Keith Komos discusses the unsolved case of the East Area Rapist

Thursday, March 15th

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with author & researcher Keith Komos about the case known as the EAR/ONS - the East Area Rapist / Original Night Stalker. This 40 year old rape & murder case could possibly be the largest series of crimes committed by a serial rapist/murderer and it remains unsolved today. 3/15/2018 -


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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. And stimulus posters and East Coast ends many years to somewhere between one economy on earlier you myself just cause they always awesome GV Johnson are tough to get that right because it's been so long. I have no idea so I was listening and I'll tell you how to get this. Where we are stock is perpetual winter and it's I won't even of America's say two winter wonderland because that's over it's too old for that. On the yet perpetual winner Europe in the northeast and I just looked at the the forecast there's not a day above freezing Ryan. For the next 1012 days at least it's march springs next week for. Politics well you know as far AME today it was in the upper forties idea I have snow melting and everything else but yesterday. You you know I yes we got killed we have Kelly and they were saying. It changed the forecast a one point early three to five and then you a fight to eight. And the delicate idea you know all these this part Rhode Island shall only get about five to 08 to ten and and it 24 inches. If not more and it's literally insane he India. I and now we get another storm possibly to become a blizzard. And I wanted to I have never Jim. But I had to be on the news because of the Indian because I. How are how much we've lost power it's been brutal. You've been without power more than you do and with power and saints who and over the last two weeks I have literally true I of Aaliyah I literally run my generator. Boys are talking yesterday my generator has run for. It's been total twelve days. It has to I've we've had to be on generator which. Think that we had generator I mean I feel bad for the people out there who don't meet them and deal the elderly the sick game the children and things. But it has been brutal it has been a stink in nightmare. Well I hope those of you that are still suffering without power still trying to recover from the most recent storm. Are doing okay and making the best of it is certainly not eat or you don't rely so much of rely on power until you don't have it in the nearly while your food spoils your. You know take it teaches you nothing happened. So that's the problem and I I had friends who actually posted steadily calmly got my fridge is out I don't know what to do well I mean you got 24 inch snow outs. Yeah he's thrown outside there but people though a lot of people don't think about that yeah well it's a tough tough situation to best of luck to all you folks are still doing when that. On tonight we've got a pretty interesting show were gonna talk about an unsolved. Crimes and on the ballot many crimes actually it's the east area rape mr. Golden State killer case it's one of California is most interesting and it's stubbornly unidentified. An unsolved. Cases. It's a serial killer serial rapists. And Keith almost will join us he's written or co authored a book about this he's a specialist in and looking into these cold cases and when my favorite things to do when I watch television is watch something like cold case files or forensic files. I find that true crime stuff to be pretty cool and won't get a chance talk about it with Keith tonight. Yeah and it's it's a crazy crazy case and it just history or retire at sixty plus raids into all murders and it's just it's insane if you have an Emmy she had over to FaceBook dot com slash a beyond reality radio only to FaceBook page for us. Then had to be on reality radio dot com you can find all the stations we are on a cross country can also download the free iPhone and android upgrade or shall I shall listen live touchpad chose to acknowledge that more. Were useless rational upside. Click the listen live button and you didn't connector and chat list hang Elwood TV myself and agree to India people right there Olson additional online. And I just remind you tomorrow and we've got Robby Thomas joining the show. Our Robby is a psychic criminal profiler so we kind of have a true content true crime back to back here. Will be discussing his new book it's called psychic profiler in the real deal true crime cases volume one. And we'll talk about many factual well documented cases with testimonials from detectives letters from families behind the scenes text messages emails photos. And more and we'll go in depth on seemed law enforcement as they try to sell some of these cases as psychic medium. Coral profile robbery Thomas joins the investigation. And I've often wondered how many times a psychic. Or profiler gets involved in the case and done you know how it out how effective it is it leading investigators to a solution or similar to solving the crime. Yeah. It's it's something Larry I've wondered myself so. But in every Friday as the best are beyond reality in the next week we got some great shows and yes Fiona corn the naked which. She's been out of for a long time and then she donated another from one timer is that just. Fears very provocative because let's go to the book. You know we as a gracious I do got to give a shout out. We knew we need to say is Stephen Hawking on legendary. And physicist he's passed away. And I TH 76 today. And now he was diagnosed with Lou garrison teachers which my grandmother lost a light from. Back when he was 21 in 1963. And that's usually fatal in a few years and doctors actually keep him only a few years. So miraculously. He Mimi 76 your soul so just mind boggling and you know our our school well tennis family. As I said last night quite a crutch contribution to not just the things we talk about but all science. An utterly science but people who have illnesses like that were struggling to. I'm not just survive but also make a contribution and he can't argue the contributions Stephen Hawking admits has made. Despite his illness is cut overcome and also as you said Jay our hearts go out to his family and on his impression and his contribution will be felt forever forever and ever. Absolutely and the former tonight is 84 forest every night it's 446877669. Dental freed 8446877669. Our and a cigarette break when we come back we'll bring our guest in Keith almost we'll talk about the east area re pissed Golden State killer case California's most. Troublesome. And interesting in many ways unidentified serial killer case curry listen Jason JPM URL in review. Beyond reality radio friends this is JV and I'm telling you need to go check outs Garrick con dot com it's the website for the event coming up in June in New England in fact it's in Framingham Massachusetts. And sit fan convention that features paranormal. Horror scifi celebrity guests plus panel discussions film premieres and screenings parties and a whole lot more a lot of fan interaction collectibles great defenders a lot of great stuff. It's being held June 6 and seventeen been Framingham Massachusetts all the details are being put up once Garrick conned. Dot com check it. Our counter. And I can yeah. I meant that this time when I said Jason javy and many actually Jason was here and speak at temple much misery as a mid able to view broadcasts and our switzer ever yeah it and and it's not over yet that's the thing that makes it more frustrating but he would welcome back to show everybody the phone numbers 8446877669. Makes you write that down. On and join our conversation when we open upper phone lines later in the program tonight or talking with keys Kieft almost. I'm Keith is an author and researcher we're going to be talking