Dana & Jayson - Why Mommy Drinks: Reason #31 | The Journey

Tuesday, May 15th

​When Dana isn't keeping Jayson in line, she's helping to raise 3 daughters under the age of 10 with her husband. Not only does this bring her incomparable joy, but it can also be stressful AF. Each week on San Diego's Alternative, we peel back the curtain to her home life. Check out the latest edition of Why Mommy Drinks with Dana & Jayson on Alt 949, and try to avoid typhoid. 


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It's time for another edition of why mom. With Dana and Jason on all night before and I. Yeah. Getting out the door with all three of my children is my impossible dream. The treacherous voyage of getting from my apartment down to the car in the garage is basically like I said pilgrimage in the early eighteen hundreds on the organ trail. By the time we get there somebody you'll probably have a broken arm or of died of dysentery. Well and we need to be somewhere at a certain time I might as well just pulled the plug because his game over before it even began. I'm still living there at the door. Purse and keys in hand and her three children still. Around with Sox. In their hands refusing to put a month. Sol one sorry you're wearing them and T I hunger what have. Nothing biting you eat lunch. And I am proud. I have your water bottle let's go. Hole. I told you do that thirty minutes ago how one. I worry and can't stand. When you comparison on the way home. Larry downing idle time and girls please get in the car. We need to seeking. She. Can't I'm a letter at least down meeting. I mean I guess like technically made it but it was a long Jersey it however like any good woman who just braved the organ Sharell and when I feel like reaching for hard drink I just settled for hydrating with my daughter's water bottle which will probably lead to a bad case of ties Floyd cut. The addition of flying imam. And Jason. On all its board. Okay.