Dana & Jayson - Weird Weed Words: The Canadian Edition

Thursday, January 18th

Canadians are weird. They're way too nice. They like 'Canadian' bacon. And they have weird words for marijuana. This morning on FM 949, Dana & Jayson played a brand new game Weird Weed Words: The Canadian Edition. Could our listener family guess which were real Canadian slang, and what we just made up? Listen to find out.


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Coming up we're playing we're gonna need the words that kids need in addition. Yeah. Thank you I don't know this or not but Canadians use weird words when they're talking about we need to configure two weeks thrown around a lot lately and you know you can use various names Boris here in America and really know what a person's talking about but you may be extremely confused when talking to a Canadian. Good group of it. Yeah. Maybe are wondering how weird are these weird Canadian words that they use when talking about we'd. This is why we're playing this game. And here's a way it's gonna work at 6195701949. Producer Jack is going to give you the words is going to be a weird word for sure all you need to do is say whether or not you believe that word is one that Canadians used when talking about we'd. Or is it one that he just made up at 619570194. Nights. And if you are correct just do get one right you can choose your prize this morning we've got a four pact a tickets at WW live Brodeur wrestle mania at tickets to see Jack White shell in August and GMT show and may orbits its boom Shaka reggae festival which is happening in February 6 on line by 701949. It's weird we'd words the Canadian Edison. We're playing in a weird we've words age. The comedian in addition. I think I like Canadian accent he sure does weird we've words. You knew that Canadians use all these. Really weird words what they're talking about a week you may not even know what they're talking about honestly so this morning it's the game where producer Jack gives you a weird words you just need to determine whether or not that word. Is one that Canadians use when talking about wheat if you want you to choose your prize this morning 6195701949. Case LC good morning from La Hoya who OK your word is. Boom. Whom. A I have my age as my Canadian accent yeah Jack man do you think that the home is actually Canadian word for wheat now. Sorry to tell you but unfortunately your incorrect because it is so we're we'd worked. Hello thank you for being a polite Canadian my partner and I are very welcome our best. So sorry date that's what they called we need a weird you got. And you get there. So we radio consolation prize hang on okay kindness Lori from Le mesa well good morning okay your word is most here smear me except there do you think that's so weird we'd word to among Canadians. No well I'm very excited to tell you your cool. Yeah it is up at so that one you don't have to worry about Nolan will be dropping out on gun on the streets of San Diego. His actions and content. Your choice to get a four packets in Pittsburg WW lie -- or Jack light tickets and GMT or boom Shaka reggae festival love Jack why you not. Thank you lose hi frank from Rancho Bernardo pollute Gloria you're word is butter butter like you spread around to close to thought well I. Do you think that's so weird we've word among Canadians. And or. That from LA well I'm very very excited to tell you. Or Rick do you know anything they spied through ya yeah. I have big drop that one act yeah. No but you're but in the words butter kind of just. Made it sound like it would feel word. It's greed on comedian begin the daughter meg right congratulations you did did she surprise this morning wrestle mania that sport yesterday yes but it. Right eighty yeah. Got congratulations I got a guy out back. All of this has been a year and we'd words the Canadian aviation clean. Thank you Jack.