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Good morning and welcome to another edition of living veteran San Diego public service presentation of Vienna count San Diego radio stations I'm Gary late. The living coast discoveries that there is a nonprofit zoo and aquarium located in south bay. Politicos discovery center inspires care and exploration of the living earth by connecting people with coastal animals plants and habitats. Joining us this morning is living coast discovery center of marketing and communications manager Rachel harper. And development manager Jessica we'll faith welcome rate so welcome Jessica thank you for having us here. I'm great to see you again Rachel and then a little while since you on the show that a pleasure to have you back and Jessica. Pleasure to meet you as well let's get a little background info on the living coast discovery senator one of San Diego's best kept secrets. Yeah and we we truly are and that we want to let everybody now has. So I'm wearing nonprofits. Zoo and aquarium and we're located on San Diego Bay and in Chula Vista. And we're actually on a national wildlife refuge so if you haven't then it's just this really. Beautiful natural serene setting and where you get to see a bunch of local wildlife that we have at at the zoo and wearing. And I remember last time you on the show we talked about what a great job. Towering work and yes it definitely is I am here I feel just a very grateful very lucky that has. I'm very passionate about wildlife and sent to be to be that close to so many animals and native animals and plants every day is is really gory and what's what's the mission at the living coast discoveries so army shin is basically to connect people with wildlife so connecting people with I and local plants local animals and we do focus on Southern California region. Wildlife. So that people you know kind of get an idea of what we had here in our own backyard. And again your bureau located in Chula Vista right yes so we're basically write off of the five freeway. It's cheaper simply just take the E Street exit and our parking lot is great bear and and since we're on a national wildlife refuge. It is a protected area so you park in the parking lot and then we have a complimentary shuttle. Picks you up runs on a fifteen minute loop and just drops off Fred senate and and it's our call so the you can see some things on on the way into yeah act. Into the the senator. On the on the shuttle yes I definitely so I'm here are some of the kids say it's their fear part is that you know it's like a ride for them to like come in on the shuttle but you can look out and we basically to settle dress over. I am the refuge sell depending on what kind of tight it is that day if it's high tide. Then you're driving over water and if it's low tide there's kind of obvious like Marsha brush looking area. But and tons of wildlife birds are constantly flying over. And and then you can kind of see the center when he gets there and we have a beautiful view San Diego Bay and and Coronado in Coronado bridge and downtown San Diego at all it's really nice not know when you first started the the the because discovery center for started. Thirty years ago right yes yet so we're celebrating thirty years this year and the Big Three oh. And that we're pretty excited so it it started in 1987. And and back then it was called the Chula Vista metres and Harry was run by the city of Chula Vista. And but since then it's it's changed and it's no longer run medicine via Chula Vista has so where a nonprofit and it's called living 'cause discoveries and and why the name change I am well basically the city Adam. Handled a lot our financial what handle everything. But now they only handle certain parts such as like the building and support us in other way is and so because about it became a nonprofit decided you know that we should kind of rebrand. Led people now. You know policy in the account team not just two of us that we really wanna get everybody out there to experience the wildlife that we have. And this this was several years ago that you made that change yes yes it was about five years ago. But we're still not telling people. Definitely if you haven't ban. I know that we are kind of a hidden jewel that we only want people to come down and see because I am if you're looking for something. That's news that you haven't done at one of the major attractions you now that. He had been too much time as commodities and different this summer. Then come down but has people who do come down for the first time are absolutely stunts like just amazed that they didn't know it exist and so are really trying to get to where it's. We're really fast family friendly we have a lot of hands on exhibits kids absolutely love to see all of the different animals we have I am so we have Alex sea turtles. Which a lot of people don't know we had endangered eastern Pacific green sea turtles in San Diego Bay. And and we also have occupy a different chronic animals and then we move on to rap but I also like snakes and lizards. And and we happy shark and raid. Taint in the back which is really cool I think it's probably most of the kids' favorite but has he actually get to protect the raids he can put your hands and then they come out and which is really claw and then we also have different birds that we have shore birds. And we also have birds of prey like hawks and falcons and Eagles cell. There's really something