Dana & Jayson - Tipsy Tunes with Jayson | The Blink 182 Edition

Monday, June 11th

​When Dana & Jayson found out they have a week of amazing giveaways to Vegas to send our listener family to see Blink 182 during their Kings of the Weekend Rock Residency at the Pearl Theatre, complete with a two-night stay at the newly renovated Palms Resort and Casino, and a chance to check out their new restaurant Camden. The only thing standing between YOU and an amazing trip to Sin City is Tipsy Tunes with Jayson. What was he singing this morning? We're honestly not totally sure. Listen all week for your chance to win!

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Can send them away. It's time to play tipsy dunes. Oh poor rural blue jays and the only when it's new edition. And I'll name four and I. And it's sixty twos are Jason and get this time it is Jason journal can only singing Blink-182 songs because we found out we have the best package to give away. Seeing bowling ally of the Sunday June 24 at the pearl theatre in Vegas for their residency. Two night stay in the hotel the newly renovated palms resort and casino plus they gave us a hundred dollar dining gift card for you do eat at the Camden restaurants so. Let's do this Laura from Chula Vista are you there. You're all okay well let's do this season her book are you ready to how must play the IOW singing now do you remember saying and open. Oh perfect. So this'll be new to everyone great here's Jason C a Blink-182 hits. Me on M. And then and then none and then and then the. 'cause this is so it's off done and then and then uh oh lord does. None none none in nine. No guitar riff. Did. You know Lawrence is so much music club and. Don't think it's 60 genius since Phnom alone. Today it's it's fine now. Oh no see noses. That there is no I don't know maybe got into longer. Development of I. The other days and that's that's about jobs and yeah. Not you just want the entire package you're gonna see blink live in Vegas two nights in hotel plus we've got that gift card PD dinner earlier there. I thought maybe I would like one other runner up after everybody wind I guess you just yeah. Yeah yeah. This his men tipsy iTunes when Jason well probably glided to addition for Sino land reform nine. I do feel solid.