about one of the most interesting and disturbing unsolved cases in California history it's the case of the east area rapists to Golden State killer. And Keith welcome to be on reality radio it's great to have you on tonight. To be here. So I'm sure the best place to get started would this conversation but let's let's start by learning more about you tell us much of background and how you've got involved in looking into unsolved cases like this. So while I started out doing social media forensic work for missing person cases. Sort of volunteer and consulting on that end for you active cases are different types. And then restart part in my cap winter's over into this cold case that she is working on this east serial rape and why it never heard about. And I helped her build this web site about this case it is spread awareness and as we're doing their. I can't even believe that this criminal Israel all the salt in the murders and no one knows who hit. And we learned everything that we can't about this but all the information that's out there it. At that time what is contradictory. There is convoluted and it's a forty year old case split. All of the problems that that entails. To start going to as many special source of the pot so that a lot. Now we're doing that the web site grows and that becomes more popular and we start getting all these steps on the case it's our Chernobyl law enforcement they start sharing information. Other researchers and retired detectives shared treasure trove of gold records and information without. Victims and witnesses from the can contact us. Could put in a lot of the work and we get a lot of it sorted out in an order from personal. A lot of that goes on line and we look for other ways for people to benefit from all this the blood work we've done in this research. So a book sort of becomes the next logical step united we put it out there. And people calling it the K Bible in the case encyclopedia which is fantastic that you're going floor. It's kind of book that I wish I would have had. Access to an article became interested in this respect me about a year learning it piecemeal and and getting to the bottom of things. Well I'm sure after forty years. Now of course and the average law enforcement. Person is is usually working for anywhere from twenty to thirty years so. Most of those guys are all retired they. Cheese by at least ten years I'm sure many of the people who invest in the case have prelate passed on so that it of course it has to be pretty tough. We're also talking about ten or twelve different jurisdictions. Because this guy offended all over the place and communication wasn't of that then and I think seventy to 1980. Technology wasn't there are. And there and we ran into a lot of old rivalry type them they believe it or not still exist into retirement. So a lot of it live that mr. Pickens say that thing and that would say they're saying and we would have to try to sort it out and and witnesses and and even they've done is good. Saying you know tell the story that it didn't exactly jibe with what the reports said. And they came up with what we called the two source rule. Meaning to independent sources have to be saying the same thing over not putting it in the book it's. It might be great information but we we can't rely on it because. We just try to be is factually accurate as we can date. We're gonna get into the details of the case in the book and all that instilled when I get no more of your background did you have any kind of background in in now a criminal investigation police work military any thing that made this a natural step for you resist something he's gonna learn trial by fire. This was definitely trial by fire when I was in in school I wanted to do everything sociology criminal justice business computers science. I ended up going to business route that I'd only used technology. As a problem on. Anything that I've attempted technology and then when I used to tackle problems. What I started volunteering for missing person cases on line. I started using technology to. Scoured the vast amounts of data that people put about themselves online. And creating little programs and tools. And it to the bottom up a lot of things might burst. Indicate that I can remember like really getting. Making headway in getting media attention forward that I can call the toll that Patrick K. He would is a doctor or a doctor candidate up in Michigan to the student. And she's. Started tweeting so a couple strange thing to mention disappeared there was some security footage of her acting strangely. Like she was afraid of something. Automatically they've zeroed in on her ex husband setting that guy must of done something to her she was afraid of she tweeted that she was afraid of them. I start looking at her Twitter account and her deleted tweets and what not. And find out that he was more likely that there was a psychotic type of episode that he gets cleared by the way the media sort of so our trust me like what he's doing how he's doing this and I this sort of run with that and then I start getting out to do more of these types of things. So what I've been mostly working on our active. Type cases. Getting pulled into cold case with a totally different scenario. We did he basically you're an historian looking archives. And trying to connect the dots he is you can be Sherlock Holmes and do it in your armchair. And it's a very different type of testing but again it technology. The sort through these things I loved it geography of the case because. No matter what you've got the timing and you got the geography of the case everything else can be a little bit subjective. But you've got those things set in stone he can start connecting dots in doing geographic profiling. Type stuff and you can really interesting to keep into it that way. Keith you mentioned on this the Michigan case you're just talking about is the first when you really get involved with the city at Texas you're looking at tweet to sum it how do you get access like that if you're not law enforcement is that. Something that you got through law enforcement or is it users DM and other methods of obtaining that information. There are alternative method that you put anything out online and it it out there Twitter in particular has something they called fire holds meaning. Any tweet that goes out into the system. Goes out into archives and goes out into data stores. That are semi publicly available you can go to archive dot org. And they've got different various stores for the month of my little pieces of the Twitter fire knows to what I was able to do is take our screen name. Look through some of those old tweets which gives you did the full letter header. When you tweet he beat. Detects that the person writes but there's actually a whole lot more information and they're including sometimes the geography. Of the person who closer to you can post it. And I mentality ear in Maryland and I'm I assume that you are under snow or something like that. And so I can get the user ID and different things of how the person that specifically about the person. And then you can use that information find other Twitter accounts that match. Those two variables and that's what I did that the toll and Patrick attempt. I found some of her Twitter patterns she had a few distinctive. Things in there as far as where she's located. And her user ID and email and things like that and I use that are in other Twitter account and that's how I was able to tie. All of these together because she had different Twitter accounts talking to each other. Then that led to finding some YouTube account based on the names of the other Twitter account has talent which were actual video of her literally much more useful. And and. Or she that you are out and she's the one actually didn't she have a restraining order something against her grow from this firm some singer who says this year. She was stalking them. He paid yet and that started come out that the singer was you know respectful you tight lipped about it he would go into public detail. By at once that stuff started coming out in law enforcement need to look down that route. And they're really became obvious because she had been history that stopping him in the parking lot there actually some tweets received. Talking about being on the premises. Of this stretch and they didn't know that should actually there. So the little old pictures starts is filled in piece by piece like public like that. Cold case. Offered me that in spades that the biggest problem I've ever seen in my life. One it's really is stars become creepy too when you're able to attract but are its order and we had to take a break when we come back we get a lot more than four numbers 844687766. And I again tool free date for four. 6877669. Elicited Jason. GBM Dioner alien radio. Recent weeks here we are cold here it's too isn't it who. Oh. If you go. That's Jason JB thanks for joining us the telephone embryo argued it gonna wanna rated down so we open opera from months later you. Have easy access to it'd take 446877. 