Dana & Jayson - Uncle Side Show

Monday, March 12th

​Jayson cares more about being the "cool Uncle" than the aftermath he leaves Dana with. This weekend, Jayson bought Dana's daughters a gift without asking her about it first, and her apartment has turned into a circus. This morning we wanted to know if you've bought a more annoying gift for someone else, so we hit the phones to invite you to #jointheconversation and #jointhefamily for a chance to winning a 4-pack of Disneyland Resort tickets.


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I don't believe anyone listening as more annoying than Jason and I'll. That's I don't believe I don't. Like the song 94 and I in San Diego's alternative. We're Dane and Jason well I don't believe. That anyone listening has. Done something as bad as what he did to me people who don't have kids love to give other people's kids annoying guests. I love that that's hero. It's find to be be fun uncle fun and it. Fun friend whatever you wanna call yourself if you sell much flo hi and right and you don't care how obnoxious the toy is that you're giving. And you just all you care about is getting the reaction from the kid and then you don't have to deal with the aftermath. You just walk away that. This past weekend I was watching Dana's children for her anniversary says turner hasn't can go out to them lane coffee shop put. And I was gonna have them per couple hours so I wanted to elevate the experience for them so I bought them a very big he bought from a circus tent app app. That is the most ignorant they. I'm so I'm actually I am Mac and OI Matt okay and I'm trying delay tempered that. Well all I know is they had a magical time and a magical experience. They had the best reaction and earlier that's all you care about your revealing it is all you want is likes on your face on my social media explode got there then you are fun uncle exclamation point oh Christine. Love that they ain't you Karine. Hello Tara all what a good uncle but that's all you I UN affirmation and you don't even care that I can't fit a circus tent in my small apartment you'll figure it out. Did you want a good right yeah. And this is what happens when people don't have kids they just by the obnoxious twice for the poor person. Who asked to be the victim of your annoying toy I don't I'm gonna do with the circus had. Besides. The road in the trash me. Don't do that because the thing is is they'll now. They now because I made a big display about the. Yeah. Chris and I don't assert got the proud owner of a circus tent didn't you ever buy something for someone else's kids it's super annoying. Or super cool. It's yet it's cool down but then you not to deal and it. And can you be self aware enough to know like gal I totally did that and I think that this morning an apology is in order. Well you know. Come on the air and apologize for that thing you purchase at 6195701949. You're gonna apologize. To help meet the because I am the one that's doing it in because now I'm the mean mop. Because I'm going to throw it out. I have to turn out that it does not fail in my apartment. So I'm going to do it you put me in a bad position I got all my mind I got to be the fun uncle I thought about it and and you just walk away their faces were priceless I wish you were there to the end. Six when I'm by 701949. Has anyone ever given as a gift worse than a circus tents in a small part of a poor children. And Tom I think if you could be Jason's annoying level the Basilan is getting a four pack of Disneyland tickets because that is actually an enjoyable guess. Yeah you wanna get on to the person that you victimized there not maybe you wanna keep them for yourself that's fine 6195701949. If you wanna see help cool the tent was seeking go to the all 98 or nine radio and the Gramm it's an. Buying an annoying gifts. For someone else's just went wrong. And a lot of times it happens because someone who wants to be defined a friend or the final goal buys an annoying guests. For someone else's kids they give against an and they just walk away. Have you been that person can you be self aware enough to say yes I've purchase annoying gift for someone else that's 6195701949. I purchased a magical gift for dean and its children. It involves. Just tell them what it is that the thirtieth and I have two bedroom apartment yeah. Do I need to say anything else 61 I've I've been 01949. I'd call or all of dugout there ever be built sort of get. I'd like to pass over Q a lovely pregnant mind Dugard Alex. Hello and now we know good to have you very well because we met you routed a brewery tour that we were on. Now you guys are married and you don't have kids so you what an annoying gift for yourself Kelley. The uber talented. For current and this year he got it and not. A I'm like well I. Love you year old like. I right. Well like that or not. I don't review. I. Adorable cute eaten at at what I. They all week you would need to get. Up and they all. It hurt her careful. Look out oh yeah oh yeah I can to. All spurred yeah about it. Wait cat out there solo cat. I hope and brought that up. Well we're good at it again at how bad is it in the house now with shoe kittens. Well look we live in a small like you'd better. Apartment what you like and that's not the world for everybody figured your outlook darkened. It. Week they're not enough room and it. Oh yeah and don't don't you just a lot of I'm or that but. But Michael it's where that line momentum. And she brought those cute little kitten doesn't surprise your heart probably grew. So vague and you were still happy and I think that reaction it's worth that. Yeah so I open spot and they are one and I don't like oh my I got back. And she bit oh and your you're bumping up in a cult where it. Aren't you hit it out again at another bar there's another. Yeah. Well. I didn't need a circus tent and Michael can you put Cali on at this moment please. Look at here. Calais continue please apologize over the radio. Your husband is sitting next DMO. I mean art got. Back a it diet and it yeah that it can act. Know the big blue and a loop they deserve to that's not a hall yeah. I got a little bit. The annoying yes them they're just gonna keep rolling in