Dana & Jayson - When It Rains.. | Thanksgiving Catastrophes

Monday, December 2nd

​Despite her best efforts, Dana still found a way to ruin Thanksgiving day for Jayson. If you were following along with Dana & Jayson leading up to Turkey Day, you might have assumed we're talking about a weird menu of non-traditional vegan entrees or soul searching question games, but you would be wrong. Part of the preparations to help create a non-stressful Thanksgiving experience for our dynamic friend duo involved ordering some pre-prepared dishes that needed to be picked up before the big meal, but a downpour in San Diego made that portion of the day anything buy easy. After recounting their daunting tale of retrieval, D&J decided to open the phone lines and let our listener family unload their disastrous Thanksgiving Day tales of woe. Could our listener fam top Dana & Jayson? We found out this morning on San Diego's Alternative.