Dana & Jayson - Why Mommy Drinks Reason #47: Home Sick

Tuesday, September 18th

There are a handful of sentences you really don't want to hear if you're a parent. If "I don't feel good" isn't at the top of the list, it has to be pretty damn close. This morning on Alt 949, Dana & Jayson peeled back the curtain on Dana's home life to find out the latest reason her children are driving her to drink, and probably puke all over the living room. Find out reason #47 Why Mommy Drinks on San Diego's Alternative.

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Boys and girls into. But for why mommy drinks. Nine point nine. Need to not let. Lanny I don't eat out back. It's a sentence that strikes fear in the heart of every mom the new mom. The season to mom the working mom. Stay at home mom. It's a stress inducing a sentence that causes compassion. And chaos all of the same time because that sentence changes everything about life as we know it. For at least a week so my four year old came home from school on Friday in an ounce. Thermal and then burying name. The little. High as I went to grab the thermometer might thoughts ranged how it's possibly be sick she's been in school literally for two weeks what do they do. Cross the threshold the preschools are swapping weird super contagious plagued with each other. Italy they hand out illness on day one hello boys and girls here's your company. A pack of clans and hand foot disease. I looked at the thermometer you up 102 point five QKX. How. In which room. Take so obviously she can't go to school tomorrow but I had a meeting at 1130. Can you get home from work early new rule because I have a meeting at eleven tomorrow can you text the baby sitter. I did she can't come. A mile an hour and had. Mommy my parents killed yeah it's true it is you're leaning. Yeah I'm pretty sure two out of three of you relying. And have Hank now I. Wong lamb account to watch Michelle Williams and you're like me. I will lead that your basically. Carrier monkey for a virus so nasty that I'm actually tempted to where SARS mask around the house. To me how me IT. That you have can you help her in the bathroom home. I did the last Marie baby if you do this one I'll make us mock tells how does emergency on the rock sound. I was why mommy drink tea and JC from all night before nine.