this morning so all we're trying to do this morning is set out annoying geez yeah. And so Jason Love my children a circus tents I have no room for a circus. You got any more obnoxious than up but then Cali bought her husband Michael to kittens and he didn't ask for that that's next summer lasts a 619570194. Knighted the annoying gift you bought for someone else. Hey neat are you there from Carlsbad. How how selfish or you can or not this to say thank you. Jason for such a lovely gift it you know eat when my nephews and started playing court yet. I wouldn't got them a coach's whistle what kid doesn't need a coach that was all it took four years old. You're mean you don't hear me. That's not a lot of I sympathize with Europe what is the your sister or your brother. Actually at my best friend which even more sacred yup you heard I get to be called uncle but my bet ray and kids concerned I get a revoked Jason's title. The other kid I got him he had a cheered brother aren't so he got to make up on. And that's all there is always special and it made the boys found late. Joker from Batman calling us. Even extra special. But they I don't find you funny I thought I. I binds you to be a means friends but I find you heard the music Larry. I don't I don't understand the conflict either yet. The exact play at the thing is that that you're giving me a lot of ideas yes now the foundation has been laid with the circus theme for the circus tent but I but when you get into by an elephant for like about her apartment. Yeah and I think. I think they may go to the next step out. That go straight writing that down pit baby UN naked going together to get a good talk about it more upon I guess that it's the it's hey Madison good morning from Temecula. And why did you buying someone an awful death. Well I think he'd be your friend of mine he came right out and stay alert lock you. Don't like that and I I don't know. I can all answer get an eating at a couple parent issue. We sat Margaret in the city where I am everywhere. Deal last month. Blonde hair blue I see how I need actually reach. Out and that means. Mad that I like his day in Temecula away from it. I figured you're never allowed to navy says Madison he's out hot. I. Think. I. Just thought I'd like. How old's your goal I know maybe I should figure out how to get them hooker shoes to give to your children I'm glad that Jason's guess I told I was at least PGA. Or. You never know it's not an audience and I'm you know it's funny to the person who's not heard much. Her mom and I like are getting it wanted to shoot me yeah totally know her heels are down. That adding that you are out yeah. I get the best uncle lord what about the worst friend slash co host award is you lose WM somewhat harsh. We're Damon Jason all 949 San Diego's alternate its commercial free Monday. I'd buy a huge circus tent Dana silver and. The fan and I have a small apartment. And to mean there's nothing worse you could give my kids in a large gift that I have no space for. And he knows that that's the thing and I know that there are other people like Jason those people who don't have kids. And love to buy the annoying gift that than a parent has to deal. Crews purchase of more annoying gift than Jason at 6195701949. I'm sorry. That's our Ager out of for national city. I can't then make your own client that has all the glitter and everything that you can happen to it. You obtain it's it's a home with a unit knew that that would be bad it and you didn't edit. And that they open and I'm glad that the parent. Thinks Carney. And the look on their face and they were so excited and happy just doesn't live and you can't disappoint isn't actually a little. Girl to play again you can't actually you can. And also in addition to the circus tent that was delivered to my home my kids we're actually asking where this line that they made was yesterday because they got the same thing for Christmas from an aunt who doesn't have kids and monitor torture my life. And we had a. We held her in did you become such a sour posts and my 80 since my carpet got stained with slime the first time kind of hot spots all over he used to be so pure and NS that it once did that ever went to live in a magical place and now you're like oh kids need to be taught disappointment at the age of three that's cracked it. Yeah. Hit Laura good morning from del Cerro. And I mean you bought an annoying gift for someone. I did have a very nice. How thank you yeah you're liable it really because it the color child and she's one of those people that you love to hate aloha and he's meet her child's birthday. This was applauded Al premeditated. It really was because she told everybody please don't buy my daughter in the barn you. So I did and I got her baby Bok. And you stop at the very little more not Anbar because he wouldn't shut up it would monitor and that you to. You turn on her there's no in between producer Jack are you believing his you have. Bee bee bop on the L. Aren't there. Can't wait yeah. We know. Yeah. It's nice I don't drink yeah. You are so mean that talked and talked and talked and I would think hit the party. Yelled yeah I bet you are bet you're like the favorite new friend of the child I really that was your favorite president to get everybody else here Q the rules which. Eat and of course karma you know hit yet and have a child at the time. Karma I came back at you with that tickle me. Yeah tickle me all designs like he's right about now civic London it at about the baby monitor aren't but I hear giggling in the middle of the night. And I'm not what the heck is he out. You know it back I don't know you know lawless yeah that randomly going app. To clarify something. Just because I work with TO down and I bought you this tents. Does that mean it's out anti they have now. Now what this'll bring about a team now now you've given me such a Specter Loral. I start. Cool but you know you can talk constantly. That's exactly why annex as preoccupied Q yeah. OK Bob Murray. Look you know what you want the tents. I don't have a group unemployment so that's why am surprised not at love it we don't have perfect that we we had a lot of holding of organized exchange information. And it.