Dana & Jayson - Why Mommy Drinks Reason #14: Crushed

Tuesday, January 9th

Being a parent is fun, especially when you have three daughters under the age of 10. Dana lives this reality every day, and every Tuesday, she peels back the curtain to give us a little last of her family life. This morning, we found out how a secret crush is the latest reason Why Mommy Drinks. 

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Now it's time for another edition of why mommy doing X. Very. Well I mean one might favorite things to talk about is relationships. I'm mantech I would relish in the details of a flirtatious conversation between my friend and the newest guy she met on bomb mall. I'm empathetic to heartbreak and IP TV over to people who have found love but honestly more than anything I love the role of the Arafat. Who listens and offers fresh perspective and advice Okie let's talk more about them ex pats. What that advice is for my eight year old. So my daughter likes a boy. Hunt say no one day she came home from school and innocently declared. Mommy I'm in love with a boy. Side overreacted Dino was losing her damn mom ranged. No one. Had huge bubble boy he's going to be a complete I think he's totally unaware. Your video. Somehow my rational Alter egos spoke on my behalf. Small holes Sunni her mall it's so normal polite someone and then that being in love really isn't something that we wanna think about right now. Not until we're older we really aren't allowed to have boyfriends when were eight. Let's just friends Hudson like forefront of every one how does that sound. Honestly she looked relieved she even agree with may EC. I thought I was off the home of raw now. Now I've literally turned into doctor Laura for children and I'm doctor Doris Lessing her my number 1800 doctor Laura almost a daily my daughter comes to me with questions about how to. Acts around this boy. Who's too busy concerning himself with Legos and Pokemon cards Stephen have a little. Mommy should until hot so I wanna be friends with him and then run away she asked well and mommy what is it means we claps for me when I write a math problem on the board. As someone make the madness stop. I mean I know all the answers to our questions but is it wrong that I don't want to share them with her is this parents say at this when I just did the real doctor Florida stepped in and did doctor is Ian and exit any illiquid with a high alcohol percent. This yeah another edition of why mom coming. Okay.