Data Woes, Reactions to Ninja, What Lupo Did & MORE!

Thursday, August 16th


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It can never quite catch them already paradigm the official the joking don't you modcast. San Diego. I thought our man on a hot out there haven't been Doug. And reviews. I thought brownies was losing steam as it being now Ojeda Oki doesn't yet know Doug WG ducky ducky doggy -- Tokyo he. It's Jeremy along with be can be and other sweets now let's all look like god that then. Yes this is the told that as a thing I don't do readers are right there is soul much gaming news to talk about between. Everyone in the destiny universe getting hyped for the expansion of forsaken. And the the current grind in his return with the summer solstice the solstice of heroes. A black ops was I need a loss blots. Blood clots which is is an interesting data because it's a beta now. Or rather was a bit over the last weekend and it's who loves more right right that would and then also battlefields five is in beta so you have to. Yeah. Yes I got in on the I got in on the data and realize. After streaming it Friday and Saturday. That. My mind my world has expanded from call of duty. I it was fine yes I played with some ideas and had a good time but for the most part it was like. In the fourteen anymore this ski gangs from the little more depth now own a little more grind to a instead of just playing again. I mean it's you can only did the same thing so many times over and over. Free needs something else to reward you other than hey look I can put a laser sight on my gun. Up not. Which one is it is it blackouts for that's introducing black outs battle royal in September that's what I was getting too so I if you downloaded the beta this last week because it was an open beta. And you held on to it. Com I think it's September. I don't know the exact date right now but it that it will turn into the battle Royale in September 10 yet it's somewhere around there because. I was shocked when I downloaded the debate it was 32 gigs. Thirty to get so you really got time for that. Well I mean that they got to get high speed Internet connection but I mean. That the fact that I think are your data cat by the legs deck that month of July at a furious I I and I broke my data caps and since they started the streaming thing broke my dad camp within. Five to six days of my billing cycle it is what a socket list I get this. The general taking money here's a limited the mile and Diana when I started streaming four years old five. That was the thing and I've had to deal with in depth view. And army big shout about and not bad company by Cox Communications nice Cox cable that's might. Cable provider I don't and they move the goalposts every year earlier in there and all the sudden. Everything slows down and the nights are getting notifications like a data Cabot we'll talk about it the. And it only got limited and Livan knows. You tell me earlier on the death cab late. They move the sense that constantly man 1045. Gigs does not credit for me I'm sorry no we ended in and you and I talked the last week's podcast that I started streaming. I Alter the month of June may April may June. I was working towards building avenues Jamie PC. Launched in July. And quickly my dad they each extra sixty bucks this month argued you should a just and paid the fifty bucks to get up and down and now is to resist the call today I mean here's the thing. All of our store all of our games. All of our movies all of our TV xylophone is a movie out blaming everything streaming and yet I have I've I've got an entire nest cam system my house to guess what it operates on Diana. From my Internet service providers so. At this point it's just like I can cut out my cable bill and just pay for Internet. So we have a stupid out stuff we can talk about ten. Tens here he is an attempt and Iraq are having guys is this artist here you do bring beer though I know we have a yeah ha ha yeah. Jeremy why you just give me your thoughts on a lot these topics. There's a new wow expansion battle for as a rock yep you're meanwhile got back and they Rangel even by never played well on what did you use it you I thought wow was that thing he dove into your name was before our time again I know I I have never dove into wow we need I I missed that because. I I was always a first person shooter PC gamer OK it was to me it was it was doomed it was the all those original shooter games like Wolfenstein rain in Kuwait think you can. While also to I think I think. I think weirdly I'm putting you. Over every deep fault mail I've met in the last fifteen years time I go way you play while all legged. Yeah like the fantasy football guy like you're the guy who is like very badly talking about is football and and then all of a sudden you're like a mouse Utley less than my level ninety Paladin like she's telling them that I. Like you know got elite leader Roger make you know the mean like why. But it is those surprising people are like Oz bailout we've talked about it. In the latest Madden. The former firm. You can just see that. How in the World. Cup game had to be beta tested this game had to go through multiple levels of editing now and it. So what did you catch the fact it is still says San Diego Chargers at Qualcomm Stadium Odyssey was changed recently Jimmy this team changing recently. Forget it okay by bit they changed a year and a half ago or two seasons away from them being still Syria mean. And you know it's funny. Will we talk about light editing I said editing. There's literally somebody west edit the writing right there so do us a right ever I we see. It's written so we had to write it in some deals as and they say that didn't work. Some whipped through that process and then everything. Else to get to the point where the game releases. With Dan Diego create a chart that clock on tape him up up. And. This is the story that blue and it's in this story blew up everywhere ad but in our little circle of friends. It's usually our good friend out about sketch Jeremy and I Messi shot drop in time. But Ninja's sex and quote unquote sexism balls in the need to set