Dana & Jayson - Whatcha Doin' at the Courthouse: Colorado Stalker

Wednesday, July 11th

​A simple question with very complicated answers on Alt 949. Every week, despite his pleas to upper-management, Dana & Jayson send their Producer Jack downtown to ask real San Diegans to air their dirty laundry to an audience of thousands. What happened when Jack posed the question with only warm eyes, a smile, and a microphone? Somebody is getting harassed in OB, somebody should have designated before they celebrated, and somebody should just move back to Colorado. Real cases. Real people. Real San Diego.

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Real cases real people really seem Diego Winston producer Jack and awkward situations today he's downtown to ask CBA games. What should tuna to. And ask user what you do have courthouse and a I'm here because I'm pretty sure I have an appointment today at -- holding my dog's leash but with my foot on the beach in ocean beach houses and the Walt tuning my instrument and -- -- put on a leash in one of the officers who just happens to know me and dislike -- decided to arrest me and take my dog to the Powell and that day I had fifty bucks left in my lawless is able to bail myself -- list is this is what I do is have played music and day energy you know be and they decided to harass me then when they pulled up behind me I grabbed her -- I started walking in this that you can have your dog at the wall I said I know the time limit the dog ours is not even 9 AM yet leave me alone and I said well then you're holding -- -- -- so that's where anywhere but they clearly just don't like unit trying to trying to make -- because most most transients cause problems they are they they drink in public they do this and that I don't do that so the only thing they can never addressed before it is like the occasional -- slogan enjoy being out on the cliffs. Oral MLB that never happens. It's good nice and all of that is basically a country song and. And our producer was due to the courthouse and I'm going to do you address my do you iron out oh over the circumstances of the deal life. Back got time poster driving. But I mean where were you what was going on Maria coming from where re going to actually my house to go pick up my friend and ended up crashed into the car apart. I'll parked car now so what's happening today gonna go and Adam and the room to see the consequences are there any words or anybody out there who's thinking about have a couple of hop in the car and entered it could have been. It's a public service announcements are nasty man which is due to the courthouse today was trying to get your trainer against acts now how come he followed me extra hot up. So you dated here in San Diego and any area half after a felony Colorado and what started hanging around and pestering him. I you singer and try. Did make you know say changing the night friend and then. Three months later I was aiming zags and now we react. So are you still living in Colorado are you back in San Diego and back here for now however it got denied son Michael backed her hot out just to escape. It's competitive play and scare early this sounds very similar to yours in your fiance is love story except sub at Texas for San Diego and New York for Colorado. And its seventeen days on marrying him see at the courthouse. She's due to the courthouse. Justice is served.