for her for all ages is the the center open every day you're like yeah I'd definitely somewhere up in the elite 10 AM till 5 PM. A band and holidays. Source close on Thanksgiving Christmas that's in Yemen the mad open every day at that gave Florida the after some 363. Days after her and. And do the math yeah. Now you have a new exhibition at the center which will talk about just little bit as well as your big event that's coming up and then let's talk a little bit more about the center now again your nonprofit zoo and aquarium where people conceive various animals and plants that call our coastal region home and then you mentioned them hands on exhibit scheme to muscle the more about that. Yeah definitely so in addition to that shark and ray experience that I just mentioned what's really great is that in addition to our indoor aquarium area. I am a lot of it is outdoors all of the birds are outdoors and because it sat on a national wildlife refuge. It's and it's very hands on in that everything's kind of set up to look like trails. And so kids learn anybody is kind of like you can run around and it's. It looks like a very natural settings you can look at like and feel these these plants in the shrubs that are kind of surrounding and sent to all of the different and habitats that we have set up. And additionally with our new exhibit. And we do have a couple more hands on things as well some kids really love that and then of course we have educational aspects as well offer for the angels. And and you talked about the rays knew how he gets touched them yeah incan people feed any of the animals. Yeah I'm definitely so we have VIP animal encounters as they called and and they Ari additional charge so regular admissions that the senator is going to be eleven dollars for kids ages three to twelve. And then sixteen dollars for a thirteen and I. And then and we do offer the Viet animal encounters which you can find on our web site which is living coast dot org. And so with those the most popular one and my favorite is you get to feed the sea turtles may be out which is I mean it's an endangered species it's hopefully it's it really close to them and feed them it's incredible. I am and then you can also meets one of the raptors that I was talking about us like hot core. And Alcan. And you can also feed the rains. And you can meet some of the reptiles so we definitely allow a lot of opportunity for people to get really up close with these beautiful animals and and these animals not all of them are in enclosures like you said some from just roaming free well also that so for example I am all of the birds are outside and then we have a sore bird eve theory as we call and so it's one enclosure that you get to walk into just like any theory and added it's got. Like real like wire that we bring in from the bay so it's marsh water and it sped up like a march NC we have you know me be like tanner a dozen different shore birds in there for you to really be able to see and be in there with them which is really cool. And and you mentioned the endangered sea turtles that ends. Last year you remodeled. Turtle lagoon gas so if you have pains of a living coast and awhile I am last march is when we financed. Remodeling bear exhibit and so we have to eastern Pacific green sea turtles and now and it just includes. A beautiful larger pool for them. And then also sent interactive features for kids and some new educational. Sign it so it's it's really gorgeous and of course like a photo op with the giant turn on friend that everybody. Loves. MIA and I mentioned this to you last time you on the show my daughter and grandson went in and loved it. Although he missed the trail that takes you out further away from the enclosures and site. Really. Well I have to go back yeah Abbott has it is it is a little bit different if you haven't been there before and we do offer maps and it's it's not that large but certainly you wanna be sure that you go inside the aquarium and I also see all of the raptors outside and even have a compost art into you on one side outside and sell its really and it's really interesting to be able to kind of learn about the different wildlife and then. Also learn about compost and that's something that's of interest to you now. Now when you when you get to the senator you walk in with what's the first thing to do. Well OK so before you even locking and here's what I sealed and it's great working man so the shuttle drops off a busload of people and all these kids run now and they discuss three for the sea turtles that says it's it's a very low exhibit and it's just acrylic say you can just see the sea turtles rate there I mean kids are putting their hands. I've against the glass in the sea turtles love it they're all his like just hanging out there like looking at the kids it's so cute so Aaron an initial creators. Yeah unofficial graders to definitely weaving get into this yes side yeah I definitely and so that's just really and really just adorable to see in some anyways. I'm and many want can't and that's ray Hennessey all of the different aquarium exhibit so we've guide and a huge. What we call am. We currently pilots they area and so that's kind of like this really tall kelp forest working things like leopard sharks and big fiction it. We have a giant Pacific octopus which is absolutely beautiful. Yeah we have some are marsh areas with fares have like a little waterfall it's it's really beautiful and