the stage. Ninja Big Ten streamer for tonight's beat him the most famous streamer on the planet literally and he's getting interviewed left and right lately and somebody asked the question Bonnie you play with Tina streamers and he said. Listen I have a wife who I've just senator celebrate my one year anniversary with. And twitch is not the most mature place on the planet and with a 100000 people watching meaning given time by stream with a female eroding security. And I'm I don't disagree. Whatever orders like that sex issue not only. When man and bettered it I see you both sides of this Heidi it's at at some point. It means you can here's my perspective so you know you may have a different take on it at some point you have to stand up for what you truly know is right. Did go with complete. Disregard. For what you think that your perception as there it because. You only feed into it if you don't buck the system so if if if that's how he feels I understand it but you're not going to change perception now in less you too. As a figure head do something about it personal. Well and it all this story is a few days old now it's exploded once it hit Pollack on I think it was or could talk to whatever his original story things going on. But people how to Chancery act and of course that became a story everyone's reaction to what danger had said casually in an interview became a story of it selling female streamer saying now. In all streaming queue in the people calling him out saying he gave this is how you feel wanna you elevate female streamers and he he has any talk about. He wrote a letter on Twitter. Explaining his decision. And then also. Highlighting female streamers that he and his wife enjoy watching. It's such a line it. How old it is he's 24 week series hit writings married and he's got a 100000 people got top team just nonstop all day long. He super flirting with his guy friends they all have that sort of semi a homo erotic comedy type seeing an. Unlike any of that type of stuff with a girl the audience would not understand they would not be able to differ in its. This is not so let's see here's the thing that. How do you change perception by loading and it's OK yeah so you know at this point he could've taken it he could've been himself. With a streamer that's comfortable when he has his brand of comedy shark and yes would make the audience and comfortable they gonna have questions but you know what. Answering those questions in the moment is how low. You create change yet and then also you know. Commenting on this deal like this business of him like happened last. Weekend during the big football game on Sunday night NFL we're still commenting a week and have a later. The air it moves so fast this is soaring is gone through four iterations. Before we talk about it out publicly as well as lake all of those like all reactions are in like ever had their p.s we just want to comment on you know Jeremy Lang. A higher herbal males in an entertainment industry and it we'd understand it by. I also I'm forty and married and I've again on the way and I I'm way cultural with who I am. So if I ever do stuff with like Alyssa here from 949 is like Mike tag team body. Honor I don't think about. That ever feed then I mean there is a huge Asian experts Alina and you can like our like I think our. Relationship I think people get it I think people see us as friends they see as having fine. And again you're right it tastes I mean that's. I'd make a point to do things a certain people because you have to put a bachelor for bank. It's I think is fascinating conversation he just amazed me how quickly hit us. I read that and then sketch had its channel all that they want to. Outlying. Okay between twittered me a message here and it all and this was really funny as speaking of ninja and the people he strings went on doctor oh. However back this this also mean the Internet last week Lugo also another twister ever who has been extremely elevated by for a night. Had a guy come into his chat and he said Lugo is cancer. Well oil metals equities and he has said lupus cancer so he banned the gotten any sand and and here's my deal. If you write me a thousand word essay of wide telling somebody that they are cancer. Is it okay. I'll bring you back. And sure enough the guy wrote not quite a thousand word SA lot of that was stellar desperate need beat Obama actually creative and try. This is what it was all thirteen year old trying to get in under the thousand word essay Mardy with a teacher reads there and just wondering. 999. Words Celtic. But blue bow he rejected guy's name posted the letter on the Internet and say hey you did what I asked your welcome back in the channel. And the guy I was very humble about it let me I. I yeah I have someone who's fighting cancer in my life. And I honestly was trying to get attention and I was doing it in the wrong way and I said Lu Bo is cancer and you corrected. Up front but I. I found it as a very novel concept again. Jerry and I are in the entertainment industry your FaceBook and Twitter especially the raiders Haitian people throw. Not as good as they throw bottles at as well we're all like you. Your early life he'll cut this down our Yelp made it helped to go to a conference just a bit like everything dug in. We do you have to be professional and night and we could pull that off you're the radio station but it twister in mind that. And using so that was just that was brilliant I'm so like that was a good learning moment. It's Luke Goss Rick I can listen to our interview with Lugo for a six hits it. Schedule here is my guess. I think those are the main ones I have a few other things just to ramat. On talk about your mixer. Jeremy lodging nominees are we talked about last week and from talking about it. People tune into the podcast might folks there early and heavy bag almost plucked. Mary. Jimmy's a mix and they tune it immediately and you were alive or is bounding yeah it's round here. That is awesome what is your what is your major channel if you need to find you it is seems my. Whereas that everything linked out of you go to go to mixer dot com slash radio manga