Dana & Jayson - Thanksgiving Smackdown

Monday, November 27th

Thanksgiving is about food, and family, and awkward conversation, and Dana & Jayson are pretty sure you had all three. This morning, we helped ease back into reality with your calls, and a chance to win 5th row tickets to see WWE Smackdown in San Diego if you came clean with your Thanksgiving dirty laundry.

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Awkward conversations on Thanksgiving are just standards. I think they're honestly unavoidable. Especially when alcohol gets involves. Forte and Jason honest commercial free Monday FM 949 San Diego's alternative can you be honest this morning you can even be anonymous did you get into an awkward conversation. On Thanksgiving in May be wasn't even elevated into a fight or maybe he'll once. Did you get into one because there's actually a top five list of conversations. That's spur people tough fights on Thanksgiving. And I don't know if you're awkward conversation had anything to do with the top five I mean immigration and what. The economy. Health care personal debts what is this and trapped oh yeah of those of the top five things that cause people to get him bites during Thanksgiving left political conversations during the holidays 6195701949. All our callers this morning are going to be in the running. For actually you know awesome prize. We have tickets appropriately enough for WWE smackdown live. But we have a pair of fifth row tickets or WW me. Which is Tuesday December pet that value casinos and act so everybody calls this morning me in the running for those thanks for you sit there looking at me with those die is. I assume you don't remember the awkward conversation you've got to attempt well I got into an upper governor said what now oh Nana. So we are out our friend's house for Thanksgiving. And it you know you brought up and this has probably I'd say about. The read bottles of shard NA into that Thanksgiving experience. Did I bring up. Yes. You are talking about it. The native Americans and the pilgrims out perfectly okay well that makes them I knew got elevated over discussing all things native American that Meredith because Jason is native American mom and every year on Thanksgiving there's usually a text version of Iran it's yeah but this certainly got the light version. Africa help I went on my casino rants. Howell all you might people's hours working in our concede Luke and we are and all the money is no end to sit back and watch the cash flow command. That was mentioned it to you directed that at a man that who is not even your nano or mine and I it was our hostess is now not. Kuhn didn't sign up for that conversation she was innocently eating your work with spinach are checked out. Yes you sending over the area and so is her ears were the victim per backed. Yet you're yelling about yeah I mean you see yes good but well. I hope she got an education that day. I'm never gonna be invited ever again to their mountain though bears showed a 6195701949. Did you get into an awkward conversation. At Thanksgiving or did somebody else who is that your Thanksgiving. Month. No it's gonna be the native American and I apologize. Hey Denise. Okay from Carlsbad did you get into an awkward conversation at Thanksgiving legit. Yet my brother op. And didn't pay and it didn't even read and I'll play it sort he hit it very honored that night. And now. They're America that he's. She got about eighteen children and start the intact tracked down and see I. Call ball. We really really sorry I missed that parkas and I think I would do well. I like invited some what happened. Actually invited by an charcoal. Burn out your old and dish and acute pain it was Thanksgiving and there are lots and lots of people and it it. It was just not try or a place to meet all these newfound. Family member. Show. Needs I have never in my entire career that's been fifteen years been happier that I asked a question and that question legend a hall I guess. Calling ever called anything there aren't that. Yeah. Wait a minute did you did not have. Got he clubs are sprouts. Limited there are human beings. A collection human beings that keen to your Thanksgiving. How are you related to its your brother in law. I'd rather lie yeah. Yeah he hit it should make some cash and then ninety Bennett we're Aetna regulation let our guard and battered like. Hash tag cash in the ninety's. Wait a minute okay so how many soldier and came to the Thanksgiving. We get to we had a cap strapped. Hi there. And did they sit at their own table four at large table whenever my mouth like. We're. We're the Arctic. We got that great gear like that and said that trying to buy. Out and do it at that bank giving the button that time I. My brother without your that adding that he would like hat no play the albums ago felt he had to come anyway even though it was again. Yeah his brother my husband rich get. Slowly got. Incredible opera. Denise did you do any like ice breakers or any teams to try and Michael Jackson know you games are anything like that. I like wife who's your daddy pulled him. Yeah. Are very chatty and excited to know each other until they weren't really so injured did not only try to think that there are that he ever opt out. Because their siblings that. Pipe in on you don't even know what is they're like to ask though because I had this happens like Dr. Phil into the happened on I 94 now you know why doesn't. We have one at an attitude I think your lovely ops that mean we love Harry agents it would just yeah it would. Just what apparently no doubt in my bag no don't buy that and the cat you have twenty people you know. It's so interesting that also vetted just worked out but none of them had pled not I. Don't. It. Oh my guys I want an invite the next family reunion. I don't know what. Aren't allowed in need. Wow did you like rakes them about like which ones you like the most is their power play a. Are they or aren't gonna get you in that scene there actually it didn't say that on the alien get like an hour and I bet you're the without Greg. Oh my god how did you introduce them that my brother in law's sister and. Friend whose daughter. Yeah something like that not experiment. Didn't these that was that's an epic stories that you just shared them Lagos. It's me or not are. On the Atlantic. They are all leg and Cheri are. All right hold on one side you know guys.