Lick The Plate - San Dieguito Academy - Seg #2

Tuesday, April 19th


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Case San Diego who -- its slick play on FM 94 and I brought to impart my Washington State lines and stellar solar and host David Whelan and this week I'm hanging at sending you academy and and -- just talking with members of ST a track team about track of course food and music and I'm joined by distance runner Craig Campbell welcome cracked it as a -- I guess what are your distance events ire on the 800 meter in the former fort Mason and IRA we're gonna start with where you like to your intensity ten bucks in your pocket definitely ten bucks in my pocket to shop that's needless death it's death are so what you gonna go up big man got a big problem here proxies also on the one on its so Mexican generators get a favorite Mexican Los Osama attack ads for the super -- There aren't with the latest shows publicly wooden crate and rhetoric well my prayers are racist using Chinese food that's what I to influence a lot in this particular spot for the if there is a dead at panda express have been concession on it's time places aren't good segue right into music here was your first announcer mentioned dragons as their resentment I was at the as we transition possible. So cream that's a line at three bands one stage one night and here are dead or alive we put him as far as stage I'm not really specific but bands definitely offspring. Jimmy Eat World and Arctic Monkeys. And it's it's a good mix last meal on earth at a starter and main ends there it was a in well my starter would definitely be OK which isn't Daffy I don't know. And that for them named Dave said probably go with some kind of stir fry with rice very we ought to be an enemy and it deserves a lot of case next year graduating this year yes and -- don't tell policy when biggest concern is how we've already started wearing a couple weeks into the season so we're coming off the spring break in had enough the second half of our season so it should be a fun time hey thanks again for doing this and a front for today and with Kurt Campbell he's a member of the SDA track team in and Sinead is due back tomorrow with more of their track team we played is brought to impart that Washington State lines and stellar solar check out the size cast at FM 949 ST dot com. And a panel at the plate.