Dana & Jayson - Thug Life: Jerry from Iowa

Friday, July 19th

​In the best story anyone is going to hear this week, an Iowa bureaucrat was let go from his job because of his strange infatuation with a west coast legend.  Jerry Foxhoven​ was relieved of his duties after coworkers complained about a series of professional demonstrations, emails, and even baked goods themed around Death Row rapper and hip hop icon Tupac Shakur. Now, if you thought Mr. Foxhoven chose the thug life, you'd be wrong, as clearly the thug life chose Jerry. This morning on Alt 949, the three least gangsta people on earth (namely Dana, Jayson, and Producer Jack) dove head first into the fun, breaking down the details, and throwing out some California Love to our homeboy. Keeping our respective heads up this morning on San Diego's Alternative.