669 before Bernard aspect and it's one I mentioned something coming up. A C two weeks from Saturday so it's march 24 and I mentioned at less than in the show and I want to just do it again. I I I be in charge of a scholarship fund in my father's name he was musician and he inspired a lot of people to play music including me and my sister and other members of our family and friends. And he passed away a couple of years ago Jay's you know and done we set up this scholarship fund to help support high school seniors who graduate with the intention of going to college to pursue a career in music. Which they fund raiser coming up on the 24 of march in coney out of New York I know most of you would have no idea where that is but if you have. An inclination to support such a cause you can go to the website it's Gary Johnson memorial scholarship dot com there's a donate button there. And you can contribute to this cause it's helped a lot of students are ready and the students are very very appreciative because music. Seems to be something that's getting less and less support from financial aid sources and other types of funding sources that kids usually go to for college so this is Google's online or more schools are cutting the budget so yes it's ridiculous yeah that's getting very very difficult so again the website is Gary Johnson memorial scholarship. Dot com and if you scroll down you see donate button if you if you feel like that's something when contribute to we'd appreciate it so anyway. Tonight we're talking about a very very disturbing. And remaining the it's unsolved case of the east area rapists Golden State killer it's obviously in California our guest tonight is Keefe almost we're talking about his work on that case and Keith have got to. Askew and you said it when you in your opening remarks. Given the brutality. And the extent of the crimes of this perpetrator. Why is it that this case hasn't received more attention because before you came on the show I had never heard of it. I. It's because he flew under the radar there wasn't anything splashy. About is his MO. And he. It has crimes over ten year period. So it just hasn't gained the notoriety that it should you use the word disturbing a couple of times and that's exactly what it is. He operated between 1976. And 1986. And irresponsible. The fifty home invasion rape and out of murders in over a hundred burglary. And he has played public Sacramento Stockton. Modesto David you hit all throughout the east Bay Area. In the hit and Southern California locations like Santa Barbara Ventura and Irvine. And it is not a typical cold case don't serve that it is to rape and murders by. The body count is higher than the zodiac which is a must within the case. And that guy invaded. Home can they get home after home for several years. And what crane could that we don't have any. Solid clue as to who he might beat you don't nobody looks like we don't have the fingerprints. Is the ultimate stands amidst the ultimate Bogeyman story. When people read the book they that when the first thing though that limit how many pages did it take you to get out. And check all your windows and check endorse chuckle and a lot entered always less than fly at it's it's a terrifying case. But what sets this particular case apart from other cold case to the Bay Area in the act and we haven't VNA. So that's another reason that it should be more pal more no more momentum in the UK eminently solvable as opposed to other cold cases of the Arab. And a lot of people starting to push it now which is fantastic. I was just talking to body mind Mike Moore heard who runs the criminology podcasts. And he was with Tom out. That this is the biggest media blitz that this case has been in the wild is finally becoming mainstream. And it is probable that I would be somewhere between sixty and 75 years but today. That's very possible that he bagged and apply it to be around to stand trial on paper all the crimes. And that would be one of the biggest and most remarkable blend with the justice system in history. One of the best true crime stories out there hopefully by presenting the case tonight to your listeners. It'll dark something one of the land and they'll be able to send them out one typically in a wide open and honestly that's all it wouldn't take. Incentive wasn't as well known. And it it's becoming that we now is very likely that that took command any day. Well in the show please all across the country and has listened to all throughout the world so and believe me I hope that something can come of that and you made a great point there. This is this this has very little information out there on our very few people know about it. And at the zodiac killer which knew there were only probably 45 confirmed deaths from zodiac killer even though their claims they're gonna men twenty to thirty people. Total but they're only five confirmed. I mean. Most people know about noble about one. Very few people know about this one where there's and doesn't plus steps. Yeah that one had a great name and that had a great cook with took the code and everything I guess. It's kind of sad but some of these cases need a marketing spend and quarter of the public. Two to latch onto them and fur to really become mainstream. And another thing at the victim in this case if this happened a long time ago. It's not something you go around talking about. And it it's just that good news has never really snowballed on me and let that's changing announcement. And I think zodiac killer hole catch thing was he kept on challenging the police use he's playing a game with authorities trying to. Miss and the release code to get Eminem that was the biggest and the big thing that was going on the Jewish so much attention to. Right exactly yes. Assert the crimes that we're talking about that are being attributed to this particular case. Are they all confirmed. To be part of this case or they just suspected to be part of this case. How about the murders are basically confirmed BMO in the location in the geography was was. A lot but. Most of them are connected by the end they all of them but one. Of the double murders in Southern California is connected by DNA but because the location and and knowing everything like that it easily connected. 