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Wednesday, March 14th


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Check again. It into the casual gamers want Gaston all the import items Jeremy Morse casual gamers might ask powered by Coleman university get a game and learn how you. Becoming game developers and game development reprogramming Coleman you know. Go to Coleman's done. For more information hits Jerame Whitney another week Danny survived was it to nor'easter since last night talk deal. Now I spent three man it's been rough enough laps on a alerts. I think celibate and day yeah that you know what's what you do at home the wife is not something any you know mountains are gonna sit the pictures that all the snow you shelled and I I I swear you were you were more manly than I am my head to I department way through. Probably I'd the sixteenth of an inch of rain over the last three days so you know I'm I'm spent as far as what I've got going on. At all back parents but you know it. That's that's part of it fit my profile have a shot of whiskey on me my friend because we're gonna talks right me I have still. Believe it or not being the fan boy that I am have refused to go back to destiny to at this point all my time in my video gaming time. Has been spent playing the Borland two steals still stuck and he's going. Eight in the port all of our destiny are you let me. But I green at that ticket in selection you know now now I have a and I got a level 72. Macro Mansur and I was I was an Alabi. Talking to some other nerds on the game because you know that's how wondered out as I don't just. I don't is dabble in minder Dem I like to go to discord and find other nerds I can talk with. And apparently they were telling you something that it it it for me. It doesn't stop at 72 that now I need what's called OP levels so Tito wouldn't OP level yeah border lands. No honestly I don't it's been a long time since I played says this like this is not something official in the game are you type in about some well that says here's here's what is yours is figured out it's part of their. Is part of DLC that they added to border lands and it lets she makes basically may the game even harder. Then it. What is it that true volt tundra mode really is like that's the bed at the top of it or could be ultimate multi honor whatever it is. With the gonna make it even harder and they they do it through like what's that with like a raided it would be in destiny by the flag what are. Of the team and playing on this hardest level. Every single. Dude I encounter even at 72 is a frigate bullet sponge and you know what. I love bed to pick it. And I I agree our game and uses throw bullets act as and they just stand forever but at least you get a whole lot of ammo while depends on who you are by. Just like that running down and it's it's a great game and I've never tires this developing. Or iron and another is that this this is part of a handsome Jack collection this was everything. That was all the expansions that they made in two more wins to the the macro Mansur characters the there there's a Psycho character. And some X this extra levels they put on I know. I've seen something different Christmas DLC there's moxie saying so they they kind of expand the story Passworder. The the order went to original game laughed off. Al can't while they. They got some legs that an ideal scene this year at the award you know considering people are still buying it because it's still a great deal though yes they did there. Now last a people editor in Allah destiny to you know like a few ideas there seen the price on destiny to right now I think. If you're gonna dabble in the game ten bucks is not a bad price to get into it but. I don't know if destiny is going to win anybody over at this point in its held the decency areas series upgrades and we'll get on to some of the patched notes it's coming in some upcoming update. Later on but I don't talk about you're playing brought to the wild last week talked and you had finished yet have you have you got the game that your system. Yeah Canada I got to taking care of us shortly factories last spoken scientists powered through the last few ours of the game and it really impact impressed me I haven't done deal C yet but it's. I'm just gonna move on to some other stuff for a little while what it it was such a good game eight did you finish it now without. Ruining the ending for me it is. Does the ends justify the means you know when you finally get to face Gannon and and defeat him do you have that that sort led that feeling of yeah. S. Have a clue is this finally. I'd I really felt that way it was just the close to a really solid game with that continuing story line yeah I think he got a little slow in their sometimes. I and I'm a completion so I. I went harder running game and pat you beat our when asked again and of course and I still time left duke but it's just like. I just that made the decision out like I could probably go after now went and it wasn't too bad. It was a good battles and I know some people are complaining that it wasn't. Like this epic thing by federal idle capacity epic it just has to be a little bit satisfying and and at what could against mr. Twelve year olds rights. Remind you can't make it Nintendo hired by a used to Toby girls in those old girls and if it. But it was good so yeah I. If you haven't I suggest you know it's just. Going after and at some point. You know this is fine. That's great in theory but when thing one and thing to our our polling