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Monday, November 27th


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Good morning and welcome to another edition now living veteran San Diego public service presentation of the at a count San Diego radio stations and Carrie Lee. Mama's kitchen prepares and delivers nutritious meals for those in San Diego County that HIV aids. Cancer and other critical illnesses who are too sick to shop. And cook for themselves they also provide pantry services and nutrition education joining us this morning as mama's kitchen executive director of Alberto Cortez welcomed Alberto and thank you good to see again. Likewise it's always good to come and and the few minutes with a view. For anyone who doesn't know about mom's kitchen let's start with a laugh a little background information we can sure. You know mom's kitchen was established in 1990. A mama's kitchen we believe that everyone's entitled to basic necessity of life. Nutritious food as community driven organization. Mama's kitchen looks to address nutritional needs. Women men and children that are affected by aids. By cancer. Or other critical illnesses and when we were established in 1990. It was specifically to address. The needs of people with aids at the time which were. Quite critical and in the throes of really rampant epidemic. And mama's kitchen has evolved over the years where now we. Serve a broader sector of the community where if any wider array of services that didn't honestly since when we first started. And Andy started as just providing services for those who have HIV aids and it was how many years go to Q and expanded that is cancer patients. We expanded to cancer patients of out ten years ago and more recently. We've redefined her mission. To focus. On a broader. Net a folks that are critically ill. And with that expansion we are starting to explore some of these additional. Populations of folks at we are. Either taking care rogue or going to be taking care of namely. More recently we started providing services to some folks so by the county who have hepatitis say which has been. A crisis situation and have that is that we fat can send you for a number of months now. And then January with support of the state of California. Mama's kitchen along with six other nonprofit organizations are going to be providing. A pilot project targeting folks in them medic house system who have. Congestive heart failure. And our goal with that project is to. Demonstrate to the state that we can actually improve the health food. These folks that are served by the state and I hope the state reduce the cost of providing health care to these populations in the process. And lead the expansion for those. With other critical illness that was just this year right yes yes so we're really excited. About already having opportunities. To express that expanded mission and we see other critical illnesses what does that include push it or is it case by case thing. Is really as opportunities. Present themselves we will explore them but in the most general sense I see it this way. And conditioned that emerges where we can make a difference. By providing. Medically appropriate or Taylor meals to that health issue. Is an appropriate. Opportunity for mama's kitchen to express this new expanded mission. And so it will be as you said on the case by case basis but generally speaking in this is where. We by intervening with nutrition can provide the opportunity for a better prognosis. In essence defines in my mind what we mean by critical illness within the context of who we are and what our mission it's okay what is the mission. Arm mission is to. Provide nutrition services. To people with critical illnesses including cancer and HIV. And he used based on the belief. That everyone's entitled to nutritious food and that we're choosing. To take care of folks that are vulnerable. To hunger. Malnutrition. Because they're sick that's where we wanna step in and and decrease or eliminate their vulnerability. And provide these folks through nutrition the possibility. Of improving their health and there will be. Where's mama's kitchen located we're currently located on hole in home avenue. In the city heights part of San Diego. Where we've been now for her six years now we've been there since 2011. And we're thrilled to be there it was a building that we acquired and renovated. Before that we had been in the basement of the church for sixteen years so we were excited about sending the commencing. It provides twice the space. And greater capacity to serve more people and how long have you been with you mom's kitchen for why haven't I. I have I have. It's been met. A little over fifteen years in my capacity and as executive director and before that I had the opportunity as well to serve. On the board of directors of the organization for about twelve years. So it's been that I'm about seventeen and a half years that I have been. Affiliated with the organization that you know wonderful experience. How many people do you think he serve. Each day and how many meals does that work FDA. So we probably provide some were close to. About 900. Meals to an estimated 290 to 310 people on any given day that would delivering food. In addition to that we have. A pantry. That serves. On a monthly basis about 500 individuals. And we also have. On nutrition. Program that's called medical nutrition therapy where are registered dietitian works on a one on one. With clients. In an outpatient clinic setting. So help them with the help of their doctor. In addressing their health needs through nutrition. Since you started. If I'm not I'm not. State can you serve more than eight million meals since mom's kitchen again since mama's kitchen began we've we've served over eight million meals. Within the next six to eight months will probably be hitting on nine million mark. So credible. Yes an accomplishment it's. It's quite the accomplishment. And the reflection. Of a collective effort of literally thousands of people that have been. Involved and engaged with the Union Station in the provision of its services so I'm. Grateful. Let's talk about services that you provide of course Neil delivery services is the core of what moms and two world what we do. And into services provided. An account to like basis it's free of charge folks receiving those services are receiving. A 100% of their nutritional need breakfast lunch and dinner as long as they need pots and that's the commitment we have. And I'm proud of we have