21. Of the double murders you know took the murders. Is is. Did to beat this guy it happens in Sacramento. That happened over a year before the other murders started it was the shooting death instead of the bludgeoning. It appeared that. The killer was. You know the rapists that time was sort of surprised or something like that in the backyard. And it may or may not be related it's believed to be related. It's the only murdered at Sacramento hand as opposed to all the other jurisdictions for the California. Is give them sort of an end to investigate this only if it is related. One of the things that that really makes it could be related isn't there were some shoelaces. Tied in knots that these serial rapists was known to use drop at the scene. And that's right we're right where he shot one of those people so that that makes him really likely that it is related. Can you walk us through the timeline here of these crimes. You me and I'm sure to be difficult to the two include the mall or to touch the mall to kind of just. Walk us through that the timeline as of recent it was about a ten year span how to start. And how often were these crimes being committed. Attacks number one through fifteen. Occurred from June 1976. And march 1977. It occurred in the east Sacramento area of Rancho Cordoba Carmichael. Inspector tight string in the early eighties. He was only attacking my own females are groups of loan you know he would wait until. The father was out of ballots wouldn't be it boyfriend and then whoever. He changed that. Method of operating from attack the sixteen through 31 basically which was April 1977. Through April my content BA and New Year's time. The truth when he was defending him or Israel critical farms out segment in the stock and that started moving around a little bit. To keep his crimes being mounted as easily can keep the police responding as quickly to keep neighborhoods from becoming even. Tent and into ready for him. But during their second phase attacked them they're starting with a peg in the sixteen. He started attacking couples almost exclusively. So his his plane almost kind of changed. And there weren't that good with the actual Portland where of their crime ring where it is ridiculous to people. And he actually tried to kill another one a boy who. Saw him in the backyard gave chase and tried to actually stop them when you just crawling and he got shot. Warren for his efforts. Draining attack number 32 and 48. Which was to lie or it was June 1978 through July 1979. He moved out of the Sacramento area so up until this point he's been sending in Sacramento. It started sending in Modesto. Davis. And then that you space area of the Concord San Ramon San Jose. Walnut Creek Danville spring months he gets back to Sacramento from one. When attacked during this time period he attacks coupled began during the bit. There phase. And then he starts. His murder scenes which includes 300 mile out and I wouldn't be. That's not a mountain and non. Through May 1986. It attacks have been fewer and further between probably because the stakes were raised. He didn't wanna get caught he was moving around. Farther distances. He killed four people in Santa Barbara. It exactly there is called the leader now. And it seemed he tried to kill two more but he failed. He killed two people in the term of two people in Dana Point which is an 120 mostly from Irvine. And then he killed two people in Irvine both lone female the others couples. So again he he attacks couples but toward the end it seems gravitating to be gravitating toward what lone female. Maybe that's because he's slowing down. Problem or he doesn't want the challenge of having a male present. And then on the trail goes cold. After may 1986 without anybody knowing comedienne. Where he went where he came from police could be the end and we don't have another attack from them again what we do have. Our phone calls to former victims. Here and there there was one and 1982. During a quiet period. And he called. One of the early rape victims in the early 1990s. And early 2000. He called one of those rape victim in the first trade as well. So they believed that he was delighted elated the year 2001. Okay and that's gonna common though also for them to go from all. Singling now I'm individuals to. Really and getting more brazen. I'm looking for more of a challenge and then starting to attack couple sets the sort of a common thing when it comes down to view these serial killers serial rapists or. But first correct. They seem to need to raise the state. To get a bigger buyers. It's also possible that it liked the zodiac killer is trying to woman interplay with the police. Because these Sacramento bee which was the local newspaper. Printed a couple times he'd never attacked when the man must present. Right after that he attacks what the man's presence in keeps doing. What she may have been answering the call you know raising to the challenge. It are we're talking with Keith McCall most about the east area Aretha schooled state killer case in his book on the topic we're gonna continue discussion just a moment his website is cold case writer dot com if wanna check it out it's a blog. And as a lot of information there that you'll be able to find about this case in the other work that Keith is involved with. Our its phone numbers 84468776. Excited until free at 8446877669. Yeltsin Jason. JPM beyond oil. Chance and I don't forget to stop by Arabs say there aren't a hundred dot com there's a lot there including the Dion really radio coffee mugs the official. Coffee vessel. For those late night beyond reality radio listeners telling passing I have to wake up from Edison Brooks really on the morning it works well in nine trial offer any time of the day peavy deal opened a lot of and I've done that started freight and then prince perfect. Keith Hamas is our guests and we're talking about the Golden State killer case to east area rapists and Keith. This particular killer this particular rapists was also dubbed by the media given name. I think it was what to the original night stalkers who was the name that we he was given by the media. Right this can't have an interest staying. Few years her interest in several years where the rates that were happening in northern California. Weren't connected to the crime and the murders that were happening in Southern California. The northern California we had the deteriorate as. And Southern California we had the original Night Stalker you didn't know that these two are the same person. For a long time actually DNA doesn't match the rate to the murders until 2001. The murders themselves aren't even connected to each other through DNA until 1996. And that's another reason that this guy got away with so much for so long because all of these serial crimes hadn't been connected. We thought there was a two room late this here and you. Spotty murders down here that had somewhat of the same amount. But that really moving jurisdiction to jurisdiction back in that time and that in that time period really helped you guys out. Has there been any discussion or want any suspicion that maybe this says this particular killer in this case might somehow be associated with another case like zodiac or something else because. The risks in other some. Opportunity there if you look at the timeline to think maybe they're in there is something like that. The most interesting part of the timeline of the five year gap that happened between. July 1981. And may 1986. During that time period we don't happening crime spree this guy. We wondered if he moved somewhere that he changes and go a little bit let him pretty warm where once the the real that it believes that serial offenders like it. Generally they can't stop but they generally don't until they're caught. Or something happens to them. I probably did stop we're learning more and more that that they can and they do. Buy it that's a very curious break in there and this could be allotted to it. The walkman that are attributed they could be attributed to this guy. There are a lot that we look at one of the the failure ran track or which will. He was from 1974 to 1975. Either sort of a petty burglar who turned murderer must kidnapped her and he escalated very quickly and some of the crimes. Resembled. On the beat Hillary describes the but we don't know