my shirt telling me that there are hungry or that they have to poop or that something happened it's like. I it's it's so hard to get into a game that have to put it down wins big decay at all. So I'm I'm sure aren't enough late nights here that pretty soon and it up get a chance to dig into it but I know you also got into starred you because you you said you were interest in and that you pulled the plug on it. What do you think that's yeah I've seen may have streaming it on twitch and it stick it. That's something. We think gave him really mean your just. Fox. Yeah so like I bought it because just. And bin and some credit gaining farms and and arm started it's so good like you know from the music to the pixel art. I like games like that. And after I played in an article in. At least eight hours. It's. Remember FaceBook. Armed bill or whatever absolutely in farm bills would may farm bill merely point out yet yet exactly. Arm bill made base but while they just sit back and now like let's three point oh it says you farm. You have like little. Story lines that people in the city you mining. And there's a little bit of bad guys so far that's all I've gotten into you. But there's I don't know is there are. As you win at any point I mean do you become likely start to master. This story hasn't really produced anything like that yet you'd say it's yours yeah now and a sitting. These that is racing it's produced firm. And I asked if it it it. And he had to sit there and well I sit on the end of the game. And life and through this it's good enough. That. I you can. Water your garden. And then you can wait. I don't wanna talk he might cinematic than it's got and get your words and allowed you like games like that so late if you like the although our power for you but I don't feel like it's gonna be Islam rewarding game it is out as I spoke. Well last week it kind of like that I own game at age as an expanded upon. And yet I own games are good I am Acer's that I can or. Or meet my game. What the story development you want you want that the music with a cinematic you and everything that that the rest of the wild brought to you so that one's not gonna do in fact I might have something. For you and a second the new releases because he releases are coming out on Friday. One of the big ones you and I have both gushed on this game would probably played a different systems but Kirby are all stars is coming to switch Friday and it's met with a mediocre reviews but as of the franchise. I think reviews be damned I'm gonna jump in on the game. I dislike curving as a character like I've let all of his games. I. I mean comes back from being a kitten I think he resigned game boy first remember playing army's dreamland. He's Siskel character Alec come up so any thing right I eat the things in one giant gulp gulp. I'd I'm informing that that puts me in a nutshell. I eat sick and then he becomes it sometimes her I don't know he spit out stars is cool. It. It beats big fat penguin so you. He. Biggest you know I replaying it never this that I have this this greatness doubt you replaying Kirby games but I honestly couldn't tell you what the hell I was playing the game for what was the the purpose. I know. The reality. Cats and well sorry I don't remember. Dude I don't remember it like to watch a team DD is a bad guy just I don't know like King Kong or it was. Are Kong the eighty Khan who ever Kang was that a Mario buy it but SN. You know DD was the bad guy and Kirby had the CE eighty for dreamland so you know it's just. I don't yet Dini more than. Now about that I don't think I don't but in its funny could also Friday and other reminiscent. Titles being released burnout paradise they've remastered re mastered it PS four and and Xbox. Andy you're tell me you played that game right. Yeah I don't remember how many hours are on its was that a husky history you can probably tenement pizzeria and see it. Life. SPS three games that are coming back around to. Get releases on PS force like you know game manufactures are having trouble keeping up with the consumption so let's shut this game remastered. He had named in a movie industries in a saint here I you know there is a Tomb Raider movie coming out as well on Friday. Out and the that's right that might of what I need this what is not Angelina Jolie. Yes of the sat by donation to candor right she's around she's from. Oh like dignity is. You talk about. Stephen Hawking Steelers it's. Not. Like last year Craig. Wait the one about his life. Yet RO MI and manage it's they can see the picture of them laying on the blanket in the stars and all that stuff IRI. Yeah. It was it is certain diet from. That the Harry Potter fantastic beats it by. Day day am I brand of all I cannot think of what it was. So. What's it with Saddam. And I remember the name but it swears he is. The he's a woman ray. He you wait you were to totally different direction from its up at. The living US. Well fine where we're like we just destroyed as part of it but that it. She's also in combat robot but he you see outlined. I'm doing a really bad job means right now thanks Jamie. Did that those that did it does on my problem do you. Yeah we've we can't remember Shea and I haven't had about what's whiskey and well I think another shot and jog your memory. I just take a shot and let's ST so announce theory of everything. Was the Stephen Hawking movies that we were talking. It says she is in theory of everything I. You you've got me do it might need to hear it incidentally did exactly where I was setting felicity