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Thursday, January 11th


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So there I am. New Year's Day united sand basement I was gonna view. Teams I'm excited about for twenty team rank and realized. Actually some things I can't yet talk about like weddings are going to be going to that aren't even announced people don't another reminder not. So I was like I'll pull back pull back be bank. So I was I hit just scattered so does that every 2018. So much adventure I can't wait to share a few guys and everybody immediately was like. Don't pregnant so well I knew all along user pregnant and make you pay so if you're not pregnant are you think about it anyway can't did an angry and that got bothered and did you. Know that he's New Year's Day you can have a baby on New Year's Day. You did say it's about the balance that. I did Lara donating like why why would you do that ruling while. Read a lot of things we don't advocate. All you'd be real would mean that. Now you have the attention I always line up like that you love and attention today I would love it you'll love it. Anyone who loved it Chris we we want to miss it yeah are joined by Andy by the way and hey is done. I realize. You're in the event and I did it act and a as for us. I caves like these I guess literally have no idea what happens Enron the mystics every six think you rice is great year 19761776. The 1976. Or 760 doesn't everything here on the calendar is crazy I was on her idea remember they hear on the calendar that's the year I was born. And he rates the world my presence in 1976. Now marble top for money up eleven years later. I was born and now it's crazy timing so any joining us today he's going to be here for the overall conversation can we talk about putting 32018. And also so we have second. Third spots on last jab I but remind let's introduce Andy Andy Langer joining us from. See any angle comic con unofficial and official blog official blog you know when you've got wanna say. That unofficial blog foresee any comic until they know how careful they are it's it's ST CC. Unofficial blog that's how Erwin knows it you're one of the many writers there. Yes yes there's there's about maybe a dozen of us give or take depending on whose coming or going. But yeah I've been reading with the blog for about ten months now that's great I still relatively new. But you made your last year's convention the thank god you know. That was that was actually the most fun I've had. Because I was actually involved with the blog but. I was going to the Arizona comic con every year and a buddy of mine kept. Posting pictures where K I just minutes stay in leave. Over it by eight. Exhibit called G you know just coming out of a men's room. And I message when they say how do you find out about these things you know and how do you know where these guys are going to be any says. These are some Twitter accounts to follow and one of them was the ST CC up unofficial blog that followed him for years. Got all the good scoops until finally I'm like hey. Guys and I wanna write for you do you are you guys looking for writers and our editor Kerry said yes we're always looking for writers so. I know other note. Because Alyssa and I had a blast at comic con last year and that was her first line. Alicea says now is roughly part of the shall not really she's not because this is part of Harden on. But if you do you discovered that two of us a lot during comic con because we were also while goofing off. What does that take for like someone like Alyssa. Who meeting comic con last year was their first ever and they loved going to all these different events and they're like wait a minute I can write about that. I can help me apart how can get attached. Which you guys in. And if they can join the team how they do that well if you go to OS TCC blog dot com. That's the SE CC unofficial blogs say there is a contact us link. You can either shoot us an email you can tweet us at SD underscore comic underscore con. Or you can find us on FaceBook. Just do in Facebook's search for ST CC unofficial blog you'll find us. There are very many different ways to contact Dennis any or all will get to us eventually. If it's during con season basically any time. Between march and June 5 and but we'll do our best to get back to you can't promise anything but we'll do our best well once. The middle of June hits where we're priest who else fault when now's a good time in January February march things are slow things are pretty chill. The holidays weren't that chill forest because. Comic con in national decided. He we're just gonna throw a bunch of stuff out you know right before the holidays and a couple we'll just take a take this time off. But for the rest of us you have restless bloggers. Now we're rumors we're still watching the news still watching everything. 2017. Was a unique year because there were technically for bad sales. Since everything was so late for the 2017. Time. They didn't have to bet pastels I think January or February. So. We had a bad cells we had to kind. And then they had the bad sales for 2018. In November and December Karzai October and December. So. Technically we had four bad sales and here. We account a kind between. We've already published our first under the tents which is are just general announcement. Peace that we do wrong. We are if publish the first one for two Tony eighteen we publish our first wonder post because we do want to content we do the same thing for wonder Kanye we publish that. We also have another news article that we published on nine Nick Hardwick. For SE CC twenty more Schroeder. Wait Nick Hardwick. None the posts I'll resign now giving him Ireland yeah you're right yeah as a pirate. Regardless it is uncharted and yeah. OK yeah I'm just an hour here I just fell