it's a really interesting and building as Lyles I'm. Now a main focus one of the main focuses of video I'm living coast discovery center. He is. Education. Yeah ask so in addition to inviting you not anybody and everybody in the public to come in CS everyday Fran ten to five. And we do have a time kind of field trips and groups that come down to the living host so we really want to be able to reach. And some of Bay Area as the kids in areas like down into Pakistan and south county. That might not get to go on field trips Mary ops and and so we and where it with a lot of different partners to be able to find grants and funding to help schools get out to see yes. I'm and then we do all kinds of different programs for really all ages just making sure that these kids you know kind of realize like. Oh my gosh we live in San Diego you know we're on the coast in the ocean is right there and there's all this wildlife it that we can't even see but it's there and and then and of course just reminding kids as well as I young age. What they can you going to do their part you know I'm just making sure like this is why you don't litter because I think it's one thing to tell kids. You know don't letter. But and it's another to say you know why write this is why we don't and like show them animal on panic connect. Those stock so that's what are really all about so I think that's that's. You know a lot of people don't really I think really realize there's one the animals that that we have. Yes definitely I mean. I constantly hear people saying I didn't know we have these here and be like four different kinds of sneaks at the living because discoveries and if you can't name for a snakes that are in San Diego region need to come on and you need it you need to figured out that says. It's really it's really interesting and so many people you know are afraid of snakes and I think it's because. We don't really know it's kind of problem you know and we're not sure like is event misses are not and a massive and hiking went away do you. And so that's what kind of thing you've been coming get acquainted with the Politico lists. It's good to know about those yeah I mean for the most part it's just as a friendly reminder most of them are not invent this and hall is just the rattlesnake in our area her. And and again that's that's misconceptions it definitely is let's talk about your new exhibit you have that this is a special exhibition. Yet only opened through Labor Day yes. It's called back to nature. Act Sinead cherry dad's cell this ties in winds are thirty year anniversary where ten thinking and history in the past. And so that's kind of the back part of backed nature is that. We look at the history of the living host and we also look at the history of Sweetwater march and sweet water marshes the national wildlife refuge that we're located on. And so in the past before it was a wildlife refuge. It's been a tomato farm it's been a gunpowder factory. And it's been and done I mean we go back to win Toomey I were kind of living marrying using the resources from the coast and so we're really looking all of that history. But the second part of back to nature is getting people to realize how our daily lives are kind of intertwined. With wildlife getting people to look at animals that we might see every day and not really think much but think about how we're impact and and sell a great exhibit example of this is the mouse house. House mouse house X mass house that's awesome. And so we actually had the mouse house. Back when we open it gets and people loved it and sent to give you a visual description of what this looks like. I imagine a Cuba grant three dimensional human. And basically in the middle you can walk through into the center and you can pop your had a and there's kind of like the scribble this little like globe above your head that separates you and mice but then you have a 360 degree view of all these mice by running around to break next year head oh which for some people were afraid of my niece is. A bit of a challenge to let the kids let me tell you the kids like immediately liked it just go in there like run and pop their heads up let me get all excited. But anyway is so not only is it's a part of back to nature but has its looking back at an exhibit that we had in the past. But it's also looking at my X ray like my basic kind of those animals that we haven't been much appetite out of kind of an laying an action and gross. But really there artists. In our lions because white because they're just trying to survive Frey they're just trying to live their lives and so we're getting people to think. A cable maybe this mouse isn't just like trying to BN news in cities like invading my pitching and you know like this it's really important that people realize you know and there's a lot of impacts that we had an eight year for example poisoning. Rodents you can end up poisoning other animals as well that eat Britons and so I'm so we always say you know the best way to Iran Iran issue is just to store your food properly. And it has because that is an issue is that economic different Powell's pets than cats and dogs the dolphin that he had they'll eat ham house them have plays and then I can ice so it's it's just one example. But another really cool line is at severe day. Our green iguana. So eat we used to have agreed on in the past. And we Pratt went back to pick has it's really looking at how green iguanas are huge part