Jones. Oh you know it and screw that up says she is and another movie with sag and and is that one of the Danish girl. Oh and not seeing very tainted Danish Cheryl cook also has. In the guy who played Steven Hocking whose name is. Years gains. Mimicking a the debt. Eddie. Just do it just watch it it's awesome and seized the enjoyed it. Oh that's right that will be messed me up dude at the end of that I'm not gonna standard and you know if he'd never seen it. The day I watched that whole thing and just that the last ten minutes I was like or. Adam audience filler. It's. Watch it yeah I think it's on Netflix Dell problem is that though if not it'll be in rotation but does this Tomb Raider movie here's what I like about it. It's it's from what I've seen it's ditch the the Angelina Jolie glitz and glamour of what an action movie that has a female lead. Is always been throws to the curb. And takes in more greedy approach that the absolute latest series of Tomb Raider games has kind of introduced into the matter of what to rigorous. Rank it went from that blade your team and deceit sort of world CU lick them much mark. Gritty. Dark. And honestly ebony and opinion gains but the style of it is our food and I know. Like stop right there because you like storytelling so much you like character development I cannot recommend. The new to greater high enough highly enough for you because a talk about getting lost in just. Somebody who was thrown into a situation is forced to toughen up. And just deal with all these things it's it's an amazing story it's an amazing challenge in the storytelling is just it's awesome. I'll I'll. Make it at top of my key for the next purchases probably give our man fifth and yeah it. Now let's act like upbeat blindly Friday that yes yeah yes we we deftly can't have too many games packed up and Q. Kind gonna like the fact we both have blood born and now ratcheting crank sitting in our Q right now since PlayStation plus. Has offered that up as the free PlayStation four games for the month of march. That also mixed with some interesting. News that they are now going to. Discontinue free games for pulled vita and PS3 that. I was actually. Taken surprise by mean they finally starting to let go of the old the the old technology and move on do you think this is kind of the first signaling of maybe the next generation PS for a PS five. I'm mixed on it I mix on the decision. I can think that it's probably just. They're setting a precedent you know like we're not gonna do this forever guys like net PS or is been out for a long time. Vine so I think that that's okay it has been it just shows that it in his bed nets sucks but a date that's all. That of vita is dead switches year. That the does that and switches here and it's not only can algae should have are even worry about so. Bought it especially with everything that's happened to you thome over the weekend and I have a team are by switch up all week. That over the weekend they got a new OS update this is the 50 you said it was. Yes so I'll OS five though and it's got a number of Texas a and now where. Attack is a Twitter and and and it in any of year FaceBook Twitter trends have EU. Had errors link also and yulia a link up that way no more of this throwing a thousand digit trend codes or any other which. It's just ridiculous money. Sixteen digit friend codes or whatever the hell was I think they'll we have two friends on switch because of that but now that I know that that I need of data and see welts on my FaceBook. Friends list has switched like an action start playing some games dozen people need to work you want Mario Kart still. Absolutely. And by the way you'll die I agree that each year earn number oh now and now. It has been out all we can put some wagers down yeah Austin that that or I think we should probably start to practice our super smash Brothers because that's on switch and that seems to be something. That the. Yeah so that's and it cost me a lot of controllers can do it without a tribute snatched up. A daddy's passion control errors. At the net and I didn't it's gonna is that it pilot of those you are pro. Pros which controllers at least allow our rope if he comes in row. No doubt their separate pro controller that you can I have to switch Sikes sixty bucks right at the black like. It's like a full console sides controller IDC that are rich. Okay I don't talk about I I thought they are making a rugged version of the little ones in my room read anymore where. I I mean I wouldn't put it past and and Derek sensor is masters. Well you know if you want more money out of my pocket does give me something made in in carbon fiber or titanium and I'm done equitable together just take my money take my money Nintendo. I a couple of other big now I ask that piracy that I that that we should probably covers the fact that everybody's been talking about the division in the fact that they are starting to trickle out all the details for division to exactly what. We don't know at this point as far as I've seen but there has been a lot of stuff going on with the division one game I think they're doing a a world of it like every week and right now as the start to build hype for their release of all the details for two. So did you have division I just let all absolutely I I bought into the hype of it being destiny killer. And then we and realized when destiny to came out the division wasn't the destiny killer the division was the destiny to a killer. Because with all the updates they've made in that game since released don't