there's a connection. And the police are looking into earlier crimes and valued based carrier rapists started and simply say they're now looking at. A crime spree that happened in nineteen and 83. Because. The first attack in July and June. Of 1976 probably wasn't his first crime he was somewhat sophisticated already. So finding other crime sprees before and during and after could help lead to an identification because we have a lot more clues to. When we get back from our top of the hour break here we're gonna get into this case and a little more detail from the investigative standpoint what kind of evidence was collected throughout all these crimes. What is being done with the evidence has or any day any fingers and pointed any possible suspects that kind of think a lot of great information coming up. If you haven't yet made she had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like FaceBook page forest. Then had to beyond reality radio dot com you can download Treo iPhone and entering out ritualized listen life touchpad shows during. Online chat more or find all the great stations we are on across the country. Right there we're just listen quick listen live to avenue to join TV myself and agree to Indy people in an online chat to download the show. Do us favor and read it for arsenal's push show Ford makes it easier for people fine. All right so we're gonna take a quick break more to come to listen Jason GP beyond Reilly radio. Starts. Mike soltys dollars and it was a lesson GD Johnson what are. You know the two biggest categories of reality television item. In my informal survey from what I see other than most us taken practical jokers out of the equation is that seems beyond all the time. But there is the due to the scanners like paranormal yeah and then a true crime stuff. You know there's a recent series I don't know what happened to this series but it was the hunt for the zodiac or something and they're like five episodes of her close pretty cool that episode it was the first season I believe so I think it's coming as it it's been a wild scenes but Tom Diaz and those kind of cool and then there's the hunt for they Hitler whatever that is it's kind of a true crime thing and there's always. These investigative programs are reality shows going on and does so our topic tonight is pretty appropriate. As we go talk with Keith Kaka almost about the east area rapists Golden State killer case his book is called case files of the east area rapists and Golden State killer or to bring him back in just a moment but. Just to give you an idea what we got we have coming up on the show he's got some good stuff gonna continue with the theme of real crying true crime cases. Tomorrow night with psychic criminal profiler Robbie Thomas. And we'll talk about his new book release called psychic profiler the real deal true crime cases. Volume one that should be a good discussion. And then never Friday as the best known beyond reality radio but Monday we have fuel Warren the naked which fewer Kmart with a broom closet suited him there. The twenty years ago their first poco which a magical journey. It should be discussing how the modern which has changed and won a modern which believes. So it should be great show. Yes and Tuesday were all have our good friend and psychic Debra Hauser and back on the program discussing. I'm guess as a psychic medium and messenger experience a lot of stuff coming upper looking forward to all that. Endemic she joined the program also be taking your calls this hour if you wanna comment on this case that we've been talking about the east area rapists. Case it's remains unsolved today. The numbers 8446877669. If you wanna on call and join our discussion. Yes welcome back to the show keys and thanks Frankie and Alice. To be here. It's a key to our one big thing now know that what we've talked about. That you monitor victims and everything else whether it's 4050 raids so forth but a lot of a lot of time there could be a lot more correct because a lot of times. The news these people don't come for these victims. Right rate is very under recorded historically. One of the things they it. Made these crimes reported a little bit more than others is the fact that he would find his victims. Tightly. And disable their phone lines and they were basically helpless they have to get outside help. In order to beef Friedman does too. And that may have more. Likely that they were summoned the police are probably a lot more than it happens a lot more verbal read a lot more raids probably even murders. They just are connected. And one of one in my name. Research avenues that I pursued is looking for some of these there's some doubt in San Diego that look like Lee there are a lot of burglaries in the urban here the years leading up to deteriorate the Sacramento that would likely. I look trying to connect some of these cases because. It brings them a lot more evidence that we can look at we can create. Where this guy went and what it can trade and movement throughout the country might be able to find employment records. Something that can tie him. These crimes and so he can be found and prosecuted. Or becomes a lot easier now we're looking back and had a history of all these exit pop cover it because the computers because back then. I mean they would they knew what I had no idea him with the words what else was going on a solid there. They could log online and find two series or rapes going on in on the East Coast. Vs what's happening on the West Coast. Computers and hindsight. It changed this thing completely. We can digitize them surgical Sacramento police reports. Yearbooks. Phone books employment records we can do computer modeling. And all of the technology and communication tools and crossing management tools that law enforcement has access to now there's but the game changer for sure. Scooter phone lines we have this is Vicki Vicki welcome to program where you calling from. Cry uncle uncle lord of the and I look show. Think yelled for uncalled. He and they're paying higher that they were called her I used to work and suck amount in the news will lose late seventies early eighty and contemplated security guard. In background and part of that time artwork. He's very rapists. Detail along the duck now wherever the Levy area. Because they believed he would came in that. Up through that area quietly into the bath apartment there we were on what kind of card over 300 apartment. Am in fact as I'm. One night we had. I want gotten off work I was going home. And I think that my remain in hand there was a white man that kept on. And but the script and appropriate suck well cricket commentary given. Aren't as our security company. I hit exactly. It profile all the way in that Danny. And he they he was a big guys. He yes thick neck on. He had a blond crew cut. And he called it when he was with barely got away from him. On it was scary but our work done detail currently. I know who year. Every night. And you know and they on detective on. My on the other place proper. Either worked our area maritime you know there would get pumped in a week it's something there was only. And they would tilt up for a while will we can't touch them the one. We can walk what were like why. Because he did actually encountered him. But it got down two point. Well we are told is that you would trust passing. And and that there. And they could not prove that you were had great anybody. Had done anything you know but they encountered and then they told us they knew going blah. Earlier. And when you sit at a time when you say you're talking a law enforcement. Yes we do our output from. Our Opteron are worked there every single line. On the on the outlet Leyland went out another. Told security guard. You know he got it in from back there on the last week it looked down about the apartment. So it was dark don't know like 300 apartments across