Destiny 2, BLOPS Blackout, Stoned Gaming & MORE!

Tuesday, September 11th


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So I've got a burning question and it is it a son floating around on the web site in the on the Internet stuff on the wet so ha ha but the first thing William redressing. Beatty Walt and yes I hear from coordinate. I don't think we have plenty of cuts for the kid that's full. Option is scheduled game reply guest is Jeremy along with Andy. Happy Tuesday to you my friend where her credit. Beautiful thing it is a beautiful you know what I mean when it a hectic day out to play play destiny although all are one of us goes on vacation there. It was goes on paternity leave. Things happen. Things happened too but what happens when you wanna play video games go guided did have this sort of get such that foam pose the first reset since the launch of destiny to forsaken and all I have in my mind as well when you weekly easily gonna do first well it just does his recent day. Eileen dude. Dead that the habit of of going to play destiny all the time this is come back strong in fact not playing the game right now I actually feel like I'm missing something. They've given me reason to want to go back every scene building that's his day rebounding is you wanna dive into destiny person Anil weekly talk about tonight. They don't ask about destiny what he doses were has already talking about it we will below illicit things to talk about. Let's let's talk about Bessie who you would you and do a a quick fire question round because I'm greased up and god I think I wanted to know as I was watching cooking Italian you and I mentioned him very often and I didn't realize what he was talking about until later. And I saw an article about it. I guess the new raid people have found a a blog in the game that allows them access to raid gear yes and there for the raid even happened there there was a wall glitch that somebody found that they would go through and as a lot of those guys do we'll explore every ounce of out of map content they can get their hands I think this comment all I needed even indie jam on Saturday we're talking about something else and I said that. Children and prisoners. Have the most time on their hands they will find and let it like Whitewater that water finds a crack any means service write your children and prisoners will find a way out we're through anything because all they have it's time. So when you imagine I can't believe somebody found this really if you can you imagine one person just having nothing but time while. Then you could figure out wait wait till you hear how deep this rabbit hole goes so she not only are you clicking through multiple load screens in multiple maps to get to this chest. But he being array test you can only open to prepare to once per week can't sell not only did they find this race just right but they started. Deleting and re starting characters stop so they can go back in a get their chance to get a full set. Of rain lay here another territory aren't ready for Medicare all that's just ridiculous yeah can you imagine how much time that is to go from. Low zero to level fifty. A new day and then you can equip all your of the year you had it go through it. Then is it time sucked due to solve lake. I was impressed that. Was it two nights ago gigs tweeted that he was at at 540 which is like world's eyes light level at the time four reset. And that bag he had seen the sun. And six days that's a process that putt. What a but you know I Jeremy and I launch the podcast with with a phrase we wanted to describe who we wire. As a gaming podcast which lives will never be world's first to the best these. Sort we get that from world's first being. You're the first one to finish the new raid when it comes at a desk he sold every world's first guaranteed to be world's worst problem. But here and you're thing it with that now as these guys rushed for world's first destinies are is a gallon we would disable the Chester fixing the bug. They're not going to be open again tell old the rate drops on Friday OK Tom but it does give that person a very distinct advantage because. The raid gear has raised specific perks that help you with the raid. So I mean if you're going for worlds for situation that I'm. Assaying having us to be disqualified anybody who takes advantage of giving Asus that I agree that really ruins it for everybody and I don't mean. Get the individual who found this exploit this hack that bug in the season. You know honestly it's not that there are a bad person nobody who's. Having fine enjoying a bug or exploit are a bad person but if you can't take yourself out of it and understand. You're actually affecting other people having a good tying him at. By having access to stuff early if that's really hard to explain to people it's hard to explain that light I get a but light. Other people are unhappy because now they're thinking about all what do we were world's first but we get because you have access to hear you shouldn't have laid people are really upset. About that's hip and this is as far as who have their their position is on and now everybody's in it for the hunt for the the world's first and they're not taking anything ointment but it. You know we talk about the sweet with the anatomy to get all. We talked about this last week with the shooting the mat internment in Florida and how mine one of my first thought was well geez Jeremy and agony doing turn it again how do we. You know hat he takes off like this to account which and off kilter on this and we haven't in our notre today but there is. The fighting leagues like street. Writer tournaments. They're checking those big massive controllers the guys bring in like you know you bring your controller for my own on compartments Pentagon's don't get me. Not