Dana & Jayson - Tripping Out

Wednesday, April 18th

​Dana, Jayson, and Producer Jack are hitting the road this weekend and heading to Indio for Coachella weekend two. After some behind-the-back smack talking from Jayson, Dana decided to get everything all out in the open this morning on Alt 949. Jayson has some concerns about traveling with Jack for the first time, and he wasn't being shy about voicing them. Rather than let Jayson ramble on, we invited you to #jointheconversation and #jointhefamily about your travel horror stories. 

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Traveling with a friend. Could ultimately end of friendship. And Arafat's lemonade you've experienced. But it. There's a little bit of a tension in the studio this morning. Producer Jack don't let this week in ruin our relationship Jason is very concerned and it's 6195701949. Have you ever gone somewhere. With the friends for the weekend or maybe you went on a weeklong trip with a friend. I do. You discovered things about them that made you look at them differently. And maybe even ended a friendship I don't know if it's that extreme but it's 06195701949. This weekend we're going to patella. Three strangers picked eleven house for one weekend back Coachella in the desert and we found out that were all staying in the same house. Myself Jason and producer Jack let's cut the crap. Producer Jack you can't. You might be okay are you look duty there are you what are the what are you bringing he's been talking about you behind your back oh good so nothing new IC I at the major concerns because this is the first time I've traveled with Dina and her family I win two of this we -- kids park and ethnic place had a reason being there I've stayed in the same hotel room I've traveled with Dana a low you've seen in my house two times a week during one season of life and sleeping over so I understand. How data travels and lives her life you and I and Dana have never traveled the gathered this is could be the very first time. So what I don't understand is why you're concerned about me really did and I should be concerned about you know I said I was like I think it'll be great traveling with Jack and his girlfriend and me and respect full what I'm bringing in because we're planning to you know kids in this house to have the kitchens the work it'd be cooking and stuff so like all all equal parts. I know you're bringing tears and drama. Do you hear that and they are crying OK okay. You can't walk around in your underwear on Jan nothing that's more of a concern review than me but I. A question about it yes and earlier Henry is out of all the people in the studio who's the only person that took their pants off today. I'm my hands are raised and there's an answer Jason Jason now are you a clean person do you watch like your dishes right after you eat them or do you put them in that thing to leave them overnight I clean my dishes immediately I don't even use the dishwasher because I think it's a waste of time OK so this is what I will tell you. I will bring. Some food that you can eat at longest U clean up after yourself. All so you can't smoke Mary Jane in our house okay you're gonna take it out to the death crap not all get married. Big having my house smell like. Lately your house you mean our house now in my ornery part share killer and also Jason said buying your back that he's gonna put his name on his food. Are going to be that guy OK I see how does it OK all so when I get drunk off of bobcats that says yeah white wine. You can't judge me that one I'm not okay we'll try and judge me sadly I don't care but if I see any outwardly changed how old be on your back and not in a good way. Hey can you just not be in my second anyway you believe all these sucks eggs and. A quick question. Idea I have a list of concerns that I would like he got his skills and don't sleep opponents but at six foot 95701949. Did traveling with a friend change your relationship ever did you see things that need you look at that friend differently. Because when we come back from Coachella on Monday night even will be the same exactly yeah yeah. No I agree that they are not open to it at eight there we're going to get closer. All we're going to get farther apart. Haley Siena high from London grove did you travel with friends and then viewed them differently after that Trent. Well up a big big military diet. I travel. To Afghanistan alert in a row they would be great like me and I would be great at the beginning it. Like here a couple weeks in treating at a at a Beatty wildwood a friend of mine and I lit it definitely you'd end differently. Only if first of all thank you for your serve thank you for your rarely actually TA dad as the sacrifices that you made for our country and ourselves. Still I can be a selfish little crack. Yes we all need more Celtic actually because you want people are Karl are right. Yeah exactly and I really do believe this weekend trap is basically ask going into Afghanistan. There are OK that's a joke is absurd and well at least he can you explain a couple of examples as I turn my back to Jason of things that you noticed. Like if you could have an argument something just EOK I just beat me and that you can't change that other. Talking about food that you're gonna make each other each. I'm talking about keeps it that stopped on the air and something so small can blow up and it's something Celtic. And I'll say that the worst person to ever get in a fight with is the person sitting next me Jason because he is always right there refuses to apologize he doesn't even know how to apologize and I have so much. I'll sit higher off and you're a little wine involved in that whole thing alone beyoncé and things are gonna go badly quickly not a passion got well we should just send you buy yourself for the desert obesity one of things that I am really worried about it's like people people meeting producer Jack people. I'm just people okay hit like crap everywhere. Crap everywhere as long as she doesn't it see Ukraine. At the because we had not yet at. Back at their trip because they were like why it. Who did it. He owns. Other Matt did your group anywhere I think that advocates worry about yeah I hope not definitely let it predictor. Mary C. A. And if you have emerged from Perrier Coachella trip to Afghanistan. Again I'm going to hate US Sunday. Are hard to. Well why wait now I'll I actually went to Coachella. Out pretty well what you pocket pat. And an app when he when he it'd eight you'll. Really wouldn't eat out well yet and I actually went and my QB Utley pat that not only outlet it would an experience sure. Seats she believes are going to be fine thank you for that thing hurt anger and you think you are. Thought. The Marty says that some folks together stays together at all.