Dana & Jayson - Whatcha Doin' at the Courthouse: Craigslist Drugs

Wednesday, March 21st

Don't try selling drugs on Craigslist. That should be common sense, but a least one San Diegan learned that lesson the hard way. You'll be amazed at what total strangers will tell Dana & Jayson's bright-eyed Producer Jack when he heads downtown to ask them Whatcha Doin' at the Courthouse? Real cases. Real people. REAL San Diego.


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Real cases real people real thin Diego recent producer Jack and a awkward situation today please don't sound as NBA games. What should tuna to. Courthouse and ask you sir which can courthouse today. I had caught selling drugs and recovered. No. If you don't mind my asking what was it some box and oh yeah I don't know that is they had failed to get off Ireland. Well it. So you're doing a public service that little lit it now or the circumstances just picked I picked the wrong guy. Yeah pretty much an ad on Craigslist really Allen Craig's list it would losers is gonna from England and you and I Craigslist dot contacted by somebody met up with them that he didn't and it at one point during the interaction he just says I'm actually police officer and generous yup it law. It is expected. Lee did it not that much and he's giggling. Are massed Newser what you don't have courthouse today paying my bail okay bail for what kind of case animal abuse my neighbor called LaMont animal references and they come all of time and inspect my house. She's in germ phobic and she can't stand her pit. So the mere fact that you have pets and dirt in your yard is just too much for Kurdistan yup the contents of they come out to your house. And twelve times. And over the span of how long term ten years and he has relatives that worked in the mirror office pat cash. No sir I stand with you. I have four dogs we are big players from the new influences and they put it seeing it the dangerous dog hello floral. And a multi. Not a frightening. Israel you will stand last that's like. And with everyone so I don't get stabbed and ask user which you go to court yesterday eviction due respect you're evicting the Jewish bank yes I am please tell me about the suspect -- 29 he's millennial. The damn millennial. Looks to me like he has not been thinks the world revolves around him is Playboy said that tire maintenance than a woman I really so agencies calling on you day and night to do everything for him constantly and you're just fed up with. Now he got my case and he got he. He crossed the line you know he's a pound and Amador was because what you would only dealt with him eleven times that day I wouldn't talk Julia for tonight. Tonight I you know I don't I don't wanna live like that but what process is my first time that they said that if I lose. That they can sting. I just aggregates live with the what. Well maybe is a bad time to ask that on purpose to stay human movement or how old are yet I don't even elected then I mean I'm very glad. The fact that you he became best friends with three people at the when he tells drugs on Craig's last some kind of pat Porter for something and that man who of vick's. DB's my social calendars don't upgrade. It's a bit. You do that the courthouse. Justice is served.