no waiting list we want to never having. And it's food that's delivered throughout the county by volunteers. In their own vehicle at the expense last year. Volunteers traveled a little over a 120000. Miles throughout the year delivering food and so. Again another aspect that speaks to the generosity. And engagement and involvement and commitment of people in San Diego. Now people refer to mom's kitchen for the program they are of itself what we call a third party referral program. The folks that are using rest of us have come through I was usually through their medical provider who knows that we exist and you lose us as. Resource for their patience. We also have folks that come to us from case management programs social service organizations. Caseworkers. And those who generally that the source is that. Refer people on to a program. And connected us through those clients any special requirements outside of having. Particular illness critical illness so the criteria for our services is really based on. The referring agency stating to us at this person. He's an able who addressed the nutrition needs because of their illness. There are disabled to the point where they may not be able to the grocery store and shop on a regular basis they may not be able to. Actually be standing in cooking food. These are folks that are vulnerable and also because he may not have a strong support system. And they may be dealing ways. A life threatening health issue. And the last thing that can. Make dealing with that life issue more complicated. He's not having food or not having enough food to. Put them enough. In a more of secure place to succeed in dealing with an illness that can can a person self refer. A person can certainly if there's a person who thinks they may qualify for a services we do invite them to call mama's kitchen. And we will be happy. To help connect them with. Either health care provider or an organization. That can provide the initial assessment and make the referrals to us how how often to Daniels go out. You'll screw up three times a week so anybody who's getting from delivered meals from mama's kitchen. Will be having somebody at their door Monday Wednesday and Friday. Of each week on Monday in ways and Wednesday they you will be bringing. Each of those days six meals and on Friday nine meals provided to covered through the weekend and into Monday. And and and the volunteers again you said they use their their own vehicles ended today. They get to pick a router or clients that don't get to the corral we try to please people. In routes that are convenient for them for example. We do a lot of North County routes if we can get drivers who live there. Oftentimes it can be a driver who works in San Diego and lives in North County there under way home they can come and pick up the route. And deliberate on the way up North County. We certainly try to match was because it can be more convenient and those are harder routes to staff. Because it's significant to significant distance and the amount of time is more. It's a great investment of time. But generally speaking drivers don't really get to pick. The route that had had a volunteer to on the show before deaths in the past yes and it's like from what I remember. These clients become family absolutely. I mean some of these volunteers that we have had been delivering food for years. And have had. A connection with some of those clients that we have been delivery and for years so. It is very important for them and it's very important for the people. That was sort of mean. I will step in occasionally as a substitute driver. And occasionally get a client who's sort of disappointed. That the person normally delivers the meal. Is in the prison that standing there to work. It's something they look forward to an absolute forward to it because of their home down yes that's that's a visitor for exactly and oftentimes. Our volunteer drivers may be the only contact. That our clients have during the course of their day so from that perspective as well it's very important. Mean we really are intervention isn't just about delivering food it's about providing message of support and affirmation until. Basically say here is something that was put together by a group of people who care about you. And so. Would or would keenly aware. That it's so much more contests food and the meals that you do provide very nutritional and and there catered to somewhat to their nutritional needs and actually meant. And some of their desires is well we are. Willing and able to provide. I'm Taylor knows that. Based on that needs of the person a little salt diet if there's vegetarian. If there aren't any kind of religious. Practices that we can. From a nutrition perspective that we can integrate we will. Folks who need a little passive guy two era. A blur and I diet we will look tool accommodated. To the extent that we can't if they're diabetic we have a lot of clients that are diabetic. So it's as tailored as we possibly can making. And we're constantly working. To be even more. Specific. To the needs of each of our clients and of all those meals that you provide. How big is that staff that is preparing those meals so we have a small staff. In operations. We have one pitch in person and that's our executive chef but really. Yes and our executive chef who's been with a switch when when users. And is it as far as paid staff and everybody else works in the kitchen every day. He's a volunteer. Let's let's talk about another another programming habits for children's nutritional health program yes I'll stuff that. So many years ago I would say it will close to twenty years ago. It became a vacant. That. Clients that we were providing food too because they were sick if they have children. They would give their food to the children so. When you realize that we needed to take care of the children. The people we were serving and war. I would say he's somewhere between eighteen and twenty years we have bin. Also providing food to the dependent children of our clients who live. Under the same roof. And provide them with the same level of food three meals a day seven days we can. Help the family in that way as well oftentimes most likely a single family. Head of households. With 12345. Dip indicates. A minor children and we see it among our population people HIV. And we see and probably even more so among our population. Of folks with cancer and more specifically breast cancer. We are sometimes. Prevalence of the cancer may be in younger populations. And