of the pet trade. Racy Miley go to pet store and he's iguanas are like thirty bucks I mean come home last. And that they grow to be huge I mean you might buy him in there like me be six to twelve inches long they have to sixteenth. And they require all kinds of care I mean I am not a native animal. So is really getting people understand that. You might think oh this is a simple purchase is just a little pats on a big deal but then you need to look at the long term consequences because once that wanna get too difficult to care for. What are you an idea don't release it that's socially definitely Charlie's it. And because we have a problem that here in San Diego has everything right here in our temperate climate. And that he nice it's just kind of looking at these different animals and thinking what comedian that's the right thing instead you know the wrong. So this exhibit again only through. Flavored drinks three labored game and so I you can see more on our website to about living Kos dot org. We have all of the different animals on there there's I mean that's just two examples but there's times of more exhibits. That are there in addition and it's it's really cool and it's really just penny getting people to get acting chair you know we live and is peaks Indian everybody's so busy but. Protect your homes and like calm down come out of a refuge and I promise you like it's so serene it's just it really can change your perspective. Yeah I I can imagine that. Again I've I've yet to be there and and it's it's on my dad he's got a burned out it got to DIA it's it's I mean like is that we're really lucky that we get to work there because it is it's such a beautiful place to be. Now summer is upon us you have summer date camps yes yet tells about them so we have camps I am every season except for follow. And so right now we are in the middle of our summer camp session and Sony can still register there's like a couple of spots left and you can register online and now living post got port. And it's really cool kids four through eighteen years all get to be. Up close at these animals I mean once in a lifetime experiences really cool stuff like if I were a kid. I would just. I mean I go out there sometimes deep and I worked there and I'm like it does is in the kids you know like Barack to be animals they like bring out of heard on that glove and Michael cost custom taking pictures that anyways. It's so incredible and the kids absolutely love and they they just lose their minds but. Again you know it's really cool tip to their educational. So we're sending kids home with these ones lifetime experiences and then. You know and is different calls to action for attempted to remember and there's all different types is camp yeah CF so we have a bunch of different and it's sort of separate and eight just just make sure that all of information you know makes sense of the different levels of kids. And and then there's different camps for each group and that's all on the website as well. And so somebody who wants to sign up somebody lost a basket they can do that the web site. Yeah so we have an online registration system I'm a super simple and it's just add that living post that where it. You'll see a big picture of ARRIS has day camps and am and we need to pretty easy Korea. And then you know it like incidentally couple spots left but definitely. It's really like one of those some things to teach during the summer and if you can't get in summer we offer him in the winter and a spring as well. Can easily fill up. They normally we thought that the I. Now before we start talking about the big event you have an event coming up but this Saturday in in that conjunction with here. Your thirty year celebrants. Definitely so I'm this Saturday July 8 we are celebrating our thirtieth anniversary. So we technically turn thirty on July 4 and but you know a lot of you are gonna be preoccupied and and that's understandable we get it so it's Saturday we're going to be celebrating we're gonna have a bunch of different partners out there. I'm doing animal talks. I'm gonna have a bunch of animal ambassadors out of animal encounters so if you've ever been in the living 'cause sometimes we walk around with a burger rap style. And will be giving alive that's additionally it is the grand opening of our new native pollan leader garden. And I don't wanna go to end up on map it oh my gosh I mean pollen Nader is are so hot right now. And it's really important to get certain messages out and we have this just beautiful garden and in this huge like a beach house. Which sounds scary but there's nice just to attract wild bee is. And that is fun fact most native bees that we have here in San Diego are harmless like absolutely stink and some people are afraid appease that anyways. So I'm as the grand opening of that and this is the best buy. Three dollar admission nice holiday I mean we never do that and thanks so it's really is if you're thinking of coming definitely definitely do it three dollar admission. It's a great deal and we're gonna have so many different animals out it's going to be awesome so this is the Saturday July 8 in and the time so add it starts at ten when we open and enemy activity is a go through 330. But we're up until I. I've been OK so now you big fundraisers the biggest fund raiser of the years your farm to bay event that's coming up coming assume what what's the date for that. August toast little bit about it. Yes so