trying to get to is the mouth feel almost gives you the same feels hazy but it's it's not upon bomb it but it's it's really doing what you're New England ninety days are often made the British he strained so it makes perfect sense doesn't it. And see it all goes back to the British yet and what is his bank seagate that. It's not just hold up what makes his second let's put some music with this because this is a music and beer show you this isn't clutch shot well so are you happy Arnold before nine Canada's you can qualify this next segment as drinking for educational purposes yes we're gonna talk about another three letter beard that people shouldn't be drinking. In the rocket on abbey Arnold and 493 wood burning beard Shannon Jeff and Mike we just finish up the old school British gold and LA beer that was basically we welcome home party to a new pitching yeast that they are getting ready for the beer were drinking right now yes which is to any time I think about burning beard is the first beer becomes the mine hands down this is that the banks ESB and I I challenge you to drink. Less than. To access now it's it's it's kind of an interesting thing to hear San Diego overreach being propped up by ES BE but I mean a lot has to do with Shannon and the rest of the marine you go out of your way to make sure that people are educated about beer and this this is this right here. Is a perfect example. ESP is of long been one of my favorites sales of beer and one of the things that's also super advantageous is that Jeff and Mike. Are very liberal with the amount of information that are willing to give TC arms up so they go out of their way to make sure that they have the resources to be able to you. Explain the myriad of different styles that we have on clay there's a definite soft spot for at fissile appear it's just such an easy to drink beer in its own pairs gorgeous lake was sold many different thing hoses and. Giving it cheeseburger and a great writing you don't listen go really good with a a dirty flat top burger from the friendly armour guys always yeah that is Jesus brought muscles earlier and I don't community service with one of those are flat out yet but anything that does the multi disc without being cloying the Christmas on the finish that satisfying rich kind of body and as they can know what it's 88 go to X recipes follow Iowa put it in because everybody sees I PA an automobile and I know every day -- I know engage Iran and normally this copy the CE SP in the gulf. Noon honestly letters of idle mode to make sense out of -- -- thanks see you drink it and then you understand the style of ESP dope smack of enlightenment chant you're telling me off air that UN Karen from small bars and got together for something kind of brainstorm this brilliant idea around the style. Karen and I both had a very very big love affair with ESP is and she and I are talking about how much time media do an event and she came up with doing extra special brunch which is going to be a price on September 22 that celebrates ESP is and she was Tommy get a day when I was and that is she has ten different ESP is and it's kind of a winner take all bases definitely gonna be on the list which I'm really excited and it's one of her personal favorites and I vote finally vote go in there and drink it. And go in there and drink all the banks that you can. This is deathly something you are I used to manager GA be that is the app unless we lose in which case we'll go back in time and pretend this never happens if it doesn't matter you know when Gaal. We still win that threaten anybody we look race this beer has automatically one yellow pink cakes and then that note I'm going to take a quick break finish my glass and then. Gripped this it was a Joy Division aqsa Barack at all happy are so many 49 always love when you get to qualify and movie based on how much Jeff Goldblum there is that it is the rock it'll happy Arnold and if we're nights and I agree with their friends are burning beard and I am I'm getting a whole new aspect of your personality by. By how you judge you'd Jeff Goldblum films the norm so we already had they CES and -- hits the giggles because that we've we've already polish of the entire router certain program with old school and now of course truly to be the norm court bills this one man I don't know if it's the heat the humidity or whatever this government hills have just been going down so smooth so good and you know I like about him I can drink a lot maybe yours and it's definitely no exception this one has caused me trouble on many nights it's it's the nucleus Doris. Of builders and how do you spell out ankle is sore here's the thing while we were playing Mars Volta enjoy division Janet was actually drawing dinosaurs. And it happens to be our co favorite dinosaur we year we're share raising this dinosaur together you guys play arc and all domicile knew we do not. I know it's my Freetown and for you too far down the rabble of fictitious dinosaurs it. Let's keep this in reality were talking about include Soros and norm core solid or bills this something you guys have on always it's it's something that is a staple in your wheel house of Beers to find a burning beard at what's your take on why why is your so much better than some of the other ones I've had as its to make up for that qualifier at. Beginning where we were the best east county brewery and a the only thing I can say it worse as were the best south counted her head into it you if the Colorado San Diego can come over trying to do is make it beer and what we what we did is took a shot at trying to me GA classic checked pulls her and we win with classic ingredients and we create a whole bunch of hungry news tried to figure out how how to do this and we used. Fortunately stumbled upon a piece some Iowa workable procedure and recipes that I. So he could duplicate over and over again you know as it flies with all the pills or is out there them via a style lockers the Mexican Beatles and their lockers checked builders Bavarian deal here's what makes it checked the bills that are checked there well and it could be couple different takes on at one soft water we don't use our oh and every year we grew bit in this