often times it was serving relatively young women who still have minor children home and we're taking care room. Them all and any any special requirements for qualifications for for the kids to get on this program no they need to simply be. Living under the same roof. As the person was serving OK and and you mentioned earlier the pantry another big be part of a mama's kitchen told us that. So we established our pantry of ballots. Ten years ago. 1011 years ago. And it was I've set up because we were seen this trend of strokes with a HIV. We're meeting our Hartnell program less because of medical advancements. But was still challenge to win. Financial limitations. A modest resources. And we figured that the provision of other pantries service seemed to be. A great transition in the continuum of need. So that folks that are healthy but limit living on limited income we can help them stay healthy. By providing them. Food in the pantry they can come and visit once a month it's about. Fifteen to seventeen pounds of food. And it can translate to about of weeks. Or so worth of meals. It's. Important because we look to provide. Canned items. That have that'd great sources of protein. In addition we have fresh chicken and beef cheese milk eggs. We provide some pro Duce and things like dried beans and rice and in staples that are common in many of our. Among many of our clients. And it's a very popular place because people get to pay let me with like today. And and where is that located it's also located in the same roof is mom's kitchen ultimate revenue via. Okay and and the hours. It's functions for Monday through Friday. Between 10 AM and 4 PM and there is a bus that is comes close enough for people who want to where we're located. And we have. Clark who looked to me it is easy as possible for people shop and a people need to bring anything with them. Or we know initially. Are we initially were so registered the registered. And there's. He only can we asked them periodically used to complete. A survey that gives us feedback of their experience using the service. Wanna make sure that. We're being responsive to their nutritional needs so it's always good to get their feet. That's something that she's got going right now actually ends today yes it is here pie in the sky campaign news yeah years you've been doing this so it's big and this is used thirteen. And girl here. Is to raise money to support the overall mission of mama's kitchen. And this pie sale event is a really important piece of what we do. And it's a really fun piece to people have always related to it and it's often times become the way in which they get introduced. To mama's kitchen and it's a pretty simple concept. We do pre sale of Thanksgiving pies starting in October today is the last Neitzel ordering your pie. And then you can pick up your pipe Wednesday before Thanksgiving. At one of 21 locations throughout San Diego County. And you've not only supported the mission of mama's kitchen. You also solved one of viewers Thanksgiving problems bringing dessert or having dessert available. We have four types of pies. Kind I'm pumped in that chapel in regular apple pies and they are all donated. By amazing restaurants and caterers. Throughout San Diego County Luke who generously give of there. Talents and and their skills and so that every penny that people contribute to the prize goes to mission related activity. And I have to say that ties are really good because I'm a one every year just ordered mine the other day thank you NNY. Five bucks for high 25 bucks for a pipe. And if you are on the diet and you don't want to buy pie. You are welcome to buy a pod for one of our clients. On Thanksgiving Day we will be sending outs. Traditional Thanksgiving dinner to a client that will include high. So if you wanna buy a pie for one of our clients. It's called love a client. And and support us in that way you're also welcome to. Our goal is to raise a 134000. Dollars with this event. We're hoping to be there because by the time all is said and done. And lecture us and record breaking year it was a record breaking year and we've raised. A 1161000. Dollars so were upping the ante so to speak. So again at today's the last eight or your pipe 25 bucks come and for every I sold at provide eight meals. For your clients yes so I'm they can do that at your website the morning I. They can go to up mama's kitchen dot org or go directly to the power website which is mama's highs dot ORG. And make your order. I even had a page within the seller's list you have to buy from me why from anybody on that list that you might now we have. Approximately 87 year eighty sellers apply it might be more than that. So good Obama's ties dot org and get ready for Thanksgiving. Now another event of yours yes other annual event and yours that I have attended probably close to twenty years now. Is your tree of life fighting tomorrow. He has since deuces. I believe your 26 or 27 for us. Where. Tree of life is an event that we do commemorating December 1 world aids day. I guess it started many years ago and I always see this event is how were opportunity. To continue to create awareness about HIV about aids in our community. To. Let people know that. Eight has not been solved we've bad medical advancements. That have improved treatment of people were living with HIV we have. New tools from a prevention perspective to reduce the transmission of HIV. But we still have an issue with the HIV in that still some 30000 to 40000 people a year become infected with the HIV. People living with HIV your who've been living with HIV for a long time can sometimes be dealing with significant health issues. And as and older population. Of people who've been living with HIV for. A long time are entering into their 60s70s and eighties they too are coming up with the experience of additional complications. As a result of years of treatment for HIV and this takes place until till Preston in Hillcrest in Hillcrest US ability to do until Chris went landmark theatres located. And it really is a beautiful event. Where we have speakers. We have a lovely tree lighting that we do. We also have present a part of the aids quilt so we're also in the process. Of this event look to honor. I'm folks who are living with HIV and folks who have passed away as a result of HIV and VS San Diego gay men's chorus will be seen them warms. Yeah and that's part of the tradition of the event they we've closed the event. We've cynical Lehman's core us. Leading in song of