Rock & Roll Happy Hour ft. Beer to the Rescue

Friday, March 16th


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Siena Friday night with a whole studio fall it's it's it's a lot of dudes well die it's craft veered there's a lot of dudes and but you know what I am I'm noticing there's. There's significant lack of facial hair amongst the crowd we have tonight you are just gonna say well a lot and I looked up and it's like you know for two brewers. Not a lot of facial hair no. Drug like Chelsea on all ready for night. Supported by Nathan hale or your everyday beer for every situation from respect the Mexican larger perfect for Dave b.'s. They're rich smooth cash imperial congress that a deal for sit around a campfire with your friends. Mesa an hour says you covered and yes we've got a whole bunch of our friends in here tonight all for one purpose we are here for one cause beard no actually we're here for beer to the rescue brand Hernandez this is something you. Have really taken on this is dear to the rescue. This is something a lot of San Diego brewers have joined you in helping you making Beers to give back to the T lupus foundation of Southern California right. Gastric that's correct and luckily I'm number one making the Beers numbers aren't there also kinda do it wouldn't be possible without them and I'm doing the selflessly because I have lupus but give it. This is really to rally around you mean you have lupus you took a cause and you galvanized an entire industry around used to make beer for that caused that right there I mean. Yeah. You know seriously they. The brewers in San Diego will help out any worthwhile cause it's not just bang them you know me and that's what they've proved it here every morning for my mortgage and possibly other a lot of blesses this. He'll have let's say hello to everybody we are no we have brand here we've got Jeff from thirty to north we've got Kelsey from north park beer we've got to Mike from your project and Brian from Brian brewing well you know what let's talk about the beard because everybody here at the table has a beer they're doing for beer to the rescue something or have been released summer going to be released but you know it's Friday night and start out with a party you brought -- and this beer that we had before and the best for your anniversary knows we just releases pretty close to issue this is your your. Ryan I hear you call it smile X in the hands is by far and probably one of the best labels and San Diego. Thank you it says yeah. I. It into elaborate you know that the names my ex comes from watched it's -- in the 1989 bad man that's the chemical and did you use to incapacitate people wasn't as -- with rejected that tends to and it incapacitate people correct well it's already apparently I wish regarding dealing in capsule needed to pump up 7% rank PA the you know you get a lot of depth of flavor what I noticing in this that I don't remember last time is that right on the back into the there's just like subtle pineapple witness to it yet I think that's coming from the galaxy ops that are in there been noticing this crop year throws like specifically told example like glee execute like fruit cup like I think -- was -- Mike is a dole wins that dole went straight from the plantation and why I guess. I have been lucky enough to have a dull wintry from the plantation Hawaiian had a dull whips straight from the Tiki bar at Disneyland just as good. They've prospects that they make you fervor for validating that that is just as good hear it in Anaheim that it is in Hawaii or in the can from pariah yes I'll take that is so did you do a beer for beard of the rescue yet or exe introducing a new rotating yankees series in the first of which will go towards. Lupus foundation and velocity probe from going smile exit vehement as well and win does that happen since when he now Brandon if somebody wants to find the entire list of stuff is happening from. Or to the rescue in San Diego where is that list live. It's currently growing and it's on FaceBook also on the website here's a rescue dot org and just follow any thing and beer to the rescue B is a grand Twitter or FaceBook it's all there were popularly is slowly so it doesn't overwhelm everybody but there will be are up about forty events throughout the year. How wethy good on you a good year for getting us off the ground and I'm under X more than us and I know I know this area here is a prince fan Bryan you wanna use and darling Mickey's a restored show off but that's that's already point nine. Well sure in the studio today it is a rocket or happy or nobody for it's here we drink with a bunch of my friends from beer the rescue we've got Brian from bribe brewing Mike from pure project Kelsey from north park beard isn't isn't our beer north park your company north part Brcko that we've also got Jeff from thirty to north. Brandon who basically put it altogether beard the rescue benefits the lupus foundation of some in California. Yeah and guess he has to have forty some odd events this year Frey to benefit that foundation one of them just happen and move on to say what what was witnessed it is to. Tuesday was Tuesday yes Judy it's it's Friday how do you expect me to remove them or anything it's happened between now and like an hour ago. Well not only give you beer in his dozen eggs were challenged at the threat that. Yeah I have to theater project where I hadn't hadn't been out there that to do their rescue days so portion of proceeds from the entire day went are constant matter when you showed up you were helping somebody metric and there. You know I loved drinking beer and you know he makes a better drinking beer for a good cause so thank you for doing that by the way how would have come but I had to be here doing you know you don't recall receiving refused he what are you already got some of my money I I but Hildegard revered in the rescue. You know surprised remember or old dude that's that was I you know I remember is there -- excellent and everybody talks about everybody talks about pointy the younger Jesus. To mean that's my favorite San Diego triple IPA easily by far. This year so sweet so delicious so hot so clean for triple IPA should. Anyways I digress we're talking about pure project in the image you guys had UN brewed beer for them. I didn't actually do Revere this year for them we