Dana & Jayson - Weird Wedding Gifts

Friday, August 10th

​Jayson is almost a week into married life, but as much as things change, the more they stay the same. While Dana & Jayson started off talking about weird wedding gifts, it quickly took a weird turn down a very insecure gift-giving road with both Dana and Producer Jack expecting more praise than they received. Once we got back on topic, we invited you to #jointhefamily and let us know about the weirdest wedding gifts you might have given, or received, for a chance to get awarded tickets to see Weezer and the Pixies tomorrow night at Mattress Firm Amphitheatre.

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All 94 and I miss San Diego's alternative ordain chase and producer Jack. Weird wedding gifts I believe I received the most audit wedding gift anyone has ever received in their life. Why it's. Okay you're talking about me right know him know did you ever opened the one that I gave you. The love bag yet it was very overwhelming and I saw him profits than any out yet even sent anything about it I'm behind it that's. Whatever anyway you've got a weird wedding gift on. I. Caught up up up. I've because I would hate to say Blake how bull what worried it is they said meg well I was going to send you a beautiful claw I don't wanna beautiful cards. I don't want a beautiful color okay it's in him was an emotional get. It was a very emotional depth there were still processing app because. It's a lot to take end. Just the little thoughtful things. Yes okay then we continue our thumbs on their time and I just process that emotionally before. OK so coming up next as you're gonna need to you know I did I I knew he wanted me home for like a week and reenergize about out there and like watched me open at bat I tried to gain any anger really uncomfortable when mom and dad fight an economy that you guys that I cannot remember when I want to have a private moment at the after party after the wedding but then I was like oh let's just do it the next day but and the honeymoon and all the things. So we even talk about it because I wanted to show you the little up open lane mean. And you wake them up nowadays you wanna talk big yeah it's coming out next few lot of talk about it weird wedding gift via the weirdest letter. Who could help put up. I am glad this was one thought we're gonna hear about this former consultant. We'll look at the truth to it sorry. I don't know I just like it I don't understand. Why he hasn't talked to me about what. Against. That was so weird it's like I actually seemed like. Yeah if I just. Ugly maybe he's offended by and I care about what it would sell the copilot and I have seen the pro V is that my heart. It's fine I don't know if I'd like to think that you liked it. And it's not like. A big deal I just got you a relationship book that means a lot to me and my husband and then I got you a journal for the two of you do you know like a bucket list thing and then some stuff with your initials on and so I just. You know. Sakura the coffee mugs yeah. They I don't. A lot of car or not I wanna sell off I think you card I've but I know but that that was the appropriate if somebody gives you a it like a hundred dollars or something like that like you it's animal card but Jack and I gave you thoughtful things that you got an acknowledged week. OK I was okay. I mean we don't get gives per year and down. I'm glad he got guys as well what are. Exactly I really OK first of all it of course being that carried my husband and I got very emotional I'll go reading your car a perfect and Jesse did. Three but they are that at and that's what you eat laughed hysterically. From your gift because it was just so you and your girlfriend both kids perfectly and rappers that it can you work and our relationship to each other out. Well then don't bother to thank you card I don't need guidance on a daily well I didn't even know I thought it got lost I thought like oh maybe he didn't receive it I hope it may it. Anyway you've got a weird gets us. We're gonna talk about that. This and I can't wait. I but the. All money for nine in San Diego's alternative ordain that Jason. Producer Jack I don't believe anyone. In San Diego has gotten or received a wedding gift as we're excited weirdest gift wins. Yes we are to get wins okay. Got a pair of tickets to see Weezer and the taxis at the magistrate and a theatre tomorrow night it's going to be great show weirdest wedding gifts wins that you receives. Jason a for your wedding you because another was a gift table you guys hadn't registered because you. You had everything you needed seasick you know your presence is enough if you wanna give us something or get a chime by house one day in San Diego back away money please. Essentially what you get a man escaping cat Noel. Airlines somebody put that on the gift able to get a man escaping death next to like that Tiffany. Champagne flutes. Yeah was I guy it's a electric razor for at the that said no it doesn't add and then I also got a regular safety razor for the. You're lying. Someone. When did they video card. That was the whole thing and after shape effort to agree the aperture was indeed anyway branded as like man's game being or was it just to get some kind of figured out another team permit company although players automatically de yeah cool. And it was serious or they are doing it it's like this is a funny joke no seriousness and some. A guy. That one can trump that. So what do you get it right in that cart think you for allowing me to have fresh clean. And contents for morning. I know that you got a couple of joked gifts like entitled might keep you a big bottle of yellow tail like a handle evidence that for emergencies only. He always joke and so this and there was no joke. I am just confused like it was there any context surrounding I believe that they heard or watched the video where you were waxing you knew him. He has a good one. 701949. You got something weird. As a wedding gift I mean are you on comfortable living at or do you think it's fun me. What I don't understand dead and I don't Anderson I didn't think we have that relationship. That centers saying navigated to in Nana. Is it a family member I I think I know it's a friend and I think I would even be able to identify which front bumper because I think. If it's their sense of humor. And that's. They're being funny yet they're acting they're being cute but you didn't think that was fun well I mean I thought that was weird but it outrage that's why your relationship yet if you've done some enemy Jason feel weird thing you're obviously off the deep. Yeah I gave them filled I don't. How weird that the man escaping kit just 6195701949. Weirdest wedding guest has been received its tickets to Weezer and the pick sees it for Saturday it tomorrow night the man's keeping kids. As a wedding guests that's what I received. On the table they put it. Dallas did elephant gifts I believe we know why and in this world can beats. Doubt weird wedding gift. Hey Ashley good morning from Kearny mesa. So beaten this morning so I guess could you sound great. So actually you've got something weirder than a man escaping kit for your winding up. I feel a little weird act OK okay well my. Camry it we don't. A little bit apparently only despite a day long how can they were ordinary I. Am I ever decided to get Alec yet had a little party out of an actual wedding party they get fighting BA great idea it each and then it out on it. You know I don't know well. Well I'm I don't know about them. Yeah well I can have no. And out my brother Eric I hope we don't like record back. Or not. No ma'am. And I'm. You are actually you know and that these are. But a lady and our commitment they got they got like gay man and little act I act and act like that idea. I'll bet. I. Awkward. We are in off the like were all sitting in they would have done. I. Islands and he's. Oh my gut it won't tell him anything good about the outlook I am I they. Hala. There. OK. 80 yeah. I have been yeah yeah.