gonna Barbara's not lie and deceive you could smuggle a weapon into these big giant. Gaming staying stick he's providing gains so all the fighting came term ends ever once. Controllers are gonna be check out how we gonna break open source control very likely to see if there's non component the hare airport scanners. Again I caught that creates a new cost her an event that was you're already trying to keep costs down on. It just Eads Eads a this is the same thing when I think about late bungee animal how do you address this PR wise. What do you do late bobcats out of the bag those guys have that stuff can you go and get it from her count things cell late. So what are you doing bungee. I had a couple but not tortured low. Which is the. You learn from it you'll learn from them and that that's all you can do at this point you learn from and you realize that maybe next time you have the dead who's working on re just make sure there'll disabled crops. I want it got our next section because I wanna talk about. I can't believe Alan talk about this a lot of talk about quality. Oh dude I am I BR that's literally you don't know me you're listening you're like these guys. You don't know me I don't care about call of duty at all does not each mice and I don't ever. I think the games are pretty I think the games are fine I think they are brilliant tactical shooters and shooters in general I I'm fully aware of their popularity if you love the game. More power to you. Nevertheless Larry are except for the fact that I know of the games come out. IA was watching last night and I was putts this new game mode. It's weird because they're calling it black art call of duty black ops for. Blackout mode but not calling about royal I think they wanted distinguish themselves limited it to play a big battle Royale it is that he. Are watching it is everything you'd expect from a called to duty shooter. Right down to the art work the guns everything but it's it's it's it's like. It's isn't gunplay apology or states and of the placed Al apology which is really weird because her stocks pub G should be very for all I got to pub she should be. Opening themselves and terror because were pub G has always felt rather rough and Cingular and a little ask any man. Happy graphics no grass that the graphics is it's a graphic content he does not run well no matter how great your system is. And they're constantly having memory leaks in the game where people have problems over a couple of hours of playing it. I hate your pub gee you better. Out of I don't know I really don't know what's your view I am I. You better start pulpit now skins you better figure out some and you know because I don't think this I don't think it's you Paula duties gonna challenge for any benefit they are two different games. President dev group hug gee alright alright support nights they got a Lama were gonna help badger people are gonna find a badger they're gonna get I can't I. I've never really understood pudgy and I I don't wanna I don't want that crap anybody who's a pub G fan player unknown battlegrounds where players don't battlegrounds came out I was like OK it's daisy. It's it's it's you know armor mod it's it's mod that have been made for other games you don't you're not. You're doing a Russian map right you hear the green light it's a survival game you all you did was take out some of the food elements of daisy. But otherwise graphically. Gun lines you're pretty much the exact. Same game that a moderate maybe. In his basement it became really popular rat which is who you are player and now. And my point is is that IE if your diet. When they released pub G there was nothing else that can it. Compete with data now the granddaddy to step into the arena yeah you know but like epic is like yeah well we have four night. And Activision is like yet Activision triarc and again we'll call it beauty. I'm an annulment and it's almost like you know you don't wanna say that light EA matting and get involved but. Adding can get involved in all the sudden you're competing with that brand to. I don't think OG has nearly the brand recognition to compete at this point because in the winter scenario we the about first person shooters out instantly everything's gotten. Colluding battlefield call to duty and you know there's other things I think destiny but I mean it's specifically. I'm not gonna go putt G and its debt and an apology fan base were the guys. Playing his game all console. On and last night and today playing 1215 hours streams on a beta. On console the big deal to be based controllers. Two other off again. I'm telling you right now I'll I'll likely it's easy to it to my dudes won up life in ninja bear were running record numbers on mixer. Playing that beta and say there is a hunger and I mean there was it it blew the top of the mixer directory off. The graphically it looks better than Javier and I don't wanna I'm not trying to grab a club GB it is the easiest distinction right graphically looks better than prodigy the weapons look at the weapon models. Hi I'm Dan there was also. That was out the lobbies take no time at all to get into the game and then you're in a wing suit so well a light unlike other games. Likes it pudgy just land wherever you land. You have the pair shoot and you got yourself. You know fort night has got the glider. This is got something in between you've got both the parachute and a winning suits you throw your arms out and now you're gliding. It'd you know are being chased by enemies and you go to the top of the building you know in fort night at the advantage whip your glider back out in this game. You dive off and you've got the wings it. That is what he got algae that's what I'm asking is like a well here's here's the thing vehicles that bottom. We couldn't win face adversity there's two