through there so you totality decay is now be able apartment on more level. Actually at that time they had copycat. Copycat re going on and we had big Easter rapists that was caught. Nothing Eric is that the war you rate that it would cost. Around that same time because of an advantage to how they described in his his quote war war. Andy Dick at camp. Oh those that river Levy was a prime hunting ground for these serial rapists he actually attack on an apartment twice both of them are corner units. He attacked isn't attack number eighteen on May third 1977. He attacked. And he also attacked in the tag number 27. Which what is November 10 1977. And can't look like you aren't all that Libby was dark and eat it's turning into. The windows and he could watch what people were doing and he can take its time select convicted he could figure out the vulnerable. And who want and you also mentioned the band. These serial rapist himself mentioned the band at several different taxing and I'm kind they wondered if he winds. Trying to mislead them by saying oh I have been there and look for van and he didn't actually have the band but at some scenes. That type of vehicle was spotted. Especially one particular scene where responded sort of healing now away from the crime scene. So he also mentioned a possible identification and there are a lot of detectives that feel like they definitely came across the guy and it kept moving act. Why there are a lot of different than that and persons of interest that they've looked back and suspected over the years a lot of different detectives have their own pet. Person of interest. Thankfully the DNA technology which can go back to a lot of those and eliminate them whether the one you're talking about has been eliminated yet or not. I don't know that there is a master list of thousands of different suspects and and he works there them. Based on priority and which ones they mentioned it to. How easy it is to get probable cause all of these have been in the very complicated. And that is very possible that his name is on one of those suspect in the middle it will come up and that this case will be call. Vicki thanks so much for calling in sharing your story with the service fascinating and very very excellent call we appreciate that. I'm I have to ask you though keeps it you know this the story that he's told I mean how many how many stories like that are there that you come across work. People had these brushes with the with the what was going on at that time may have even thought they knew who this person was but it is still stymied in the effort to. Arrest somebody for this. There are a lot there aren't are hundreds of these types of stories everybody who is living in that area at that time period the suspected. In some of these detectives these retired detectives and investigators. And sergeants and lieutenants and everybody who works these cases. A lot of times we'll talk to them for the book or force for something else and then have this is burning. Brett are burning. You know and to rise a bit you know I almost can't the guy I I feel like I saw this guy or what they're dying men. I was one street away from the sky when he was here. And just that almost autumn. Being steal steal them to work on this into retirement in two assists and to put out their own material. End. It's just an injustice that this guy's got a way. And either but at least one member of the law enforcement they work for just just just that and their lives. And they can't stand at this guy got away and the people who were affected by that the people who learn about those. It's an injustice that this guy to automate and they've all got a burning desire to see that's not done. Ariza were to take a break right now we come back I want to get into a kind of outline what other evidence exists I know we have the DNA evidence which is obviously huge especially with the new technology that's able to. Analyzing and comparing unlike ever before but there's got to be some other things so we come back we'll take a look at that. Aren't phone numbers 8446877669. Dental freed 8446877669. Analysts and she's. GP Dioner relative radio. About east area Rory Crist. Very very disturbing unsolved case in California. Could be one of if not the most prolific rapists serial killers. In American history through case remains unsolved and keep the forum to break a kind of teased the fact that we wanted to go over some of the other evidence or no we have DNA evidence which we're gonna talk about after the bottom of the hour break but. In addition to the DNA evidence what other stuff exists that might actually point to the perpetrators of these crimes. What are the most interesting pieces of evidence that might point to an occupation. Is some paint chips that would sound is 3 consecutive eastern here rapists attacks in the fall of 1977. These were microscopic set the blue paint and they were analyzed and determined to be architectural paint. The most likely came from a large industrial and exterior there only professionals would have act that he. Then in 1979. Architectural paint was found. At the first murder scene. And investigators later found the Sacramento company went down in Southern California doing some construction. And most likely painting a building at the time. And that. That's the one openly that that's a pretty good lead that they are looking into right now. The things come a thing yet because in forty years out and employment records contract in company's. Word there was a lot of cash and a lot of them stuff like that so. But the paint lead seems like a good war and the guy has to get money somehow he had to work in the went to the grocery store he built car with gas. That a lot normal that the lab big. And other people unknowingly infected with the style all the time and worked with him live next them. And evidently it paint might lead some where there's also really interesting piece of evidence. There we called Google map of homework papers. These serial rapists attack in Danville on December 9 1978. There were three pieces of paper round where the blood hounds lock the front after the late benefiting. All of the sentencing them after the attack. These ignorant folded up together and one was an essay about general Custer. What we bad grammar another woman what to rap about the sixth grade teacher that we call them that is the word and saying. And it doesn't have Putin but it it's very disturbed. In the way that it meets another with a hand drawn map and an unknown location with some notes and wood on the back. In this piece of evidence might also lead. To an identification. Well and being a painter I mean. First thought they can choose to people's homes a year you're seeing different layouts year old for the place for a work as well. So that total is. Well exactly and respect your yeah. Well and it just beyond that I mean you year RTC layouts of of homes story in in those areas. And it's just one of those things just like. I'm a plumber by trade I'm in people's homes all day long & Associates is one of the century here Earl is all over the place and and it just opens up so many possibilities. He would also hit home with similar layouts to. In similar neighborhoods so he could be scouting by being inside the home doing some some would like patent. Scared yeah it's it's really disturbing case so I do we have about a a little less than a minute here maybe even thirty seconds that is one Massey quick question about the book is the book justice. It just. Does it just lay out the evidence or do you I don't commit some conclusions and some. Some nations as well. It's a chronological. Laid back player of the attacks helped each tacked laid out actually that the suspect description in this with some of the evidence. And then we go to this section called context and analysis. We put some of this into context explain how it fits into the pond below the hole. We analyze. I asked some pointed questions. Propose a few series we talk about the law enforcement thinks about some of these attacks on the at. OK when we get back from the break brigade into the DNA evidence a little bit more specifically and find out what law enforcement is doing with that evidence and how quickly it more if at all and might actually point to a suspect. Harry Wilson Jason GBM beyond our military and. They're rare respect yeah three weeks. Wolf when it stays that from this point four welcome back. To the show everybody it's beyond reality radio phone numbers 8446877. 