holly. Treats and musical treats that. I'm lift our spirits and really get us in the spirit of how. Dates now always love listening to them. And perform a great way to. Wrapup such as such a great event that way to raise awareness honor those that we've lost and and those that are still fighting the fight absolutely. Because they're still there as you mentioned a lot of progress has been made. Medical progress but there's still so much more work that needs to be Delmon comes HIV and aids there's stigma. Absolutely and that stigma has impacts that are obvious and some that are not too obvious from a very practical perspective. Stigma will among other things. Delay people's taking action in finding other HIV status he can also. Have people who resist going into treatment which again is not a good thing. And can also affect access to services and care. Because there is still that stigma from the early years of the epidemic of it being affiliated. With populations in our society that have traditionally being shined underserved. Or. Discriminated against. Now for the tree of life lighting ceremony you can you can purchase an ornament heart shaped ornament. Yes little heart shaped car that can go inside and you can write whatever you want on it. And it's put upon art one of three trees that we have there and it Chris village and remain there throughout. December and and until just after New Year's end and it's 25 bucks for a 25 dollars ornaments to ornaments. Are fifteen dollars for one. And the money raised goes goes right back into mom's kitchen absolutely goes back to prove mission related activities outside from. The pines sky campaign. Tree of life and other fund raising yes as that you have throughout the year. Where rusty get your funding our funding is we try to be as diverse in our funding as we hand. And from sources include government funding which is about 14 what 25% of our funding. I'll be also have funding from fundraising events. Private giving individual giving corporate and private foundations. That support the mission of the organization. The occasional state gift. So we believe it looked to diversify direct mail appeals we really do look to diversify. Our funding sources to the extent possible. But it every year at the start of the fiscal year and July 1. We start from zero that's when we started and depend on the community to step up. In providing. Support both financial support which is critical. And volunteer support which is also critical those are due to component. That may mama's kitchen the viable. Organization it is today. And ending January aimed volunteer driven as soon organization if somebody wants to become a volunteer. Com how they go about doing that and it's their training aura or hesitation. So we have. Volunteer orientation is twice a month generally you can go to our web site mom's kitchen dot ORG. And go into the volunteers section you can see. Where's that win the next. Few trains are scheduled. It kind of walk in basis you don't have to. Our security can you can just come to the kitchen island that time and date of the orientation. It's an hour long orientation. That includes an overview of the organization. What current volunteer opportunities aren't. And a tour of the facility. Subsequent to orientation completing. A form and signing some. Releases. And and doing. Some reference checks volunteers are then placed. Two. Trained with somebody in whichever area there is indeed that is of interest that. So we have a lot of opportunities. To volunteering their pantry to deliver food to work and are staging area and throughout front desk phones to. Cook in the kitchen. We have lots of opportunities and indict anybody who's looking to do something meaningful for those that are more vulnerable in our community mama's kitchen instantly provide that opportunity. OK if somebody wants to make a donation to help you with your mission they can do that website as well I can absolutely go to our web site. If you are looking to just make a contribution because you don't want to eat apple pie this Thanksgiving because you're on the guy and I can totally appreciate that. You're absolutely welcome to making financial contribution to our mission all right so the plan sky campaign today's the last date or your pie that is website for that again mama's high res dot ORG. I and out world aids day December 1 that is the day of the year tree of life lighting ceremony at times that starts that's who started. Around 6 o'clock people started gathering around six. The ceremony itself will probably start closer to 630. And and conclude around 7157. Point OK and again that's a village Hillcrest. In Hillcrest we have information about both of those events on the community against page this station's website so people can go there. As well what is up mom's kitchen sell website again. Our web site is mama's kitchen and dot ORG. And you can get a pretty thorough overview of who we are our website includes information like. Our work on it's going back like seven or eight years are all in their own independent audits were transparent organization and we have under a wonderful reputation. And involvement in the organization. Is more likely than not going to a richer life. There's research to chose to folks that volunteer. And folks did give financial contributions to charities. Actually live longer. So not only do we improve the quality of life of the people we serve so we will also improve the quality of life for the folks who were involved in the organization now there's an incentive there you go I I tell you. All right then you're a social media to Iraq and we absolutely our social media. And I'm grateful to the younger people on the staff that have insisted that we move into that. New world that we live in a social media. Pride Alberto as always a pleasure seeing you and having you on the show. Keep on doing what you do and over their mom's kitchen it's great that greatly appreciate and I will see you December 1 world aids day. Look for the life planning Sam thank you so much for the opportunity to be. That concludes another addition of living veteran San Diego the opinions expressed on living veteran San Diego do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of the staff and management. Of the and it count San Diego radio stations episodes of living better San Diego are available on the station's website. Join me next week when my guess will be from the San Diego blood bank. Until that apparently. Have a great week and a happy Thanksgiving.