weeks ago you either fight it and come back or you die so at this point I mean. The dollar is down the table everybody's seen debated this neck and if you pub gee you know the competition as you know is a look like in the final version. This is your time to develop something equally as big or he decide we did what we did and we made our money and 117 and then that's. I don't us daughter let's say I if you're pudgy kid you're not. I don't you know how like so I was asking to you like a day somebody is making a comment a few weeks ago they are talking about. The black ops battle royal an early what is Paula did he really gonna bring policies of all rolled out realism. You're not gonna see a guy and a sports Jersey you're not gonna get variations on line. That the whole costumes I think like we you get with shortening and William sexson get lots of talk about four and a so Ford it's got that Activision got that art and that's fine and it's a fan Oslo here's. There's albeit rare air that's. Political flags for the World Cup or everything they need he can achieve let's blow off some steam battle Royale went all the hardcore players are going to be playing black out. And I I I'm looking forward to seeing people certainly do. Blacked out its looks. I respect you as a blank. God this is or isn't there is little Greg. Yeah I mean I don't you do can't you can't deny the gunplay that that call duty and called duty met married. With that. That battle Royale I mean it sits stress beat. For disaster. Odds are they give a social efforts to listen for my news you can put all night news. Port edit doubts that they are launching a false skirmish that's what they're calling it more details on the way. Start soon with ten million dollars awarded under some drops lace place weeks to say ten million dollars from playing video games yet ten million dollars in prizes are across six weeks of tournaments. And that's what you're talking about. Well I guess you know when your charging twenty bucks for a scan and most people have an average of segues very intense skin yeah meanwhile. I believe I believe actually epic line awards back in August goes on there Twitter looking for. 49 they're the creators those on and on their Twitter and they may actually had some big gaps in August about. Like and they were winning awards for the mobile app for her. Four guys and dolls right it's crazy guys or even dominating mobile unlike in making a stupid amount of money. On you know rising in Ain T-Mobile and everybody else is hearing it. I would Verizon and team all think about that were people who have kept their plans. All eyes. Does David comment. You know at fort Nalen is just more skids hears it directly to our store always joke by you know Forte has become such a thing as we have even more steps are about 49. I wouldn't I couldn't I could I could imagine and the four night package. Oh yeah sell sell the port I package to parents your kids can play unloaded her right dude that that's the thing that I really can't wait for it to happen I guarantee you the I package for an epic. Will do a marketing deal with somebody Netflix thirty has it. Oh that's insane yeah I mean them by again it was so what does it last year there I think it was sprint or something's set up a spread. There's like Netflix back injury get you Netflix subscription and you get unlimited Netflix streaming. That's insane it is yeah it might out of its Brent don't know I mean we the other and we found this is critics. Alyssa and I have been making fun of the following constant last year is any holes ball. And Halloween is on the way. Harley Quinn became the big hollowing costing because as firm. Susan has its big she's always been a very bon possibly character applied. Exploded everywhere the last three years and now you're gonna see. Out. So all that's costumes for you to Wear her. Accessories the pick ax. Bunch they. A lot of things you can happen in the game there selling accessories at Halloween party stores so amazing the support that effect so and I leads to you capitalize on it once again. How do you how do you do in ten million dollar. Turn it over six weeks allege as they are also following up with they've announced fort night monopoly. From Hasbro. And also sort of nightmare gods are on the way in 29 Vietnam. War as early away now you got me in everyone's asking well what kind of support I got do you. Obviously the shot now and obviously I mean I gotta have the pomp no longer the barrel dropped gun that was just remember vaulted as they say isn't saying whatever anyway. So yes so it. If you see us talking a lot about fort kind of sorry but it's it it's every G YouTube if you if united afford I you don't know for an that is well here's your education is used everywhere it's the everywhere there. A couple of news stories we talked about after. Our that we shared after the podcasts lastly there needs to. There is a gay relief that is the stoned. Gamers league blessed there are you have to be inebriated Heinemann. Metal or whatever marijuana to play in one of their term ends and fact they have rules. Other web site for how he need rainy you have to movie for you. And as I was sharing this story with some of the our office anecdotally our new video dilute he said always is watching. A crabby tournament over the weekend was that a hacker out internment yes it is. Get hot. It was and Jeremy or don't love this two guys or facing off they actually got into a fight. And the officials broke up the fight they forced them back to their corners and they forced them. You've become inebriated they had a smoke outbreak air and then the two guys came back in the middle overnight. You know I mean it really wasn't worth it I mean like are you. May face a did was we and then he anecdotally I know there's a karate tournament where they