Lick The Plate - Taste & Sea - Seg #3

Wednesday, April 27th


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A San Diego through these it's like to play on FM 94 and I've got to impart my Washington State lines and stellar solar and was discipline and this weekend in the media at the the taste and some Big Three talking with notre for kiosks welcome back pretty pay it's what is our delectable delicious pastry of this Wednesday. Today it is allowed into your car is really nice battery test even with allowed injured feelings says Monica cream being granite and and a dark chocolate bacon ice on top with toasted and that would I had and so parents note is actually different. There's something. That was that was good suit could you provide dead hazards for them as well as we do great we're talking music here first concert my first concert I don't know the location or venue with Amy Grant and those of Christmas concert. Fan and arsonist standing twelfth grades so much fun thing. Memorable shows through the years and you know I did a lot of different shows and I was calling to. Consisting switch and I was on sadness and now. Stuff so part of this episode is your dream browser on your book in the tree downs when students when Knight who's. Yeah definitely does a ranking called again. Sinatra and Ella FitzGerald. Yeah so I would totally easy in that divide that I go to story then. Who also on that topic or use it you've got a few favors talking yeah. ATM and visits can democratically opponent in there when you're taken away no actually Kariya. We obviously I haven't had recently and again using an announcement I love seeing him. To have them kind of play whenever they thanks guys well it's step back to her room and find out where you'd like to her death. Arafat tomorrow with but he just accused decency increase in PDF checkup podcasts at four. As he got on the system with the play.