Jack - NOT Star Wars Trivia

Tuesday, February 25th

Not everyone is as much of a Star Wars nerd as Jack is, and bearing that in mind, this morning on Alt 949 he wanted to give everyone a chance to win tickets to Disneyland. Rather than bust out more Star Wars trivia about that galaxy far, far away, this morning he debuted a stirring round of NOT Star Wars Trivia. Only two correct answers stood between Darlene from El Cajon and a chance to head to the happiest place on earth to check out the new Star Wars ride Rise of the Resistance, and her knowledge of all space-related-pop-culture trivia NOT involving Star Wars would be key to victory. Could Darlene remember who starred in Galaxy Quest? Does anyone still have that William Shatner spoken word album? Why is everyone yelling at their radios? We found out this morning on San Diego's Alternative.