did a beer for you last year and you for a live report that we're here is that I. Dylan have an extra savings time thing mess no justice everybody that's my years. You know being weeded for a device that dragon fruit really bright pink beautiful so you ransom your beer tonight since you had that a wonderful event on Tuesday what are we drinking here the let's what's left from Tuesday the bringing your letters to. I'll do it we've got to there's lipstick on this palace from my KC BC which is Kings County. Burris collective out of Brooklyn we visited them identical lab with them for New York City bear wee bit two weeks before that they came we did it tells there with. This is the second blogger that we've ever done that those are talked tough on cops just really claim. Briskly to delicious and how how is the only hot people in this that this is like eight what are those Beers it's noble smash yeah thank biggest Internet smash logger just feels moan because our malt and hotel block -- then I'll talk Lanka's the German varietal. Sort of in a new school German one that kind of mimics sort of the Nelson solvents when it's in the smile Alex kind of white whiny little creepy you know who's white whiny. You are. Started after a quick because Jeff also brought it kills her and you were expecting to put this on the show but you know what I wanna talk about it because there there are obviously two different schools of thought he's got a single hop blogger what did you for yours ours is tried two with sapphire so we've put just a little bit we try to go a little more towards something that's cleaned and also a little bit hopped. Same thing I mean pills should be kind of simple they should be claim they should be tasty and Crispin I mean I'd chasing there's I love it it's amazing taste in your element it's amazing to its rye and you get a little bit more of with the mall body as opposed to his longer it's it's it's got a four mouth feel to and it could be just the fact that his is really really cold and yours wasn't as cold right is that there's definitely temperature differential in their but and that does this right here is this is on the beach in front value of the nasty sell. Since we're coming up on coming up on a saint Patrick's weaken would you let anybody and put green dye and the spear and gold medal. You bring in experts that purple means it's awkward says the guy with mayor though hold on. There's pretzel has do this foundation purple yeah. And sometimes is mind that they'll. I was that is more. San Diego though please more those 100% and if I can dog accidentally slept rockets as brewers would you guys into right now pills in his right PA and glitter told listeners yeah. And can you know you ask me before what it's like to raise two kids. It's like the studio tonight while. He is overwhelming man. It is a literal happy are already four knighted Jerry would be a whole bunch of breweries that are helping our friend Brandon Hernandez with his beard of the rescue we've got Brian from Brian brewing and Mike from pure project Kelsey from north parred your co we've also got Jeff from thirty to north and it's always clear his Mohawk is purple it's not pink. We've had daddy project falcon pills from your project we've also had Jeff from thirty to north conqueror pills we share of program with a smile XIPA from Brian brewing industry can either be this one I was very curious about because they talked about it last week on the who staff and wide this is if you're you're you're very welcome I almost I a lot of intrigue in the Beers that you're making it appear project because they seem to be a little outside the norm but like cleverly it's like ball. Of course you'd put those together this would be midnight London now this is your. English style breakfast right imperial breakfast it's that Earl -- AT and there was organic bird in my witches orange flavor and I really like this period we did this last year and we did on nitro this one's not an interest sensitive to wait until smooth and it kind of pushes that that aroma and he knows that flavor got to get out of this is you know those we're and they did the chocolate oranges to get around christmastime oh yes the it's a stash then it's it's got that kind of that backhand on the take a little drink so please absolutely be haven't taken a drink I am I'm curious on. How have anyone else in this room had this bureau for no no it's not so chime in on what it. Let you do it cost of those today. Hey did they say eight years you know I I asked him do you take a beer like this Mike and he put little lactose and to give that sweetness because I. I have always had Earl grey tea with milk but I apparently that's a known Al useful to have programs he with a slice of lemon well you know at the end of Bergen mud that its secrecy so I guess either try enemy going at 5050 bar scoring single new. Do you know. You're still not you're talking sexton here right now and I'm I'm curious ruling head injury and 5050. Are we doing it and it. We well we do beards of Vanilla cream now with organic Valencia oranges you know I went and got to just stop stop nobody Darcy does think that I'm I'm no one did telemann had to take his T mean if it comes to. And some cream that's fantastic. Lamb you know it's mind body could see would be there with them and as an out Israel I can investment so you did this last year you brought back this year. Where it's at his words that indeed get what you get that you're not canning this is Sunday to finance the brewery or or whatever accounts and midnight series that we do we did men in Moscow which is. Russian imperialists. We did and then died in. Good lord midnight good lord mineralized zone where I simmered there once in a I. They died in a Turkish prison awaiting an hour hour which was an imperial now so it coconut and Vanilla bean and a coconut Vanilla bean. Was my cell mates couldn't hold it does get a better with him at this point you know you wanted to hear the clash were a play London calling here is the rocket. For a they achieved that there aren't real happy aren't already for nine holes studio full of. My friends from beer the rescue tonight we got pariah brewing pure project north park dear co and that thirty to north we've had some really amazing Beers some four Beers the rescue some not now Brandon you're doing. Forty someone events