asleep. And Chris Hardwicke. He's he's always do everything every inning and Brian they're doing everything and I'm not. So he just put out. What he's going to be doing this year already on my gosh so if you go to ST CC blog dot com you can check that out. We've got articles or information or any efforts when he team. No rest for the weary here man you guys were a really great resource for me last year I it's sometimes we get real nerdy. And sometimes. Sometimes yes and no I mean lately usually subway you don't like. When you're like obsessive compulsive. Like crazy nerdy you know to me like this could be don't share of the people we like I. Do you realize that if we don't have an. Other publicly ask don't but I hate like Bryce we'll tell you analysts will tell you to like I was I was actually printing out maps. From San Diego comic con blog of light stuff that was going on and and I also had like a legend. On another sheet of paper of other stuff on that wasn't on your map. It's like asserted adding you're maps that I had your map plus stop by at a and I came into Willis settles my eyes so to see you know this is what comic con is there's a lot going on she's finally. Had her moment of like. Yours and cook. Did you get that deer in headlights oh absolutely yeah yeah yeah. Let's guys I used all your guys as resources lash your per share any of these anything that you know about that we don't. Seriously tweet at us she is a message let us know because we. We wanna know everything I have then. Thank you contact with Alonso and I don't know if you guys have connected yet maybe FaceBook. But. Kill investor interest in talking about how would things those guys have their comic classic comes at an April that's a huge event yeah so. And that's again and exits more. It's what I think is when one day and other but it it is it is is more about comics yes you can you can go there with ten bucks. Lee with a stack comics this tall I every none of them. Nana and go in order so you think that they leading yet but so let us. Does give an X finish to our friends there a lot of the Nunez and Matt don't heard from a of this little fish how would studio. But they are also guys that are involved. I'm Matt is like one of the the head guys forest city you comic fast. Com and both of them are big time. Jack Kirby fans I know the time people who are like me and marble that Kirby brown didn't let me Disney legend yeah. Jack Kirby. Below the long going and a real enemy didn't lead to. Especially Bob Marley anyway but late in those two guys are so. Passionate about creators and taking care creators and taking care of the art CNN comic fence is. For a lot of people who feel that comic con Los its heart I don't feel that way I understand what they're saying and it's so Hollywood or whatever whatever. If you feel its losses hearts any comic fast I think is where your look but. You know I think we should all we could just go above that I answered yes and I would totally agree with that any if you're looking for the heart. Of comic con. The true artists the the right years. Go go on to the exhibit floor getting artists that I really don't see them yeah. Pelosi and there are there I promise you there there. And I of last year I don't know what point did you just. Talk with them Cilic and get to know them talk about their work and I would say. 98%. Of them are just down to earth personable they wanna talk to the people they wanna get to know them even. The big time artists that are drawing for Disney. Has been things I think they know it's you at least in their business at this point. That going to cons as part of the job and I you're viewed in you don't want to be there you you shouldn't be so I think for the most part I think that the professionals there. I think that even though they are doing their for a job and they want to be guarantees so you know. But be cordial people I've never had that experience now all stoked to have talked TU gas of the type the celebrities that can you know you can't stand you in fear of quotes by. They can go on dinner or no one's gonna nugget hounded by photographer's model. They're stepping into this round I always loved walking through artist Allie Jessica can tell you and I it's usually preview night because is little more chill. I love walking up down artist Alley I see any artist or writer that I enjoy like I've read their work wherever I literally walk rate it has to pay. I like your work on runaway satellite your work time. You know whenever and I just like this and I don't I never even honest now like hot because I got lucky going at things I don't do. Bubbly little butterfly like ads while you are now. Thank you I like yourself. Coming up I'll hang up. I'll style stand there and talk to the artist for a couple minutes and I'll go back to artist's Alley or small press two or three times. Because one of the reasons I love writing the under the tents articles. Is part of that part of the process of that is just scouring the Internet scouring social media for anybody who's announcing anything that has to do with comic con. So I'll. I'll discover an artist whose work that I really really love whom I knew I loved it I just didn't know who they work. But then I'll see this artist make an announcement I'm gonna be iconic kind in part is Sally yet table dot dot dot. And I'll write it down you've got maps and now he's spreadsheets now. A Lebanese you know artists and you talk into on. Things stuck for a long time and their assistant says hey certainly pleased that aside and insecurity comes in like sir you really need to go. Oh god 089. Yeah I. I hope they'll be back in this year meanwhile the artist that I like AA and among the only yeah I had. The last year. Sure should have been linked to one of the most amazing years as we just really like I mean you know. He