E3 So Far...Big New from Microsoft! Bethesda, Anthem, Cyberpunk 2077 And SOOOOOO Many Sequels

Monday, June 11th


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What is going on right here. It's Jeremy it's casual gamers podcast carmike. Coleman university given game where had become a game developer for the game development agree programming Coleman university San Diego go to Coleman. Dot edu for more information so all of this afternoon because there is so much to talk about going on right now. Last few days at LA have been. Absolutely absolutely it's opposite if you haven't heard of anything that's going on please allow me to briefly catch you up on everything you've missed. So in the last few days Microsoft. Bethesda and a whole bunch of other studios have had time on the main stage talk about what they wanted to do but Microsoft by far. Came out swinging the hardest announcing the acquisition of four games studios. Plus developing a brand new studio in Santa Monica this right here is exciting if you're an Xbox flare. Because Xbox has always felt like it's slightly bend. Behind the ball in terms of developing products against Sony now. Sony has been killed and making deals with studios like bungee begin exclusive content the fact that Microsoft is gonna bring. Four to five studios in house will let them. Give us so much more Xbox only content if your only playing a one console well. You may want to think about diversifying is a little bit also. Talking about things that have gone crazy Bethesda setting the tone with raged too in the first actual game play. We've got of fallout 76. I must say with everything that I've seen and everything I've played from rage one and fall out. I'm going into both these games just a little bit. Hesitant because. Despite what rage one was the big gun play never really felt like it was up to par and the story was nonexistent some not putting too much stock in that also. All 76 I wanna see what kind of game it really is once we actually get hands on the game now of the game. Then I'm curious about and you know it's hard at the buy and hide especially after people who played the fifteen minute demo. And them. And from what I'm giving of a lottery is I'm reading on line is that. The game play feels really really good movement feels very intuitive you kind of feel like. Iron Man. You don't really get a glimpse of what BioWare really shines that will BioWare we on the BioWare from mass effect mass effect has. Has been really good it's storytelling on fifteen minute demo you're not getting a lot of story. You are getting to feel the care you are getting issued a couple of weapons there's no answers to right now is how much. Of a shared world shooter this game might actually be seeing the demo we got broke god was a year though. With the game play that actually. You see players dropping into your occurrence we'll lower it that's really. Something it happens if your really living world like something with destiny or not. Hopefully we'll find out more that in the future probably the most hype around any game had to come around cyberpunk two point 77 we got our first case today game back in. It was in July a have 2013 since then. Xbox one has come out PlayStation force come out I mean this is the studio they gave us the which your series. And now they get us something to look forward to probably more so then rock star delivering the red dead sequel it's coming out. I don't know who wins in there hasn't been a date set yet for cyber punk but the game play that we've seen the trailer we've seen. Makes it look apps are absolutely freaking gorgeous RPG style lots of decisions to make this is going to one of those games that. You were going to get really really really really deep and or at least I'm gonna get really really really really deep and also last couple days. So many sequels announced a mean looking gears of war game gears of war tactics. We've got gears of war pop. Yes that's exactly what you think Fargo pop. You were getting your own gears of war game and of course the announcement of gears of war. Five something else to get excited about division to we finally have a release date for division two plus a game played demo trailer march 15 when he nineteenth. We got a little bit of time to wait for that also in the the sequel pile just costs for. Boards of four dying light too and all pleased are your readiness on. The sixth installment of the halo series halo. Infinite master chief is back just seeing the trailer that we got from this is very nostalgic to the very first halo game I cannot wait. To see more being heel fan throughout my entire gaming career. Gets my blood pumping also other news battle toad is getting a reboot that's right for all of us who played battle goes on Nintendo and Hearst's. 'til the sun went down. On that dam jumping puzzle it looks like that's coming down with a vengeance and we finally have your release date for crack down 3 February. 2019 it's only a lot a game spring of next year are gonna come out swinging and so tonight we've got Sony on the main stage tomorrow Nintendo's on the main stage so chances are you an iron have a lot to talk about soon thanks to Coleman university. That's a casual gamers power by can master the software encoding in the gaming industry take your passion to video games. But the next level learn how you can become a game developer it combing university classes start every ten weeks on their gobble avenue campus go to komen dot edu for more information. I'm gonna hang this up now it's short today. We'll check in with you the next couple days as we get more stuff from Sony and Nintendo three wraps up and even my impressions.