Dana & Jayson - Why Mommy Drinks | Reason #41: Bed Wetter

Tuesday, August 7th

​If you're a parent, there are a lot of sentences you probably wince at the thought of, but no two words strike terror in the heart of a mom more than "Mommy I peed". This morning on San Diego's Alternative, we peeled back the wet curtain on Dana's home life to find out the latest reason her three daughters are driving her to drink. Why Mommy Drinks with Dana & Jayson, on Alt 949.

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It's time for another edition of why mom you. With Damon and Jason on all night before and I. We can never forty Ryan so my four year old can now say that she chief something that most people would probably think is an impossible feat. She wet the bed did. Two times in one night. Can someone please call for Guinness people because we might have a world record like. How is that even possible I mean I'm no expert but I'm pretty is the math doesn't even add up only. Mood so when he pulled flag hanging all. Day. And team black. Nineteenth he tour I don't know it started at 11 PM learn. Pulled my husband went into assessed the damage straight there's a flooding there. Seriously. Cheap heat right before she wanted to it and change the sheets tomorrow morning when your work extra power for now. Corn bread but Howell. OK and again she can just sleep and are bad for hours or warm liquid started covering my leg I was dreaming I was in a jacuzzi but then all of a sudden I was abruptly disturbed at learned that Levy plan. And law. All well and it's not. All he. Take issue with him being that smudge. Adam. And jury case. No drinking all night before that were all dehydrated out of solidarity. Except maybe like just one nightcap for me. The addition of flying imam. And Jason yeah. I know my record. Okay.