would sit down with rob life Elden. Revver Kuerten at the same time and liked to host the shark unify a party like you guys boasted about their eyes and and night interviewing eye and Ziering and having carried off from her fish tacos case I was hungry in light. And then us now with light slight it's just. I I don't think about all my comic cons like this that's the year last year that I was the most. Like I was the guy from the camera and sent a guy that's like always money from point a to point B and writing a blog post that. And I don't mean like last year. Was bigger more than you just unique but that was the first time that I was the guy in front of the camera and just doing at all that was crazy I was in the unique per share a we. I was about to leave to go down there and at my new wife gave birth it's supposed I think in the economy. I had unions now that you'll never forget. I'll let my idol is the words in this doubt. I'm Lisa would like that I I and the idea I didn't have year old with me but you do your settlement that I was I was occupy Iraq I don't know occupy us. Sunday here sens gonna be in fair begun my debts kept saying that he missed it this. It was well you know well as long as he's good. In this day and San Diego like I knock on wood it will. He let's go to go to come comfort birthday every year sidebar. Just an Irish realizing it was a year ago we were into the Padres fan fest oh yeah and we met up and Alyssa came out and you brought Siri and and they were too its literally break for stock and that was a we take a look yeah Herbert doc get your Israeli announcement yeah it was I was like that was a year if true. It's kind of go and a baseball round a year ago she was a kid she was like a little like a little to choose king and her leg was easily a year older McNabb went statement. Your daughter I just remember that from your guy yeah yeah. So sued Evans Tony team. Yeah Tom. It's going to be your year. EE is I was blown away I did a blog post about it and then last week forgive me guys it was coming up souvenirs and I don't know where he burnt like fried and I and prices like. Cass announced late. I but dating and why. If you start. I'm starting and prizes like okay mental patient so. We're like a little bit late to drop to go back to that article so we're gonna. Referenced gamespot my articles weighed down on our website summer. What do you make movies no big news this week black panther. They just think it's went on sale and sold out crazy outpaced. Any moral movie ever dare us a war was last on the since toll outpaced yeah via. What do you think about that Andy. You know. I can see why would with the current political climate and social climate gets in the way they are actually. And now here you've got a movie where if who are just gonna say it's not white washed. It now is definitely not it's not a white washed marvel movie. Where you've got may be the token minority so thrown in somewhere that this is a movie that is. For specific audience and that's specific audience has been clamoring for something for a long time something decent. Something that vacancies there's that they can go out and see. And I can totally see black panther being high on the biggest. I took a toll ARIAD and he's saying but I think. Even if we. You wanna just take the scope wider. It looks cool it looks like it's got style like idea it looks at eight you know it looks Gramm. I think that been a factors gives it something that's hard to quantify. But he needed didn't have that. It would this is it just looks rat and looks (%expletive) cool I think it was an amazing and as. On on and on and on another spectrum is just that there's pure fan spectrum not as. A lot of members wreck caller I know that's what Andy was being sinful about cannot now and his. Coming from an urgent being a white guy who grew up loving black panther. As a fan I am so excited icing his trailer like oh no I'm in there's been no pointed trailer around like that's not why can't there know every step of the way Mike. All I'm in law mean enemy enemy enemy and I was a first comment I ever bought was black panther because it Justice League. We evaluation reliably appreciate beauty wrath. Whether they are. I highlight. And I like the non white lodging that's a big factor. You don't realize that stuff. And as a white person who's entitled if you're like liberals why that would looks like me. You don't realize that you have empathy for friends like yeah I don't just be an Asian hero and a movie who wasn't made the some hopeful master and you know right I would like that Tim why they might have for you true. They got a fight on you know Helen had a gallon yet I'm not that went way. You have you catch a bus and as the child who we've already been introduced you but they're not shy away from. The black panther casts and all and his sisters and a prominent in the movie she's not even. Quote unquote thinking or the queen but she will be something if she's a bad ass. On this billions movie is missing his storm and it doesn't need an add edit store and all the way. It does it fit but did just throw black lightning in there disarm and you know let's. I now I now is complicated. But just you know it's CW. My. Do you think what to Daimler soldier macabre incidents. But so it was Ibaraki yeah yeah it now it makes a lot of sense to bash and stand I like that I haven't imminent interest. Yeah yeah they're really let. Let me leave something in the theater I think so they showed in the trailer you're gonna see a lot of the politics of the African nation which is a lot of your African policy is great stuff in there. I'm especially with. Decree actor Michael B Jordan he's yes he's good at being. He's gonna bring that whole like war mongering Africa. Yeah that's kind of being exploited by the white man. Not you which is cloth