bank MA NG or he's just following up my my Twitter. You'll finally they're pretty much M three nights. I tried to Wednesday nights off just because. Six nights of of them hitting and hitting four hours of sleep the day is is is. That's kind of where it I certainly hit the wall so I guess I'm Natalie. Monday through Sunday starting at around 9 PM. Two thirds of stuff on nineteen going till 1 AM is is is where you'll find. And your plane destiny ray yeah definitely our destiny over watch please that'd black op it's a blobs the other night. Every once a wallet or I'll play four Max. Fork knife at a I mentioned it last week avidly at time of imagine the gathering on line actually the new beta that's our magic the gathering arena. And I am really enjoying the real solid and getting used to play Manning is different then like playing fort mate early anti mass effect I'll be honest I like playing an easy match. I wanna story and I wanna have fine and I also super casual cannot verify right ideally get up and leave the room and do something else come back. But magic has taught me about just the unrelenting. Just the value of losing the case today it. You know even if I'm playing a lot of republic in the computer it a bad hand your dime you know an AA. And I it's just one of those things like yeah I've lost five games that are over the next one I can win really fine. And and throw that our good friend are about schedules like hey and you like poke Mongolia like the Pope on staff have you played. Welcome on the trading card game on line. And I was like. Funny you should ask I was wondering as I'm playing magic got if there was a poker on version of this I'd probably. Dive into it and then he message Meehan I don't venture but the money got the card game online it's literally the card game. They give you codes in your decks if you buy them now. But the game is three. And I have been clay you mean the heck out of for the nine. The card game online. And with my first paycheck for the job I bought myself a deck of cards on Amazon and I expect and mar oh my god. I don't want to get cards in real I don't want the I want the codes I have to get your online but you can't you have to buy it's that's that's how they fund the hole yet in my car so. You can earn points to unlock decks in the game you actually ever have to spend your money bomb in his book along to get its photo blog it's on like I'm Michael would bottom. Really this and I'm giving way my butt hits me a lot. I think in ten games last night I lost five and then went one for one for the next five and it was. So satisfying those fiber so frustrating my butt kicked in just. Hand after hand having nothing but scraps and just being like how would I rubble over the game's done let him win. And then all of a sudden you know five games and morale I was in I was losing I was in I was never. Just holding my hand I was like no I could maybe this next turn all get a card for the chance to play the chance and we can sometimes you look at the match and I there's no. There is no chance he's they had me on energy he's ahead of me or damaged and dine. Yup Obama and. All five inch guard keep. That and I know you don't we need to do and we need to do some mild we need to do board game. Because there's are you feeding near sag you're. I'm dogs thinking what with all this and since you've got you know the hand becoming. We good night and we play some more games and then have to fumble I dabbling into that. On that now manager is mentioning. Are we really since I got back here and casual gamers sending emails like crazy well and it's like it's not like I was off doing nothing for a few quite. I was still in gaming I'll still having conversations and networking adjust literally didn't have a platform. And it was like the moment I was back there was four emails and I said Jeremy has like ten or any beginnings this particular race you just walked. But her. So I want you to shadow her good friends at IDW games here in San Diego we're talking to them and our good friend Ross Thompson Bly. Our other friends USA awfully up in Carlsbad had may have come through huge. On we're gonna be doing some stuff for them they just told me they're sending us a huge care package of games. On and here's I don't know if somebody games can be in this is USA probably the biggest sell brand itself they have Bob's burgers monopoly it. Rick and Maureen monopoly. Rick in boarding munch can of nerves like much it is a fantastic well done card game. There's a new game they have out called it samurai Jack but it samurai Jack back to the passive if you love the cartoon samurai Jack this is a board game for you. The one I'm looking for for months not a priority as it's on my wish list annals rising. This is the game that came out with a vengeance infinity or. And it's basically. You your debt is heroes and you have to get the energy and you have to defeat than those who is also collect being the Kennedy jams. Throughout the game in Philly it's really snaps you're all dead at the and so it it's it's a hard team but it's also supposed to be really fine. And it really plays into a hole it it's weird competitive Trivial Pursuit it is it is there's the Saturn and they actually have a panels with his arm on the center of the game weren't. I still panels rising. Munchkin marble. Munchkin nightmare before Christmas and also monopoly nightmare for Christmas. All I actually own nightmare for Christmas bunched in its fantastic. And these last few Exxon. These guys have legend of Zelda monopolies lot of stuff like that but this is some episodes sent for Jeremy. A desk neat card games it end their version of destiny chess is amateur sex swing aide all the figurines that characters from destiny. So. I. I mean I outer oval get a version that chess game but it the year you know what it is long is all the ponds are warlock I'll be fine and is. Who is well hunter is he still any of that now OK it's K I admit there's there's no spoiler to the political you know. At that that's how forsaken starts with the death of McCain and Graham well we'll get to that and and the game's next week we'll wrap this up and.