Dana & Jayson - Why Mommy Drinks: Reason #32 | Break the Bank

Tuesday, May 22nd

​If all the gay wedding drama wasn't enough this morning, when Dana leaves her work family, she heads home to her real family. Being the mom to three daughters under the age of 10 is a full-time job in itself, and this morning, we found out the latest thing causing Dana to hit the bottle. What is draining her energy and her account balance this week? We have the answers with this edition of Why Mommy Drinks. 

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It's time for another edition of why mom you. With Damon and Jason on all night before night. Little pain and leg and old can. Make it felt like communicating with my children. Money weird to talk about in general but how do you present a sound message. In the area of finances when the audience his three little girls under the age of eats. So far the best I could come up with this stack up using all the money you expensive little eons. Great. And there's no seasonal rest for the weary budget. There's spring birthdays that break the bank. All back to school clothes along with the annual Halloween cache site. Allen and there's a winter the season more Santa Claus gets all the credit for Milo account balance off. Moon but above all others there's no season that bankrupt parents more than summer. I have to really expensive words free L summer camp and apparently. There is little queens think admission is free. Do you have camp for four year old mommy. Singing can't. Mom can you just stay home and saying all I current captain. Comment down dominate dogs I ever really advice. All right let me let me talk to doubt about it backlights. And it's. That's. Seeing your five and older out anything real in the end play. When in between auditioning for the voice an American idle Palin and all I am praying to share. You can't even read yet kind of strange fact. This is too much heat it. Is do you even know let's summer camp ends I have no idea and Barbara bank and. So little idea saying no deprive them of their little hearts desires. Their chance to express themselves. My hands started trembling as I open the calculator rap and I started punching in numbers then the total pops up just cursing in camp and worse he camp and I literally started sliding so to beat the heat. I hurried over to the fridge and popped open a summer seasonal things. This is flying imam. And Jason I know it's important.