and he seemed client trailer. But I think we'll just be one aspect of the overall story I think that's the main art no because this leads into avengers a third war. Yeah that's true. Yeah it is very that's why the name emerged out of it until you are is in what conduct. We have to get there this yeah and be asked to get us there does there there has. I said I am tip move on. Just just in greater. Scale instead Wear you down up at 88. Yeah I'm excited. Any as should videogame movie but it's him it's them John removing. OK okay is and my interest in the Tomb Raider remake has been. Mean. Remember ever affirmed. Three. We have notified the etc. the podcast though I like at least in the candor I like her as Laura I think that look like that's great billing looks great. She's a fantastic actress any front she looks so familiar and a lot of stuff she was. That they that their arm. Don know at least send and end Pau in the movie with did the robot Naimi the robot you right. Have a CNET Messina Christina yes other I act after she's also in a bunch of other stuff but. The day that trailer you see it looks like the Tomb Raider game that got re launched back a couple years ago in like 2012 yeah. Very action adventure heavy she gets stranded on an island and honestly. I've watched speed runners play a game it's like torture porn isn't Laura gets beaten is she the entire game. You're like avoiding spice and your boarding Iraq's you're doing everything just destroying you and killing you out right so this movie looks like. She's gonna get really messed up downing of their cell beat up our hands on I. New Pacific grams. Yeah excited I like big action movies. I agree I reached relaxed the first one a month or so ago and it's not great no that's that's the thing though like I'd like this is fine but not those that line didn't Musial. I don't know. I don't see much in the trailer that's of the other it would spin no he just seems like more. But you know like that attitude you must now I held its good because if if I if I get news is with us you great. I loaded a monster you know moving your carbide gas is that we just ship on everything that we're expecting we're very excited because I'm excited for me it's just suck it we have. Like. We raved about black panther yeah we did it and you can't tell evidence of life but I will say when we reset this podcast. Navy nurse couple months and we went to this couple weeks of like our it would just knock and talk about DC movies and we're not gonna do because every week was just sitting. On how bad this right how that it is okay you know OK and I'm gonna go on record and say I'd like the DC movies. Okay yes you want to apologize I like Justice League I like wonder what ever really crossed her liking suicide squad. I don't ask those guys like you and I love so I'm not Matty ice and his and to me connect. I expected it to be exactly what lies. You can expect more Joker like everyone else in the world know it from the trailer is very rare right but the news that sources as squad is that those three are back Will Smith are Roby and Jared let our back I'll begin fitting in his bright sequel you know his catalog once David Ayers what are you looking more authority of the new suicides got the new bright and Susan as one. Okay. Miami and Canada. Yeah I opinion on the on the whole suicide squad thing was it was launching a franchise for a if you wanna bring movies into an agreement to edit it. It's launching its own suicide squad franchise kids. You throw it and you've got what an error is ignorant you are energizing guy dead shall there's another franchise so. I think the only that we talk about it it's a drizzle the past we get to last and I though how can now many movies can we get this tale that the IC just in the weeks ago as we originally. It reduces as well as I've it's felt like he was the tale of two movies. Yeah I felt there was yet here and I want to know which one of them was winning out. But I'm creepy watching I just didn't you like I. But still Bryce I like watching elect a watching MTV back in the day a little disjointed sort. They get a little this little of that kind of run and there's a difference between now it's nice feel about Hamas and on time and I'm paying fifteen dollars and parking and driving matters you know right up I I I saw in the theater I loved it. And of course is gonna make you more Joker that that's how they sell movies. Finishing opposite the grim uprising if he does have John going in and sell. Yemen's with some are just it's really sad and this next one. On step four. The did you read about yet. Yes I did you do have not read ready player on loved it you know I. I have nine. And I want to now I just wherever now Matt Abbott duties went down I see it before on I don't know for reading free Syrian before personally I can't read a book once I seen a movie I get impatient that they like Harry know what's happening skip. I love this but I want all thrown try to read again and they'll be able to do before receiving anybody listening to his podcasts ready for their one comes out in March march 30. It's a Steven Spielberg movie which is perfect it's absolutely perfect. Meant for him to be directing this movie of all things. But if I don't wanna say anything else but if for everybody who is like Andy. Seriously read this book. Before receiving an anchor ABC Marie Reba I think this this is going to be a movie on TV won my copies are how many copies I have ever see so many cool Spielberg references than that it's. Him doing it. And I think it's it's his way to make that a cool action movie that all of us all at the same time is like. But in Spielberg. And all these characters don't remember all these all affected your life well how solid tee guys are quick to not give any spoilers but imagine if that Steve Jobs the creator