Dana & Jayson - Thirty Seconds to Mars | The Shady Queen Test

Wednesday, June 13th

This morning on Alt 949, Dana & Jayson finally found an instance where Jayson's expertise in being a shady queen comes in handy. After Tomo, the guitarist for Thirty Seconds to Mars, threw handfuls of shade at Jared and Shannon Leto in his letter announcing his departure from Thirty Seconds to Mars, we had our resident Shady Queen Jayson Rate the Shade. Palm Tree Shade? Maple Tree Shade? We get the full shade scale this morning on San Diego's Alternative.

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All 949 San Diego's alternative ordain and Jason and the moment when a bad ass alternative rock star turns into a shady past aggressive between an Italian belt line that bad ass rock service secular. Tell Amal now former member of thirty seconds to Mars and this morning I was hoping we can do something I'm calling rate that she'd go hello bring that de Jason would you please define the word shady firm and oh yes. My pleasure. Say is basically throwing an insult to someone in a very. Non aggressive way. We'll get stated is win the receiver vishay does that nope it's an insult are not and I eat yeah OJ that now you look really sick for being a mom. And then you just said they're confused guy was that a current methods or by Matt I. The fact that we found an instance where Jason's expertise on something if this is. That's right on the accident he had a lot of time watching the real housewives of Atlanta so you're an expert on all things shade. What I find the most entertaining is when people were supposed to be bad ass like alternative rock stars act like little passive aggressive queen and I. So I would like to sight at this time in thirty seconds to Mars a former guitarist home. So keep put out an official statement yesterday that he was leaving thirty seconds to Mars which was shocking concerning the fact that he's been with the band for fifteen years. Pose like this has to be fake news so I sat there reading his official statement which was a manifesto but wasn't that I was out a short little note. Littered with what I believe his potential shaved he now I am not a shady clean now. But Jason however tying he is the ultimate is shady creed is not. Heidi it's almost like she's your second language and him you flew it in shape I can do non verbal tribute. So this morning it producer Jack in his best bad ass alternative rock star on is going serene Dick. Exerts from tumbles official's statement and I would like you to rate the shade this morning jays send her back producer Jack at this time statement number one. Please believe me when I say that this is the best thing for me in my life and also for the band will move. I mean that was like a palm trees shade I would say. What does that mean they're just Kath and not shade. But aside it's still coming there it's look that was some Saturday that he definitely has a problem with those Brothers passive aggressive alternative rock star statement number two. Even though this is incredibly painful because of my attachment to and love for everyone involved. I know that this pain will be fleeting for myself up. And ballots out maple trees today and yeah down. About you better read Darren glad. People that that maybe people are now but you better believe it's not about being thought hey I don't of the good people. Came anywhere even. Well you're defending ears well. I'm under the maple Maine god I love. Shady cleared up so bad for the uninitiated. Com trichet is less she'd and the maple trees the maple tree you are at a very comparable amount of shade you know you were just shade head OK guy we I believe we have 10 are alternative bad ass rock star passive aggressive statement. Yeah via 38 year old thanks frontman Jared and drummer Shannon let go for quotes. Allowing me the privilege for being a small part of their dream. Who blew. Up and clustered near pearl. Doubtless know that Leggett and that he needs to be on the royal house like Atlanta and he needs to be a cast member holding at each and it's had because he is a little piece that come out. Peachy tell Mo that would like the most save I'm like I don't even have a three to compare it to because now we're just in the clips of a complete dark as the. Now I hear you town though. You have a small part fifteen years of your life and you're just calling it small that siddiqui in Tomo. Got it's I would venture to say that this is the only alternative station in the nation might tell Lloyd shady going.