La Vuelta 2018

Wednesday, August 22nd


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Well before nine meetings like CN this is my like c.'s local high cast. Now what that is happening this Saturday in barrio Logan I'm super excited about a go ahead and introduce yourself. Eminem and get up voted down the president alone and have you already. Thanks for calling him again and I wanted to talk a little bit about lamb went back. And it actually happen and every Wednesday right. We're at at everywhere and they began to innovate we're open so the pocket though it is kind of culmination of the whole summer what tennis is so. That's okay stop at ten minute and it it's. Okay in exactly where is it going to be. In a bin barrio Logan both its on Logan avenue thirty come in doubt we'll stop you get off a national. Avenue becoming north through get out of the habit partly. Awesome and I want you to share with everyone how loud was that started. Ottawa the pilot a couple of in his all right then myself and I'll read it yet though you are we we're look at a ways to. Mean a comedian together at the same time also great people went to go Bob Hope that this. It started last year right now actually get that our third year a thirty year wow how my gosh time flies so fast right so let things can we expect at the sensible. The issue is that the low level they don't will be whole scheme. I like about not car bomb any part of that come about from LA that cannot choke it's one of the art. I could think I'm gonna happen mumble Juarez. He's a well known arm leg scale model well he's building the scale model Whittier boulevard oh it'll literally be Whittier. We're boulevard where it under the little scale models so people could go under current and look at it it happens shops are everything. You back again turn our own failed to come apart even more to come out you know per tunnel are. But he wanted to include Logan avenue and it went into an early lead in which are backed up next here so we're right about that. Had that's amazing yet the paint on The Beatles in art and a photograph. Cylinder in allow Volvo local photographers and people that visit he shall eat you know whatever although. He won the mid to to be seen by you know but it Sheila. And that mentality gonna have a two beer garden in half art show we Matt hoots they do is one of the immediate they do so people out of the locals eat gays. While we have the main speech it is enough oh pretty get back. On it this year would rather be rappers saint vehicle as well let aspect I lack at a beach LA as well as they do the little rub. Forming here and in the Logan act up or I'm in and go back a long time in the in the apple body dumped on it and another thing too that a lot of around like you can you can get after the first athletic he's got the potential review of the public coming babies belida. On hand at the oracle floppy ears. That's beautiful and what vendors can we expect to see. Sold event initiative very a lot of artsy crap but I have a teacher I'm not a tit. But I do app who have an organic pizza loving guy out there is going to be outlying Barbie Q so we haven't in nature of food. It mixture of vendors about you know a lot of people that that where their match here and not a lot of new people well. When I'm Daryn this Saturday what should they definitely check out our. What should I not miss you autumn it being cut I put out there for everything all day you can think. Right well this year where you know we're we're doing something different not people. Active duty not to if we'd be able to elect program that would provide program took it off. Went out a in the delinquent by a hundred by the rotunda back under this program you bought out that at bat for the band that I have you know. Our admiral or local sponsors which you know a lot of them are local businesses. And they'll novel thing about it let you know we got off to check from our local community we don't we don't at our Norman day in a mutually you know what they can do it and and we appreciate wait are you helped our they're all harder gain whatever they give you know I mean it well we can't even tried to lay. Two to generate about where their business both you know people come and that the. Who dollar gonna have their cars there at Loveland pass like how many different clubs years their lecture ES sale as they last year. That sure we had a. Like an aren't when he cart issue we're looking at about 200 is the part that would double yeah apple that about sort of that the cars we have built over eighty vendors. Obviously all the local shop flop or be open I think we doubled up you know what they do with but another states. Week that they do go beyond each call needs. Quarter or and a look at bubble and would then we'll have a another 88 and up a palpable when we're going to be music the love the Pena. So whenever you know you walk in buy you know we can be bopping your hair when you walk. You can't that's sound lime super excited for this Saturday and let everybody know where they can sign Loveland on social media. Well on and examine pace that we're under on the what I barrio Logan and non. On nine and a web site it's Logan avenue support you know got off. If people need to get a hold of you for anything I'm sure they can do that the website. I think it'd be enemy. I'm usually one that never eat and you know this year's advantage is it combination of a need to put it together enough. The Arnold and the Asian and then you know there's been a great treat our parent and ventures saw you know we're we're start and make a law to allow more pain at the site with the wet back. Played the about a get income and head for parliament. Before we go I just when you know if you wanna give anyone and a shout outs. Are we only get shot out to all the local businesses that supported us they want not what they Lou to order a. I mean Mario about they've been they've been amazing you know sponsoring the joke is Dave a year and it Syria we have both we have our our first. Mitt lab where it's not enough. And there and we're trying to do it people think it all about to let the but you know battling grace spoke to it's not enough it's only you know symbolize that so well cool. Crown Royal crown our earth where it earlier verdict today saying that. Oh Oreo anybody you'll get a lot of people romp of the money that. I think he's them and well that's going to be exciting I can only I'll be there this Saturday for shared my. But their transport it he knew there and I bet they do not. Maybe it's really a culmination of you know the being detonated a cultural arts district now by the state of California well it it's there ever any given that that extra person that drive to. Due to make our community Shaq needs more. Definitely IA. And super thankful you know that I'm able to connect with people like you and in the community and just being a part of Varela injuring this time is amazing. And it is the main and then we try to kill that there'll type in all in all worry. Armed people that come and visit for the first time either on their Grand County is different cities. Eight countries made it all the low but the culture the music the art he knowledge to the beat went down or everybody's so early that day you know people he's there with the. While well thank you so much again not and I will see this Saturday at love without. Write it or being.