this'll be our eighth year. It's like you said it's our largest fundraiser of the year. And it supports all of the great work that we're doing in its sports are education. Sustainability. And and our animals. And so it's we feature about forty food and beverage partners and they provide. Taste for all of our guests to enjoy. We have live animal encounter is throughout the event we have light entertainment. In and we also have a really great silent and live auction so that's a really great great way to be able to visit the senator and how supporting mission. And and one of the times for the event so it's from 4730. Elkington and he was in the evening and and and how many years now the so we are APR doing it. So Dana is this something that you put together isn't it well we haven't we haven't committee of people that help us put it together yeah absolutely so it's it's really it's a great staff fund raiser for us a lot of the people that are supporting the event. Have been with us a number of years. And I just love coming back when we reach out to different food and beverage partners a lot of times they'll actually say when is your event we can't wait to come back because it's really a very unique event. It's out on the refuge. And meet you get to see sunset and the day. In beautiful shots yeah it's a really great event our guests really love it they we they come back year after year. And I mean it's got everything weenie break this Alley animals' food. I'm beverages alcoholic is at 21 plus event and live entertainment in Alec what else could you possibly mean it's just it's so fun. Perfect for a food lovers and animal lovers and earned an earth objects absolutely yeah. Now now in keeping with living coasts commitment to the environment and sustainability and stand at the farm. Farm debate has zero waste Goldstein with that we GO so our goal is to divert 90%. Of the waste from landfills. We have a team of volunteers that actually hand sort all of the waste behind the scenes. But our guests are also able to see if they wanna see what's happening behind the scenes. And so they actually support sort all of the ways between. Ways that means to be thrown out and recycling and then anything that can be compost and so we actually. Remove all of that they're composting and compost on site so it ends up breaking down naturally and getting added to our landscaping overtime. And anything that gets recycled gets sent to the recycling and then anything that's that's trash unfortunately has to be thrown out but the goal is that 90% of the of waste. Would be diverted from landfills and in the past we've been really close to that with an 86% so. Where doing a number of things to encourage our guest sees less pleased we have reusable. Cups and a reasonable cutlery that we're using. And our centers where where offering with our food and beverage partners a green award this year is so we're actually encouraging them to reduce the amount of ways that they bring to our site. And just thinking a little bit more about. They're packaging. And and how you know what they're bringing is no effect or restraint and and has this always been a part of the farm today it's demonstrably years yet we started doing that I think in 2013. And we get a lot of support from the city two of us and the master compost your program that we run throughout the year. I'm so a lot of times in order to become a master come poster you have to do some community service. Projects and this is one way that we sort of encourage the community to come in support. And composting and a green cream lifestyle him elected and so this is. A great event here like he just he don't have to feel bad in any way like one. Okay you get to have a fantastic time and me animals until it's a fundraisers for a nonprofit organization and three we have a zero we school in Alison it's like. How many events can you really got to it just feel like zero guilt like nothing you know if this SM and so it really is it just it goes to supporting us and supporting the programs that really help us be able to connect people while Y and the environment he had definitely. Now now again this is so August 5 I guess that at the senator into the Vista. Yes let's what's the actual address. That's a great question okay so don't put this in here in here GPS them but Perez Google gets a little bit confuse us Google is great don't get me. But so the actual address is super simple 1000. Gunpowder point drive. But we're located on the corner of bay boulevard in east street sell I am like is that if you just come down five. And it's either way I south five north there's an Easter eggs as soon as it's Uranus that and they just had asked just head to the ocean and it asked. And and now are part of my as a right there you really can't miss it okay so. So for the farm debate can they get tickets in advance of the absolutely yeah we really encourage people despite tickets in advance we do you typically sell out. And tickets are available at our website the living Kos dot org. And again it's a very simple process to purchase tickets he just you can even have an on your phones have UN help contributing to the zero waste you don't have to print half he had been on your phone and then will we'll take care when you're here and we're also I'm selling the tickets on FaceBook as well this here to make things a little bit easier for those of us on basement and so if you go to our FaceBook page which is act now living