Happy Vasectomy Day!

Friday, March 17th

Why are so many men getting vasectomies today, and what does it have to do with the NCAA tournament? Dana and Jayson have the answer, and some other uses for that much downtime... ice not included.

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Point nine San Diego's alternative where Damon Jason on this Friday manner getting affected me it's an act well. But the Dallas play. Slapped in the face at a clients. At the same time. Well good public opinion of us who Mac and I I didn't make it about that headline does making national news. Didn't did you not hear about that. Little bit tonight is that blood look at the whether it top trending stories. For the better doing mess so that they can sit on the couch. Uninterrupted. And watch March Madness. I love a good bit manipulated situation and that it is my. Urologists actually have put out ads and created packages that Smart. So that they can do it at a special rates. So that they would be more likely to do it today so that then they have the whole weekend's alama captured the frozen peace situation. Trite you all watched a game. And if he can't because the F three kids and a wife youth yelling at hand he's trying to watch it on his little followed as these like cooking dinner. Doing whatever needs to happen changing it dead stopping a 58 and listening to a story you're telling Hampton and so he can't fully concentrate. But if he'd just to get a little snap. I and then everyone has to feel sympathy for and and then leave him alone he may be servants of Wayne's world is watching the south and he's doing it on behalf of the family. Yeah I mean it is pretty brilliant guy because knowing hit it knowing that how it's dead and knowing your had spent you have Ben. Literally yelling at him that tying him to go get one done because you already have three kids they can you don't need another one. In the cabins this but I mean the thought of it actually gives me anxiety so I don't want to dwell on that too much to would you. By him this package. Yeah I definitely would I sort of roll my high eighties at the whole thing though because it's like. OK sure if that's that you need to do to get through it and then you get your march Madden and send whatever. But yet when I have to give birth. How old London matter like I can't strategically plan and it's four. You know a marathon of my favorite Netflix actually lease it's on the Manson an exact Goodell on a house of cards or whatever but I mean or. Like putting your felicity dvds and nineties and then out of really happy place and let's efforts to forget about maternity leave that you have for six weeks though he gets three days where he gets to sit and binge watch March Madness time you have six weeks here in mind. I mean. To say the least your bodied to have gone through a traumatic bag but I give him three days were of an interrupted basketball and caught a day let him pay attention to its Brack yet.