Dana & Jayson - Vagina Teeth

Tuesday, March 20th

There are a ton of options on Netflix, including a whole range of horror and suspense flicks, but some of them are deemed too scary to finish. Enter our resident wuss Dana DiDonato. This morning, Producer Jack picked three movies from their list, and stacked the real description with a totally made up one from his twisted mind. Would Dana be able to pick the REAL synopsis? Probably not.


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It's all 949 San Diego's alternative we are Damon Jason and Netflix has just released a list of movies that are deemed too scary to watch too scary to finish moved him and Dina was never allowed to watch horror movies when she was growing up I don't want to either and I know it's too dark right now exactly to this day going team one scary movie which was under a clockwork orange. Now that adds that it did not tell myself I heard and that's why don't I. Ironically I'm still working through that and producer Jack bell is an expert of all things horror he's a lovely little Teddy bear but he loves scary movies a little dark and twisty on the insights right now though. Good morning we're gonna do a little game. Called it does deed and no whore challenge. I get a little bit of armed heart palpitations. So thinking about it the word of the clockwork orange and I'd I did audits late. Producer Jack is going to give her three the navies that are so scary you know when it is able to finish them. According to Netflix and she's gonna guess what they're about. And you can play along too to see how dark you are. OK let's go we've got the first movie that Netflix deems too scary to finish OK it's called T. Okay all right let that seventeenth it's about one of these toothpicks and cut. A yes. High school senior dealing with growing pains discovers underneath his nerdy braces lurks a pair of razor sharp vampire teeth hole perfect for sucking the blood of his bully so. Guess that's that's the first possible hate and in the second possible synopsis. Still a stranger your own body when a high school student becomes the object of male violence. You discover she has a physical advantage when her lady parts group chief bill. Do you think it's vampire boy I wanted to just be the vampire volleying because the other one is too scary to think about though and go to the vagina teeth. Not only to the bridge I did see it now producer Jack at its dive dead dated out. It's actually about China teeth yeah. With not not really as. That's a real thing that's the real thing and people a lot of people don't watch it I tell them this is very evident there it only just heard though billed as honestly Shani is self defense. I hope we want to let down throwing. Okay the second movie from the list is called to avoid the void of the boy like that that is either about shortly after delivering a patient to an understaffed hospital police officer experiences strange and violent occurrences. Seemingly linked to a group of mysterious hooded figures. Or let's figure this. She can't work. A pharmaceutical researcher on the verge of a medical breakthrough runs one final experiment before presenting his findings to the board of investors and finds himself trapped in definitely in the void. Oh I mean I've fill a lot better about the second option whenever that Ph.D. man his death and I I'll go back. My boo if I feel better about it it's frolic the other and I guess I don't. But the other one is she's scaring the other ones to scary. Here in your pharmaceutical mall oh come on I don't wanna lie and they'll iron that just came at Georgia yeah yeah. Has your has watched it with more scary the first 100 figures deceit and that's saying what is the pictures thing I've ever had in my mind America. All right all right the the third and final movie when attitude this is your chance this is your chance your passing grade poetry and about Patrick gray the third movie. They human senate heed to idol final sequence. And I think the sequence of muffins and that is either abouts born and raised Kerry nuclear test site in the New Mexico desert a deformed and deranged man has to civilization. To feast in the exact revenge on the sleeping children of a quiet mound. And that knowledge yeah. Yeah. Or this is a win win a war or inspired by the work of a deranged doctor a troubled man sets out to create B twelve person senate peed with one digest the system in a secret underground layer. I does your options club underground where no. You know a lot of now I don't I don't even tell me I don't even want to pretend that neither of those are in existence. Because they don't believe there's an audience for that I don't pretty dejected teller which wanted yeah. I don't know if you I don't wanna know there's something like that out there irony from forgetting she looks it's the twelfth person 71 I just the system. Who thought about other premise you sick commemorate. That renewed through her mind and had a.