669. Don't forget tomorrow night will have Robby Thomas on the program. He's a psychic criminal profiler profile Wheeler and we'll talk. About his book psychic profiler the real deal true crime cases of volume one but tonight we're talking with Keith almost about. His book which is case files of the east area Rica's Golden State killer we've been going through this case it's a very good very disturbing when it's unsolved. And Keith we talked about some of the physical evidence before we went in to break and we've hinted that the DA it DNA evidence all through the discussion. But it's that DNA evidence that really is. Is the key to this case don't you think. It's definitely the key is the only way that we're gonna know that we got the right guy. And when you fail our law enforcement and you've got a forty year old case. And you've got new science it's allowing you to go back contest evidence whether it's DA net DNA evidence or other evidence who have specifically DNA right now Howell. Quickly does that become a priority or does it become a priority priority at all for these Mon force meant officials or actually. In the process of may be looking at active life cases as well. This can't have been fortunate and that it had resources dedicated to it exclusively. There is an investigator in Orange County that's dedicated to this exclusively. She has. A consultant and assistant I believe. And they get to work on this case nonstop there as a dime Contra Costa county who was dedicated to that. Full time basically yet other duties and would get cold sometimes but he had spent a lot of time on the he's retiring this month into the unfortunate. And then there there are others. You tired of them are retired and consulting. People that work for law enforcement they get to work on the all time there's a lot of resources dedicated to that because that is solvable because it because we have the DNA. In this case has actually made DNA history and a few ways. For instance in October of 1996. When that. Case there's some of the murders were forced connected by DNA the scoop on the first serial crime that was connected. By the orange county sheriff's forensic science division. They matched the DNA between the venture and Irvine area murders. And then in march of 2001. Chief Paul Holmgren. Can't account Contra Costa county crime lab that DNA from. Southern California into the northern California attacks. Which made history in the event that you've got a few real crime. From different jurisdictions being matched all of the police. As technology evolved we were able to get more and more DNA. Law enforcement would be able to take. DNA from a bad and it was on one of the murderers. And not about to some of the other murders and that was in May 2011. Who DNA. Technology has been getting better and better and has benefited this case why one of the main. Legacies of this case even at number solved. Is that one of the murder victim Stanley members bird Harrington who has a brother murder victim keeps Harrington. He spent two million dollars of his own money to help enact legislation that made it mandatory. Put prisoners of the California judicial system related defect offensive. Move. Voluntary manslaughter. They had to submit DNA to a statewide database because of legislation that he hoped that. Through the examination of those Allen he. The law enforcement officials thought they would identify. These serial rapists and do my stock was a killer. They thought they would find it. It took over two years to get that signed into law but they made it and unfortunately. It still wasn't among the prison population. There was no luck there but because of the law is. Basically came out of the case California has created with the largest statewide DNA database as it comes in the country and a lot of other cases have been all. So there's always the silver lining either in the midst you know an unsolved tragedy that this has become. Well I'm sure there has to be huge rush now especially with him lists and being able used DNA and everything. Mean because. This criminalist if there's still lives. And then they're ruled there working on limited time. Very limited time we're seeing victims die off when Nixon died off. The amount of information and tips that we can get it. It state law enforcement can act on that is in running low lower than it was a few years ago. And they don't do a lot of it resuming their bodies and whatnot if there are a lot of autopsy that they've DNA samples. So even if he's identified from beyond the grave doubt would be closure and that would be. Fantastic there's also the chance of a million option. Meaning if there's not an exact DNA match between. The exact a spender in the east serial rapists DNA sample is still won't change that. I signed a brother. They could be matched. So there's still hope that if even if the offender dies off that this case could still be solved through DNA. Technology like that. Well there's a positive aspect of that but then again there's also the sad part of the whole thing is nobody ever paid the price. Exactly. Hopefully he lived his life. In the injury and fear of being caught. Well we don't know if that's never be able to put a state in the name to these. Primal you and I and I agree with you but that's not a but you sit back do you think that's not good enough. Not what we want to tell you don't even if I mean even if he lived his life worrying that he was gonna get caught this guy couldn't because you want him to pay the price. Ended knew it was it was still sock is just for the fact that for 4050 years or whatever he's been free. And these victims have. Have had and there are maronite mayor Daley of what would happen to them on the survivors. And of course the ones who've lost their lives one. It's not there even if he goes to jail today. It's just not fair that you got to win that's salaam. He's in regards the DNA effort. I was going to ask you Richard answered the question about the prisoner population. That's that's a that's an easy way to make some comparisons which. It didn't come off of anything in this particular case but should mention there are also going through suspect list in making DNA comparisons. How they do that do they have enough. Probable cause and certain. Suspects to be able to collect DNA samples to make those comparisons or is there another way they're going about it. Some countries do a lot of times they'll just go to the person I know ask the volunteers sample. And a lot of times they do or they'll have to go to a relative. Or a bill go to a judge and get probable cause and they'll go collect their garbage. Order a lot of weight they go about it I don't know all of them I'd I don't want to divulge all of the and they didn't even. But every way than to get through these soft segment and they. Go to any lengths necessary to get this done within the letter of the law and the senate ethics. To get the suspect in this league. And he said that list might be thousand or thousands of names. There are thousands of names on the list yet. What do you think the chances are that this this thing gets resolved it. But the way that technology is progressing. And the fact that we haven't DNA. I think we've got a really good shot at seeing this resolved. Sometime in the near future I