Dana & Jayson - Why Mommy Drinks Reason #34: Target Trip

Tuesday, June 12th

​A quick trip to Target turns into a total nightmare when it involved three little girls under the age of 10. Welcome to Dana's life. Each week on Alt 949, we take a peek behind the curtain to find out the latest thing driving her to the bottle with Why Mommy Drinks. Who knew parenthood could be this much fun? 

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It's time for another edition of why mom Juli passed with Dana and Jason's car all night before and I. Begin on May Day. Thought ice to start when an apology to anyone who is trying to leave each target last night and was disturbed by the blonde four year old who was being carried out of that exit like a rabid animal. Moral. Of that is my four year old who had a full blown humiliating. Meltdown pants from the likes of which actually gave me insight as to why cops occasionally have to bust out the teaser. The whole thing started innocently I was printing out pictures of the kiosk quickly turned in to free range chaos. There are running around die. Car. Yelling things to me across the store Marmol can we get glow in the dark and he Balmuth Knoll because we have like twelve of those at home further suggestion college full. That found its blasts. Man looks serene. Little you can't dean made a firm Graham can pull off. Why idea but and it happens this sounded familiar streaming rang through the quiet box store walls. And my head spun around. To see my four year old. Pinning might five year old. To the laminate floor and a half Nelson trying to rip up purple mermaid tail from our clenched fists I have been in my photos scooped up the screaming child and ran for the door Mike Hsu other daughters running behind me whining he little. Hole. I things because eggs you more wrestling. Target. It just howls. Arching her back kicking away from using all of the strained it a little body to prevent. Being put into the cart. In the end I managed to trapper was in the red cage on wheels and the worst part of the whole thing we didn't have anything to drink at home. I was supposed to buy wine at targets. So yeah this morning I do have a night crying over her. Rendition of flying imam. And Jason. Gone all these forward. Okay.