Dana & Jayson - Why Mommy Drinks Reason #23: Vacation

Tuesday, March 20th

Dana has three daughters under the age of 10, and everything isn't always sugar and spice. Every week, Dana peels back the curtain on her home life and gives us the latest reason Why Mommy Drinks. This week, a potential vacation has her stressing out about the blow back, and escaping into her mind for an empty pool and a Mai Tai. 


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It's time for another edition of why moms. With Damon and Jason on all night before and I. 302. And Jerry OK here's the deal three young kids. There's no vacation. I don't Carol web search sacks. In need vacations somewhere where I can spend my leisurely days in eighty degree weather swimming off toolbar. Sitting in this chair under cabana reading books well drink if I'm Mon quote. V8 key shin with my children all I'm doing is running after them pull pull little cheering Saddam I'm wrong. Quietly get a snack my. And dealing with whining. So our kids listen friends just asked me if we can do a trip without them sue Hawaii. With our kids. The whole YG. Are they literally kidding may see how much apparent I didn't receive that high week I am tired. Me playing the better. Mike kids complain they're tired of walking around liberty station let alone buy made their tiny little legs tracked up a mountain. Let's island island did anything and I again and as though one flight with guns not bad enough let's look eyeball Ken doll line. You know like daughters blank he would be engulfed in flames. Just a deal picking up my kids is not a vacation. Actually just the thought of vacation with my kids makes me wanna drink and for the next two years the only place you're gonna find knee is in my kitchen and lending my own. There edition of why mommy. And Jason. I don't know how important. And. I'd really like to go on vacation with you I'm not going on vacation ideas on vacation it would be worse movement to think about it now and I'm sure.