one where little little heavier handed with the all of those components what what we're trying to do is replicate peers that that we really like that we enjoy and we're we're getting there and every time we -- or corn this is no joke except for Mike's gonna laugh every time it arrest becomes goes into the for minimally this is the best one yet completely ready this is the best but his has been around for two years now and every batch is the best on it just gets better every age completely yeah I know if it's not your best one you do something wrong as what question we're name come from what is norm core mean norm court man yeah it's an hour. It's making its making normal hard core I think Toyota Camry Toyota Tamarine person's Red Bull Ron Swanson right. And go out Swanson doctor Ron Swanson dancers hardcore norm core and that's what appeals or is it's it's the Ron Swanson of beer you know I. This is the perfect setup for this long because I believed ghost is totally normally go oh yeah it sounds menacing but really it's not the blue oyster cult of now. Hello this. Is there a little happier note that he for a tonight with our friends from burning beard largest polish up the norm core pills hey you Puerto hazing the year. And know burning beard made hazy IPA isn't. Apple juice yeah you know we do we make who wants and what what is this this hazy I imagine this had something that's it's truly punk rock and bad ass as the name was called new mood and I thought I'm interested because there are a lot of takes on hazy I PA's there's different. Schools of thought behind him what's your take on hazy. Wall. All right first of all they're now lazy they're they're actually pretty difficult to make. Second there should there should be zero flew he's in the spear. No hops and yeast move. In other prizes at the bottom of the box there are no chokes me floated shouldn't taste like gunpowder from the combination of east and other add jobs added yeah so if you're dry hopping with flour you do it wrong I. Throwing that out yeah I. Yeah it was a high school I dried up with flour a few times in nineteen don't think I'm I'm so confused because it's got such a bull mouth feel what it's all this coming from it and you know are you using the same beast he's for the bank's easing though like yeah I'll at least absolutely we are and there's a ridiculous amount of hoots and weaving here as well he said we -- weeks yes and weeds. Reads. Increased. Yeah glaucoma. And as the it was clear that. Is now legal over twenty grams. Did you got to imagine disappear and flaming hot sheet shows like party sized man I don't think that's dvd hazy ask me. This is really gone downhill. I know later Stanley called as the damage hazy idea I mean this does this 10% beer Carolina announced it's like seven and a half of it. He we've consumed fourteen Beers serious. I don't know I quit it. You know from what I tasting here there's there's no doubt the guys a lot of love in this beer and out amen caller and I called gold through the banks in the called gold for new damage is that good for area now that works man was we'll go home with a 94 and angled. Yes they go. Go PGA. And Angola writes think of regular. Week we come back ought to try to beer and advocates try yet your black plague collaboration beer I'm so excited about it as a doctoral happier and only 49 it is Barack general happier and almighty for and I support of my mates and endorser everyday here for every situation from respect a Mexican longer perfect for database to their rich smooth cash drew comes down ideal person around the campfire with a friend Mason a horse has you covered is Jeremy would be tonight my good buddy mr. Kim the right. You man in the beer evangelist and you can't how Brooke is used I'm not strike at all Jeremy I'm I'm still cold sober and I'm simply expressing my feelings and atomic weight for the man who has been a time what I want something more this platonic blitz zone you know beer think about how I said that I phrased it that way for reason. Investment tonight forgery and parents are burning beard Janet Jeff and Mike they were some amazing stuff new again adjacent wrapped up. Norm court tells you had basic ESP we have the old school British gold nail and an hour and with eat a beard. I was really excited about next to land that to you guys didn't collaboration with black plague a brewery that we have yet to get on the program it is late Jeff what happened is he okay now is not okay. And it isn't. Yardage a man allegedly done elected as the last until the last. They had a feeling see that lobby of their growth in the next two hours sitting there telling stories. Thought he and that's why I love you guys you don't understand what Burton bowyer is electric current because you guys are like you don't only make amazing we also amazing people because. You guys ready shows together it's like music is such a part of all your life you guys go is like a family and it's it's expected that when you see one burning beard person and show we all together you're running as it. Yeah I believe we do we'll I would like to hang out together and that's that's one of the things that makes burning near what it is and it's it's not just about the fears about the ethos it's about the people it's about the education it's about the entire package that's true and actually you know we've got a lot of loyal customers who are coming out to shows to civil do you blast. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Still they'll what you're taking right now it is we actually you literally just -- another batch of worsening this is a co lab she VF entry and so all the best to the two batteries rate tag GA VF wilt was he just waste yourself all the love the way I have a friendship medal GA be asked if if this works really counted down the middle and when we needed barbecues are gonna put them together. A they killed the little friendship Lockett yet you guys I know her well. We'll move their beef I had that barbecue is if you put his beard and I would pay out some cash and off it's done but I'm not finished were rabbit this. And that didn't think we can do better then a little bit of mastodon go to the haze McRoberts the. Before nine.