cannot. And I was seriously me and a high karate joke what. So yes you wonder what the big play in the stone gamers league I do know they play a lot of rocket Lee shut out towards San Diego. Family but they play a lot of rocket illegals than that of a. I argue. Are you can't beat you listen to our show it is a great job and you're urged. Sitting there being that guy you're playing this game easily yourself these you skews may wrap. Get can can I get it now there I can't isn't over yet and they had that hybrids Ahtyba. Yeah I'm I'm going to come out of it. Certainly Columbia per yet given the bong with a six what's world that's what I want thank you alma dad edge of reminds me going to see. Cypress Hill old enough for Lincoln Park mag in like 2001. And no one did from Cypress Hill has this whole bit re comes out with literally a ten foot bomb. He just dances on the stage where they get in the SE climb a ladder to smoke it. I think. I'd get these. That it comes out tomorrow a crowded walking around on who need that. Haven't been out this little dance climate model arrogance that they ever did. Buyers as an and kick and tell how red is. 30. If you're a sports fan. EA NHL nineteen has released their soundtrack to your good songs great songs or deposits on their lot of alternative bands on there. Reminding me of 99 with garbage and push it. Dean the theme song for DA's NHL 2000. Magic dragons and Angry Birds team have to battle cancer together that's cool I like very cool. Judge everyone else would you want to talk about. And much more splatter make him out of (%expletive) for I embody that I couldn't I'm a power cartridges for. It is as it happens I'm never it's all they haven't made me. Hadn't gaming goes to the back but I literally on Sunday was recovering from Indy Jana thought to myself I got back again. And enacted by the court by the game this is great elegantly or give the court till Tuesday you wanna buy the game right now without accord. And the guys feel like you bots yes I totally know misstatements and check that nonsense off my brain new Tomb Raider game comes out this week shadow of the two raiders is he really violent and early reviews are good. Also the review is a Spider-Man were good. Like remembered he easily bought switch yet not be going to buy it when. If I know why ahead if I don't buy before November I don't know if I want Gary's alluding to the Nintendo switches announced. That he could you and EV addition. Of the Nintendo's switch which are coming out with Pope among let's go in November if you don't know Obama let's go. Is than a tennis which gave that is also tied in to poke a month ago he could catch them in the game or in your phone and I believe vice Versa. So you beaten on you'll be Pokemon with you everywhere you go that's going. And that's I think that's their point of a so let's now let's Karl lads com hi this what is it Jerry doesn't really want Asia is that I had to did you. The first I'm sensor important hits his team this Friday. It is actually a big deal because of censorship and because. They've been trying to get on base systems before and there's just no Ed ability to not be on censored. If you're into this Nicholas a love stories is ready to Steve. That's exactly what I night my time simulate behind flying drop. On video game and I played. And it what was it dating simulator. Called old I'm. Skinny Popper cherry my record. I probably shouldn't videos on my YouTube that it's not want to clicks from it. It was a puzzle game it is use all the possible and you go on these days budgets. Honey honey Bob honey. Whatever you think the hum I'm looking back through with the monologue of stuff on discord because. My am I streaming partner my at my in mixer life may captain rove there that actually did a night. Pork per day anniversary. Where he played like this extreme dating simulator as me and I am trying to find the name right now like cats but it was. It was so risen gay that is he had to have the puck quick look at it let's it. Dan honey pot was what it was called I honey publicly now allowed to be streamed on twitch I had to used to patsy record off line. With my friend I Yoshi and her and I played honey pot for UT so we have the YouTube video as we Ernie are allowed to stream it. Yeah huge operated finish this week with question in a I saw this on FaceBook and Jeremy I want to ask you oil and ask all of our our listeners. If you had never recommend someone played five games. To get a feel for you in your case what five would you excel here's what you want tell somebody here's who I am yours five games you should play out is like. I don't I have no clue again and again I probably rattle for a final stub my head. One of destiny of course GAAP. Am half life. OK a game from Lucas arts back in nearly thousands cold full throttle posits a full throttle. Portal. And I would probably say dear regional. OK I am not at my first thought was some sort of Mario Brothers lakes are now Mario Brothers two. Because that was the one I hit mainstream but I again I'm like I don't know do these games speak tell you who I am. You don't mean late. I don't know that was that was hard for me because I'm so weird. An eclectic you hear me you're thinking wait too deep into you actually want the story to tell the story of the year went on super esoteric about it I I just doesn't mean man like he gets lost billions asked finally crowbar. Me. I turn. We gonna pick us that next week when we give you a chance to think about it. We are next I mean she noted to be about that I wanna hear from you guys like we have a five games I wanna challenge you would know we've challenged them. Let me challenge you to put five games down. The pac ten next week we picked back up we'll start with them. And you know I'm. Find out next Tuesday. See you next week.