don't know we'll be here five years ten years a lot of it just depends on how good. Of the DNA database were able to access there that technology because we do you have defenders DNA. There are private databases are out there like ancestry. Twenty billion me. Law enforcement has not been able to get access to these databases because of privacy laws. And because of the turn to Susan because of the way the community is compared these particular date have been. There lumping changes in that regard. Where air a judge ordered the companies themselves oh wow. A comparison. It's very likely that a familial match will be made. That point it becomes. A very quick. In the last chapter. Well and I but I think the scary part on that is it's different if they get the ability to go in and isolate. It's a certain person to run some familiar and DNA and DNA match on. But the him and it's a concern because also opens the door. That they can go and in pretty much get anybody's Deanna. And right now that was that was scary thing because at this point what exactly because there's no reason that they should be able to. To deal with anybody else's DNA out there and and let's be honest law enforcement great but there's some definitely some bad apples out there as well and the leasing you want this if you've never done anything wrong is first and for somebody in the in the government to get a hold of your DNA is god only knows well and look at happened. Very much an early case where this was actually tried. And there was a false positive match. Meaning date submitted DNA based on an it was more a much more of the targeted search that they submitted DNA. And it supposedly matched that this guy had an ironclad alibi. If you look at the guy even though there was a false positive match. So it's not wallet technology and it's not a pandora's box that's likely to be opened anytime soon. You mentioned that particular. Trial in regards to discuss how many people were arrested over the course of the investigation where there more than one. There are blurred too. High profile arrests made in this case one of them weren't. And false confession. A man accused of the Mets murderous. Which wasn't even sure county in 1980 march of 1980 actually the anniversary of last night. And he. Hidden minister. Went to the police think that the guy confessed the murder may. Law enforcement sort of looking into the music business partner of the male victim this fingerprint was inside the residence because he would then there's the day before. Want to force and arrested him. Locked them up into jail for about a year and there was a preliminary trial. Finally came out that the minister has had. He was sort of an attention seeker type of a person. And it came out that he had falsified the concessions then he had done similar type of Spain throughout his career in other jurisdictions. And this guy who's set free but in the meantime the real murderer changed counties usually into murders. In each place and then we'll move on Billy did one about one beaten Cuba dictate. This I think in the wrapped me up outings and I'm gonna go from somewhere around in the final murder. Someone else consent. So the murder of his brand and law enforcement arrested him and that also be rails that case and there are then other people held. And people investigated but those were the two big ones for sure. So do you have. An idea do you have. A suspect that you put at the top of the list. That you think needs to be looked at more closely. I've been on a lot of roller coaster ride in so many persons of interest that have come close to the left flank. Or through my own searching. Demographic. Record and the first few I was very excited about there was one that was to us who don't want it was a sure thing. But they came back and law enforcement was excited to they sent two of the main investigators out from two different counties went and collected this person gimmick. And they'd they let us know hey very quickly within two weeks hey this isn't the person. And Balata let them there are few other the world went down so I no longer get Michael Trout I try and that's something that OK this looks good that looks good. So in this day and sometime in the directly to an investigator who looks really good if not of the senators agreed to let the tip line are all encouraged that at certain turned me onto it. The senators the tip line but. You just have to keep trying you've got to keep sending the tips and and if any of the listeners have anybody. Or any information that they might. They get helpful. The contact information defendant that tip is hit dot FBI thought out. And you can do by email. At. Shared a dot com that would be your email. And a real quickly what makes a good suspect in this case it deteriorate this. Typically described as being about 510. He had a size nine and are not in the match you. He was about 150 to 180 pounds. You don't like mail anywhere from his late teens to early thirties and 1976. He may have used not in binding in consensual relations. He likes Tony at Dayton and shoelaces and somehow acquired a lot of them he seemingly more different masks each attack. He acquired a large man in asking even appeared to make some of himself. He may have been involved in construction. Or around a commercial painter and follow 1977. You may have had a male it's great teacher one that forced to student stretched sentences for punishment and who may have canceled that still true that. The DNA is encoded what's in the national index. A lot convicted sex offenders are automatically. Not him. Law enforcement think there's a good chance that he could be alive still he'd be between sixty and 75 years old today. I did an even larger interest for if they don't say in his birthday is most likely between 1940 in 1960. Then one little piece of evidence that we didn't really get to may have had a dog. Indigo leader Santa Barbara area. So that's the basic rundown of what we know about these stimulate. While but it's been a fascinating conversation of the book is available where Keefe. The main put together the Amazon. Online you can get it online at Barnes & Noble. It's cold case file of the east area rate this Golden State killer by Kathy winters and keep comments. What Keith thanks so much for coming on top analysts and I am I mean this is such an incredible story and I'm just happy that everybody out there was able to look suitable to learn about the list. And we look forward to target the union at some point. Next time we talk we'll be talking about my identification. That would be great all right thank you so much again it's he's almost and the website is cold case red dot com or to take quick break. Welcome back to wrap things up it's beyond reality review Tucson June. Even on the radio thanks to him. Everybody for joining us really appreciated having along for the ride tonight. Yeah big shout outs keys don't ask my nominee announced talking about the lone star about the crazy case and I mean she tune in tomorrow we're going to be talking with Robby Thomas psychic criminal profiler. It should be managed to show and every Friday is the best are beyond reality radio summation head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like FaceBook page. If you download show from iTunes or anywhere else just do us a favor reinforce and help skid at the push of foreign makes it easier for people to find. But again thanks everybody for tuning in that he had a great next Jason GV you'll catch Omar. And I don't know ingredients used to play Jason Allison GB Jackson introduced when Al Susan Johnson since its entire week. You don't really radios. Yeah. You know start why don't finish the agency hello and anything sent inspectors will purchase and install an actress and host Don attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talk to be just beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.