know how honestly tell you. The division at release was a play input down game there was and watts are there once minutes dark zone you've got the idea what that was about it was more like well okay. A medical find something else to do right now that complete destiny because this this just doesn't offer the replay value they don't lot updates. And what the raids are in that game in the event that they do and just the did this stuff you get it's still not a super rewarding game like. Where you get a Gallo horn after spending 26 hours of grinding it. It's like small increments so you never really feel like you get that giant power boost is just it's gradual putt. Still it's many really fun game to play in the wake of destiny to. Being somewhat of a disappointment or shooters. Yeah I love that division. Win I mean I loved it like it was so I loved old story enough. That environments armed and them mechanics it was really good. And that's hearse what is it ten hours a unit kind of cloud through the city. Were really fine and then it just heater and I know there are lots of problems and I didn't really do TV you much 'cause that's on our problems. Armed so. I wanna get back and shooting at a little challenging of course with everything else that's out there and and you and I uninstalled it ala bi. But I really hope that. Ruby makes division tune late start ironic it now. You know here I don't like this. First peak and then backdrop. And you know I I just wanted to be up there and snooze. Game play within a good and community. I think it Ubisoft can learn anything of what bungee has learned is being careful how much you hyping game. Because if that does not deliver at the level at introduction that you leave the last game that. You're just has an off the community and that that's been and that that's been a lot of talk on the dusty credit is that. A lot of their patch notes for this upcoming release in the sandbox change. Rings the state of destiny to closer and closer to destiny one now they are making some weird decisions like. One of the things they're updating is that all competitive matches in PBP. Are going to lose radar. Which was something that was that was really popular. On destiny one there was there was the inferno playlist where you lost your radar and there was also that spooky. Trials they did but now. All competitive modes and trials no radar. So now yeah I honestly it is just as people off absolutely but that bats did live in my opinion. Well here's the thing is it's I think it's gonna be a little bit of good little bit of bad if that's the bad if you see what they're doing with some of the sand box changes all like the base. The damage rates for the weapons that are being used them much. Are coming up to what the level of your heels gift is their their buffing and they're balancing in the also speeding up game play bass movement for all characters. Is going up so once again one of the things we complain about destiny twos were not moving as fast as we were destiny one were gonna get some of that speech back. In this new up debt. Which honestly readings on the patched notes makes me excited to play the game again because. That mix in the fact that these super charge is going to be cut down I think with some dumb number elect a minute forty or mid twenties going to cut off. Your supercharged which if you didn't get any hills and you were you were playing really bad. Mean you get a super about every five minutes you cut that down you know also mix and master works stuff mister c.'s super salaam warriors are getting that power fantasy back and I think that's. Derek they're my friends what's gonna make destiny good again but of course they're also gonna need a huge kick in the ass when it comes to whatever their common releases in the fall. Delivering some really really game changing content. He had an enemy to do something big to drop people back in commented as essar is filled up again with which is not just a hard cores the but thank casuals you know 'cause. As tough for me and I'm not married and became. I do in this playing Eddie. This getting a chance to play with you so hopefully it'll give us all reason to come back into the game I'll probably get into it. Quicker than you Wilson is this these days this this update goes through just because. I want a reason to play this game again in a viking regained some of the power panacea had destiny one. I'm mall it but you know what if it doesn't hold true on the right back to border lands a bit of games to play I want to try blood borne still. You haven't done but barn. No odd man no no no no no no no I have enough games but I believe that wind is kind of dangling out there in the ever reverse until I get a chance to plug it in and it's been some time grinding. And get punished enough first. Ten minutes and at at at. All right it is time for us to wrap this up casual gamers are by combing university master the software encoding in the game ministry take your passion for video games to the next level. Learn how you can become a game developer coma university classes start every ten weeks on their double avenue campus go to Coleman dot edu for more information Danny you got anymore whether his story filing a Sig by his snow for a little bit. Well there might be weather here but I'm Hadnot Vegas and a few days so oh Larry I just weighing down to San Diego it's a lag. I have man upbringing that the rest of this bottle of whiskey and I'll I'll finish here I'll just bring it down and we'll. I got some stuff this week remember and.