Dana & Jayson - Whatcha Doin' at the Courthouse? | Legal Minds

Wednesday, May 16th

Real cases. Real people. Real San Diego. And really awkward. Every week, Dana & Jayson send their Producer Jack downtown to stick a microphone in the faces of total strangers, and ask about their personal business. Check out the latest edition of Whatcha Doin' at the Courthouse and find out who is guilty, who is innocent, and who is making absolutely no sense at all! Justice is served on Alt 949 with a trio of new stories from real San Diegans. 


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Real cases real people who really seem Diego Winston producer Jack and awkward situations today he's downtown to ask CBA games. What should tuna to courthouse. Ask user which are due to the courthouse today I'm here to hear a court hearing today on a drug charge. Where were you what was going on out there isn't a part in law of the mind body heat in had some stuff on us come rolled up on us into this jail. Kind of wrong place wrong time kind of thing create the one on overtime how did they start an interaction like that. They walked up on my car and they saw the us careful that you're seeing your hanging out in a core in a parking car haven't Starbucks coffee I mean I've heard of coffee being addicting but that's a little silly. Wrong place drug Ty H and one off court time. So many but also think that there ask user which due to the courthouse today. I had to follow up on me. Motion to dismiss an appeal by these attorney's office I -- dollars bonds there's almost to dismiss my habeas corpus which they told me was transferred to Orange County I first stop motion to vacate which it supposedly has disappeared so I had to follow up and use a habeas corpus for and make sure it was fouled entirely in the one year statute of limitations so now I have appeal pending for that habeas corpus which is still in San Diego which they told me was an Orange County OK we'll my expert legal opinion I have no idea what any of that means. Stop saying those were good combination. Of the heat that navy is harvests and every time you. Ask user what to do to the courthouse in there come here for trial trial in the case of what's solid anyway I didn't GBI enhancement and Tony and Ron tells the story behind that there's got to be one by simplest ran a red light and I him and I panicked and how. I decided to run it's a shop. Because of that decided charged him with the cars what's been another hearing on the case for a couple weeks now that the victim is not cooperating Sosa another turn of pushing for past terms because the bike rider they were in the wrong in the situation correct our pulled over when we would have been nothing. I. And now he you know he's fifty years old and he cautions for court because. He if he truly doesn't wanna come according to the Jersey deductibles ways for cross street you know honestly like people believe that were. Americans and rights and or innocent until proven guilty and perhaps. Under us and agility and have to prove yourself innocent words of wisdom which. I love that you would turn to that men into the victim but that 52 year old man. And win at Carolina yeah. She's due to the courthouse. Justice is served. It just isn't sure. Her serve and didn't.