Dana & Jayson - What's In A (Screen) Name?

Friday, July 20th

We asked a hard-hitting question this morning on Alt 949. Dana & Jayson have gone more than a year and a half without asking Producer Jack what's up with his weird screen name and Instagram handle, but today, the truth came out in the lamest way. Since his explanation was equal parts lame and sad, we felt guilty enough that we hit the phones, asked you to #jointhefamily and admit YOUR lame screen names, and put DMTC Burgers & Brews festival tickets on the line.

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Almighty for and I'm San Diego's alternative bird's name and Jason you're stupid and or embarrassing. Screen name oh. That has become an email address possibly handled some sort on social media I'm wondering who has the most embarrassing why didn't we just does argue about is off the air because. None of us understand. Why producer Jack handle. It's what is it it's acts Jack it's. AC TJ a CK 159. Yes and we've never understood it but we just kind of accepted it and moved on. I've but like it's at it's everywhere it's on Twitter it's on instead ground. And see that's a problem with these stupid screen names is that you set them up early in life and and you kind of just have to keep extending them down the road accident and now you're. Guy out of Somalia. I mean but OK so why you act too jacked up and I don't think so it's to see everybody thinks it's actor Jack like I'm like that's lesbian or site you're at that didn't know what it really is is it's the when I was fourteen or fifteen and I set up my America Online my AI AM my AOL instant messenger profile. I was trying to go with. Like action Jackson. But I can do that is that was RD take him so than I have to view. Acts Jack but I wanted to be that Jack 69 does that edgy millionaires they had insects say but that they didn't have that either so that I was gonna be at Jack 59. Let him have that is close and so I what act Jack 159 which means nothing and now that has translated to it's now my Gmail. It's a whole new audience and grandma and I thought it was something really cool off on the right now. Oh yeah hey I'm. Oh I love Jack I like it but they that. An oil well caved before it's to grab death that you could that you could oppose then. Act Jack or action Jackson 698. Or it's they're grab at least you have that on TV that's available. I had a lot actually yeah I. And his legacy now. It kind of branded myself early and you know wanted to continue to have Britney Bennett overhead I Z I thought it was too late to go back after AI have. Here's your. It's good that proud. Did anyone does anyone have. Oh worst handled that and that mistake. Pop up. At 695701949. If yours is worse than that. We have burgers and Bruce possible biggest it's Saturday the Del Mar thoroughbred club mortgage to a pair of houses again and six when I'm by 70194. I the jet to be able to be acts Jack won 59. I'm still shocked that there is a 158. People we have four meters at that handle up. It's all ID 49 in San Diego's alternative ordained that Jason. Action Jackson 69. I wish I was actually you know these guys that saves you guys on the day. Of the producer Jack we we finally asked him. What up with your weird email address what is what's your answer Graham name. It's that stupid name that is stuck with you on all social media through the years. So we found out the root of it because we never understood it but it was what producer Jack was a young man at the ripe age of fifteen. And you're sitting there with the goal of becoming action Jackson 69. All I wanna was my AOL. Instant messenger handled the B action Jackson 69 but. When I got left with was act Jack 159. Is your worst sudden. Brian didn't order an blazes so bad Brian it. It's pretty bad I'd I'd I still use it that's how bad it is I don't know anybody about it. A pig you are telling us. Is no worse than action Jackson 69 while the big the. It's done it's it's pretty quoted in the same group I think OK every man must be 69 and right. And they can't worry Brian Tallet suns did turtle had 23. Are. I have an idea what that is but I'll let him tell you. I used to go to work and mourn every time I have begun in a word got out you about them and call me a little bit. Because the auto. Move out of the show. And I thought I knew that that is my identity not. I've been hooked up. Out clear my mind not embraced it by it. 52 other people embraced it be forming. You burgers numbers about the whole thing it's good that he's still use that Bryant from. My junk mail and I you know when you're locked into the law again thank you. Bella and that's actually smarter should GM also imagining grinding in the mall being stopped by a guy to like spell that out this turtle head millions head turtle and a hurdle okay. Yeah I use the bathroom rely. Yeah well there do you ever filling up to explain it to the man at the mall. You know I kind of get red tape and it dawn yeah. Again. It's embarrassing but it's too late to change it back to Blake. That is screen name and that it's turned into an email and now represents you on social media if it was good enough for 1997 it's good enough for now. Producer Jack we never understood why his email address it mr. Graham Handel was. Act Jack won 59 but I assumed it was something very cool but it once and I. Let me trying to get action Jackson 69 and having to settle basic well I'll. But. Well that's a worse than action Jackson 69 attempts. Hey Jan that from a mesa. It pretty aren't that hope hole it's so bad and love that OK with. Well it's actually nice son he let yet he's still here that you got 27. And he created this computer like seventeen. OK here we don't. And donuts attacked so cute getting ready to go off to college had to go to the same setup account. That in the bank and actually spent. Email click here are my report on the account and that she app wrecked Burton. Any satellite but she is immediately start giggling like oh god. And is now. Yes it was down or I says. K do you be. 69. It's good resume big. That's ridiculous young male dominant with 69 out and the everything 69. Court and art he'd also wearing it is quite uniform. 0% in there so yeah. I. I. Also play at public school while it is in jail. Is it topic email it in me 69. Embarrass the family that saying that we actually don't laugh about you though it isn't there at an average rental app. And we just laugh. It's phenomenal. You wanna give him the burgers embers festival tickets are you gonna keep them for yourself but I keep from outside and you're all humiliate.