of apple imagine if he had died. And on his death he had a will and his will because he was the most richest man on the planet you Eddie gotta mix Steve Jobs and Willy Wonka right. So anyway he's thing was is I'm not gonna give my money too money. Family I'm gonna give my money to whoever discovers the secret like whoever finds Newton did entrance of the maze or whatever. And what he had to basically created in his world was instead of like the apple two season he created. Virtual reality are like deal what basis is what this thing it's called a put on these rigs. And you go into the waste is ugly weir she's one step away terror there are so close right now and these kids in I think it's like 2020s when the movie takes place bare all chase seeing. This guy's childhood because all the clues he grew up in the seventies and eighties and so it's all clues from eighties movies and music. There are official playlist to go along with reading the book. Because of all the music that he. The guy hero this is a constant. Pop culture reference it's a constant boom boom boom. And like one scene is like early on his ass on drive in the Delorean and and I fly past bold Tron and Adam fighting a power ranger Erik what I. And it's great for you can't and that that's in all the recent. So I really excite RNC in the movies. I'll want him. They're not gonna. The night really all the characters they need to really do have a book they got. It's an old he had looks like they go out hot and got a lot of characters. For a lot of ID Disney onboard. Yes I'm not alerted our giants walking around then yeah guy. Since. There's going to be a lot of Mac there'll be a lot of enemies stuff I I'd like that guy there's no way this movie main Abbie is as it is a possibility is not perfect it's not great. No way won't be fun I just overnight zealots that's yeah. Willing anybody mentions ready player one on I remember is the bag controversy from comic kind 27 teams might not. I thought what what what ridiculous thing to get upset over what do they do their back everyone's nit picky but the baggy get what was the saying that the bag for a declare one was quote unquote. Two plane. It was just it was ready I want yeah yeah ray player won in in its own script its own foot. What's that it was it was adamant is this what yeah. Vampire hunter show on TW colors look natural. I always an N network than anything supernatural runners I always get that line and always liked. The airline. They don't want to trade means. So I am I need to do this kid is we're not ending the show but we do you have to you. Rocket along. So of the second half has podcast seems rushed I apologized okay this quiet place let's get you now and I realize that no such an image be punished to major laying. New immunity has been moved from this year of April 13 when he Tina as I sit here. Two you may between nineteen. So it's not coming out for a full year leader the most personally that we and I don't know what and the problem is is that it's getting great. Early reviews they're actually really excited about him earlier view already does not think they've got testing and holiday test with the markets and there any end there they're getting great. Feedback on all of the marketing spending marketing that's one of the things real a year and they're making a big decision here and on and get into this. So they're moving this there are also gonna make it more scary they're going back smaller scary and that's they're gonna do it. For a full year honor we I don't know why Mazie Williams can look real young and has moved quickly. Yeah all the leaves into you. The other announcement came today the two of three from fox. The black widow blood dead pool is now moved up two weeks to dead pool is replacing unions on the calendar garden and not all be coming out a week. Before Disney's Star Wars are Hans solo the solo film. And bold that's very bold fold very bold but you know I. I'll tell you right now if one movie if there's one movie fans wanna see. And that even pig go toe to toe. With a Star Wars film dental it's dead pool you don't hear I'm thinking right now in my heart commissar course and I'm like. I think dead pool to. Russia is back on solid I think Adrian -- I agree and I'm gonna meets in the mid to amateur in between you two guys accelerators and I think that early stuff on the console movie is not that basically people are well they've. It's weird to disk I have into it there's a movie that they can feel confident people are just gonna seep out. Think it's about yeah I mean we will all that bad I belong body it's slick and well even even be on the heels. All made about a bunch of money in the overall bad movies that third part of today's announcements was that gambit has lost its directory and I was in Asia and give it is so quiet I was gonna give us that article and this rights don't do it handy to have down. But he Mayo and I actually want that movie come out and we've done some way by that is I come out like to shut up man. Channing Tatum give it has lost another director of the third one by the way. I know how chanting and still involved. Don't wanna do you know it's always. Unsure pardon my French junior year I records but like I mean that the point is. Like I think it'd be like any change in your fifty. We're not gamma gamma is it's gonna be that you know that pink elephant you know drag an honest chance hurting and that same thing again. On some other quick news has run this clock stopping him. It was yesterday at the door director of the first dental movie. Saying he is in production are moving forward with a key pride who via fox an X main Katie pride movie and here and it was like. Well it I was like Arnold I'm Rosemary explain the Indy. When you announce a merger or buyout actual low long process before that happens ending you have to