revered the rescue here in San Diego if we quarterfinals where we find them again I think the best places Butte rescue dot org or degree or fees it pays but you oppose any social media platform. At beard of the rescue all spelled out absolutely love you got this together now one of the events I know just Tuesday Jeff Bewkes time this beer in your tasting room and that's or drinking right now and I know we were talking about it there are wonderful player flavor of the spear has and it's notable he's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And if it. Or nine who's counting. But let's say that but hey it's got this wonderful brown bread dark fruit little bit of brown sugar. I mean it's it's double ish K for K is very fruitcake but it's like you know at least for geeky you are and you know we're for keiki is if I'm almost is over. It's purple pink. That. Idea that I yeah. I can appreciate some applications of thank you and so this beer it's out there right now what physical it is called hearts and thoughts would. Or over branding because. He's a Pearl Jam. Fans and maybe we wanted to do something and ran an ad that kind of thing. Hearts and thoughts that you know I got a perfect song because that's that's from elderly woman from Pearl Jam yes and its we'll play the next how do you think it's. I did at the Arnold ready for night. You didn't hear that did you ever lied brought in Latvia are supported by Mason yours you every day beer for every situation for respect though Mexican blogger it's perfect for days at the beach to their rich smooth cash Imperial County stout as I deal sit around a campfire with your friends makes no horse has encouraged Jeremy would meet tonight is always. Or San Diego craft beer evangels mr. Ken Wright get tomorrow. Doesn't choice bear friends with a we have Brian from pariah brewing that Mike from pure project Kelsey from north park your co we got a brand and from -- the rescue also you've probably seen him writing for other prolific San Diego publications like US coaster what are wells you ready for these days so maybe your news ranching coasts mostly I try to keep them through publications these things are tourists and of course the plan for the society drink and forget about it you're there doing the same time he's also got a new line of children's books about beer and then there's Jack from thirty to north she spill has the great pink purple Mohawk purple. It's pumped in there we have some great Beers tonight for beard the rescue if you want more details under the rescue we can find it that's due to the rescue dot org it's like he's he's done this radio thing before I -- in their last beer Kelsey been sitting their way to quiet all night long now you'd you'd told me at the beginning of the shelves this is not the beer you're doing from being the rescue that beer still being worked on but this is wonderful dessert first of all tell me the beer for beard of the rescue and then we'll talk about this a case. Appeared there askew. The beer's cold hard as hard and what we're doing as declaration of Brandon is a cast conditioning not beer and end will be putting some. To be determined. Ingredient tonight task. So and will be tapping out on May 23 march. Of those two to be determined things like march diesel intervenes. I don't think well he's in the concluded that it was hard knowing that it is hard it is yet up here for us has been kind of been an evolution and you know trying to learn a new style so yeah -- it's an easy EPA with some sutra a mood to wake and some co ops Cleo and San Diego you're kind of known for your idea is in need more than West Coast over right how do you feel hazy on honestly honestly lake I felt like as he's he's ten entered the scene and I sort of deter them did you lose part of your soul. And no I was like I'm not I don't like what's everybody in this four and then Mike Bennett tried a few good ones and Monica. Okay I'm certain understands and you know just. It ended up being an exploration for me as somebody who cut their teeth brewing West Coast IPA as a new frontier to try and figure out to do with the right balance well you know some people might say I mean you kind of helped pioneer what is the session IP these days I'm totally stoked to hear it yeah I mean you know that was 2010. Managed have the opportunity brew a cold beer with the fine folks at us down you know we made this little session IPA because I won their number competition that they put on annually for the American numbers association. And you know nobody is making a session -- back then. No and even making that as Beers for a long time to the fact that you have had you. North park beer because for as long as you've had and you were continuing to grow makes me really happy. So let's talk about this beer you brought tonight what is this now you said this was in the desert yes so I brought deserts of this is a Malcolm's should. Who. Is. Picked up a good. Quickly because you've had a happy endings but it's the more so and she's your own countrymen and petticoat. So what is welcome massage it is delicious by the. I think you so this is our imperial. Oatmeal home mocha stout so bomb we use. You know. A lot of votes and you know try and build up a nice creamy bawdy but it's still West Coast so it finishes strides we loaded up with some really awesome Brazilian over on coffee beans from most sure. And we use two different types of Coca Nieves from Cho there's some gone and there which wins this really nice milk chocolate note and then Ecuador. Cocoa and M skewed view more of this sort of bittersweet Coca thing. And you blow my mind right now hello you re utilizing cocoa and abs absolutely right definitely adds it's definitely it's it's easy to drink but it's definitely deserve what's ABB on this ten point one since. New scanning. Well that is that please show winner right there ten point when I know I don't know what I can add to this guys is something that's just available now you're tasting room we've heard this one every so often from this new duchess pretty fresh. Delicious by the way thank we will find you where we get to that. So stop by the top round we're at 3038 university avenue in north park on the corner of university and I. Classy is placing north part Wellesley was that all right we're done kin anything and done. Too quick to disprove the little head no. What.