host. And you can go to our events section and it's right on there and you can just buy the tickets through that event and if you have tickets left over that if you don't sell out we have them the day of probably that's how pathetic if if we don't yeah I can definitely call on the day Avant just. I wouldn't recommend going online at that we just call and like oh my gosh you know Haiti have any last that. I am we're probably a lot of and typically so get a gas and get him. One thing that's nice but as a Venice and a little bit more intimate that it's it we had we do have and it gives people a really great opportunity to get up close with the animals. And be able to really experience all the different food and beverage vendors this is not. Giant tasting apparently a lot of the beer festivals that you have seen in town and things like that where you're at you know endless lines and endless crowds you know and you look at hand pick the people then partners to we invite to come out so I mean some of the great partners that you command different breweries winery is. I am our culinary chair this year is Jeff for burnout from sushi on a roll. So we really think about what people in San Diego that some of the things he might not trite and you know all very local and take those people sounds great you are nonprofit. So where do you get your funding aside from. Events like. This he had great questions so. We do have admission charge and so that helps with our fattening. So even if you come down a living post again it's all going back to the nonprofits are going to help our programs and tan and helping him as to how might. But in addition and we worked really hard to find partners. And we Indonesia ends we ate ran its so if that's something my ears into Sudan are gonna learn more about we have tons of information on our website at bell living coast outward. You can donate directly through there you can buy an annual membership which is another great way to help out it's good for a year it's a fantastic. Value. We have one it's 96 dollars for six people in your house yak it for a whole year I mean it's fantastic and then we offer like member events throughout the year member discounts on things like camps and other programs there's a member discount for front page I mean. It's really it's agree. And that as a nonprofit. Volunteers the backbone of men definitely out act as we have this discovery center over 300. Volunteers and and it is incredible the amount of people the amount of work in the amount of passion. That is really brought through the volunteers it's just we wouldn't be able to do without them and in all areas too I mean we. Host I'm monthly cleanups as well throughout the community and we have Sony volunteers like that so many volunteers who are. Physically at the living 'cause discovery center giving too where is you know. Coming out again like I said with animals and with birds on their gloves or with reptiles to deal that connect people. And so we're really grateful for about. What kind of experience with they need to to be one of those. Finally the so I music to be sixteen years old cinema. And then you know and then it just kind of depends on dealing work you way up and we actually haven't application on line at the living coast out of our. You know bearing and find out more about it we have people who are interested in all kinds of different things I mean we have volunteers were just interested in and agriculture and landscaping and can help us. Just keep of that as well so really if there's anything on involved and we Sherman can efforts to match people put their passionate about. So handling the birds or anything like that no no experience needed week and we at train for that yes it is not like you're hiring Stan. Yeah you don't just some I'm like yeah luckily there are enough. Fat we'd do a lot of training and so that's the other great thing as well as that we think that you know the volunteers get a lot to us but if that's something you're passionate about we work really hard and to educate them as well so that they meant to keep the gas and they get really unique experiences. Yeah it's a great program. And again before we wrap up. The website or yes he had so the website for all of those things I am an upcoming events volunteering memberships. Farm today. That living coast got bored so and you mentioned FaceBook any other social media yeah definitely we're on FaceBook instant Graham and Twitter all of those are at. Now living posts I'm super simple and we're pretty active on those as well sell. In if you can't make it down every day from 105 we understand and you can just stay connected on there and that we post really cute animal pictures and I'm packs Al. It's it's really arid. Rachael grace senior again in having you on the show they are you so much Jessica pleasure meeting you and having you know as well thanks for all you do at the living coast discovery sinner and I will be there yes he well. Sometime this summer promises yes definitely come down the track. It includes another edition of living veteran San Diego the opinions expressed on living veteran San Diego do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of the staff and management. Of the N com San Diego radio stations episodes of living veteran San Diego are available on the station's website. Join me next week when my guest will be from the Helen Woodward animal center. Until then I'm Gary Lee have a great week.