operate. Business as usual. And so I don't part of fox motion pictures is still operating under we are fox pictures and we have to make movies in. They're gonna move forward try to make it Katie Brad movie I'll say think they're gonna keep but they're gonna keep expense separate at the very least for a long time. Yeah I don't think he'll be owned by Disney you're slowly let me get your money be our due to the top hits yeah pressure. Pressure. Let's he lists must get ahead a movie. We'll get you way we can caskets of troops in no way of skipping it would come back to the veterans coming out this year yes there was news today we are first look. Briefly kind of of him as we saw him and he signed with a hat Simon's he's red jacket any as T shirt knowing as a peace liberty right nosed kid he's a. Reporter we saw him as Eddie Brock. Sosa is and Tom hardy holding of his paper yet we saw Tom hardy accurate reporter and Asia are drilling now it. It. In. That was huge crowd in south follow first off like wow that's a big comic con or whatever that are not concerned Republican column that that was the result one. Brazil con yeah that was the result comma kind of from just couple weeks ago months ago whenever it's huge crowd that is like three hall agents who isn't the kind of mess manic comic con itself is. I against trademarked marriage must see T him after you know print yes Cuba and history I think. That's another room. Or kissing an official and unofficial and has a it gonna go the whole Marshawn Lynch generally fine thank you again yeah which it shares of Anaheim and some veterans coming in. October remembers me later this year in. Let's not connecting to Spiderman it still intrigues me like where. I think they wanted to log on space they actually announced it they announced during the panel that two story lines that it'll take off yeah. Leave university international was. We had protector he goes is Sam CE he is adamant agree I would try to be not a Bill Clinton. So goes San Cisco in the ninety's and tries to become anti hero. And there's another story by the same right here where he gets sent into space or something in my. Having discussions with the Simeon Ferraro mama how do you could do remember out of. Only the super calm and can that they said they're doing it without Spiderman Ali engine that I'm now an but if I flash Thompson them. As a month. Cans Spiderman show up in a sequel to venom is that a possibility and they can do an on again yeah it's and it would it be Tom Holland but they have to do is a different. What did Tom Holland yeah. So it's possible it is they just wanna do one movie. Cliff like EA you can do one movie but the end game has to be. Aced by commanders is that well to remember this venom movie is not based off of the Spiderman movie being successful necessarily its movies are now. This really been an illness it's amazing Spider-Man to beat him right like. Perhaps the secret six movie the movie in Iraq. Craven hunter movie it's like arcane guarantee bias. I beg. I'm I'm lost between like big beautiful evening focusing on the given yes Oprah's out and out movies this is your president. And I don't I don't believe you don't acknowledge it to be this elephant in the room. Like hey who's the good guys you always spot like is he not does he doesn't exist right now I don't know whether you maybe that is saying maybe he's on TV maybe they have like caveat that make me happy like he's on TV is its auditing and top brass and me that would just make me happy I got if that happens I you rationing its super troopers to comes out equally big guys please don't think there's an N anchorman to situation but it probably will be made us I don't thinks. I don't know yet broken lizard is still doing their own even I was even their bad movies are pretty dad well no offense but this was also crowd funded movie these guys they're big they're Alitalia is yeah oh yeah so this is gonna be. I daily fine it'll be used think of the common he's got to be way different eyes someone who is turning forty next month and like. The first movie came out when I was in my twenties late twenties I'm signing as like finance opening scene of any movie. You know things yeah I mean upon a lover. Littering and see my whenever it came out that's pranks I would've pulled back then I would like all this is brilliant yeah now it isn't like high ballots inconvenient and I like how. What are they get second draft as well as I find that there's any easier to meet in just called him a chicken bunker. Are okay media. To Tommy Favre because I am and the guy that I'll still be this year yeah. Our farm. I'm getting a large farm large coal. Biggest one. This is Kennedys and the avengers it anywhere yearly thing is to be the biggest on here may fourth will let literally bigger I don't know Saturday I'll deal would be hand solo but he then certainly that's an excellent year wedding did it did I hear you right he said may fourth right now. Think about will be funny enough yeah. That I desired it to put remotely out on May the fourth. Do you give a metaphorical middle fingers used to wars. You know when you own at all you know it's all yours and I'm an excellent line you know it's truly dead apple two as our next when I'm Marie talked about it not a solo is the next one mates when he fit no this is a Lebanon is that the old list so he deserves to these changes on gadget but the hunts all the when he does commander in demand out and I'm saying man I wanna see I think it's gonna be really bad things that. I'm trying to racing here. And I can't remembers first name Lastings lover he was thank you Don lever Ottawa thank you I'm trying to picture of him and is a smooth. Window calorie is noon and night I guess I can see that I can see that panel now. I'm having trouble listen or read bounds and just the mountainous