Jacksaw Sports 4.28.16

Thursday, April 28th

Jacksaw Sports Thursday, April 28th, 2016


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It's time for Jack. With a load gets towards our James Lee hacksaw and okay. What's the word Jack's. Almost seven jump into the house of the rising Jim story from pop says the moment says does downtown under the word opened on the West Coast. I wanna talk sports through the starting off and running news dateline Rochester New York sees greater Leah Donna's Rodriguez was dropped off by her mother on Sunday. To participate in a five K run but when she arrived at the starting line lane and so our group of bin runners are running she follows suit not knowing she was accidentally running half marathon. When she completed in just two hours and 43 minutes yeah related news Chris mandatory the only person in the world who could make Charlie Sheen seem less creepy in a photograph. Accidentally unknowingly finished the broken your twelve acknowledged challenge and just 47 minutes SS and yes sir I presume proud of is switching the high school basketball daylight Windsor Ontario. Jonathan Nicholas six foot nine Sudanese born junior basketball player who's been tearing it up for the Catholic central high school says he didn't know he was in fact 29 yeah. This Canadian amateur. And revealed last week. And blames confusion for the mistake they're related news celebrated non athletes Chris can't Torre claims he didn't know he was a forty something year old DJ playing no huge chance and only on the last glimpse of the relevancy. And blame well everything and everyone. A run back to me it's time for another edition of Jack some other numbers that. Numbers are finally. This hurts and it's not even the line it's woods misery should stop down. Yes the stop down the way Yuri active man I'm not I don't point fingers no worry neither of irrelevance. They're gonna run back to me it's time for another edition of jacked up by the numbers. Today's numbers are 5639. And eleven. 563. Isn't at bats between homers for the Atlanta Braves nine is in runs from the zinni a hundred Wednesday night and lost the San Francisco Giants. And eleven as in times captains damaged newborns introduced himself as well as reminding for a ninth unsuspecting and uninteresting flower children attending Jo-Jo we get to a there thousands going on the world of sports that's on the jacks off things these she looked big feline is open for business. And the I'm never drinking deadline is absolutely. The ball well and we are familiar. Prolonged learnings. Then 94 now.