Dana & Jayson - You Think You're Alone...

Tuesday, June 12th

Producer Jack got caught doing something embarrassing this morning at the Alt 949 studios when he thought nobody else was around. Like, really, really embarrassing, even for him. After he came clean to Dana & Jayson, they wanted to help a brother out with a little reliability, so we hit the phones and asked you to #jointhefamily and let us know what you do when you think nobody else is around. A little mandatory awkwardness on a Tuesday.

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All money for nine in San Diego's alternative where David. OK so during the break I went to use the rest Ramirez and across the hall. And I went in there and I thought I was completely by myself just because it up to a urine all hope and I don't know what struck me was just feeling good and energetic so I started belting out the opening lines to the Lion King song. No you did it might RPA yellow I was. I got about that or no you didn't. It's a good solid outstretched milk into or someone else was in there you know kind of use the courtesy car. To let me know you don't even if there is always say release that night. Tiny bit like whatever like yeah a little it felt like with youth having like literally pain while you're today Ali yet did you cut. And back okay didn't even stop doing that in really. And I just kind of stopped midstream and scurried out of the middle of green is that you used you did at an art I cut it off singer's pal. I cut it off because the last thing I wanted was for that person to then come out of the stall and find out who was making a full they know well is because there's no other Disney characters that they. Lion King while it. That's the massive power that's a lot of strength when you can cut and I'll cut it off that's well you must have felt a lot so I felt a certain yeah. And I mean I don't know what I like more Coca did cut off the PA announcer I knew you would appreciate the fact that that's generally something I would do when I think I'm Malone who. But he does make me happy like you tell. Want anyone to doubt that it was GO there was a moment of power for myself. So now do you know who the coffin belong to a no idea and an openly never find out. Point one of those sports guys it is trial of the sports guys are judging me silently for a all now. I love the vision of you. Belting. Harmonies while you urinate. And to be caught doing that is super like. Shameful. And I wonder if anybody has something that's more embarrassing on the embarrassing scale. That like they do in pride that in those moments where they think they're alone. That is somebody actually saw you doing it would you would like died. There would help me to feel like I was a little more middle of the row on the extreme than the other kit what do you do when you think no one is around it's at 619570194. Night if you can. Al embarrassed producer Jack who belts Disney tunes well yeah Ernie Banks. You can have your choice surprises you see that pod juries verse the aids you could go to all money for nines night it's SeaWorld on June 21 or her we have tickets for the San Diego international beer fassel the San Diego County fair this coming week adds 619570194. And I producer Jack take us out. Up being an. British surgeon actually got fed up and I was in the battle that's being oh yeah. But actually the Syrian about the Arab and all the salt there is a mother abandoned the actor and. I got the courtesy cough being. News I'm doing. But you are doing that only European who was just a thought it was a moon and that's what you're doing your lung using Disney to my sometimes. Should have made us think yo what do you she knew outs shame producer Jack it's a shame all that. I've hour I've met Matt what do you do in your own private moment. OK so a big thing my girlfriend knows side gate there so I'm just lounging out sometimes it's. It might seem very unlikely dance and lot of it is like predicting thing but I'd like this new and make the pundits I don't know I. Well it per effect so there wasn't expecting much. I don't know I thought that this a mere mortal threat ahead of tiger that. Out bad leg probably thought that you have to deal with that just inspected your eight LA bunch that'd dude saying like you guys are into that I think it has. Oh yeah I think it is because she actually partner friend and might. She said that her friend that this thinking about her boyfriend. You did that still I wish Matt you could have all Elliott said you could have been anonymous did you have to figure name in this this scenario but I do you believe every bro halves. I've seen guys putting their hand down their pants or comfort or whatever but I've never seen the smell let me ask and if any man has allowed you to see the smile when they're doing something wrong yeah you about you definitely ultimately you know you get your cards they're exactly should have gotten though that's. They did not. I was citi's you said that she sent and producer Jack turned away from the home. But Mao was brave enough to admit that I got to give you fair and the affair doesn't want that and now that really vulnerable back I was like I'm still at all so there are all intimate. And I feel much better about the hall bathrooms or anything. Here are very layer let's get to that Matt we view our your cat with your and. Exactly now I remember it ill give you the brave one to be able to say it. Now are you. Genuinely. Oh now now on Billick I'm going into a hero or their guns. Nice my. I just want to know why he's so confidently but I don't know that that strength yeah I would does give you that straights know. What the facts like I didn't help Michael heard about these things like I don't doubt that she knows what anyone to. You I. Because if there's anybody you're gonna hide it from the liberal minded look at all of San Diego. I call everyday and the first time and actually been on her own nominees and it was all the hands of the ball so did you ever think this would be a failure. But look great like go for a 21 bird there had been trying to put one there and get a filing and money in that. Oh okay well how we gonna do not hang on okay. Okay. All money for nine San Diego's alternative where day in and she said and you do something. In your private moments you think no one is around no 1 knows but this morning your declaring that private thing on the radio. Like producer Jack who sings Disney tunes while urinating one on the only when I was caught this morning by one of the sports guys. Also I about their under the nose of producer Jack hey Aaron good morning from Kingston. So I would. An element streak all we can all had to go run and make copies and there remains. Copy really op Ed and then there's a copy room and the retort through more kids now they need extra help or they're not even though I can't there to make my copies. And I think I'm alone it's and I let out. A huge barge. Simple it's. I'm not being. And then I hear they giggle. There are a couple of naughty kids that got and then there for messing around and I I thought I'd get a room. Yeah dots. They kid I thought well crap. I. I mean they've probably loved it out of their favorite moment of now you're here out there year partly their life. I thought made reset to really address English they giggled the mark about that Aaron starting in the copy room. Mixed area and oh my god this Donnie and I know it's your punishment for the nodded again. He not box got a bit and then.