than do women love him so I meant Alexa know about it and now. Obama then doing pastor found out. You know some of that. Who that I have no I am obviously I have no idea if it's true but it would make perfect sense. The the scene in last gen I would go to casino. That was supposed to be land has casino and is me Billy. He can't pull off the smooth and we discussed that reason house and snow but it's not like that would amaze you don't need all sorted. And critical point five now to Brian Johns goes down smooth this is crazy incredible two comes out in June. This is someone told me number that was crazy that this is seven teen years or fifteen years after the first one on that line it's like twelve years a long time it. It's a Y thirteen 2004. We we. Go to the machine. You know the judges anyway I credible she was coming out everyone's here I mean I don't think we got some Allen that Iran's excited Pixar movie superheroes. If you Stevie have not seen the first travels there is around two to 2004 to fourteen years there will be that time yeah fourteen years as more and eighteen years now that feels like old school. Any and I know more about this kind of stuff like you what eat that but. And hard damn movie came out that. As you did you have all. The stop and we now with you were like back in 1989 does the music I'll never get another one these we never did get other. What's it like this and it's crazy that night back to nineteen I would bet it came out and all of my friends one at a time. Yeah it's good to turn the dial. That's why. And a walk to school sale both ways and terrible numbers are a lot of myrtle ways to five feet of snow Tunisia went to Penn State. Also coming out in June June 22 the sequel to Jurassic rolled fallen king speaks be mad. Why did Emily get passed it's terrible. Traffic is terrible monster movie yet but it's based off one of the greatest movies of all time you can't tell. Why don't we sit on the prequel is on a grass sykora just ain't I think the first Jurassic Park movie actually shot above. When it was I think you know Reggie Brown dinosaur who wanted to make a dinosaur monster movie and all that's relying. He's like. Is it dies or moves or movie based on my mind boggling what he. Played putt that is a great book. But I guess when your first doubters sergeant pepper it's all downhill at you like your leg Heyman played. I don't know that makes your pets and the it and I hate you guys so much coming in July I am actually probably randomly more excited for this and am images of their New York is bittersweet. Do I know what to expect and I am excited for this yes we don't know if his back and excited. I've they had no more of all Lou am at a loss and yes I am I guess there's endless there's little knock him out number eight everybody. Once and once I've brought you probably know the most about do anyone any deal on this or black panther. You've you often we get the read marvel movies in here and there really tees for M and I. You know Arnold no no we don't have a trailer for the U you'd Ochoa for the Hans solo you know that. We designer and poster other than the Logan well there's there's that shot of them as a poster it does does Chinese closer to really gorgeous actually. The issue doesn't always gorgeous I know I was really good they have everyone's all painted and stuff looks. The official timing of the government did a great job it's what are officials are that they're sure going. It's amazing. Skip some of these mission in my six whenever whoever let me just go back at me a little area. My favorite part of civil war. Was what it means showed up gas and when he falls bad things like what time zone in my hand and that that's way and civil war just. It clicked it if Florida if it went to eighty miles an hour yeah this year. So for me and wants to be coming out and so. Thrilled for it I cannot wait I love Evangeline Lilly and an honor I would say I'm gonna accept any given news story when this went for black widow because. They announced this week they're moving far witty script for Blackwell now and there's speculation speculation. That the black widow film could secretly be an all female avengers movie. Makes us cents I am wake did you doing ocean's eleven female. Avengers movie because I'm away and why now well you get Florida you are getting that females and love movies sell coffee and yeah now which is coming up the chairman exact word yet. In the black. Widow there's two things about. M analyzed in Blackwood on how do you connect Scarlett Johansson and everyone's like why didn't she get her released first she had a kid. And I am not trying to say anything about and people make movies with kid she she did she made one of the movies television. I'm afraid we're twenty movies deep what are the judges did and what it. Because he was light on what I'm saying is is I think. That they could've done a Blackwood a movie sooner and I say this is her fault but I'm saying you do have to choose to live. Your life in the rest of the world can't blame a movie studio because schedules don't. Yes you can you guess you can't come on I'm this is the guy. They didn't do more it was Evangeline Lilly who blew the socks off in the first MM movie. Because she was also pregnant and they were like well we wanted to do more. But she was frightening Kunduz have so they are illegal in this late in your window and didn't make a single female lead movie. Because two girls got pregnant like come on man. When you come on I guess I'd like. We do this bucket I don't do a great job common down when I'm tired as the two of the most people on the Internet hold up ads. Why don't they have a movie that two of the most people holed up yes. Abel had a kid they but yet they both a show night why he's a kid takes nine months and glory your money that'd be your feet Katie