Dana & Jayson - The Weighting: Trainer Corey

Wednesday, November 27th

If you were coming up with a list of people you probably wouldn't want to have to sit across from at Thanksgiving dinner, your personal fitness trainer might be near the top of the list. Even if you have a really strong relationship and fondness for the person keeping you fit, the idea of having the pressure and judgement associated with gluttonous Thanksgiving gorging happening in their presence could get a little overwhelming... right? Well, Dana decided she should invite the official trainer of the Dana & Jayson program over to her house for Turkey Day, and Jayson is livid. Rather than let his frustration and pending shame fester, in the spirit of being thankful, Dana decided to clear the air, and let Jayson face the truth this morning on Alt 949 with their friendly, helpful, kind, sober vegan trainer Corey. Is the weighting really the hardest part? We found out this morning on San Diego's Alternative.