Dana & Jayson - Why Mommy Drinks | Reason #38: Homework

Tuesday, July 10th

​Now that school is out for the summer, Dana is responsible for filling the hours for her three daughters. Yikes. When another trip to the beach won't do the trick, Dana is looking out for their intellectual health as well as her general sanity when she makes sure they're throwing in some summer homework to keep them engaged. What could possibly go wrong, right? Find out why Dana is reaching for a margarita with the latest reason Why Mommy Drinks.

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It's time for another edition of why mom you. With Damon and Jason on all night before night. Me and hanging I don't wanna be a bad parent so to avoid. Earning that title I decided that my kids are going to do school work over the summer because that's what quote good parents make their kids do right. Deadly for my children however I am the absolutely. Worst teacher at beaver. Okay do well I announce my eight year old I bought you this journal and I want you don't write every single day OK why do you have to do is mature writings. Thanks to sleepy just because it's important your thoughts are on ECB that so far colonel isn't the topic sentence Google's. Topic. Sentence the soil and move on to my next victim my five year old it's okay alana let's shoot plus three. Murderer yeah I mean there weren't planned sprained but all you do is add one more word to the me kill and a client states. OK I mean yes we can but let me just do some practice with your little sister OK email me. What is this letter here class client quit. Now that's a GE. What about this one. He will close it's actually a soft seat lakes circus seal found the same but it's searchable letter asks the stat yeah world. Yeah I hear area mom can you just Netflix France. Know what Netflix isn't that. Ending your money is gonna melt you should be learning I have to be irresponsible parents at some point you guys are gonna have to go to college this is important fast forward fifty minutes. Yet there we are all three daughters squish on account shoveling and popcorn the movie cocoa blaring through the surround sound and me in the middle. Holding a frozen Margarita. Giving new meaning to Netflix and shell. The addition of flying imam. And Jason Donald an important. No you.