Dana & Jayson - Wine a Little

Wednesday, May 17th

There was some bad press for Trader Joe's '2 Buck Chuck' Charles Shaw wine, and Jayson isn't standing for it! He puts Dana's palate to the test with a blind taste test to see if she can tell the difference between Chuck and more expensive wines.

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It's Damon Jason FM 949 San Diego's alternative cheap why it is being attacked this morning no it's not. Some lives that. Sent me a lovely little news story yesterday attacked on my feet for cheap why and all of that thing about the Trader Joe's line the tube but chock. Also known as my BF path it is actually being attacked I take back what I have sat. Yeah it is in my ear here to defend and I've mad jive here. Oh my gosh what to pet article shake as it was hilarious. It was talking Alec called the wine and drinkable. All this and actually I still remember a day where Jason texted me a photo 'cause he bought a case of that the end drinkable wine. Everybody knows to buck chuck gray and it's available at Trader Joe's and it's literally two dollars a bottle I mean it's 99 video with a disorder that article was saying that everything about it is done so cheaply they even grow the grapes in a hot the valley of California and not in like a nice region likes and Nomar nap or something like that love pot but then my favorite part about it dear being accused of not cleaning out debris from the line. Including it in the sacks dead birds and dead rodents you drink deadly road and wind. I love what you bring you set rack oh lord I leveling you bring fake news that's their way what are they knew they can is. Dina you have never even today he's dead to buck chuck you're always over there with your earliest wind expensive kind elitist I spent like fourteen dollars on a bottle wine usually wasted money and so I thought today we can do a little experiment a little blind wine tasting situation had. When. Right now yes that's pretty early but I have the mind you brought wind yes I have about. Half the case of white hair I have what we're not at that have been done a special it was hit and they're good pitted the whole entire time I got Steve says I have three different types of lying said. I haven't started a a -- Griese out at a cabernet now three of them are elitist swine but not as elitist as the elected by us this early pit like eleven dollars for each one of them that's elitist TO if you well and then I got a three Q buck chuck why and so now we're gonna do the blind taste test because I believe in my heart of hearts that you will not only loved the two buck chuck he will prefer it over. All the rest and it's gonna stadium pretty penny sister you're welcome I think we should start with a lighter white appeal grease you know a few well I'm like gosh she said only you would want me to drink before 6 AM this is my love language and announced this Eric you can't tell which one is which because they're all being served in order solo cup's classic. Here's your first pew agrees COU stiffing it to thief to catch them trying to that's smelled dead birds. I think that Steagall life for Papa with the eagle it's a okay now here and you are out there. Which one do you performer. The second one definitely the second one definitely and going to give your results at the bed and he now we have a sensible Chardonnay here's your first. Back Kent definitely the second one the first almost Krause oh it was grounds probably because of the dead rodents that aside let's. Okay now we're gonna topping off with eight cabernet salve on you on this is the last one this is the last under a felony the again huge buzz right now. Our. Which one do you prefer the second one definitely now at this time. Can I get a drum roll now we don't have that's kind of accidentally landed and you and your results all three wines he chose the two buck chuck. Moment no I. And now I. Oh. By Dennis and needing serious drops the Mike you've been wasting money for so long your husband's gonna be so pumped. Three I wouldn't really every single line you chose with the two buck chuck and I mean I would say that the ones I chose worked clearly better I am in. Off the light shows the thirty dollar wide apparently you like the taste of rats and rodents and things about four chairs.