can't just have a kid in Adobe. I can't do I didn't she was making a movie right the baby is born baby is getting. Listen you you obviously don't have kids yet got hot there either earlier does not have kids I think I can tell you I. More than just nine months OK and diagnosed eighteen to life meant I have two kids there and but also I seen a movie stars make god innovative Wonder Woman lawsuit pregnant like alias to work around I know I know they can. I'm just saying if everybody would be in your mind when you get on your high horse. Also remember that there are two actresses who made decisions as well. Exactly is is is there a story that they had an offer to make a movie and turned it down I don't know I don't know we don't know and a sand. With my indeed they've negotiated and they make a move because of the time they didn't think there's money and didn't make Mark Wahlberg money that's for sure. If you look over papers and last year I think I'm gonna use the line on the re shoots. For that movie that every shot because of lets its aid students facing Kevin Spacey. All the money in the world read that I. He was paid one point five million dollars and his costar Michelle Williams has paid 15100. Dollars. At last but he's the star. By the way I wanna nobody's gonna watch a Mark Wahlberg movie. Like ever again ligature former French is she just announced. So what else can Mark Wahlberg intercity something else that is can he gets out LaBeouf back. You don't get it back and I got dressed or drank regularly issue I have magazines. Editorial this out last genocide and that's been knocking at that now and I spent dizzy beats the studios universal and flooded into times. And I got to watch that just running out there is another predator movie. Met the venom movie X-Men dark Phoenix. Fantastic beasts you just mentioned with the next one awkward man. And anything else Nona or everything else this year talk about Italy and losing because it's. In laws talk as it is it's this version justly just kind of wrap up now on the on the LeBron. It wacko man is very good that means they make another one but I'd say it happens to be guide I you know. The flash trivia sit down there too and I just don't think that Warner Bros. can sit. From January to December literally eleven months and wait to see how awful man does it for the decide you're gonna flash when they got to move forward first. I don't know I don't know what ago that a long time they've got a lot of decisions they we have talked better in the podcasts or knock it gets its name they just had another change of leadership for the win against. They're really trying to. Don't know what they're trying to do they're trying and they're trying to run changes they're trying to adapt and they're trying to figure it out in the meantime they got to make movies are Kwame could literally be. God awful and they still have to make another movie they still have to even. To his motive. At times and I'll go man I I predict will be for the Levys are Wilbur who. This pitcher what's her name though she looks like the boys collect that tilts yeah man. As an amber heard pagan who it is to look good he was the one them divorce Jonny Evans pentagon is nice little canisters on greater last year. Parity what it is and emanated out. He's the problem child as well so now you know hey you know I that's when I got fifty year old married at twenty year old they either went out and does not work out well we are happening that quick and any Aslan thank you for coming in I knew he wanted to for a while TO. I have and I really appreciate you guys have me thank you so much for let me be here. Let me give a quick shout out yes everybody on the unofficial blog. Names are you think about the top my head to our editor Cary. James Lee said Ed Vick. Dan and Dan I love Dan he's my bro an I. I'm just again hang with him for every other comic con is the and Kara Kim are you guys Nick Cannon award music weren't problems enough this year with Indian. Anybody else we know and Tom are trying to were snuffed. Comic on the steps to you in net please at a Caroline for us she I know she wasn't carry out your wife. She says hi by the way yeah thank you for the treats my pleasure it was push. Can they find you on Twitter social media yes I am on Twitter and mr. Graham. Had two SD CC wacky wags what Cuba and currently Nydia Nancy king live hi Laurent. Yeah a little BJ CJ and his profile on Twitter so the profile is the the Kyle ring topless but it's the cartoon version and that was drawn him in your name is topless Keller and if I was still like I can't believe howl and much attention. Sorry issues. So ridiculous that one little shot has gotten from everybody into. And driver with the shirt off who knew. It's ridiculous. The thing I would imagine now villainous layer comics is going to have this and a monthly name meant Alonso our good friend and image early in the show is talking to their owner. Om and there's talk about me be at the last second I have a hail Mary and stay open. It doesn't weaken let's that way doesn't look good it may look like by the time they can come on it will be a postmortem Alonso an hour. Chat on FaceBook about what may or may not happen so I'm it would be great to have her come in talk about. What that's been like running a comic store and what's this why is not a struggle in this day and age especially with. People not buying their long boxes rights and you think that your here's your boxers by the and a comic solid dealing. Yeah. I. Still I physicals and and had de gaga get on that guys thanks for listening just old list price guys thanks for listening I can catch a podcast online for free. ITunes Google play in of course on the ethanol and now we're onto and into pier there were two we aren't doing that men and now I'm tune and he didn't. I was in exe.